November 2: Another “Long Night Against Procrastination”!

For research and writing assistance, stress relief or just taking a break by playing a game, coloring or having a snack, students are invited to drop-in any time to the Long Night Against Procrastination event at Cunningham Memorial Library. From 8 p.m. to midnight, Wednesday, November 2, in the Library Events Area, reference/instruction librarians will help you get started or continue with your research. Representatives from the Math and Writing Center will also be available, with opportunities for follow-up appointments. Student Health Promotions will provide stress relief support

Take a study break with games, coloring and snacks. Visit the Student Health Promotions table for stress reduction tips. In addition, attend short presentations

  • 8:30: Math/Writing
  • 9:30: Intellectual Stress Relief
  • 10:30: Library Research)
  • or, from 8-9pm, pet a therapy dog

More information on the event:   and #ISU-LNAP; #ISULIB; or call (812) 237-2560.



Calling all students

Students are invited to drop-in anytime during this new 4-hour event. The goal: provide students with advice on how to finally get started, or continue, with that troublesome assignment or paper they’ve been putting off.

With the expert assistance provided by librarians, and math and writing coaches, they can get help they need, all in one place, and all in one night whether it’s tips on successfully taking exams, writing an A paper, getting started on research projects, or learning new study skills.

It’s also an opportunity for students to get relief from the stress that can keep them from concentrating on their course work. The event will feature snacks, games, and coloring books. Stress reduction tips and counseling will be available from Student Health Promotions staff. The event will provide students with numerous opportunities to take advantage of expert assistance that will help them succeed academically, mentally and physically as the semester winds to an end. (#ISU-LNAP; #ISULIB)