Jan. 23: National HANDWRITING Day

Celebrate National Handwriting Day at Cunningham Memorial Library

DO you take notes on a laptop, or by hand? Studies of college-aged students show that writing by hand is a big benefit over typing notes into your laptop.

Did you know that your signature is unique?

Did you know that many bloggers and writers believe that writing by hand connects them to their emotions and inner self in a way that keyboards can’t?

National Handwriting Day is associated with Jan. 23 (John Hancock’s birthday), the man with the famously large signature on the Declaration of Independence, and to highlight the importance of writing by hand.

Stop by the library lobby to help celebrate this day with Theresa Ortega “The Handwriting Sensei”:

Ø  Get fun tips for writing more,

Ø  Learn why it’s better for you to write by hand,

Take a selfie with your own handwriting, share it and see efforts worldwide on social media for International Handwriting Week. Tuesday, Jan. 23 Cunningham Memorial Library Lobby 11:00am – 1:00pm




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