2nd floor shifting update

Work was completed this week on the backshifting of the music books (M’s). We are moving into the L’s (Education) and we project that we will finish the backshifting of the 2nd floor by the end of next week. Once the backshifting is completed the K’s and L’s will be in the middle range of shelves and the south range will be empty.

Then the real work begins.

In late April and May, we will begin moving the books from the basement up to the second floor. The start of our monograph collection (regular books) will begin on the 2nd floor, just across from the 229 classroom. Bound journals will be left in the basement and backshifted to free up shelves that will be moved to the north end of the basement. Once we get some of those shelves to their new home, we will begin moving bound journals from the end of our collection (the Z’s) from the 3rd floor to the basement.

Ultimately, we will have all of the bound journals in the basement, the monographs on the second and third floor, and government documents and a large study space on the lower level.

-A Kaiser

Art Books are Heavy!

The book shifting on the 2nd floor continues. We completed the shifting of the art books (N’s) and we are moving into the music books (M’s). If you are searching for books in music, be prepared for the fact that they may be in a different location on the 2nd floor. The awkward size and shapes (not to mention the weight!) of the art books slowed us down a bit, but things should speed up in April.

Also, the University Digital & Archival Services department moved into newly constructed offices on the 2nd floor. Stay tuned for more updates about our building changes.

-A Kaiser