Neff-Guttridge Collection
Advertisement for Trumpets of Jerico

In 1963, The Trumpets of Jerico, the book on which Andrew Potter and Edwin Stokes had worked for many years, was finally published, according to an advertisement, on a subscription basis and at a hefty price. Both writers were dead by this time.

The Neff-Guttridge Collection does not own a copy of this very rare and important two-volume book, although it does contain manuscript typescripts of some of the material presumed to appear in the book. Yet, the manuscript material lacking from the book is substantial, so finding a copy of the book is topmost in the mind of the curator and the donors. Both the text and volume of photographs would be of enormous interest to researchers.

While it is believed not many copies of The Trumpets of Jerico were sold, some copies must have been. Indiana State University Library is interested in securing a copy of this work for the Neff-Guttridge Collection. Please contact the Special Collections Department at 812 237-2610 or via the e-mail link below. In addition, a client-free e-mail form is available for individuals who experience communication problems or prefer to use a form.

The images below reproduce the advertisement from one of several copies in the collection. It should be noted that the flyer appears to have been hastily produced and contains spelling and even a few factual errors which might have adversely affected sales.

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