Continuing Education


Sessions for this year's conference fall into one of two categories: General LEUs and Technology LEUs. Indiana library staff attending the conference will obtain LEUs, and receive verification of course completion through a certificate. For more information please contact Natalie Bulick, Vice-Chair, OVGTSL, at

OVGTSL 2015 Indiana accreditation letter


Under the Certification Program for Kentucky Public Libraries, May 19 (Tuesday) attendance qualifies as 6 contact hours of continuing education and May 20 (Wednesday) attendance as 3 contact hours of continuing education, for a total of 9 hours for full conference attendance. Attendees must attach a copy of the conference program to their Continuing Education Learning Activity Report form. For further information, see Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.


Each session of the conference qualifies as an hour of continuing education under the Ohio Public Librarian Certification and Ohio Public Library Staff Certification programs. For further information, contact Ohio Library Council.