ISU Librarians and other staff well-represented at annual Conference

Everyday Superheroes in the Library is the Indiana Library Federation’s 2013 Conference Theme

>The ALA Carnegie-Whitney Grant: You Do Not Have to be a Superhero to Apply!!

Think you have to be a superhero to apply for a grant? Think Again! The ALA Carnegie-Whitney Grant offers up to $5,000 in grant money for successful applicants to create reading lists, indexes, and other bibliographical resources. Join a two time Carnegie-Whitney winner for a discussion on how to apply for the grant; from creating a topic to developing a budget and plan of action.

Presenter(s): Karen Evans, Instruction and Reference

Session Sponsor: IALA – Indiana Academic Library Association

And, another presentation for Karen!

>The Library Extravaganza: An Event No Superhero Would Miss

Money is tight and you need a great idea to publicize your library services and resources? How about a Library Extravaganza? Learn how to highlight your services, resources, and staff. Find out how free food, prizes, and activities have made this a “must attend” event for students, staff, and faculty.

Session Sponsor: IALA

>Behind the Scene: Promote and Preserve Student Scholarship

This session will share the presenter’s work as part of an IMLS National Leadership Grant, The ETD Lifecycle Management. It will describe librarians’ changing and evolving roles and responsibilities when successfully promoting and preserving primary student scholarship, born-digital and retrospective theses and dissertations (ETDs) within US higher education institutions. The presenter will outline a list of the changing and evolving roles and responsibilities for librarians in regard to making student scholarly works available and easier accessible and preserving them for a long term. Some roles and responsibilities are providing multiple ETD access points, assisting users with ETD search and retrieval, organizing ETDs, and preserving ETD contents, formats, metadata and URLs.

Presenters) Xiaocan (Lucy) Wang, Digital Repository Librarian, Eric Holt, University Archivist

Session Sponsor: IALA

>Battle FUD* (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) at Your Library

Across the nation in 65% of communities, libraries are the only source of free computer and internet access. In Indiana, 30% of the population does not have a home computer. You may not have begun a library career expecting computer training to be part of your everyday work, but today it is. Library staff routinely provide answers to questions about setting up e-mails, preparing resumes, applying for jobs online, and using social media accounts. This panel discussion will help remove Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt* about preparing public computer classes in your library, and evaluating their success. Join these experienced FUD fighters as they share their real world tips and tricks for great library computer training.

Panelist(s): Mike Williams – IPL, Ashley Wadsworth – Vigo County Public Library, Austin Stroud – Monroe County Public Library, Heather Rayl – ISU

Session Sponsor: IPLA – Indiana Public Library Association

>Animal Superheroes! Using the Cause of Animal Welfare as a Platform for Information Literacy

This program tells the story of how a librarian’s involvement in a cause served as a catalyst for a whole new way of thinking about teaching, learning and the whole information seeking process. Hear about the continued development of this new teaching model, which is grounded in community service and based on the principles of embedded librarianship, and literally carries its tools “out in the field” to teach new skills to users in unexpected environments.

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Lorenzen, Executive Director/President of the Board, and Founder Peacefield Equine Sanctuary, Inc. (and ISU Reference/Instruction Librarian

Session Sponsor: IALA

>Creating Superheroes: Implementing a New Student Training System

How to you ensure that your employees are getting correct and consistent information when you aren’t around? The Cunningham Memorial Library at Indiana State University answered this question during a recent update to student worker training. This presentation will cover our methodology for creating the system, show an overview of the training webpage created with Google Sites, and discuss how we are improving the system based on the feedback gained in the first year. We hope that this presentation will give you ideas to fix your own training dilemmas.

Presenter: Andrea Boehme, Circulation Supervisor

Session Sponsor: IALA

And a former ISU Librarian:

>Honing New Superpowers: Librarians as Collaborators in Curriculum Design & Student-Centered Learning

How can librarians respond to institutional goals related to student-centered learning? By contributing to a campus-wide initiative (IMPACT: Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation), Purdue librarians are partnering with key campus units and disciplinary faculty to redesign foundational courses. Presenters will describe the IMPACT initiative and superpowers librarians have honed to support student success, including contributions related to learning space design, pedagogy, and information literacy. This session will be especially relevant for librarians interested in instruction, particularly those who seek examples of interdisciplinary collaboration related to information literacy and curriculum development.

Presenter(s): Catherine Fraser Riehle, Associate Professor of Library Science, Purdue University Libraries and Maribeth Slebodnik, Biomedical Information Specialist, Associate Professor of Library Science, Purdue University Libraries (formerly of ISU)

Session Sponsor: Instruction & Education Division

And the last student assistant from the former Library Instruction & Orientation Department, circa 2003-2004:

>Using the Superhero in Your Backyard

Ever feel overwhelmed in trying to brainstorm book displays, program ideas, or classroom resource lists all on your own? Why not take advantage of the library superhero in your backyard? See how two librarians–one school, one public—joined up to collaborate in multiple ways. From running an annual film festival to assisting with orientations and lock-ins to teaching research skills, these librarians team up consistently and efficiently. They’ve even started their own blog and YouTube channel for librarians! Attendees will come away with multiple ideas on how to make the most of your local librarian!

Presenter(s): Julia Reynolds, Library Media Specialist, Greenwood Community High School and Emily Ellis, Head of Reference and Teen, Greenwood Public Library

Session Sponsor: AISLE – Association of Indiana School Library Educators