ISU Librarian Publishes Book Chapter

A book chapter describing the partnership between Interim Chair, Head of Circulation Librarian, Susan Frey and Dr. Rebecca Fielder to design an online graduate course is now available in, Teaching Information Literacy Online.  A press release for the book is at This graduate course was also taught by Reference/Instruction Librarian, Marsha Miller, for the College of Education last fall.  [info source: weekly info email]

Retirement Reception: David Vancil

A retirement reception in honor of Dr. David Vancil, Library Special Collections Department Chair, will be held on Dec. 15, in the Library Events Area, from 3- 5 pm. A brief program will take place beginning at 3:30.

Library Faculty Scholarship

Vancil, David.  “Fisher Ames, Jr.: Author,” By Reef and Trail, by Fisher Ames, Jr.  Lake Wales, FL: Lost Classics Books Company, 2010.  v-vii.

—.  “Charles Livingston Bull: Illustrator,” By Reef and Trail, by Fisher Ames, Jr.  Lake Wales, FL: Lost Classics Books Company, 2010. viii.

[Note: This boys’ adventure book was originally published in 1909 and is set in South Florida.  It evokes the period, the people, and the wildlife of this era.  Dr. Vancil’s [Chair, Special Collections] contribution is biographical and critical background for the author and illustrator.]

Librarian Professional Activity – Recent

Reference/Instruction Librarian Karen Evans has accepted a volunteer position as a reviewer for Codex: The Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL. Codex is an international open-access peer-reviewed journal focusing on academic librarianship and libraries. Karen has also accepted a 2-year appointment as Vice-Chair of the ACRL Information Literacy Professional Development Committee. As Vice-Chair, she will work with ACRL on all IL-related professional development offerings and collaborate with ACRL chapters to develop regional programming opportunities. She is also responsible for managing the committee’s budget, requesting funding for conference programs, arranging to have notes taken at each meeting, and distributing the notes to committee members and the committee’s Board and staff liaisons.

Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) Board has appointed George Stachokas, Electronic Resources Librarian, to serve as Chair of the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC). The RAC is responsible for the identification of electronic resources for acquisition by ALI, licensing, negotiation, developing cost sharing models, creating reports and budget estimates, gathering information to advise the Board, and coordination with Lyrasis staff as per the terms of the Consortial Licensing Program.

Carol Lunce, Reference/Instruction Librarian, has been reappointed to ACRL Legislative Advocate position for Academic Indiana Libraries for two more years. She is also been reappointed as a member of ACRL STS Assessment and Liaison to the ACRL STS Information Literacy also for two more years.

Cataloging Department Chair Valentine Muyumba has been selected to be included in the 2011 edition of Who’s Who in America.