Library Faculty Scholarship

Vancil, David.  “Fisher Ames, Jr.: Author,” By Reef and Trail, by Fisher Ames, Jr.  Lake Wales, FL: Lost Classics Books Company, 2010.  v-vii.

—.  “Charles Livingston Bull: Illustrator,” By Reef and Trail, by Fisher Ames, Jr.  Lake Wales, FL: Lost Classics Books Company, 2010. viii.

[Note: This boys’ adventure book was originally published in 1909 and is set in South Florida.  It evokes the period, the people, and the wildlife of this era.  Dr. Vancil’s [Chair, Special Collections] contribution is biographical and critical background for the author and illustrator.]

2011 Library Book Sale Dates: March 21-23

The dates for the 2011 book sale have just been decided! Mark your calendars for Monday through Wednesday, March 21-23. In addition to books, the library will accept VHS tapes, DVDs, records and CDs.

The ISU Cunningham Library accepts book donations year-round, so please consider donating your unwanted/unneeded books.

Items not chosen to be added to the Library’s collections will be in the 2011 used book sale. (Money raised is used to buy new books to add to the library collection.)

Donate items by bringing them to the Library and placing them in the large red bin in the lobby. Pick-up of large quantities [located on or off campus] can be arranged by calling the Library Events Coordinator, Dara Middleton, 237-2560 or emailing Contact Dara Middleton for further information about donations or the book sale.

Booksigning at BookNation

On Nov. 5, Carol Edwards of Greenwood, Indiana, will sign her book, “Why Jeffrey? Why Us?”, the story of her family’s life after her son was born with a brain injury. BookNation is located at 675 Wabash Ave. Edwards will be there 5:30-7:00 pm as part of Downtown Terre Haute Inc.’s First Friday events. To purchase a copy ahead of time, contact BookNation owner, Tod Nation at (812) 232-2595. Cost is $8.99. Available from Tate Publishing & Enterprises, ISBN 9781616631130

Special Collections: Recent Editions

Special Collections Recent Acquisitions

The department recently received a copy of Vincenzo Azopardi’s Picocolo Dizionario Maltese-Italiano-Inglese (2009) in facsimile from Frans Sammut, who produced a scholarly introduction.  The interesting thing about the facsimile is that it was produced from a digitized copy that David Vancil scanned at Mr. Sammut’s request.  This was a true scholarly collaboration, as Prof. Sammut provided us with the name of the author of a book which we used to have cataloged under title.

 Another acquisition of note is Thesaurus Theutonicae Linguae (1573), a very rare dictionary of Dutch, French, and Latin, the first major Dutch dictionary.  Thanks to Alberta for finding the funding for this book.  (The last one offered for sale was in 1982.  This copy used to belong to the Grolier Club.)

2011 Library Book Sale Dates!

hot off the presses: our annual used book sale will be Monday – Wednesday, March 21-23, 2011, 8am – 8pm, in our Events area. The book sale consists of  items withdrawn from the ISU Library, as well as donations. We accept book donations year-round. You can drop in our RED drop box in the Lobby, or call for on-campus pick-up. Persons interested in the event or in donating books should email our Events/PR Coordinator, Dara Middleton or 812-237-2560.