Exposium Set for 1st Week in April

Exposium, the annual celebration of student research and creativity, is the first Week of April!

Exposium - Center for Student Research and Creativity
Exposium – Center for Student Research and Creativity

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Exposium will be held in the Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area, where students display posters of their research projects and examples of creative projects they have accomplished. Exhibits are up each day and authors will be present at various times to answer any questions.

For a detailed schedule see http://researchexpress.indstate.edu/symposium.htm


On Wednesday, April 3, Exposium will move to the Landini Center for Creative and Performimg Arts for a day of performances.


For a full schedule of events please visit http://researchexpress.indstate.edu/symposium.htm, or call Jenifer Pollom at ext. 2520 with any questions.

Annual Authors and Artists program and reception February 27

28th Annual Event
28th Annual Event

Cunningham Memorial Library hosts Authors and Artists reception Wednesday

February 26 2013

Cunningham Memorial Library’s annual Authors and Artists program and reception will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Library Events Area.

The only campus event that honors the written or artistic material or performance of ISU’s faculty, staff and students, this year’s 28th annual event will feature 21 ISU faculty and emeriti who published or created artistic works in 2012. A reception will begin at 3 p.m. with light refreshments. A program featuring Dr. Christopher Olsen, Chair of the Department of History, as the keynote speaker will start at 3:30 p.m.

The occasion also serves as a place to recognize this year’s Graduate and Undergraduate recipients of the Library’s Bakerman Research Award.

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2013 ISU Authors
2013 ISU Authors
2013 ISU Authors
2013 ISU Authors
2013 ISU Authors
2013 ISU Authors
Library Liaisons
Library Liaisons

Academic Authorship: Guide from Elsevier

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Professor publishes Book on Clarence Major

Professor publishes book on Clarence Major

By: Beth Pickerill, ISU Communications and Marketing Staff
October 17, 2012

Indiana State University’s Keith Byerman has completed work on his seventh book titled “The Art and Life of Clarence Major.”

Byerman’s book focuses on the art, work and family of Clarence Major, an award-winning painter, writer and poet. The book was published by the University of Georgia Press. Support for printing art work came from the Sarah Hodge Mills Fund

Byerman started this project when another colleague wanted to do a series for the Pennsylvania State University Press about 10 male African Americans. The series fell apart but Byerman continued with his research into Major. Major’s work and his personal life with a mixed race Southern family fascinated Byerman. In Major, the professor found a willing collaborator, who also wanted to continue with the book.

“He was willing to participate and tell me information I would never have found. This project would not have worked without his help,” Byerman said. “Since Major was willing to cooperate, it helped me because I could not find many of the documents such as, birth certificates and marriage licenses.”

The book took 11 years to complete as Byerman had to track down letters, manuscripts and diaries buried in libraries for his book. Byerman searched for these documents through ISU library and traveled to the University of Minnesota to conduct research for the book since its library specializes in African-American culture.

“I will never forget the day I started the book, it was on 9/11. Major had his artwork at Michigan State and I drove up there. Every time before Major would talk he would ask the audience if there is anything else they would like to discuss,” said Byerman. “Then once everyone had finished he would move on, and I appreciated him for taking time to do that.”

Major has been drawing and writing poetry since he was 15. He won The National Council on the Arts Award in 1970 for his collection of poetry titled “Swallow the Lake.” He has received a bronze medal and a New York Cultural Foundation grant for his poetry.

As a child, students made fun of Major and his sister would beat up the students at school for him, Byerman said. Major went through three marriages which altogether lasted less than 10 years. Major’s first three marriages altogether lasted less than 10 years. His fourth marriage has lasted for more than over 30 years. He has six kids between two of his ex-wives.

“The more I learned about his life the stranger it got,” said Byerman.

When Byerman went to Major’s house for the first time, they discussed the artwork in the house. In the garage, Major showed Byerman racks full of his artwork, without titles or dates. When Byerman would ask him what was the name of a particular drawing Major responded, “Well what do you want to name it?”

“So, I got to name a few paintings, which was pretty cool,” said Byerman.

One unique aspect about Major is he would finish a piece of his artwork and then later would change something on it. The painting “Saturday Afternoon” has three different versions, said Byerman.

“Major believed in his own talent because of his mom and sister gave him so much support. He had no reason to think he would not become an artist,” Byerman said.

Byerman’s other books are: “Remembering the Past in Contemporary African American Fiction,” “Fingering the Jagged Grain,” “Seizing the Word,” “Seizing the Word: History, Art and Self in the Work of W. E. B. Dubois.” He recently completed a book on the life and work of novelist John Edgar Wideman, which will be published next year.


http://isuphoto.smugmug.com/Events/2009-Darwin-Day/020909darwindaymauleByerman/471243595_SJxJa-L.jpg Keith Byerman

http://isuphoto.smugmug.com/photos/i-5ZHhx8p/0/L/i-5ZHhx8p-L.jpg “The Art and Life of Clarence Major”

Contact: Keith Byerman, professor of English, department of English, Indiana State University, at 812-237-3208 or keith.byerman@indstate.edu

Writer: Beth Pickerill, media relations assistant, Office of Communication & Marketing, at bpickerill1@sycamores.indstate.edu or 812-237-3773

Reposted from ISU Comm/Marketing

Nancy Sims, Copyright Librarian, visits ISU

 Nancy Sims, the Copyright Librarian at University of Minnesota, will be at ISU on Tuesday October 16th.

From 9:30-10:50, workshop “Free and Legal Stuff You Can Use!”  In this workshop, Ms. Sims will explain Creative Commons and the public domain, and do a live search for some “Free and Legal” stuff that faculty could use in a classroom or on Blackboard or e-reserves. This workshop will be held in a Distance Education classroom, and faculty can follow her search and begin their own. Space for this is very limited. Please sign up with ruth.fairbanks@indstate.edu to reserve a spot.

 3:30-5, public lecture “Copyright Empowerment: Sorting Through the (Mis)Information” In the Library Events Area. In this talk, Ms. Sims will address fair use and copyright issues that concern college instructors. She will explain some of the ways that institutions and faculty are handling course materials in course management software (Blackboard) and she will explore the current and future impact of the Georgia State case. There will be refreshments.

The day before, on Monday, 15 Oct, Nancy Sims will be at Rose-Hulman, where her public talk, “What everyone needs to know about copyrights and their future” is at 4:20 pm in the GM Room in Moench Hall.  You’re welcome to go to that as well.

Nancy Sims blogs at http://blog.lib.umn.edu/copyrightlibn/

In recognition of how important and timely this issue is, Nancy Sims visit is sponsored by a long list of ISU academic units: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Cunningham Memorial Library, Extended Learning, CIRT (Center for Instruction, Research and Technology), the University College, the Office of Student Success, the History Department and Interdisciplinary Studies.