October 20: “At the River I Stand” with William “Bill” Lucy









Film is available to ISU community within the Films on Demand database. Blogger’s note: this is a powerful film about a difficult time in American history. It is both historical and timely.  I urge you to take the time to watch it!

Description: This documentary unravels the complex historical forces that turned a strike by Memphis sanitation workers into a national conflagration, ultimately leading to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reconstructing two eventful months in the spring of 1968, the film brings into sharp relief issues that have become only more urgent with time: the connection between economic and civil rights, debates over strategies for change, and the fight for dignity for all working people. Stirring historical footage shows the community mobilizing behind the strikers, and retired sanitation workers recall their fear about going up against “the white power structure” when they struck for higher wages and union recognition.

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Audience applauds after Mr. Lucy finishes speaking and answering questions.

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October 20: Debs Collection on View

Following the showing of the documentary “At the River I Stand” and q/a from Debs Foundation Award winner, civil rights/union activist William “Bill” Lucy, items from the Debs Collection were on display in Special Collections. Special Collections Department Chair and Debs Foundation Board member, Cinda May, was on hand to discuss the items.





























































October 13: Library’s Homecoming Tent

Photos of the 2018 Library Homecoming Tent. Staffed by Dean Robin Crumrin, Tim Crumrin, assorted Crumrin niece and nephews, Dara Middleton & Ginger Garvey. Photos supplied by University Archives (Katie Sutrina-Haney) and posters created by library graphics designer Erin Harmon.