Finals Week, December 2009: Library Open 24 Hours = study time and food

During Final Exam Week (Dec. 13-18) the library will be open 24-Hours /Day starting on Sunday, December 13, at noon until Friday, Dec. 18, at 5 p.m. During final exam week, daily at 5 a.m. there will be a breakfast provided for students studying in the library. Snacks will be served throughout each night beginning at midnight. Thanks to all the ISU Deans who helped with funding the food [e.g. 40 pounds of bananas a day!]: Sauer, Merritt, Balch, Gatrell, Williams, Sims and Comer. Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Communications is providing the snacks.

Snacks and breakfast will be located in the Library’s 1st floor Events area. Snacks will include the Library’s usual great popcorn, as well as Kashi bars, assorted candy, bananas, apples, Clementines, almonds. Coffee, hot tea and cocoa will be available. Breakfast will include orange juice, cereal, milk, bread [toasters available], peanut butter and jelly.

Security: after 2 A.M., ISU Security will provide security; only ISU students will be admitted between 2 A.M. and 7:30 A.M.

Cup & Chaucer Cafe will extend its hours, to 10 P.M.

October & November Events in the Library

We have become a very popular venue on campus. Here are some of our recent events. If interested in using our Library Events area, contact the Events Coordinator, Dara Middleton at 812 237 2560 or To see Events, connect from our homepage:
10/1 – Are you Ready for the Flu? with Student Health Promotions
10/06 – Consul General Kenan Ipek, Counsulate General of Turkey
10/06 – Student Government Association hosted a Panel Discussion with all ISU Deans
10/7 ISU Retirement & Phased Retirement, with Candy Barton from Human Resources
10/08 – Servant Leadership Conference [National]
10/15 – Campus Support Staff meeting
10/15 – Opening Reception for Re(Search): Exploring the Relationship between Art & Science. The exhibition featured artists Steve Aishman, Ronald Leax, Brian Nelson, Sara Mast, and Kathryn Refi. Refi gave lecture.
10/19 Chairman Korn Thapparansi, SSRU, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
10/28 – Autism Spectrum Disorder Speaker Series
10/30 – Latin and Ancient Greek Fest with Eta Sigma Phi
11/02 – Oscar Wilde Symposium with Students in University Honors class “An Introduction to Oscar Wilde and Academic Research” and Wilde’s grandson, Merlin Holland
11/03 – Pizza and Politics [American Democracy Project]: “Sexual Ethics”
11/05 – Wabash Valley Vision and Voices 5th Anniversary Reception & Program
11/11 – Veterans Day Wreath Ceremony and open house/reception for all veterans and active military
11/12 – Take Back the Night, Guest Speaker, Josh Phillips 1) closed meeting with fraternity members and 2) open speech: Everyday Activism: Striving to End Sexual Violence, One Step at a Time
11/13 – Writing about the Sense of Place with Tom Roznowski and Scott Russell Sanders

ISU’s New Student Orientation: Debriefing

Well, in late May, I posted the ‘here comes New Student Orientation’. We all survived! This posting will give you an idea of the kind of support such an undertaking needs: June’s New Student Orientation has finished – what a way to make a month fly by! Karen Evans and Marsha Miller hosted the Open Preference Students in Library Events and interacted with many parents and family members at the Parents & Staff Open Houses in the ISU Bookstore. They loved those whistle/light/key chains!! Carol Lunce bore the brunt of staffing the Resource Table for the AOPs in Gillum Hall, with appearances as well by Steve Hardin, Shelley Arvin, Anthony Kaiser, and Susan Frey. Barb Austin passed out 1,528 of the “Student Guide to the Library” booklets at the Resource Fairs in HMSU. Some of the materials prepared for NSO will be kept on hand to distribute if other newly admitted students come through between now and the start of the Fall semester. Special thanks to Admin Office students, VK & Karthik, for pencil sharpening and pen & key chain gathering, Ref/Instruction students, Allison Flurry & Daniela Baez, for counting out packs of 50 – ad nauseum – of last year’s Extravaganza handouts, Dara, for setting up the Events OP corner, David & Kevin for bringing down tables from 230, and to Bev for the candy supply and some pink paper. Thanks also to Darla for the continuing supply of Writing Center brochures and to Cheryl/Circ for the Community Borrowers info we used at the Parents Social Hour. Additional special thanks to the Admin photocopier for never breaking down! At the RefDesk, we noticed LOTS of groups coming through the Library on the campus tours, so I think we definitely got some notice. If I missed thanking someone, sorry! Oh yes, I think Wilma assisted with some desk coverage for people who were going over to Gillum.

  • Parents & Staff Social Hour [resource table & brief orientation], in ISU Bookstore: 14 sessions
  • Open Preference students [resource packet & brief orientation with PowerPoint], in Library: 10 sessions
  • Academic Open Preference [staffed resource table], in Student Academic Services Center: 10 sessions

2008-09 Instruction Statistics

It is that time of year that we spend a lot of time counting! The 9 Reference/Instruction librarians had the usual busy year.

Number of sessions: 319
No. of patrons: 5,785
Hours of instruction: 400:02
Hrs of Online [support] work: 74:02

Distance Learners: 15
Undergrad: 203
Grad: 51
Faculty: 11
Staff: 0
Other [non-ISU]: 38
Individual Instruction [reported if more than 15 min. spent in consultation, off refdesk]: 34