Browsing Collections: minor moves

  1. Graphic novels are now on the south side of the browsing books.
  2. Video games are now where the graphic novels were housed.
  3. Documentaries are where the games were placed.
  4. Animation dvds are now where the documentaries were located.

The relocations were made to allow space for growth.

One-stop Desk Plan Moving Forward

The Desk = the combined Circulation, Reserves, Student IT and Reference Desk project marking the organizational combining of Circulation/Reserves and Reference/Instruction into one department 1 year ago.

Here is a little video to give you an idea of what’s coming.

Progress has been made: electrical and data drops are almost finished, the neon ASK ? sign has been moved. Soon the RefDesk will move into the space marked by the masking tape in the photos below. Stay tuned for more developments.

Until mid-May, 2014: Circulation Desk with Blue Wall
Until mid-May, 2014: Circulation Desk with Blue Wall


We missed getting photos of the blue wall coming down, but here is what you’ll see until the REFDESK and Student IT Desk come over:

Late May, 2014: Grey Walls Pretending to be RefDesk
Late May, 2014: Grey Walls Pretending to be RefDesk


Masking Tape Marks the Outer Point of New Desk Configuration
Masking Tape Marks the Outer Point of New Desk Configuration

Moving Thousands? Millions? of Books & Bound Periodicals: The End in Sight

The hard work of many people is getting ready to pay off. If you’ve been in the Library since February, you might have noticed signage: “Shifting Project: Where Materials are Today”. Library staff and student assistants, some hired specifically for this project, have been moving and separating 4 floors of books [general collection] and bound periodicals, into 1 floor [basement] of bound periodicals and microfilm and 2 floors [2nd and 3d] for books and classified DVD/VHS. What didn’t move at all? Government Documents [Lower Level] including Gov Doc microforms and TMC/Children’s Books [2nd floor], and 1st floor collections [Reference & Browsing]. EVERYTHING ELSE has been moved and moved again. The general book collection now begins on the 2nd floor, with call numbers from A-LB, and then continuing upstairs to 3d floor, with LC-Z.

We’re still not quite finished with moving books from the Basement & Lower Level to the 2nd floor and moving Periodicals from the Lower Level and 2nd floor to the Basement, but it’s getting closer and closer to the end. We publish and post “Current Materials Locations” every 2-3 days and post them all over the Library; half sheets are available for customers to take. We’ve even got some maps of the Basement and 2nd floor at the Circ and Reference Desks, so don’t be dismayed – if you need further assistance, Circulation students have been especially assigned to help individuals get to the materials they need.

When it’s all done, I’m sure we’ll have a celebration and acknowledge everyone involved, but for now, an anonymous but heartfelt GOOD JOB EVERYONE goes out from the blog to the movers and shifters, and regular staff who help get people to the materials they’re looking for.

2nd floor shifting update

Work was completed this week on the backshifting of the music books (M’s). We are moving into the L’s (Education) and we project that we will finish the backshifting of the 2nd floor by the end of next week. Once the backshifting is completed the K’s and L’s will be in the middle range of shelves and the south range will be empty.

Then the real work begins.

In late April and May, we will begin moving the books from the basement up to the second floor. The start of our monograph collection (regular books) will begin on the 2nd floor, just across from the 229 classroom. Bound journals will be left in the basement and backshifted to free up shelves that will be moved to the north end of the basement. Once we get some of those shelves to their new home, we will begin moving bound journals from the end of our collection (the Z’s) from the 3rd floor to the basement.

Ultimately, we will have all of the bound journals in the basement, the monographs on the second and third floor, and government documents and a large study space on the lower level.

-A Kaiser