The Library’s exterior building sealing project started May 17.  A perimeter fence has been set up around the library, but the entrance and exits will remain usable. The portico [covered walkway] is closed.

THE REGULAR LIBRARY ENTRANCE IS STILL ACCESSIBLE. At some point in the project, the entrance will be closed in order to do a total re-build, and people will enter/exit from the south door. We will make announcements when this begins.

The project completion date is August 11.  Staging areas for construction equipment include the front patio area. Work will begin on the front (East) side of the building.  This will include caulking removal, re-seal and cleaning.  This must be done before work on new curtain walls and storefront window can begin.

Walking south towards library from Rec Center area

Walking north towards the library portico/entrance

Regular Entrance still available


Library’s Network Wiring Upgrade: The Crew

The Library is in the midst of a much-needed network wiring upgrade. This is part of the campus-wide network re-wiring project and it is finally our turn! This project is taking place throughout the entire library, from public computer terminals to individual offices {creating some interesting ‘clearing out’ opportunities to reach those network jacks!}. New conduit and the piping to contain it were drilled out through floors and ceilings, beginning in mid-February. The south stairwell was closed off for a period of time due to the drilling and its accompanying debris, including concrete slurry (ie muddy concrete). Most library staff got used to the daily buzz of drilling, sometimes from above, sometimes from below, sometimes from who-knows-where? [our building acoustics can be very interesting]. Library custodians dealt well with the heightened mess. The re-wiring itself began March 6 and has been proceeding from the 3rd floor downwards by the main team of Mike Bly, Nick Bly, Jess Courto (our stilts guy), and Don Yates, plus James Darnell of Technology Dynamics (our project management firm). They graciously allowed us to take some photos of them at work, mostly on the 1st floor and the basement. They should be finished next week.

Probably Mike Bly – this was often the view of the crew as they worked in our ‘between the floors’ areas to run the cabling.
Jess Courto and Nick Bly, 1st floor
The somewhat startling view outside Marsha Miller’s office one day: reference books AND man on stilts [Jess Courto]
Nick Bly, Mike Bly, Jess Courto
Nick Bly
Mike Bly, 1st floor
Legs, Ladders, Stilts [1st floor computer workstations]
Students continued to study while the crew works on.
Week of May 15, finally in the Basement, the last floor! {Jess Courto, Nick Bly}

Drilling into the pillars [ you can hear the drilling from several floors away as a small angry buzz]. That’s Don Yates.

Feeding the Famished during Finals

The Library continues its tradition of feeding snacks/breakfast to our students. Library staffers Dara Middleton and Ginger Garvey work ‘the overnights’ to keep students alive and well. Here are some photos of students waiting for the 1am opening of the Events area and immediately after the opening, Wednesday morning.