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An Account of the Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson from His Birth to His Eleventh Year, Written by Himself. To Which Are Added, Original Letters to Dr. Samuel Johnson, by Miss Hill Boothby; from the MSS Preserved by the Doctor, and Now in Possession of Richard Wright . . . London: Printed for R. Phillips by Nichols and Son, 1805. Rare Books PR3533.A3 1805.

An Account of the Life of Mr. Richard Savage, Son of the Earl Rivers. 2nd ed. London: Printed for E. Cave, 1748. Rare Books PR3671.S2J6 1748s.

The Adventurer. 1st ed. 2 vols. London: Printed for J. Payne at Pope's Head, 1752-54. Rare Books PR1365.A4.

The Adventurer. 4 vols. London: Printed by C. Whittingham, published by John Sharpe, 1805-07. Rare Books PR1365.A4 1805.

Doctor Johnson's Prayers. Ed. Elton Trueblood. Folcroft, PA: Folcroft Library Editions, 1947. Indiana Collection BV260.J55 1976a.

A History and Defence of Magna Charta. Shewing the Manner of Its Being Obtained from King John, With Its Preservation and Final Establishment in the Succeeding Reigns, With An Introductory Discourse. Containing a Short Account of the Rise and Progress of National Freedom, from the Invasion of Caesar to the Present Times. Also the Liberties Which Are Confirmed by the Bill of Rights, &c. To Which is Added An Essay on Parliament, Describing Their Origin in England and the Extraordinary Means by which They Have Been Lengthened from Half Yearly to Septennial Ones. 2nd ed. London: Printed for J. Bell, etc., 1772. Rare Books JN147.J6 1772s.

The Idler.2 vols. London: W. Suttaby, 1810. Rare Books PR1365.I4 1810s.

Irene: A Tragedy. As It is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. London: Printed for R. D. Dodsley and sold by M. Cooper, 1749. Rare Books PR3526.A1 1749s.

Johnson, Boswell, and Mrs. Piozzi, A Supposed Passage Restored. London: Oxford University Press; Humphrey Milford, 1929. Rare Books PR3533.A253 1929s.

Johnson's Prayers and Meditations. Oxford: Pembroke College, 1974. Rare Books BV260.J552 1974b.

Johnson's Proposals for His Edition of Shakespeare, 1756. London: Oxford University Press; Humphrey Milford, 1923. Rare Books PR3531.P7 1756sa.

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. London: Printed for W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1775. Rare Books DA880.H4J6 1775s.

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. Dublin: Printed by Thomas Walker, 1775. Rare Books DA880.H4J67 1775s.

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. 1st American ed. Baltimore: Philip H. Nicklin and Co., Boston: Ferrane, Mallory & Co.; Albany: J. Green; Philadelphia: E. Earle and B. A. Hopkins; Fry and Kammerer, Printers, 1810. Rare Books DA880.H4J64.

Letters of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Collected and ed. by George Birkbeck Hill. 2 vols. New York: Harper & Bros., 1892. Rare Books PR3353.A2 1892b.

"Life of James Thomson." In The Seasons, by James Thomson. With New and Original Notes, Embellished with Sixteen Elegant Engravings Designed by C. Ansell and Engraved by A. Birrell, to Which is Prefixed the Life of the Author. London: Printed by A. Paris, Published by J. Strachan, 1792. Pp. i-xv. Rare Books PR3732.S4 1792b.
[Johnson's name does not appear in this variant version of Thomson's life.]

London, 1738; The Vanity of Human Wishes, 1749 and 1755. Facsimile ed. Menston, England: Scolar Press, 1970. Rare Books Oversize PR3527.A1 1738b.

Miscellaneous and Fugitive Pieces. 3 vols. London: Printed for T. Davies, 1774. Rare Books PR3522.D38 1774s.

The Poems of Dr. Samuel Johnson: To Which is Prefixed, a Life of the Author by F. W. Blagdon. London: Published by Suttaby, Evance, and Co.: Crosby and Co.: and Scatchard and Letterman, 1815. Rare Books PR3533.B52 1815s.

The Poetical Works of Samuel Johnson Complete in One Volume. New ed. London: Printed for W. Osborne and T. Griffin, and J. Mozley, 1785. Rare Books PR3521.O884 1785s.

Prologue Written by Samuel Johnson and Spoken by David Garrick at a Benefit-Performance of COMUS April 1750. London: Humphrey Milford; Oxford Univ. Press, 1925. Rare Books Oversized PR3531.P73 1925s.

Proposals for the Publisher 1744, Now Reprinted in Facsimile and for the First Time Ascribed to Samuel Johnson. London: Oxford University Press; Humphrey Milford, 1930. Rare Books Oversized PN5130.P75J6 1944sa.

The Rambler. 4 vols. London: W. Suttaby; Whittingham, Printer, 1809. Rare Books PR1365.R3 1809s.

Taxation No Tyranny: An Answer to the Resolutions and Address of the American Congress. 4th ed. London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1775. Rare Books E211.J64 1775s.

The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. A New Ed. in Twelve Volumes. With an Essay on his Life and Genius by Arthur Murphy. London: Printed for T. Longman, [et. al.], 1792. Rare Books PR3521.M7 1792s.

The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. With an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy. First complete American edition. 2 vols. New York: George Dearborn, 1835. Rare Books PR3520.E35 1835s.


Bate, W. Jackson. Samuel Johnson. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1977. Rare Books PR3533.B334 1977s.

Boswell, James. The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, with Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Containing Some Poetical Pieces by Dr. Johnson, Relative to the Tour, and Never Before Published; a Series of His Conversation, Literary Anecdotes, and Opinions of Men and Books; With an Authentick Account of the Distresses and Escape of the Grandson of King James II, in the Year 1746. 2nd ed., rev. and corr. London: Printed for Henry Baldwin for Charles Dilly, 1785. Rare Books DA880.H4B7 1875s.

---. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works, in Chronological Order, a Series of His Epistolary Correspondence and Conversations with Many Eminent Persons; and Various Original Pieces of His Composition, Never Before Published; the Whole Exhibiting a View of Literature and Literary Men in Great-Britain for Near Half a Century During Which He Flourished. 2 vols. London: Printed by H. Baldwin for Charles Dilly, 1791. Rare Books PR3533.B6 1791.

---. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Comprehending an Account of His Studies and
Numerous Works, in Chronological Order; a Series of His Epistolary Correspondence and Conversations with Many Eminent Persons; and Various Original Pieces of His Composition, Never Before Published: the Whole Exhibiting a View of Literature and Literary Men in Great-Britain, for Near Half a Century, During He Flourished.
2nd ed., rev. and enl. 3 vols. London: Printed by Henry Baldwin, for Charles Dilly, 1793. Rare Books PR3533.B6 1793.

---. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., Complete and Unabridged, with Notes. Introd. by Herbert Askwith. New York: Modern Library, [1931?]. Rare Books PR3533.B6 1931b.

---. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. With Marginal Comments and Markings from Two Copies Annotated by Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi; Prepared for Publication with an Introduction by Edward G. Fletcher. New York: Heritage Press, 1963. Rare Books PR3533.B62 1963s.

Clifford, James Lowry. Dictionary Johnson: Samuel Johnson's Middle Years. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1979. Cordell Reference PR3533.C58 1979s.

An Exhibition for the Johnson Club at Pembroke College, Oxford, Sunday, 6 July, 1975. Oxford: Pembroke College, 1975. Rare Books PR3533.E95 1979.

Fleeman, John David. The Genesis of Johnson's Dictionary; The Lexicographic Achievement of Johnson by Brian O'Kill. Harlow, Essex: Longman, 1990. Cordell Reference PR3534.F64 1990s.

Hawkins, John. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. 2nd ed., rev. and corr. London: Printed for J. Buckland, J. Rivington [etc.], 1787. Rare Books PR3533.H32 1787s.

Houston, Percy Hazen. Doctor Johnson: A Study in Eighteen Century Humanism. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. Press, 1923. Indiana Collection Z232.R67D6276 1923a.

The Johnson Club, 1884-1934; Being Some Account of the Club with a List of Its Members and Its Rules. Oxford: Printed at the Clarendon Press for the Club, 1938. Cordell Reference PR3532.J64.

Johnsoniana, or, Supplement to Boswell: Being Anecdotes and Sayings of Dr. Johnson. Collected by Piozzi [et al]. London: J. Murray, 1836. Rare Books PR3533.J6 1836s.

Johnsoniana: A Collection of Miscellaneous Anecdotes and Sayings of Dr. Samuel Johnson, Gathered from Nearly a Hundred Different Publications. Printed Separately, from Croker's Edition of Boswell's Life of Johnson. London: H. G. Bohn, 1845. Rare Books PR 3533.J6 1845s.

Kolb, Gwin J. and James H. Sledd. The Reynolds Copy of Johnson's Dictionary. Manchester, Eng: John Rylands Library, 1955. Cordell Reference PR1620.J653 1955s.

Lubbers-van der Brugge, Catharina Johanna Maria. Johnson and Baretti: Some Aspects of Eighteenth-Century Literary Life in England and Italy. Groningen: J. B. Wolters, 1951. Rare Books PQ4683.B19L8 1975a.

Main, Alexander. Life and Conversations of Dr. Samuel Johnson: (Founded Chiefly Upon Boswell). With a Preface by George Henry Lewes. London: Chapman and Hall, 1874. Rare Books PR3533.M36 1874s.

Marshall, Charles. Doctor Johnson. London; New York: Thomas Nelson, 1955. Rare Books PR3533. M4X 1955b.

Newton, A. Edward. Doctor Johnson: A Play. Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1923. Rare Books PS3527.E917D6 1923a.

Piozzi, Hester Lynch. Thraliana: the Diary of Mrs. Hester Lynch Thrale (later Mrs. Piozzi) 1776-1809. Katharine C. Balderston, ed. 2nd ed. Published in co-operation with the Huntington Library. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1951. Rare Books PR3619.P5A83 1951s.

Roscoe, Edward Stanley. Aspects of Doctor Johnson. Cambridge and New York: The University Press, 1928. Rare Books PR3533.R65 1928s.

---. Dr. Johnson and the Administration of Justice. An Address Delivered on December 13th, 1930, at the Annual Service at the Church of St. Clement Danes in Commemoration of the Death of Dr. Johnson. London: Stevens and Sons, Limited, 1931. Rare Books PR3537.R4 R6 1931s.

Rowlandson, Thomas. Picturesque Beauties of Boswell. Edinburgh: National Library of Scotland, 1973. Rare Books Flat Shelf PR3533.R67 1973.

Reade, Aleyn Lyell. Johnsonian Gleanings. 10 vols. New York: Octogon Books, 1968. Rare Books PR3533 .R7 1968s.

Tinker, Chauncey Brewster. The Wedgwood Medallion of Samuel Johnson: A Study on Iconography. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1926. Indiana Collection Z232.R67 W423 1926s.
[Designed by Bruce Rogers; part of the Rogers Collection housed in the Indiana Collection.]


Adam, R. B. The R. B. Adam Library Relating to Dr. Samuel Johnson and His Era. 4 vols. Buffalo, N.Y.: Printed for the author; London, New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1929 - 1930. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.A21 1929s.

Boswell & Company: Catalogue Fifteen: Books by or about Johnson & His Circle. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1977? Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no. 15.

Courtney, William Prideaux, and David Nichol Smith. A Bibliography of Samuel Johnson. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968. Cordell Reference Z8455.8 C68 1968s.

Dr. Johnson and His Circle: Catalogue 22: Books by and about Johnson & His 18th Century Contemporaries. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1982. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no.22.

Dr. Johnson and His World. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1989. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no. 40.

Dr. Johnson and Others: Catalogue 42. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1990. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no. 42.

Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784: Bi-Centenary Catalogue. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1984. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no.30.

Greene, Donald Johnson. Samuel Johnson's Library: An Annotated Guide. Victoria, B. C.: English Literary Studies, Univ. of British Columbia, 1975. Cordell Reference Z997.J69 G73 1975.

James L. Clifford Collection. Evansville, Ind.: University of Evansville Libraries, 1982. Special Collection Reference Z8455.8 U54 1982s.

James L. Clifford Collection. Evansville, Ind.: University of Evansville Libraries, 1984. Special Collection Reference Z8455.8.U54 1984s.

Johnson and His Circle. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1987. Rare Books Z8455.8.C5x no. 34.

Johnson and His Contemporaries: Books by and about Johnson: Catalogue 25. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1983. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no. 25.

Johnson and Johnsoniana. London: J. Clarke-Hall, [1988?]. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no. 38.

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Johnson, Boswell, and Their Circle. London: J. Clarke-Hall, n.d. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x.

Johnson--His Friends and Enemies: Catalogue 44. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1991. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no.44.

Johnsonians, a Catalogue of Books by Members of Johnson's Circle, His Friends, His Admirers and His Critics. London: J. Clarke-Hall, 1973? Cordell Reference Z8455.8.C5x no. 7.

The Sale Catalogue of Samuel Johnson's Library. Victoria, B. C.: English Literary Studies, Dept. of English, University of Victoria, 1975. Cordell Reference Z997.J69J63 1975s.

Samuel Johnson, Author for All Seasons: An Exhibition of Manuscripts & Books from the Library of Loren & Frances Rothschild Held at the Doheny Memorial Library University of Southern California, Fall, 1988. Pacific Palisades, Calif.: Rasselas Press; Los Angeles, Calif., USC Fine Arts Press, 1988. Cordell Reference PE1617.J7 S252 1988s.

Samuel Johnson, His Circle and His Age. London: Pickering & Chatto, 1987. Cordell Reference Z8455.8.P47 no. 85.

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