February 28: Report-Out of “Ask Me-Hear Me”

January 31 Announcement of this Project: 

The Offices of the President and Provost, in partnership with the Divisions of Student Affairs and the Student Government Association invite students, faculty and staff to be part of a unique project to build community at ISU. if we are to truly understand and learn from each other, we must:

Be able to ask questions without judgement or ridicule. First seek to understand before being understood.

The Ask Me; Hear Me Project is a unique means of doing that via the pairing of a student with a faculty or staff member in an equal partnership to engage the subject of race and difference as described here http://www2.indstate.edu/studentsuccess/.

Attendance at the Let’s Talk About Race workshop is optimum to have the best context for the project, but not required. The workshop is set for 6:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 31 in Tirey Hall, Heritage Ballroom.

However, emailing your interest in participating if you can’t/weren’t able to attend is essential by Friday, Feb. 3. Email Rhonda Beecroft, , in the Office of the Interim Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence.

Participants in this experience will be invited (not required) to participate in a campus report out set for 2-4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28 in the Cunningham Memorial Library, Events Area.