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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "E"

East, Charles Henry and Martha Bryan :

Letter to Warren Harding, 12/9/21. Expresses hope that political prisoners like EVD will be able to spend Christmas at home. Also expresses hope that Warren Harding has a merry Christmas.

Eastman, Max :

Letter to EVD, 12/8/15. Asks EVD if he would mind writing a short article on the question, " Do you believe in patriotism? "

Easton, Christopher :

Letter to EVD, 2/12/20. Asks EVD if Pullman cars were attached to freight trains during the Pullman strike to bring the strike into disrepute. Says that when he recently made this statement in public, William Taft said it was not true.
Note from EVD to TD on back of letter, n.d. Tells TD that there is "nothing in that story" described by Easton that is true. Mentions that the strike was brought into disrepute by "federal injunctions, federal troops, and lying newspapers. " Says that as for Taft he knew nothing of the strike situation itself. Writes that his only role was to issue injunctions in the interest of the railroad companies.

Eastwood, Rubie :

Letter to EVD, 12/27/20. Says that she is one of the children that EVD used to give candy to in Girard, Kansas. Writes that now she is now twenty three years old. Mentions that her father is still doing his favorite kind of work, " hammering the Catholic political machine. " Tells EVD that her whole family disapproves the Woodrow Wilson's policy towards political prisoners and showed it by giving four votes to Warren Harding in the last election.

Ebert, J. :

Letter to EVD on LABOR DEFENDER letterhead, 2/13/18. Asks EVD to write an article for the LABOR DEFENDER, a paper published for the purpose of arousing " publicity to liberate over two thousand men and women held practically as political prisoners in America. "

Eckert, Georgie :

Photocopy of postcard to Gertrude Debs, 10/31/08. Says that she ran into TD and is now taking the liberty of sending greetings to her. Writes that the postcard is of EVD's "old abiding place," the Woodstock Prison in Woodstock, Illinois.

Edelman, Oscar K. :

Photocopy of telegram to EVD, 11/4/21. Says that he sends greetings to EVD on his 66th birthday on behalf of the Dayton, Ohio local of the Socialist Party.
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, postmarked 12/29/22. Expresses the hope that Edelman has a happy new year.
Photocopy of letter from TD, 5/31/23. Writes to thank Edelman on EVD's behalf for the letter he sent. Says that EVD " prefers the banks of the Wabash to the Potomac and his own little home to that of the White House. "
Photocopy of postcard from TD, 12/26/23. Tells Edelman that EVD was touched by his " beautiful remembrance. " Expresses the hope that Edelman has a happy new year.
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, 12/?/24. Expresses the hope that Edelman has a merry Christmas.
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, 12/?/25. Expresses the hope that Edelman has a merry Christmas.
Letter to Ned A. Bush, Sr., 1/31/70. Tells Bush that he would like him to send fifty of the postcards with EVD's house on them.

Edens, W. G. :

Letter to TD on Davenport Hotel, Spokane, Washington letterhead, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that he knew EVD in the 1880s when they were both members of the railroad Brotherhood.
Letter to Gertrude Debs, 4/14/45. Sends condolences on TD's death. Mentions that he is glad Irving Stone got to spend some time with him before he passed away.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 7/16/48. Says that he is happy to know that Marguerite Debs Cooper received the photographs he sent. Mentions that Irving Stone will be in nearby Bloomington, Indiana for a writers' conference. Expresses hope that Stone has a chance to visit Cooper in Terre Haute, Indiana. Writes that Seymour Stedman died before he had a chance to get in touch with him.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 8/11/48. Says that the death of Seymour Stedman did not come as a shock to her since he had been ill so long. Mentions that Irving Stone did come to visit her and Gertrude Debs while he was in Indiana.

Edwards, A. S. :

Letter to TD, 12/19/17. Expresses hope that EVD has found the rest he took beneficial to his health. Mentions that he has tried to get into the "chicken industry " but that " the devils that war has hatched in the world" have driven him out of it. Asks TD to send EVD greetings on his behalf.
Letter to TD, 11/3/21. Tells TD that he would like him to write him a letter regarding EVD's " present spiritual and physical condition. " Writes that he would also like TD to send EVD birthday greeting on his behalf. Mentions that his son died ten months ago and since then he has been "very lonely. "
Letter to EVD, 9/4/25. Says that his health is breaking and that when he dies if there is a Socialist organization "over there," he is going to "file an application" to become a member. Mentions that he is being supported by Charles Garland who gives him $50.00 a month for "recognition of individual service in the Socialist movement." Writes that he is joining Garland on his farm in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania next week.

Edwards, Edna L. :

Telegram to Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper, 3/15/45. Sends condolences on TD's death on behalf of her and her parents.

Edwards, John :

Letter from EVD, 7/9/18. Says that he appreciates the nomination for Congress conferred upon him by the Socialist Party District Committee and the comrades of the Fifth District but that he is unable to accept it for health reasons.

Egan, George W. :

Letter to EVD on George W. Egan Investments, Sioux Falls, South Dakota letterhead, 4/2/20. Says that while he was in Chicago, Illinois he had the opportunity to visit their mutual friend Clarence Darrow. Mentions that he has borrowed Darrow's copy of David Karsner's book DEBS: HIS AUTHORIZED LIFE AND LETTERS. Writes that while " Sermon on the Mount " socialism is " beautiful to contemplate, " it is not a foundation upon which to base modern government. Includes note from EVD to TD which asks TD to write Egan and thank him for his touching letter.
Letter to EVD on George W. Egan Investments, Sioux Falls, South Dakota letterhead, 5/14/20. Writes to congratulate EVD on his unanimous nomination for President on the Socialist Party ticket.
Ehrenborg, Cecil: Letter to TD and Gertrude Debs on George G Ehrenborg Company, Dallas, Texas letterhead, 12/21/42. Says that his son who is now a candidate for officer training has been in the Army since last June. Mentions that both she and George Ehrenborg send their regards.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 1/8/46. Writes that they were shocked to hear of the death of TD. Mentions that Marguerite Debs Cooper and Gertrude Debs' loss is the "world's loss."
Note from Marguerite Debs Cooper, n.d. Expresses appreciation for Cecil Ehrenborg's letter of condolence. Says that TD was not well for some time before his death.

Ehrenreich, H. :

Letter to EVD on Jewish Socialist Labor Party Poale-Zion letterhead, 4/10/18. Writes that EVD's article on Zionism for the JEWISH WORLD brought him great pleasure. Says that he thinks of EVD as one of the "greatest and noblest " champions of Zionism in America. Asks that EVD speak at the Jewish National Labor Congress on 5/18/18. Tells EVD that the Jewish National Labor Congress' purpose is to organize the "entire Jewish working class of this country for the Jew National Restoration in Palestine. "

Ehrmann, Max :

Letter to EVD, 11/29/06. Says that he knew EVD's father Jean Daniel Debs. Writes that he told Jean Daniel Debs that a great many Americans believed in EVD.
Personal note to TD, 8/8/11. Says that he is glad TD liked his poem.
Letter to TD, 1/3/16. Asks TD if a series of articles in the NATIONAL RIP SAW on the BIBLE ever appeared in book form. Says that he enjoyed one which was particularly humorous.
Tribute to EVD, n.d.
Poem titled "A Prayer," n.d.

Eidson, Imogene Miller :

Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper on Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen letterhead, 11/10/55. Says that it is unfortunate that TD never wrote a work of his experiences with EVD. Mentions that she appreciated Marguerite Debs Cooper's attendance at the Sunday services the bereavement due to the death of Gertrude Debs.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, n.d. Writes that she is unable to believe that her mother Gertrude Debs is really gone.

Eitel, Edmund

Eitel, Edmund     SEE    Riley, James Withcomb

Eitel, Edmund :

Letter to TD on James Whitcomb Riley stationery, 8/11/11. Says that his uncle James Whitcomb Riley has asked him to write TD and thank him for the kind words he expressed to Riley in his last letter.
Letter to TD and Gertrude Debs on James Whitcomb Riley stationery, 10/14/15. Writes that James Whitcomb Riley appreciated the birthday greetings TD and Gertrude Debs sent.

Elliot, Francis Marshall :

Letter to TD, 1/21/13. Writes that his health has not been well. Says that he appreciates the subscription card he send, along with the stamps.
Letter to TD, 12/25/13. Says that although he has been ill is still committed to being of service in the cause.
Letter to TD, 2/4/14. Writes that he is glad EVD has severed his connections with the APPEAL TO REASON. Says that while J. A. Wayland could " be possessed of almost infinite power and not abuse it, " Fred Warren cannot. Mentions that he is sure Warren will " run amuck " sooner or later and hinder the cause. Tells TD that he appreciates the copies of the NATIONAL RIP SAW and the MELTING POT which he sent.
Letter to TD, 2/12/14. Says that the stationery upon which he typed his letter was a gift from a printer whom he gave a meal and a hat when he was unemployed over two years ago.
Letter to TD, 6/2/14. Says that his wife Grace Marshall has passed away and that his " soul is black with grief. "
Letter to TD, 12/5/14. Sends greetings to TD. Writes that Ida Tarbell has found it more " profitable to tickle the octopus under the chin" rather than to stomp on it.
Letter to EVD and TD, 12/21/14. Says that he appreciates the comradeship of EVD and TD. Expresses hope that they both have a merry Christmas.
Letter to TD, 3/2/15. Writes that he has been unable to get an article he wrote published on the proposed peace amendments to the constitution of the Socialist Party in the AMERICAN SOCIALIST. Says that it is vital for the rank and file to have some input on this subject.
Letter to EVD and TD, 2/12/15. Tells EVD and TD that he is sending them three books [i.e., typescript collections] of poetry that Francis Elliott himself has written. Mentions that some of his poems have appeared in such papers as the KANSAS CITY STAR and the TOPEKA CAPITAL. Includes three booklets of poetry by Elliott. Booklet one is called RHYMES OF LIFE'S SPRINGTIME (cover title) or MY UNCLE BILLY AND OTHER RHYMES OF CHILDHOOD (interior title) and contains poems titled "Uncle Billy," "Grandpa's Cane," "Rejoice," "Mr. Cottontail," "To A Violet," To Imogene," "The Old Spring House", "In The Poppy Fields Of California", "Chickenyard Morals", "Ole Bob White," "A Dream Of A Home ," "Mrs. Guinea Hen's Return," "The Old Willow Tree," and "My Grand Ma." Booklet two is called RHYMES OF REASON (cover title) or THE ANCIENT MILL AND OTHER POEMS (interior title) and contains poems titled "The Anicient Mill," "The Storm Cloud," "Mans Unhappiness," "Columbia's Grief," "My Soul," "Eugene Victor Debs," "Consistency," "The Lesson Unlearned," "Death," "Memorial Flowers," "From Kansas To Virginia," "On Reading A Friendly Press Note," "Memorials Recall," "Memories," "What Makes A Man," and "Man." Booklet three is called RHYMES OF LOVE'S YESTERTIME (cover time) or THE REDBUD TREE AND OTHER VERSE (interior title) and contains poems titled "The Red Bud Tree," "Euclid Crest," "With A Box of Roses," "The Heliotrope," "My Course," "Remembrance," "Heaven's Bliss," "To Alice Nielsen," "To Helen," "The Soul To The Heart," "To My Bride," "A Lover's Kiss," "To My Coffee Cup," "Faded Flowers," and "The Evening Walk."
Letter to EVD and TD, 12/20/15. Says that he appreciates the way EVD and TD have spent their lives to make the world a better place. Writes that he and his wife took in a "ragged, desolate, forsaken newsboy" and gave him a home many years ago. Expresses hope that EVD and TD have a merry Christmas.
Poem titled "Consistency," n.d.
Poem titled "Eugene Victor Debs," n.d.
Poem titled "Our 'Trismas Tree," n.d.

Elliott, John B. :

Letter to TD on United States Treasury Department letterhead, 2/1/16. Says that Francis Marshal Elliott has passed on.

Elliott, Maybelle Reichert :

Photocopy of letter to EVD, 11/22/21. Says that TD sent her a copy of Ruth LePrade's book DEBS AND THE POETS. Mentions that she once wanted to be a writer. Tells EVD that James Whitcomb Riley is one of her favorite poets. Writes that she ran into Charles Gustameyer and that he also supports EVD's release. Says that she does not want her baby to grow up in a world where he will have to fight. Informs EVD that she thinks he is "braver than the bravest soldier" for standing up for his rights. Mentions that she thinks the socialists are "becoming stronger every day. "
Letter to TD, Gertrude Debs, and Marguerite Debs Cooper, 12/19/42. Writes that she is still trying to get over the death of her father. Mentions that she was at the Wiley-Garfield football game where his daughter Martha Elliott was crowned queen when he died. Says that she is sorry to hear that he is ill. Expresses hope that TD, Gertrude Debs, and Marguerite Debs Cooper will be able to visit her in her new home in Cedar Ridge. Mentions that his son will be leaving soon for the " air corps." Writes that he was in the reserves while he attended Indiana State College.

Ellis, Mrs. Clara Spalding :

Letter from EVD, 2/6/04. Informs Ellis that he is "so busy with the affairs of this life, so much concerned with the wrongs that exist here, with the suffering that prevails now" that he has "but little time to think of what lies beyond the grave." Writes that people's faith in "life everlasting" is the strongest proof that " immortality is a fact in nature." Mentions that he does not know if his spirit will live on after he has died. Tells Ellis that " men are small " but that man is as "tall as God himself."

Ellis, Havelock :

Letter to Emma Goldman, 10/24/25. Writes that he just had a chance to read the new edition of her book MY DISILLUSIONMENT IN RUSSIA. Mentions that it is an "impressive and at times heart-rending narrative." Says that revolutions do not produce the type of anarchism she believes in.

Emmett, Robert :

Letter to EVD on Hotel Bernardi, Santa Rosa, California letterhead, 5/14/20. Says that he appreciates EVD's "stout heart, manly courage, and sacrifice." Writes that EVD's social vision will inspire future generations to work for economic justice. Mentions that he heard EVD speak in Memphis, Tennessee twelve years ago. Tells EVD that in the end " Our cause will win."



Enfield, O. E. :

Poem titled "For You and For Me" to EVD, n.d.

Engdahl, J. Louis :

Letter to TD on WORKERS' COUNCIL letterhead, 11/4/21. Says that it is a " sad commentary upon the prevailing conditions in the United States " that EVD is still in prison. Writes that he will do all he can to make sure EVD is as comfortable as possible.
Letter to EVD on WORKERS' COUNCIL letterhead, 11/9/21. Says that on the 6th he participated in a meeting celebrating the fourth anniversary since the founding of the Russian Soviet Republic. Writes that as chairman of the meeting he was instructed to send greetings on behalf of all the people in attendance. Mentions that EVD's imprisonment as well as the imprisonment of Tom Mooney, Nicola Sacco, and Bartolomeo Vanzetti will "hasten the day of the workers' victory."
Letter to EVD, 11/16/21. Says that there is going to be a convention over the Christmas holidays to organize a Workers' Party of America. Mentions that the convention was brought about by negotiations led by him, members of the American Labor Alliance like James Cannon, Jay Lovestone, A Bittleman, other members of the WORKERS' COUNCIL like Alexander Trachtenberg and J. B. Salutsky, members of the Jewish Socialist Federation like George Wishnak, Paul Juditz, and I. B. Bailin, and finally, members of the Garment Workers' Educational Society like Ludwig Lore and Louis F. Wolf. Writes that invitations to the convention are being sent to the Proletarian Party, the Bohemian Socialist Federation, the Hungarian Workers' Federation, the Italian Workers' Federation, the Finnish Socialist Federation, the Jewish Workers' Federation, the Scandinavian Socialist Federation, the Greek Socialist Union, the Irish American League, the Italian Socialist Federation, the Socialist Labor Party, the Jugo-Slav Socialist Federation, among others. Tells EVD that the Workers' Party of America will be committed to creating a "workers' republic," taking part in electoral campaigns, and developing labor unions into "organs of militant struggle."
Letter to EVD on DAILY WORKER letterhead, signed by Engdahl and Robert Minor, 12/26/23.
Says that the DAILY WORKER, the "first English language Communist daily in the world, " will begin publication in January out of Chicago, Illinois. States that as a distinguished contributor of the LIBERATOR they would like EVD to write an article for a special souvenir edition of the DAILY WORKER.

Engelking, Hannah :

Telegram to Katherine Debs, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Engisch, William George :

Letter to EVD on Socialist Party of New Jersey letterhead, 12/23/15. Requests that EVD reconsider the Socialist Party's nomination for President in the 1916 election on behalf of the comrades in Union County, New Jersey.

England, George Allan :

Letter to EVD, 6/7/09. Says that he was sorry to hear of the death of one of EVD's family members. Mentions that he is outraged by the way the government is persecuting EVD. Writes that he knows EVD will rise above this attack.
Letter to EVD on APPEAL TO REASON letterhead, 7/9/13. Tells EVD that he is working on a history of the APPEAL TO REASON. Says that he would like to talk with EVD about his experiences because, as he sees it, "no amount of reading could equal the inspiration of a personal narrative."
Letter to TD, 7/14/13. Tells TD that he is sorry to hear that EVD has come down with lumbago. Asks that TD provide him with the information that he needs for his history of the APPEAL to REASON, namely when EVD first contributed to the paper and what transpired in EVD's first meeting with J. A. Wayland.
Letter to EVD, 7/15/13. Writes that he is sorry to hear that EVD is ill. Mentions that he is working on the " stupendous task" of writing the APPEAL TO REASON's history.
Letter to TD, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death in the form of a tribute.

Engle, Perry :

Poem titled "Eugene V. Debs" to EVD, 11/10/21.

Ennis, Chas T. :

Letter to EVD, 10/15/26. Says that he read in the DAILY WORKER that EVD was back at the Elmhurst sanitarium. Mentions that he is sending a check to help EVD with his expenses. Includes a note from TD which says that the check was returned to Ennis.

Ervin, Charles W. :

Letter to TD on NEW YORK CALL letterhead, 11/28/20. Tells TD that since last February the NEW YORK CALL has been paying from 12 to 14 cents per pound of paper which has financially strapped the newspaper. Says that with economic conditions the way they even his most dependable contributors are unable to help. Asks that TD help them with their "Christmas Present to the CALL " campaign. Includes a sheet with a message from EVD telling people to give a dollar to the CALL in support of the Christmas Present to the CALL campaign.
Telegram to TD, 8/17/21. Writes that he would like TD to convince EVD to be interviewed by a United Press representative.
Telegram to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death in the form of a tribute.

Eskin, Harry :

Letter to EVD, 11/1/21. Sends congratulations on EVD's 66th birthday. Says that with EVD in prison "the movement in this country is dying." Includes a note from EVD to TD which says that Eskin's letter was "beautiful and touching. "

Estes, J. F. :

Poem titled " Behold the Man" to EVD, n.d.

Evans, John :

Photocopy of postcard to TD, postmarked 7/29/09. Sends TD greetings from Tennessee.

Evans, M. :

Letter to TD, 9/19/?. Says that EVD is an " intellectual ocean whose waves touch all the shores of thought. "
Letter to EVD, 12/22/?. Says that the army of the Socialist Party is going to " hasten the dawn" of a new civilization. Expresses hope that EVD has a merry Christmas.

Extract, Morris :

Letter to TD on Debs English Speaking Branch of the Workmen's Circle letterhead, 2/14/41. Says that the Debs branch of the Workmen's Circle was founded while EVD was in prison in Moundsville, West Virginia. Writes that they would like TD to send his greetings to commemorate the organization's twentieth anniversary.
Letter from TD, 2/22/41. Says that he congratulates the Debs branch of the Workmen's Circle on its twentieth anniversary. Writes that EVD would have been delighted to know that the organization has "kept the faith" through all those years. Mentions that the Workmen's Circle has provided an invaluable service in helping to inspire "the working class wherever men and women struggle for the betterment and welfare of their kind."

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