Fredrick Bunce
Brief Biography

Having taught at Tulsa University, St. Olaf College and South Dakota State University, Professor Bunce came to Indiana State University in 1980 as Chairperson of the Department of Art and retired in 1997. At that time he donated his collection of erotic literature and publications to the Cunningham Memorial Library, Special Collections Department. Professor Bunce, moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he lives and continues his scholarly activities.

Professor Bunce began his collection while working on his Ph.D. in Comparative Arts at Ohio University (1966-1968). His dissertation, The Parallel Forms of Erotic Painting and Poetry in the Sixteenth Century French Court, dealt with the iconography of Pietro Aretino's I Sonetti Lussuriosi, and became the impetus for his collecting. He modestly enlarged the collection and focused on limited editions of the early Twentieth Century, especially the Carrington Press and others of similar scope.

Iconography had been and still is the focus of his scholarly interests. In 1986 it took a sabbatical in Asia. There he purchased a number of Tibeto-Nepali thangkas which opened new doors for him. He returned to Asia (Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal) nearly every year until his retirement, expanding his knowledge of first Vajrayana Buddhist iconography, then Hindu, and finally Islamic iconography.

From the iconography of painting and sculpture, Professor Bunce has ventured into the iconography of architectural plans. To date his publications include:

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