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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "F"

Fagin, Harry and Ella :

Letter to TD, 1/20/15. Says that they hope TD will join EVD on his next trip to California and that they will both visit them when they get to Los Angeles, California. Writes that they appreciate the literature TD sent.
Letter to TD, 1/21/15. Expresses the hope that TD will be with EVD on his trip through the West. Says that if Horace Traubel makes the journey, too, that EVD and TD will have to lose him while they are in Los Angeles, California so that they can have EVD and TD all to themselves.
Letter from TD, 1/29/15. Says that he will not be with EVD in Los Angeles, California but that he appreciates their kind invitation to visit.

Falconer, George N. :

Letter to TD, 12/10/18. Says that he is sending a letter to EVD from Ida Mercer who is " languishing " in a prison in Canon City, Colorado.
Letter to EVD, 8/8/20. Says that he is sending EVD greetings from the mountains of Switzerland. Remarks that the mountains of Switzerland remind him of Colorado. Mentions that he first met EVD in 1907 at a meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado. Assures EVD that he has many sympathizers in Switzerland.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 9/10/20. Says that Falconer is a bright Scottsman whom he saw last in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mentions that Falconer owned a bookstores in Grand Junction and Denver, Colorado. Writes that Falconer has always been a " loyal friend and comrade."
Letter to EVD, 9/12/20. Tells EVD that practically all the "factories and machine shops are in the hands of the workers" in Italy. Mentions that the leaders of the Italian Socialist Party are in session discussing the situation. Writes that it looks as if the Italian Socialists are going to demand that workers control the factories and peasants and farmers, the land. Informs EVD that the Italian Socialist Party is divided between compromising with the employers and the government and starting an " out and out revolution. " Tells EVD that the workers tend to be in favor of revolution. Mentions that civil war is spreading throughout Italy. Says that he thinks the Italian Socialist Party is acting to indecisively. Informs EVD that the anarchist propoganda spreading throughout Italy is astonishing. Concludes that the Italian Socialist Party has a good chance of succeeding.
Letter to EVD, 11/25/?. Says that he is sending greetings from Mexico on behalf of him and many "comrades and friends. "

Farley, F. S. :

Poem titled "Brave Debs" to EVD, n.d.

Farmer, Della M. :

Note to Katherine Debs, 10/24/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Farr, Albert :

Letter to EVD, 11/11/21. Sends birthday greetings to EVD. Says that he heard EVD speak in 1913. Mentions that he was once a minister of an Episcopal Church and that he ran for governor of New Jersey two years ago. Tells EVD that he gave up his parish in 1918 because he was a committed pacifist.

Faulkner, C. F. :

Letter to EVD on ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA letterhead, 12/20/15. Says that it is time to revise the ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA and wants to know if EVD will provide information regarding his activities since the last edition appeared.

Faure, Paul :

Telegram to Socialist Party headquarters, Chicago, Illinois in French, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the members of the Socialist Party of France.

Fawcett, Waldo :

Untitled Christmas poem to EVD, n.d.
Telegram to TD, 10/26/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Feigenbaum, William M. :

Letter to EVD, 7/27/21. Says that he is working hard to get EVD out of prison. Writes that the Lusk Committee of New York has named EVD a leader of a "subversive movement."
Letter to EVD on NEW YORK CALL letterhead, 10/4/21. Writes that EVD might be interested in the reviews John Dos Passos' new book THREE SOLDIERS have been receiving. Tells EVD that Coningsby Dawson in the NEW YORK TIMES thought Dos Passos' characters represented a "rotton lot" of "muckers." Says that Heywood Bround mentions EVD in his review of Dos Passos' book for the NEW YORK WORLD.
Letter to EVD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 10/6/26. Informs EVD that he has received many letters from children saying that the " idea of real happiness " for them would be to see EVD in the White House. Mentions that one child went so far as to say that he would like to see Norman Thomas elected Vice-President, Morris Hillquit, Secretary of State, Jack Panken, Chief Justice, Charles Solomon, Attorney General, and Feigenbaum, Speaker of the House. Writes that he also received a letter from a girl who said, "The happiest moment of my life was when I was kissed-no, not by Rudolph Valentino, but by 'Gene Debs."
Letter to EVD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 10/19/26. Expresses wish that EVD get well because he is needed by the movement.
Letter to TD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 10/21/26. Says that he saw James O'Neal at the EVD memorial meeting in New York City, New York. Mentions that O'Neal described the scenes in Terre Haute, Indiana. Writes that EVD is now a martyr for the movement like Meyer London, Otto Brantstetter, and Ben Hanford. Tells TD that he thanks God for sending EVD and the "flaming torch of his inspiration."
Telegram to TD, signed by Feigenbaum and James O'Neal, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Informs TD that James O'Neal and Morris Hillquit will arrive on Friday.
Letter from TD, 11/3/26. Says that he greatly appreciated Feigenbaum's tribute to EVD that appeared in the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD on 10/24/26.
Letter to TD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 11/5/26. Writes that he is sending TD additional copies of the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD issue with the tribute to EVD in it. Mentions that he is sending an article written by Oliver Carruth which he thought TD should read. Also mentions that Maurice Winograd is translating an article about EVD which appeared in the Hebrew newspaper HADOUR and says that he will send it along as soon as the translation is complete. Says that he will be speaking at several more EVD memorial meetings in Paterson, New Jersey, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Letter from TD, 3/22/33. Tells Feigenbaum that the news of Moses Dykaar's death shocked him. Says that he last saw Dykaar in the autumn of 1925. Mentions that the " Socialist Profile " articles are a delightful addition to the NEW LEADER.
Letter to TD on NEW LEADER letterhead, 3/20/33. Says that he and James O'Neal thought TD would be interested in one of the articles that recently appeared in the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD. Mentions that Moses Dykaar's death was a "bitter tragedy. "
Letter to TD on National Testimonial Committee to Honor Algernon Lee letterhead, ?/?/42. Says that he is in charge of putting together a souvenir volume as part of a celebration in honor of Algernon Lee, the president of the Rand School. Asks that TD contribute an article to the volume.
Letter to TD, 9/26/44. Tells TD that he recently met with Irving Stone about a book Stone is working on about EVD. Says that Stone is " our kind of socialist" and wants to know if TD would be willing to help him with his research.
Telegram to EVD, n.d. Tells EVD that he needs to get well because "we need you badly."

Feingold, Leonard :

Letter to NEW YORK CALL editor, 1/2/20. Says that he would like the NEW YORK CALL to publish his poem about EVD. Mentions that he is twelve years old. Includes a note from Ethel Nelson to TD saying that she told Feingold that she would forward his poem to TD. Mentions that she is disappointed because she thought that all political prisoners would have been released by now.

Feldman, Joyce :

Letter to EVD, 10/27/20. Says that she is thirteen years old. Writes that she heard socialism meant that " everyone should have an equal amount of money." Asks that EVD send her some information regarding what socialism means to him.

Fenimore, Roger W. :

Letter to EVD, 11/13/20. Says that in the recent election he voted for EVD. Mentions that as a child in 1908 he heard EVD speak in Anderson, Indiana.

Ferguson, E. A. :

Letter to EVD, 6/6/20. Says that he thinks it is a crime that EVD is in jail. Writes that he does not know why the " dignity of the law is not kept," especially in EVD's case.

Fernandez, G. :

Fernandez, G. :    SEE    Augusto, Allie.

Ferte, Emile Pierre :

Untitled poem to TD, n.d.

Field, George :

Letter to EVD, 12/24/20. Says that EVD is leading people "from a world of hatred to a world of love; from a world of despotism to a world of freedom. " Mentions that there was no way EVD could do this and still remain in the bounds of the Espionage Act. Tells EVD that these sentiments are those of the socialist Sunday school students of Brooklyn, New York.

Fieldman, Sol :

Letter to EVD, 7/17/14. Says that he reserved the Hippodrome for EVD's meeting on behalf of the Church of the Social Revolution for 9/13/14. Writes that upon securing the hall the NATIONAL RIP SAW cancelled the engagement. Asks that EVD speak on his own account. Says that the Church of the Social Revolution is a "bona fide Socialist Church" and that the "organization is not an aggregation of Utopian or reactionary Socialists." Includes a copy of a letter from EVD dated 7/8/14 which says that he would be happy to speak for Bouck White at the Hippodrome. Also includes a copy of the contract between Fieldman and the Shubert-Anderson Company for the rental of the Hippodrome for 9/13/14.

Fife, Hamilton

Fife, Hamilton    SEE    Emma Goldman.

Finch, James A.:

Photocopy of letter to D. B. Robertson, 9/1/25. Says that EVD's application for pardon which would restore his civil rights has not been received.

Finkelstein, Max :

Letter to EVD, 11/5/20. Says that he is a fourteen year old socialist who has spoken several times at meetings on the lower east side of New York City, New York. Tells EVD that he is writing to wish him a happy birthday. Mentions that he would like EVD to send him an autographed picture. Writes that in the next election he wants to see EVD in the White House.

Finn, Joseph R. :

Letter to TD on Hotel Lenox, Chicago, Illinois letterhead, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Firth, Edwin :

Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office, Chicago, Illinois letterhead, 3/2/19. Asks that EVD advise him how to publicize a book called THE LIZARD'S TRAIL about the strike on the Illinois Central and Harriman railroad lines led by Carl Person.
Flandreaux, Ethel: Letter to Emily Debs Mailloux, 11/28/21. Says that Odilon Mailloux has received the rosette of the Legion of Honor.

Flischman, Harry

Flischman, Harry    SEE    Thomas, Norman

Floaten, A. H. :

Letter to TD, 10/26/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that even though EVD is dead the "Socialist organization for which he devoted his life to build is still alive."

Flower, Donald M. :

Letter to TD, 11/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Flower, J. Howard :

Letter to TD, 10/26/20. Says that a letter he received from TD on behalf of EVD is one of his " most prized possessions. " Writes that he cannot believe EVD is still in prison. Mentions that he regrets that EVD did not get on the ballot in Vermont. Encloses poems titled "Vignettes" and "New Soldiers' Joy."
Letter to EVD, 2/5/21. Says that EVD is a "greater patriot in every vital sense of the word" than Woodrow Wilson could ever dream of being. Writes that EVD resembles Wendell Phillips. Assures EVD that he supports him.

Flower, Linda L. :

Letter to TD, 11/26/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Flude, Alfred L. :

Letter to TD on Chautauqua Managers Association letterhead, 5/4/11. Writes that he would like to book EVD for the 1912 Chautaqua season.

Flury, Henry :

Letter to TD, 11/5/32. Says that he is enclosing extracts from his speech commemorating EVD given on 10/20/32.
Letter from TD, 12/16/32. Tells Flurry that he greatly appreciated the extracts of the speech he sent. Mentions that he is touched by Flurry's "generous praise" of EVD's "humble efforts to arouse the workers to the crying need of self-education and organization."

Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley :

Letter from EVD, 8/20/15. Says that he would be happy to comply with Flynn's request and write a letter on behalf of Joe Hill to William Spry, the governor of Utah. Tells Flynn that "when the life of a comrade is at stake all else must take second place." Mentions that he has written an article about Hill for the AMERICAN SOCIALIST. States that he hopes that Joe Hill's life can be saved.
Letter to EVD, ?/?15. Says that she received EVD's appeal and is trying to get it published in the NEW YORK CALL. Mentions that Judge G. W. Hilton, Joe Hill's lawyer, is going to be bringing Hill's case before the Board of Pardons. Writes that she continues to have people sign petitions and write the governor in "hopes of a favorable effect."
Letter to EVD, ?/?/15. Asks that EVD write a few lines on Joe Hill's behalf for the socialist press "urging financial and moral support."
Letter to EVD, ?/?/15. Says that Joe Hill, the song writer of the Industrial Workers of the World has been given the death sentence for murder. Writes that Hill is a "victim of cruel circumstantial evidence and the very apparent prejudice against as an agitator in recent local strikes." Also writes that Hill's lawyers are trying to get an appeal for which there is a need of "sufficient funds." Includes a copy of a form letter to Governor William Spry asking for a pardon for Joe Hill.
Telegram to EVD, signed by Flynn and Carlo Tresca, 12/25/20. Expresses hope that EVD is soon released from prison.
Letter to TD on letterhead of Defense Committee for Civil Rights for Communists, 7/30/41. Asks that TD serve on a committee chaired by Tom Mooney to free Earl Browder. Says that Browder is imprisoned in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia for a " technical violation of a passport regulation." Mentions that she would appreciate any kind of statement from TD on Browder's behalf. Also mentions that W. E. B. Du Bois, Art Young, Owen Knox, Katherine Crane-Gartz, Richard Wright, Robert Dunn, and Leo Gallagher have all agreed to serve on the committee.

Folan, James :

Letter to EVD, 8/28/20. States that he is sending EVD a poem titled "Dear Comrade Debs" to thank him for all of the work he has done on behalf of workers like him.

Foote, Georgia Northrup :

Letter to EVD, 12/18/19. Expresses hope that EVD has a merry Christmas. Says that she told her children all about EVD and why he is in prison.

Forgrave, J. S. :

Letter to EVD on Farmington, Iowa Chautauqua letterhead, 8/22/14. Asks that EVD speak at the 1915 Chautauqua assembly in Farmington, Iowa.

Forsyth, Nellie May :

Letter to EVD, 12/29/24. Says that she would like information from EVD for a series of lectures she is working on called " Great Men in the Workers' Cause. " Writes that she has not been able to find anything more recent than Stephen Marion Reynolds' biography in DEBS: HIS LIFE, WRITINGS, AND SPEECHES. Mentions that EVD's writings have been "an inspiration and a source of courage."

Fortune, William :

Letter to Marie Debs Heinl, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Letter to Robert Debs Heinl, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Foster, J. P. :

Letter to EVD, 1/1/20. Says that even though the Socialist Party has been suppressed it will make a comeback in the 1920 election. Writes that he does not think that any man living today "will live long enough to again see the rotten old democratic machine in power." Mentions that he cannot believe that he lives in a "Christian nation" where " modern Judases " profess to be disciples of Christ.

Foster, L. W. :

Note to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Foster, William Z. :

Letter to EVD on Trade Union Educational League letterhead, 8/29/23.
Says that he would like EVD to attend the Second General Conference of the Trade Union Educational League. Writes that it would be nice to hear a message from EVD at the convention. Mentions that he is being blamed for the shooting which occurred in a meeting hall "crowded with women and even children."
Letter to EVD on Trade Union Educational League letterhead, 9/5/23. Says that he wants to know if the statement by EVD that appeared in the CHICAGO DAILY NEWS on 9/5/23 was true. Writes that it concerns EVD's supposed alignment with the right-wing officials in the needle trades who want to expel the left-wing from the union. Tells EVD that "there must be some mistake about this matter." Explains that it had only been a few months since EVD endorsed the Trade Union Educational League in the LABOR HERALD. Mentions that the "reactionary officials, who oppose industrial unionism" and Soviet Russia are responsible for the shooting in the Carmen's Hall. Asks that EVD send a letter immediately expressing his views.
Letter from EVD, 9/12/23. Says that the statements supposedly made by him in the CHICAGO DAILY NEWS were not true. Writes that the International Ladies Garment Workers Union committee he spoke with said that the members of the Trade Union Educational League that were expelled from the union were "bent upon disrupting and destroying the Union in their fanatical attempt to convert it at once, summarily, into a communist organization." Explains that he is in no position to say whether or not the expulsion of these members is justified. Thinks that the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and the Trade Union Educational League should discuss their differences in a conference which he would "very much like to be present at."
Letter to EVD on Trade Union Educational League letterhead, 9/22/23. States the Trade Union Educational League would be happy to be involved in a conference with the International Ladies Garment Workers Union to discuss their differences. Mentions that should such a conference take place EVD should be present. Says that Abraham Tuvin has made unfair use of EVD's statement. Asks that EVD allow him to print the letter he wrote to him on 9/12/23 to refute Tuvin's statement.
Letter from EVD, 10/8/23. Says that Foster has been fair and honest where the use of EVD's name is concerned. Writes that he prefers that Foster not print the letter he wrote to him on 9/12/23. Mentions that he would not be sure he could attend a conference between the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union and the Trade Union Educational League because his strength has been taxed to the " limit and beyond."
Letter to EVD on Trade Union Educational League letterhead, 10/25/23. Writes that he has sent Morris Sigman, the president of the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union, a letter saying that he would like to hold a conference to discuss the differences between the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and the Trade Union Educational League.
Letter to Morris Sigman, 10/25/23. Writes that he would like to straighten out the differences between the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and the Trade Union League in a conference.
Letter to EVD on Trade Union Educational League letterhead, 11/7/23. Writes that Morris Sigment has not only not responded to his request for a conference but is attempting to use the letter he sent him against the Trade Union Educational League. Mentions that he will be publishing both the letter he sent to Morris Sigman on 10/25/23 and the letter EVD sent on 9/12/23.
Letter from EVD, 11/8/23. Says that he met with Morris Sigman and that he "flatly declined to receive any overtures " from the Trade Union Educational League. Writes that Sigman claims that the purpose of the Trade Union Educational League is to " serve the Wrokers' party and to turn the labor unions into communist adjuncts of the Third International and the Red Federation."
Letter to EVD on Workers Party of America letterhead, 7/30/24. Says that he cannot allow EVD to attack the Workers Party without letting it go unchallenged. Writes that unlike EVD who is supporting Robert La Follette in the 1924 election he wants to make "the election fight upon a revolutionary basis." Mentions that the Socialist Party has "abandoned even the last remnants of its lip-service to revolutionary principles." Explains that the Morris Hillquits and the Victor Bergers of the Socialist Party have again betrayed the revolution.

Foulkes, George C. :

Letter from TD, 7/30/26. Explains that he questions Foulkes' integrity where the supposed curbing improvements on 11th St. in Terre Haute, Indiana are concerned.

Fowler, Margaret :

Letter to EVD, 3/28/20. Says that she is the wife of the miner and is writing to say that she thinks of EVD often. Mentions that she lost faith in humanity long ago.

Fraenkel, Gustave, et al. :

Letter to EVD and Emil Siedel, signed by Fraenkel, R. H. Howe, Thomas Morgan, Harvey Moyer, 7/1/12. Write that they protest the appointment of J. Mahlon Barnes as EVD's campaign manager. Inform EVD that they presented their reasons for protesting Barnes' appointment at an open meeting of the National Executive Committee at which Victor Berger, Morris Hillquit, John Spargo, among others were present. Mention that they heard Jean Keep say that Barnes took advantage of her and got her pregnant. Mention that Keep thought Barnes a "drunkard, a liar, a gambler and the intimate of disreputable characters." Write that Berger vindicated Barnes even though there was a great deal of evidence to the contrary. Ask that EVD "protect the good name of the party" and refuse to work with Barnes.

Fraina, Louis C.

Fraina, Louis C.    SEE    Ruthenberg, C. E.

Fraley, Fred :

Letter to EVD on KANSAS LEADER letterhead, 8/9/24. Writes that in EVD's recently published article " The Inconsistency of Some Patriots" he said that Woodrow Wilson appointed William Taft to the Supreme Court when one of the newspaper's readers said it was Harding who appointed Taft. Asks that EVD clarify this matter for him.

Letter from EVD, 8/16/24. Says that he was wrong in his article and that it was Warren Harding who appointed William Taft to the Supreme Court. Writes that he is sorry that he made this error and asks that the newspaper clarify the matter in its next issue.

Frampton, A. S. :

Letter to TD, 9/19/41. Says that he would like edit a book of EVD's writings because he thinks it would have a " great influence on the laboring class and the general public in understanding the problems of American labor in the United States. " Writes that he would appreciate TD's help in locating materials.
Frank, Glenn: Letter to EVD on CENTURY MAGAZINE letterhead, 4/3/22. Asks that EVD submit his article for CENTURY MAGAZINE before his syndicated articles start appearing.
Letter to EVD on CENTURY MAGAZINE letterhead, 4/2/25. Writes that he appreciates the article "The One Hundred Per Centers " from the NEW LEADER which EVD sent to him.

Franklin, George :

Franklin, George :    SEE    Augusto, Allie

Freidheim, H. :

Letter to NATIONAL RIP-SAW, 2/16/15. Says that EVD spoke to a full house in the Twin Falls, Idaho high school auditorium on 6/24/14. Writes that EVD speech flowed with "sweet-toned sentiment, faultless logic and crushing economic fact." Mentions that he is enclosing the balance due on the one thousand subscription cards which were sold at the speech. Informs the NATIONAL RIP SAW that he sold 200 more than the requisite amount. States that the local Socialist Party organization cleared $58.00 for its "never ending campaign."

Freilicoff, Morris :

Letter to EVD, 8/30/21. Says that he is sending greetings to EVD on behalf of the Poale Zion, the Jewish Socialist Zionists, the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, and the ZEIT. Writes that the Jewish people are being persecuted in Eastern Europe. States that the only hope for the Jewish people is in establishing a homeland in Palestine. Mentions that the purpose of Poale Zion is to "bring about the regeneration of a national Jewish life in Palestine built upon a cooperative and socialist foundation. " Also mentions that the British Labour Party has supported the activities of the Poale Zion. Asks that EVD send a message of greeting to the ZEIT which is celebrating its first year anniversary.

French, W. E. P. :

Letter to TD on United Service Company letterhead, 7/16/10. Says that he has referred A. B. Norlin to the patent attorneys as TD requested. Writes that EVD's visit was a delight. Expresses hope that one day TD will get a chance to visit himself.
Letter to EVD, 3/25/21. Writes that he wished he could have seen EVD while he was in Washington D. C. Says that he has ceaselessly hoped for EVD's release from prison. Mentions that his son is now stationed in San Antonio, Texas. Writes that Lilian Scholls sends greetings to EVD.

Friebert, Joe:

Letter to EVD, 6/26/21. Says that he has been a member of the International Socialist Sunday School for seven years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mentions that his father was suspended from the Socialist Party local there for " doing the right thing." Writes that the Socialist Party is only good to its members that have jobs. Informs EVD that some of the men who have been thrown out of the Socialist Party are creating a new organization, one that "stands for socialism not for jobs."

Friederich, Hector L. :

Note to EVD, 10/31/21. Sends birthday greetings to EVD.

Friedman, Mollie :

Letter to EVD on International Ladies Garment Workers Union Joint Board letterhead, 4/6/25. Writes that she appreciates the autographed copy of DEBS AND THE POETS that EVD sent to her. Says that she is awed by all of EVD's accomplishments. Mentions that she looks forward to EVD's visit with Bertha Hale White at the end of April.

Friedman, Samuel H. :

Letter to TD on NEW YORK CALL letterhead, 9/12/43. Writes that he had a talk with Bernard Bellush about TD. Says that TD has the wrong impression about the people who continued on in the Socialist Party as opposed to those who joined the Social Democratic Federation. Mentions that he opposed the withdrawal of the New York local's charter by the National Executive Committee but that he went with the Committee's decision because he believed that "Socialist Party conventions should be obeyed unless they repudiated Socialist principles, that the party was more important than leaders." States that TD should be sympathetic to the Socialist Party and its official organ, the NEW YORK CALL.

Letter from TD, 12/10/43. Tells Friedman that the split in the Socialist Party is now just history and he does not wish to discuss it. Says that he received a letter from Bernard Bellush who is awaiting his shipping orders to go overseas. Mentions that he has not yet been able to read the copies of the NEW YORK CALL that Friedman sent him. Writes that he will do so when his eyes get stronger and his vision clears.

" A Friend to Humanity and the Law : "

Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that he would like to put a stop to EVD's "lawless acts" by putting a bullet through EVD's miserable heart.

Fries, Addie Davis :

Letter to EVD, 11/2/19. Expresses hope that EVD has not forgotten his friends and comrades in San Diego, California. Says that she believes the spirit of Anna Ferry Smith looks down on EVD in his prison cell. Mentions that she is currently reading the book DEBS: HIS LIFE, WRITINGS, AND SPEECHES. Writes that EVD converted her husband to socialism. Mentions that before the conversion he was an ardent Single Taxer. Says that Frances Willard was the one who converted her. Tells EVD that both she and her father voted for him in the last election.

Fuhrberg, H.O. :

Letter to TD, 11/5/26. Says that he never saw man who "was so universally loved by those that knew him well" as he has seen with EVD. Writes that he heard EVD speak last in Seattle, Washington on 9/9/23. Mentions that he first heard EVD speak to a half-filled house in Tacoma, Washington back in 1895. Tells TD that if he ever makes it to Seattle, Washington, he must stay with him. Includes note from Fuhrberg to TD which says that he is enclosing money to help TD pay for the postage required to answer the letters sent at the time of EVD's death.

Letter to TD, ?/?/41. Writes that on 5/21/41 Alexander MacDonald passed away. Mentions that he attended the International Socialist Convention held in 1910 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Says that since his wife died he has spent most of his time reading and rereading his favorite books and participating in a movement for old age pensions. States that in October he was called upon to speak about EVD on two separate occasions. Tells TD that Bill Snow sends his greetings. Informs TD that Adolph Germer now works for the C. I. O. Expresses hope that TD has a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Letter to TD, 12/14/44. Writes that Bill Snow is suffering a great deal of pain. Says that he met a man named Vanderhof who was originally from Terre Haute, Indiana. Mentions that the man introduced him to his mother who then reminisced about her days in Terre Haute, Indiana. Tells TD that Frank Holl's health is "slipping fast." Requests that TD send him a copy of McAlister Coleman's THE MAN UNAFRAID because he gave his copy to Holl.

Fuller, S. A. :

General Letter to EVD, 4/18/20. Writes that there are no "prison bars for such souls" as EVD. Says that the APPEAL's special "Debs Edition" should help bring about the release of political prisoners. Mentions that he and his wife heard EVD speak in Winfield, Louisiana. Encloses untitled poem by Charles Mackeyl.

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