Larry Bird – as far as the eye can see!

A 13-case display of Larry Bird’s golden years at Indiana State University is now on display. In addition to photographs and magazines held by Archives, the exhibit is enhanced with personal memorabilia, including buttons, tickets and tee-shirts – are on loan from Al Perone. Al (’81 GR ’84) is known to everyone on the ISU campus. Currently he is serving as Assistant Director, Indiana State University Alumni Association in the Division of University Advancement.

Al on Larry: Being a student at Indiana State during the Larry Bird Era hooked me into Sycamore sports.  I was always a sports fan in HS, but when I came to ISU we were on the National stage.  When we made it to the Final Four in Salt Lake City Utah, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be there!   A week later and 33 hours in the back seat of a Datsun B210, I was there.  I was able to witness “The Game that Made the Game.”    I feel very fortunate to be one of the few students in the world that was able to watch, in person, their school play for the National Title in Basketball!  Since then I’ve traveled over 50,000 miles watching Sycamore Teams play across the United States.  Go Trees!