Oct. 26-27: 5th Work-Life Integration Conference – Schedule


Everyone on campus can find something of interest at this conference! Two days of programs, a keynote and reception and Resource Tables. Come and go as you can. DO NOT MISS THIS! See photos from the 2014 Conference.

Conference planners Drs. Debra Israel. Cindy Crowder and Barbara Eversole have a packed schedule for the Library Events Area.


8:30 – 9 am light continental breakfast and discussion

9-9:50 am Pregnant Rosies and Soldier’s Babies: Reproduction, Care and Work-Family Balance during World War II , Dr. Ruth Fairbanks, Instructor, History and Gender Studies, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies

10- 10:50 am Work-Life Balance for Students Dr. Barbara Eversole, Associate Professor of Human Resource Development, Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies Department, ISU.

11 -11:50 am The college student’s dilemma:  Work-Time Use-FlexibilityDr. Lonnie Golden (our keynote speaker later today)

Noon- 12:50    Breastfeeding: Practice, policy, and public perceptions, Dr. Amanda Lubold, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies, Dr. Tina Kruger, Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Health Sciences, and Melissa Bennett,  Vigo County WIC Program

1 – 1:50 pm Family Friendly Supervisors: Simply Effective Managers? Dr. Barbara Eversole, Associate Professor of Human Resource Development, Dept. of Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies

2-2:50 pm Work-Life, Pay Gaps, and Promoting Gender and LGBTQ Equality, Marsha Miller, Cunningham Memorial Library and Debra Israel, Associate Professor of Economics and Gender Studies

3-3:50 pm Promoting Positive Change at the Personal and Policy Level – A Collaborative Workshop (Facilitated by Barbara Eversole and Debra Israel primarily for University faculty and staff)

4 pm- 5 pm Time to explore the RESOURCE TABLES (Library books & DVDs; American Association of University Women materials; American Association of University Professors materials; Community resources) – Note: Resource Tables will be available throughout the conference. See the AAUW table or Marsha Miller for a special conference rate for joining AAUW.


5:30 – 6:30 pm KEYNOTE:

Workplace Flexibility and Humanistic Resources: Benefits and Costs for Employees, Organizations and Society

Dr. Lonnie Golden, Professor of Economics, Penn State University – Abington, Senior Research Analyst, Project for Middle Class Renewal, Univ. of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations

Link to Dr. Golden’s Google Scholar citations

ADDITIONAL FEATURE: 8 pm, Listen on your radio to WISU, 89.7, All Things Wabash Valley with Dr. Phil Glende, for an interview on Work-Life Integration with Dr. Barbara Eversole and Dr. Debra Israel.


9 – 9:30 am light continental breakfast and discussion

9:30 am – 10:45 am Are You Developing the WHOLE Employee? An Interactive Workshop with Dr. Cindy Crowder, Chairperson, Dept. of Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies

11- 12:15  Promoting Positive Change at the Personal and Policy Level – A Collaborative Workshop (Facilitated by Barbara Eversole and Debra Israel primarily for University faculty and staff)

12:30 – 1:45 pm Introduction to Upcoming Book Discussions on Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte and Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict by Heather Boushey

2 – 3:15 pm Paid Parental Leave at ISU: A Framework for Action, Dr. Amanda Lubold, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies, with her Medical Sociology students

3:15 pm- 4 pm RESOURCE TABLES available for browsing (Library books & DVDs; American Association of University Women materials; American Association of University Professors materials; Community resources)

4 pm- 5 pm Graduate Student Success Strategies Session Organizer: Dr. Donna Selman, Chairperson, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Bayh College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Scott College of Business, College of Graduate and Professional Studies, College of Technology, Cunningham Memorial Library, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, Dept. of Communication, Dept. of Economics, Dept. of Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies, and Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies.

September 14: Fall Exposium Highlights Student Research


WEDNESDAY September 14, 2016

10:00 – 2:00

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Bethany McCarty; Brogan Thomas: Reaction of Copper(I)-Alkoxides with Organosilanes
  •  Caleb Harrison; Robert Pawlak; Brycen Ratcliffe: Dietary Nitrate and Vascular Health
  •  Joshua Coovert: Metal Complexes of “Fragrant” Isocyanides
  •  Courtney Natt; Kush Patel: Tracking the Creek: Seasonal Nitrate and Ammonium Fluxes in Otter Creek, Indiana
  •  Keith Johnson; Savannah Price: Testing for Correlations between Common Measures of Health in Mountain Spiny Lizards (Sceloporus  Jarrovii)

 10:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  •  Robert  Pawlak: Exercise-Induced Blood Flow Patterns
  •  Kathryn Gilbert: Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Obesity in Sullivan, Indiana

  11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Cierra Natt; Eric Hibbets; Abram Detwiler; Caroline Meunier; Zachary Kozelichki:         Genetic Variation of a Controlled Population of White-Tailed Deer
  • Elie Gaskill: Fire on the Mountainside: Lily Lake Charcoal
  •  Harjas Singh; Kennedy Camden; Takoda Sons;  Andrew Kump; Manoj Panta; John Dalloul: Functional Identification of Genes Involved in Cardiogenesis
  • Keeley Williams; Megan Osmon: Chemotherapeutic Resistant Breast Cancer Cell Lines
  • Brycen Ratcliffe: Validation of Flow Mediated Dilation
  •  Star Leonard:  Solid Phase Extraction
  •  Bansari Modhera; Juan Nysschen: Inductive and Hyperconjugative Effects on Carbocations
  •  Andrew Gerard: Healthcare Worker Views and Perceptions of the Flu Vaccine and Mandatory Vaccination Policy

  11:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Olivia Neese:  Management and Adherence to Treatment Plan of Adults Ages 30 to 65 with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Julie Murphy; Breonnia Elkins; SzuFang Chuang:  The Technological Changes in the Workplace and Continuous Development of Employees
  • Tulsi Vaid; Sarah Ford: White-Throated Sparrow Morphology          

12:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Brandon Mikesell: Progress Towards Phosphinoboration of Alkynes
  • Patrick Cheek: Sucrose Metabolism in Kombucha Tea
  • Hunter Gill; Ethan Rath: Using QSASRINS to Predict the Bacteriostatic Effect of Antimicrobial Compound Candidates against Foodborne Pathogens

12:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Emily Brana: Diatom Analysis of Devil’s Lake Wisconsin
  •  Derick Minick: Studies on a One-Pot Synthesis and Isolation of Cyclobutene Oxide
  •  Amy Watts: Project 3D
  • Wendi Dong:  Identifying Clusters of mRNA-miRNA Pairs in a Network
  • Samantha Zent: Balancing Privacy, Protection, and Progress: Evolving Law Governing the Use of Newborn Screening Data

1:00  Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Rebecca Rudisell:  Influence of Hyperconjugative and Inductive Effects on the Acidities of Carboxylic Acids
  • Wendell Kirkman:  Catalytic Petasis Reaction and the Asymmetric Synthesis of d-Lactones
  •  Mason Gay: The Incidence of Alcohol in Trauma
  •  Priyadharshini Manikandan: Investigating the Labor Intervention Rates in Spontaneously Laboring Women Based on Cervix Dilation Measurements.
  •  Madalaine Mishler; Brandy Bell; Jessica Jones; Ashton Henderson; Laura Johnson: Lost and Found: Religion in a College Context

July 28: Join us at the SURE Research Symposium {student research presentations}

Forty-two students are completing a 10-week research experience in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) program.  Join these students and their faculty mentors as the students give their final presentations at the SURE Research Symposium from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, July 28 in the Library Events Area.

The science departments at Indiana State University solicit applications from students interested in participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) 2016 Program. The program is open to all ISU undergraduates who wish to pursue research in the natural sciences and intend enroll in classes at ISU in the fall semester of 2016.

More information: Eric Glendening – 812-237-2235

>>Stories about previous SUREs <<

Library hosting 2 conferences in July: ICHLL & ALI-ILC

yes, it’s all about the acronyms in library land!

First, an international conference will spend part of its time at the ISU Library:

July 14: The 8th International Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexicology (ICHLL), held at IU-Bloomington July 12 – 15, 2016 will include a trip to the ISU Library! Arriving by bus, attendees will have a chance to visit Special Collections, highlighting the Warren N. and Suzanne B. Cordell Collection of Dictionaries. Conference sessions, lunch and an end-of-the-day reception will be offered. ICHLL is held every two years and was previously in Gargnano del Gardo, Italy; Leiden, The Netherlands; Edmonton, Canada; Oxford, UK; Jena, Germany; and Gran Canaria, Spain. ISU’s Office of the President and The Warren N. & Suzanne B. Cordell Collection are helping sponsor the conference.

For more on this conference, visit http://ichll8.com/


Wednesday, July 20: Academic Libraries of Indiana’s INFORMATION LITERACY UNCONFERENCE

Sally Neal, Associate Dean for Instruction & User Services at Butler University Libraries is Chair of ALI’s Information Literacy Committee informs us that, as of this posting, registration is still open for this FREE conference (includes breakfast, hot lunch, snacks).

Time: 8:45am – 3:30pm (Opening Session begins at 9:30)

from the Conference website:

How does your institution partner with other campus departments, units, and disciplines in teaching information literacy?  In addition to the traditional partnering we do with faculty and discipline departments and programs, we want to know how you are partnering with writing centers, learning resource centers, career services, student affairs, greek life, health & wellness, programs, diversity programs & services, campus publishing initiatives (undergraduate journals and manuscript publications), and teaching and learning centers. Partnering with curricular development committees and administrative units can also be discussed concerning developing programmatic information literacy.  The goal is to highlight how “two or three can be better than one” when it comes to teaching the concepts of information literacy.

Via the unconference model, attendees will identify the topics to be discussed through the day and work together to share examples and discuss options.

UnConference Planning Commitee members are:

  • Sally Neal, Instruction & User Services Associate Dean, Butler Universitty
  • Brian Bunnett, Chair of Public Services, Indiana State University
  • Lisa Jarrell, Head of Educational Technology and Resources Collection, Ball State University
  • Michael Flierl, Assistant Professor of Library Science and Learning Design Specialist, Purdue University
  • Dara Middleton, Events, Marketing, and Mail Services Coordinator, Indiana State University