Attention Faculty: Change in Library Reserves Policy

December 20, 2013

Due to a recent decision by the Controller’s Office, the library is no longer able to bill students for lost, stolen or damaged personal copies of material you place on course reserve.  Students who keep personal reserves past their due date will still be notified that the book is overdue, but we will not be able to place a fine on their account to prompt them to return the item.

As such, the library cannot reimburse instructors in any instance of an item becoming lost, stolen, or damaged.  Additionally, according to our current patron privacy policy we are not allow to disclose who is responsible for the incident.  If you would like to remove your items from reserve, please contact Carey Sturgeon.  If you agree to these new terms, we will keep your items on reserve for Spring.

~submitted by Andrea Boehme

This information was emailed directly to ISU faculty.