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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "G"

Gable, George :

Letter to TD on William F. Gable Company letterhead, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Gable, Robert :

Letter from TD, 12/5/21. Sends condolences on death of William Gable. Says that the "high ideals of this man enriched " him and that his "rare traits of character, greatness of heart, keeness of vision and analytical mind were an inspiration."
Letter to TD, 12/17/21. Writes that he appreciated TD's tribute to his father William Gable.

Gable, William :

Letter to TD on William F. Gable Company letterhead, 11/23/09. Says that he appreciates the copy of the Ferrer poem EVD sent. Writes that Horace Traubel will write the "great poem" on Ferrer. Tells TD that it was good to visit with EVD while he was in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Says that EVD made many friends while he was there. Mentions that it was wonderful to have EVD and Horace Traubel in Altoona, Pennsylvania at the same time.
Letter from TD, 12/7/09. Says that he has recently gone hunting with his dog Babe. Mentions that Horace Traubel would be more than qualified to write the poem on Ferrer. Writes that it must have been tough for Altoona, Pennsylvania to harbor both EVD and Horace Traubel at the same time.
Letter from TD, 03/21/10. Gives thanks for copy of An American Primer by Walt Whitman and for book for EVD.
Letter to TD on William F. Gable Company letterhead, 4/20/10. Says that he has just received a letter from Horace Traubel. Writes that he saves Traubel's letters because they are so remarkable and one day he hopes to have them published into a book. Mentions that he sent Traubel TD's letter. Asks that TD send greetings to EVD and Stephen Marion Reynolds.
Letter to TD on William F. Gable Company letterhead, 4/28/10. Says that he does not want to be a bother to TD but that he wants TD to look at another letter from Horace Traubel.
Letter from TD, 5/3/10. Tells Gable that Horace Traubel's letter is not only "beautiful-it is sublime." Says that he wishes there were more self-sacrificing souls like Traubel in the world.
Letter to TD on William F. Gable Company letterhead, 3/7/17. Says that like Robert Ingersoll, TD is a master of the English language, especially in his use of alliteration. Expresses hope that EVD's case of the "grip" will not interfere with his engagement in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Asks that TD join his brother in Altoona, Pennsylvania on 3/12/17. Mentions that Horace Traubel will be coming up from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Letter from TD, 3/9/17. Says that Gable is too generous with his praise of him. Writes that EVD is on his speaking tour of the East and should be in Altoona, Pennsylvania as scheduled. Mentions that he wishes he could be there with Gable, Horace Traubel, and EVD.
Card to TD, n.d. Expresses hope that TD has a happy new year.
Note to TD, n.d. Says that he received an application the other day that said, " I am as honest as steal and my word is as good as Rye Whiskey."
Note from " A Young Housekeeper, " n.d. Asks that Gable have a sale on Brussels Carpet on Wednesday and to advertise it in the MIRROR.

Gaerity, Jack B. :

Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Mentions that he was severely beaten back in 1912 in Poughkeepsie, New York while speaking under the auspices of the Socialist Party. Says that EVD offered him $300 to help him with the expense of recovering his health. Writes that he will definitely pay a tribute to the "dearest comrade in the American movement. "

Gahan, John A. :

Letter to EVD, 11/7/19. Sends congratulations on EVD's 64th birthday. Writes that EVD is the "finest rebel in America." Tells EVD that no bureaucrat is going to be able to stop the people from making America a free country. Informs EVD that the people will keep up EVD's fight and go on to establish an industrial democracy.
Letter to EVD on INDUSTRIAL PIONEER letterhead, 3/30/25. Tells EVD that he appreciates the article he sent. Says that he recently had dinner with Ralph Chaplin. Writes that EVD's spirit will always be young.

Gale, Linn A. E. :

Letter to EVD on GALE'S letterhead, 10/31/19. Expresses hope that EVD is soon released. Says that in order to avoid having to participate in the war he and his wife came to Mexico. Writes that the Mexican government under Venustian Carranza allowed him to publish his magazine with impunity. Mentions that he is enclosing a copy of the platform of the newly-organized Communist Party of Mexico.
Letter to DAILY NEWS editor on Gale Book Shop letterhead, 10/22/26. Says that the passing of EVD "should bring tears of sorrow to every worker in the land." Writes that instead of "society's parasites" curtseying before the queen of Romania they should be paying tribute to the "greatest hero of the World War."
Letter to TD on DURHAM COUNTY PROGRESS letterhead, 12/4/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that he would have written sooner but that he has been " fearfully rushed with work." Writes that he is drawn to the idea of reincarnation because then EVD would come back to earth again and again "to help and bless it."

Gallagher, J. J. :

Photocopy of postcard to EVD, postmarked 8/22/13. Sends greetings from Boston, Massachusetts.

Gannon, Fritz :

Photocopy of letter to EVD, 5/2/19. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of James Russell Lowell's poem titled " Slaves. " Says that EVD's fortitude has won him the "undying esteem" of every "natural gentleman." Assures EVD that "democratic principles will yet govern this world."

Tribute titled "The Humanist" to EVD, 9/4/23.
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Gardner, H. :

Letter to EVD, 7/17/21. Writes that since the war has "officially " been ended there cannot be any "logical reason " for keeping political prisoners behind bars. Says that she hopes that the members of the American Legion who " interfered " with Kate Richards O'Hare get a "good lesson." Tells EVD that even though a group of " patriots " attempted to disrupt the proceedings of the Socialist Party's national conventions that it was to no avail. Expresses hope that EVD is in good health.

Gardner, Helen :

Letter to EVD, 12/21/20. Says that she feels happy to have met EVD. Tells EVD that "prison walls cannot confine the spirit. " Writes that EVD's name received applause when she said it during an address she was giving in Reading, Pennsylvania. Expresses hope that EVD is soon released from prison.
Poem titled "Eugene Debs" to EVD, 12/25/25.
Letter to EVD, 7/27/21. Says that she is writing a book about how people in New York City, New York are "housed in nothing better than coops." Mentions that she is intending on calling the book COOPED. Writes that she meant Harry Houdini who fell for her. Tells EVD that she missed an opportunity to make a film with Houdini by only three days. States that her mother and an editor of the BRIDGEPORT TIMES are supporting her while she looks for work. Expresses wish that she could spend hours with EVD and talk.
Letter to EVD, 11/21/21. Writes that she hopes that EVD has been released. Says that she is still busy on her book. Mentions that Guido Bruno will do all that he can to help her publish her book.
Telegram to TD, 10/19/26. Asks that TD send EVD her love.
Letter to TD, 11/2/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that the two poems she has written in honor of EVD fall short of what she actually feels. Mentions that the editor of the NEW MASSES thought that one of her poems was too personal to print in the paper. Includes poems titled "Beyond the Grave, Voices of Heroes" and "The Human Comedy."
Note to TD, ?/?/30. Says that her heart has been broken by her lover and that she now knows how "vile human nature is."
Letter from TD, 1/9/31. Writes that when he read her note he thought of Robert Burns' line, "The dire disappointments we meet with in life are many." Says that Gardner must not let this incident destroy her life.
Letter to TD, 12/28/33. Says that she appreciates TD Christmas greetings. Writes that she is sending TD a Christmas poem she wrote. Encloses poem titled "The Blessed One Jesus Christ."
Poem titled "To Eugene Debs."

Gardner Helene :

Letter from TD, 1/11/24. Says that because EVD was ill throughout the Christmas season he was unable to answer the kind Christmas greetings sent to him, including the one from her and her mother Helen Gardner. Mentions that both he and EVD were deeply touched by the tribute she paid to them. Says that he is sending her and her mother some sweets from Terre Haute, Indiana.

Gardner, W. J. :

Letter to TD, 11/15/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Encloses two poems titled "A Spencerian Stanza" and " Elegy."

Garrison, S. C. :

Letter to EVD, 1/17/16. Says that he read and appreciates the article EVD had published in the MILWAUKEE LEADER in the 1/15/16 issue of the paper. Writes that he is a mulatto orphan. Mentions that EVD is needed in the government. Tells EVD that he will do all that is in his power to send EVD to Congress in 1916.

Gay, James B. :

Poem titled "To My Friend, Eugene V. Debs," to EVD, 5/5/21.

Gay, William :

Photocopy of postcard to EVD, 3/7/06. Asks that EVD send him the name of the author of the poem he recited at the end of his speech in Montgomery, Alabama.

George, Arthur :

Letter to EVD, 12/29/20. Says that while he would be honored to join EVD behind bars he thinks that anyone who sympathizes with the philosophy of anarchism should be in prison. Mentions that in many ways socialism and capitalism are compatible. Includes note from EVD to TD which says that George is "scrambled sadly."

Gerber, G. August :

Letter to TD on Debs Memorial Radio Fund letterhead, 7/22/27. Writes that the Debs Memorial Radio Fund committee is working on purchasing an already established station and increasing its power from 500 to 1,000 watts. Says that it will cost a great deal of money to make this improvement. Asks that TD let them know if there is a possibility of organizing a " city conference " in Terre Haute, Indiana to help raise the necessary funds.
Letter to TD on Debs Memorial Radio Fund letterhead, 8/8/27. Says that while it was not the Debs Memorial Radio committee's desire to start broadcasting until 10/1/27 the "cruel developments in the Sacco-Vanzetti matter" made it necessary to begin broadcasting immediately. Writes that Norman Thomas broadcast the first appeal on behalf of Sacco and Vanzetti last Friday at 3:30 P.M. Mentions that he hopes that this will be the first station among many "devoted to the interest of labor. " Tells TD that he understands his position regarding the establishment of a "city conference" in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Letter to TD on Debs Memorial Radio Fund letterhead, 9/28/27. States that the official opening of the Debs Memorial Radio Station will be on 10/7/27 or on 10/15/27 if the Federal Radio Commission redistributes time on the station's wavelength. Writes that the trustees of the station would like TD to speak over the radio at the opening ceremony.
Letter from TD, 10/15/27. Says that because of illness in his family he will not be able to attend " WDEBS " opening ceremonies.
Letter from TD, 10/15/27. Contains same text as other letter dated 10/15/27.
Letter to TD on Debs Memorial Radio Fund letterhead, 11/16/27. Writes that he is pleased to announce that WEVD, "the voice of Debs," is now on the air. Says that the station as a reception range of some 300 miles from New York City, New York. Mentions that the $90.00 donation from Kate Crane-Gartz TD sent is appreciated but that he is going to ask her for more money.
Telegram to TD, 2/29/28. Writes that WEVD is in financial trouble and that the station's trustees are meeting 3/5/28 to discuss the matter at Morris Hillquit's office in New York City, New York. Asks that TD be present that this meeting.
Telegram to TD, 5/25/36. Tells TD that the Socialist Party is no longer responsive to the ideals of social democracy for which people like EVD struggled and sacrificed. Says that the Social Democratic Federation of America is such an organization.
Letter to TD on Gerber and Denson, Attorneys letterhead, 6/3/36. Says that the Socialist Party National Executive Committee is run by " autocratic, monolithic, dictatorial control. " Writes that the National Executive Committee has " in effect expelled upwards of 3,000 of the comrades who, for upwards of 35 years, have been the mainstay of socialism in the country." Explains that this is why the Social Democratic Federation was organized. Asks that TD accept membership on the Provisional National Committee of the organization.
Letter from TD, 6/5/36. Writes that the split in the Socialist Party is "greatly regretted." Mentions that he is not surprised that it happened because when the National Executive Committee first overstepped its bounds it set a precedent which was " dangerous to the growth and welfare of the party." Says that he would be glad to join his " old associates."
Letter from TD, 6/8/36. Writes that he declines to be a member of the Provisional National Committee of the Social Democratic Federation even though he is in accord with its principles. Mentions that he has declined because he thinks the committee members should have the health and strength to work with zeal for the cause. Says that his ill health prevents him from taking on this responsibility.

Gerber, Julius :

Letter to EVD on Socialist Party New York County letterhead, 7/20/14. Writes that through his correspondence with the NATIONAL RIP SAW he found out that EVD is to speak for the Church of the Social Revolution on 9/13/14. Says that he does not wish EVD to speak at this meeting because the Church of the Social Revolution constantly undermines the activities held by the Socialist Party's New York local by holding events at about the same time as the local does. Says that the events by the Socialist Party local would be a success if it were "not for the constant interference by outside organizations." Mentions that he still wants EVD to speak for the local organization on 10/10/14 and then later in the month.
Letter from EVD 7/22/14. Says that he agreed to speak for the Church of the Social Revolution because he did not dream there would be an objection from the local Socialist Party organization. Mentions that it is especially important that he speak at this meeting because it is being held on behalf of Bouck White, a man who is being persecuted by the courts for advancing in a " perfectly lawful and orderly way" the socialist cause. Writes that the New York local had an opportunity to arrange a protest meeting but it failed to do so. Tells Germer that he knows that the socialist movement in New York City, New York is rife with dissension and if it were not for "petty jealousy and factional envy" New York would have "long since have a member in congress."
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party New York County letterhead, 8/30/15. Says that he is pleased to hear that EVD will be in New York City, New York for a week. Writes that on the 15th, 16th, and 18th of October he would like EVD to speak in New Jersey on the question of women's suffrage. Mentions that rest of the days meetings will be held in New York City, New York. Tells EVD that he would like him to speak on different topics at each of these meetings. Explains that he will use EVD's presence to revive the socialist movement in New York City, New York which he hopes will result in the election of a few Socialist aldermen.

Germer, Adolph:

Germer, Adolph:    SEE ALSO    Berger, Victor.

Germer, Adolph :

Letter to John P. White, 11/18/14. Writes that he is glad that the United Mine Workers District Executive Board has decided to investigate the circulars that distributed throughout the state of Illinois. Mentions that the investigative committee consists of Duncan McDonald and Pio Franckey. Says that they will begin their investigation as soon as the A. F. L. convention adjourns. Tells White that the investigative committee will begin their investigation in Colorado.
Letter to United Mine Workers of District Twelve, 12/17/14. Writes that no one as of yet knows the result of the recent District election. Says that he does not support the conclusions reached by the investigative committee because he argues that it was not handled fairly.
Letter to TD on Times Square Hotel, New York City, New York letterhead, 9/24/15. Writes that while Walter Lanferseik is honest he does not have the "vision nor push" to be the national secretary of the Socialist Party. Asks that TD let himself be nominated to the post.
Letter from TD, 9/25/15. Says that he would not like to be nominated as a candidate for the Socialist Party's national secretary. Writes that Germer himself should fill the position. Mentions that he thinks that EVD would agree with him. Asks that Germer allow him to nominate him.
Letter to TD on United Mine Workers of America District Twelve letterhead, 12/31/15. Asks that EVD reconsider and serve as the Socialist Party's candidate for President. Says that neither Allan Benson nor Arthur Le Suer are of "presidential timber." Mentions that he is also dissatisfied with Kate Richards O'Hare as the candidate for Vice-President. Expresses hope that the upcoming United Mine Workers convention will mark the "beginning of the end" for President John White. Includes letter from L. Dwyer to Duncan McDonald, n.d. Writes that his hotel room was ransacked in search of some letters written by McDonald but that they were not found. Says that John White is getting desperate.
Letter to Samuel Gompers, 7/14/16. Writes that Gompers acknowledged EVD's importance in public affairs when he spewed his venom on EVD and the Socialist Party in the June issue of the AMERICAN FEDERATIONIST. Says that EVD had Gompers' article reprinted in the NATIONAL RIP SAW. Tells Gompers that EVD's stance on the West Virginia mine situation was the correct one. Explains that Gompers is more interested in the affairs of the Democratic Party than he is with the lives of miners.
Letter from EVD, 4/11/17. Writes that he is sending his greetings to the Socialist Party's national convention in St. Louis, Missouri because he is too ill to leave home. Says that the socialists assembled in St. Louis, Missouri must fight against "conscription, enforced military service, a rigid censorship, espionage, military training of children in public schools, the guarding of industrial plants by federal troops, compulsory arbitration, the penalizing of strikes." Explains that socialists must " squarely stand against every war." Says that Tom Mooney and the victims of the Everett massacre must not be forgotten. Includes rough draft of letter with corrections.
Letter to TD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 11/19/17. Writes that he is glad to hear that EVD is recovering from his illness. Says that EVD will not recognize the articles he sent in to be published in the socialist press because they have been changed so that the papers in which they appear will not be suppressed. Writes that he is still working on the Stanley Clark case but that as of yet there as been no success with it.
Letter from J. Ramsey MacDonald, 2/19/18. Informs Germer that the Socialist Party of America was not invited to attend the Inter-Allied Conference because the A. F. L. said that it would not attend any conference at which the Socialist Party was also present. Writes that the Socialist Party of America should write to the International Bureau and claim representation at the conference.
Letter Frank O'Hare, 2/25/18. Says that in his letter dated 2/14/18 he told O'Hare that organizing Kate Richards O'Hare Defense Committees was a bad idea because it singles out "one case for special defense." Writes that on 2/18/18 he sent another letter saying that the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party has appropriated $250.00 for the purpose of preparing Kate Richards O'Hare's case for the Supreme Court. Mentions that it has been suggested that either Seymour Stedman or Morris Hillquit argue the case. Informs O'Hare that his letter will be submitted to the National Executive Committee for contemplation.
Telegram to EVD, 3/10/18. Says that if the indictments of Victor Berger, J. Louis Engdahl, among others is true that he would like EVD to wire one hundred words for press service.
Letter from EVD, 4/8/18. Says that the Socialist Party should have a special convention to restate the party's attitude toward the war. Writes that the platform written a year ago is now outdated. Informs Germer that the Socialist Party should consider supporting similar resolutions as those passed by the Inter-Allied Conference held in London, England.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 4/12/18. Says that he is sending EVD an article from the SPOKESMAN- REVIEW published out of Spokane, Washington to show EVD "evidence of the unscrupulous methods to which the prostitute press resorts. " Includes article titled "Americanization of Foreigners Is Slow Among Socialists" which says that the socialists who support the war tend to be of American birth and have "more than one generation of American ancestry " while those who oppose the war tend to be of foreign birth or "else have fathers and mothers of foreign birth." Writes that people like Allen Benson, Ellen Hayes, Charles Edward Russell, Algie M. Simons, Upton Sinclair, William English Walling, White, and Wright are in the first group while EVD, Victor Berger, Morris Hillquit, Scott Nearing, and Seymour Stedman are in the second.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 4/18/18. States that he wrote to EVD on 4/9/18 and told him that while he thinks that having a convention to restate the Socialist Party's stance toward the war is generally a good idea it would be difficult to pay the necessary expenses to hold such a convention seeing as how last year's convention expenses still have not been paid. Writes that it would be more feasible to have the National Executive Committee meet with the State Secretaries and have them "formulate a program for the period of the war and for the reconstruction era." Tells EVD that while he agrees to many of the resolutions passed by the Inter-Allied Conference he does not think the Socialist Party should support it because of its resolution in support of the war. Mentions that he will be in Indianapolis, Indiana on 5/5/18 and he hopes that he and EVD can talk then about the Socialist Party's options in this matter.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 7/15/18. Writes that he has received a letter from J. Ramsay MacDonald which he thought EVD might find interesting. Includes a letter from J. Ramsay MacDonald dated 6/5/18 saying that the AFL's representation at the Inter-Allied Socialist Conference was a "profound disappointment." Says that the AFL is unable to "grasp the realities of European politics" and is "hopelessly out of date." Mentions that he did not want the AFL to be the sole representative of the American labor movement in the first place and that its inadequate representation has proved him right.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 8/1/18. Writes that he is enclosing a copy of a letter he received from the secretary of the Independent Labour Party. Says that it came as a reply to a letter he sent to J. Ramsay MacDonald to warn him about Algie M. Simons and John Spargo. Includes letter from Francis Johnson dated 7/12/18 which says that John Spargo did not arrive in London, England in time for the Labour Party's convention but if he had been there the Independent Labour Party was ready to take the necessary measures to insure that the "position of the Socialist Party was not misrepresented." Informs Germer that the Independent Labour Party already has twenty two candidates approved by the Labour Party and thirty others awaiting approval.
Letter to TD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 10/14/18. Says that he is writing the New York members of the National Executive Committee to ask them their opinion as to whether or not the Socialist Party should defend the Lehane case. Tells TD that the Socialist Party has tried to defend "the humblest and the most unknown comrades as well as the most prominent" as long as the persecution and prosecution of these individuals grew out of activities on behalf of the Socialist Party. Mentions that he does not think that "Lehane's activity was entirely of a Socialist nature."
Letter to Socialist Party State Secretaries, 11/20/18. Tells the state secretaries that J. Ramsay MacDonald has written him a letter dated 10/31/18 saying that John Spargo and his friends sent a letter to the newspapers discrediting the British Labour Party and that if their statements to the American public are of the same kind they should be treated as "being absolutely unreliable."
Letter to Socialist Party National Executive Committee, 2/5/19. Says that the dues stamp sales of January were the highest they have been since April of 1914.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 2/7/19. Writes that he is working on getting the French Federation back into the folds of the Socialist Party.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 3/19/19. Tells EVD that he is enclosing a copy of a letter he sent to the APPEAL TO REASON saying that "this outfit has betrayed us once and we will not give them the opportunity to do it again. " Writes that he is not surprised by the Supreme Court's decision. Says that he feels confident that EVD will not have to serve his entire ten year sentence. Mentions that he regrets that EVD will not be joining him in the Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Includes a letter to the APPEAL TO REASON dated 3/19/19 saying that he scorns the APPEAL TO REASON's proposed amnesty campaign because he holds the paper partially responsible for the persecution and prosecution of many socialists. Writes that he would "rather spend the rest of my life behind prison bars, than to have one work from you whom I hold responsible for the persecution of which my colleagues and I are victims."
Letter to TD on Capitol Park Hotel, Washington, D. C. letterhead, 4/19/20. Writes that EVD looked good when he visited him. Reports that EVD said that he felt like a "young lion just coming of age" who wished he had a "platform and 10,000 people to talk to." Says that Edith Wilson, who is pro-British, may be responsible for her anti- British son-in-law's forced resignation as Secretary of the Treasury. Also says that Edith Wilson's pro-British sentiment may be what is preventing President Woodrow Wilson from offering amnesty to political prisoners.
Letter from TD, 1/7/33. Writes that he appreciated the way Germer handled the publication of his "little story." Says that the workers lost nothing with the passing of Calvin Coolidge. Mentions that he is sending Germer a copy of a speech given by Robert Ingersoll.
Letter from TD, 9/22/37. Tells Germer that he appreciated his rebuke of Arthur Wharton's article which appeared in the DETROIT NEWS. Writes that Wharton is nothing but a "labor official who never grew up," a man who "lives in a gone-by age, with little conception of the requirements of the present day labor movement." Mentions that 30 years ago the International Association of Machinists was one of the most "progressive, aggressive, advanced labor organizations in the country" under the leadership of Douglas Wilson. Says that today Wilson would be considered a communist.
Letter to TD on C. I. O. letterhead, 1/16/42. Says that he recently heard that Ed Boyce had died. Writes that Boyce was " virtually forgotten by the officials of the organization he served at a time when it required real men to speak out for labor. " Mentions that he had the opportunity to meet Boyce in 1940 when he was a guest at his hotel. Includes an article titled "Death Calls Edward Boyce, Hotel Owner" from the OREGON JOURNAL dated 12/26/41 saying that Boyce was the first president of the Western Federation of Miners and later became the owner of the Hercules and Tamarack lead and zinc mines.
Letter to TD on international Woodworkers of America letterhead, 1/13/43. Writes that he heard from Jim Phillips, the former president of the Brotherhood of Railway Conductors, who said that he recently visited TD. Says that he is sending TD a bundle of EVD's tribute Jean Daniel Debs and Marguerite Bettrich Debs. Tells TD that when he gets home he often goes to visit Fay Lewis who is one of EVD's great admirers. Mentions that for years Fay Lewis led a campaign to get proper bedding for prisoners.
Letter from TD, 1/23/43. Writes that he appreciated the copies of EVD's tribute to Jean Daniel Debs and Marguerite Bettrich Debs TD sent. Says that Jim Phillips visits him whenever he is in Terre Haute, Indiana. Mentions that Fay Lewis and EVD were the "warmest of friends." Expresses the hope that Germer and his wife can visit him in Terre Haute, Indiana some time soon.
Photocopy of postcard to TD postmarked 8/2/43. Mentions that he was recently paid a visit from George Brewer. Says that they relived the old days.
Letter to TD on Colorado State Industrial Union Council letterhead, 4/25/44. Writes that he received TD's letter commenting on Jim Phillips' trip to Europe. Tells TD that he once heard Ed Costigan, a senator from Colorado, say, "You so called radicals propose unpopular ideas and through your persistency you make them popular and then we adopt them and put them into practice." States that he did not hear that James Mauer had passed away. Mentions that he thought there "was never a more devoted soul to the causes of labor" than James Mauer.
Letter to TD on C. I. O. letterhead, 9/7/44. Writes that the story James Wechsler told in his book KING JOHN is "totally inadequate." Says that he does not understand why Wechsler did not interview people who knew the history of the subject intimately. Mentions that he found similar problems with McAlister Coleman's MEN AND COAL and Irving Stone's CLARENCE DARROW FOR THE DEFENSE. Tells TD that he had a brief visit with G. A. Hoehn and another with Jim Phillips.
Letter to TD on Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia letterhead, 11/26/44. Writes that John L. Lewis has not been faring well lately, especially after the rebuke he received from the miners in the recent United Mine Workers Union election. Tells TD that when he was in Chicago, Illinois he got a message from Irving Stone saying that he wanted to see him about a proposed book about EVD. Mentions that after this initial message he never heard from him again. States that he received a letter from Ernest Untermann who informed him that he just turned eighty.
Letter to TD on Albany Hotel, Denver, Colorado letterhead, 3/28/45. Writes that he was not surprised by the article titled " Communists Betray C. I. O.; Push Slave Labor Bill" in the NEW LEADER. Says that because the NEW LEADER is subsidized by David Dubinsky's International Ladies Garment Workers Union such propaganda is to be expected. Mentions that the with over six million members in the C. I. O. there probably are a few communists in its ranks. Says that it is the same in all organizations, including the A. F. L. Concludes that the NEW LEADER is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
Letter to Gertrude Debs on C. I. O. letterhead, 4/19/45. Writes that he heard through Jim Phillips of TD's death. Sends condolences on TD's death.
Postcard to TD, 10/18/?. Writes that thugs hired by the coal barons have fired their machine guns at the tents of striking miners. Says that one miner was killed and two others were wounded. Mentions that this is West Virginia all over again, except that this time the miners are going to win.
Letter from TD, n.d. Writes that he has not had a chance to respond to Germer's letter for many months because he has been ill. Says that he appreciated his letter very much.

Gibson, Pearl York :

Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 4/18/45. Sends condolences on TD's death.

Gilbertson, Rev. Albert N. :

Letter to EVD, 11/2/20. Writes that like good " church folk " he and his wife both voted for EVD in the last election.

Gillmor, B. S. :

Letter to EVD, 7/4/26. Says that he does not think that a socialistic form of government is practical right now but that he appreciates what EVD has done to straighten the "spinal column of labor." Includes a tribute to EVD.

Ginger, Ray :

Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 3/30/48. Writes that his biography of EVD will be published by Rutgers University Press and will come out in March of 1949. Says that he has come to Terre Haute, Indiana to speak with her and Gertrude Debs but that he has not been able to get a hold of them on the telephone. Tells Cooper that he hopes his biography " will do full justice to the many contributions" EVD and TD have "made to the cause of labor and socialism." Mentions that he is particularly interested in getting information about the Social Democratic Party.

Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 9/3/48. Writes that he received a letter from Carabelle Dickey who says that Marguerite Debs Cooper has some information she would let him use for his biography. Tells Cooper that he is particularly interested in obtaining previously unpublished photographs of TD and Gertrude Debs, as well as pictures of EVD and Katherine Debs.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 9/15/48. Writes that he appreciated the leaflets Marguerite Debs Cooper sent. Says that he would like Cooper's permission to print extracts from the letters of TD that he has collected. Includes a note from Marguerite Debs Cooper saying that she would like to see the letters he would like to use of TD's before granting him permission to quote them.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 10/13/48. Tells Marguerite Debs Cooper that there are only two of TD's letters which he wants to quote from directly. Writes that they show the "extreme respect and devotion" which existed between EVD and TD. Includes a note from Marguerite Debs Cooper which says that she gives Ginger permission to print the quotes he has enclosed for her approval.

Glasgow, H. W.: Letter to TD, 10/25/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the comrades of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Glass, Helen :

Letter to EVD, 12/14/19. Asks that EVD accept the rose she has sent as a sign of her "love and devotion" to him. Writes that she is proud, as a thirteen year old girl, to be involved in the same movement as EVD. Says that she heard EVD speak at the Labor Lyceum in Brooklyn, New York and that she will never forget the kiss he gave her.
Letter to EVD, 4/7/20. Writes that she received a letter from TD with the note from EVD in it. Says that she shall keep them for as long as she lives. Tells EVD that she is glad he will be the Socialist Party's candidate for President. Assures EVD that her family will do everything they can to get him elected. Expresses the hope that EVD will be free by May Day.
Letter to EVD, 7/14/20. Says that the rose she sent EVD is a symbol of freedom. Tells EVD that she hopes the next letter she writes him will be to his home address in Terre Haute, Indiana. Expresses the hope that EVD is able to handle the hot weather.
Letter to EVD, 9/9/20. Tells EVD that she appreciated the words of encouragement he sent. Writes that she is probably too young to "talk party politics" but that she has heard that there has been another split in the Socialist Party.
Letter to EVD, 12/2/20. Writes that she has helped to organize a Brooklyn, New York chapter of the Young People's Socialist League which she says has been named the Eugene Debs Circle. Mentions that she is the secretary of the organization and the director is Gertrude Weil Klein. Assures EVD that he will be out of prison before Christmas.
Letter to EVD, 8/26/21. Writes that EVD should not only be released because of his age but because he has remained true to his ideals. Says that she has just gotten a job in a card factory working 48 hours a week for $8 a week.
Letter to EVD on JEWISH SOCIALIST VERBUND letterhead, 8/25/23. Says that since she has last written her family has moved to Los Angeles, California. Writes that while still in New York she and her mother served on the committee for EVD's Madison Square Garden meeting. Mentions that she will be on the committee for EVD's Los Angeles, California meeting.

Glassberg, Benjamin :

Letter to EVD on Rand School of Social Science letterhead, 12/20/20. Says that he finds it ironic that EVD is in prison when the war he spoke out against was supposedly a war to make the world safe for democracy. Tells EVD that the Socialist Party is in need of him to help formulate the party's plans and tactics. Writes that the Socialist Party is now but a " shadow of its former self." Mentions that capitalists have started a nation-wide attack on organized labor. Informs EVD that he and his wife have named their son after him.

Goebel, George :

Letter to EVD, 7/26/12. Writes that he is disappointed by EVD's stance regarding the J. Mahlon Barnes affair. Says that he supported EVD's nomination because he thought EVD was a man who would never use his "power and influence" to enter into factional fights. Tells EVD that he has been proven wrong. States that it was the same convention that appointed J. Mahlon Barnes as Campaign Manager that also nominated EVD to be the Socialist Party's presidential candidate. Mentions that the INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST REVIEW, the CHRISTIAN SOCIALIST, THE REBEL, the APPEAL TO REASON are all giving "false impressions " of the controversy.
Letter from EVD, 7/29/12. Writes that while he sympathizes with J. Mahlon Barnes he must also sympathize with Jane Keep, Mother Jones, and Jim Brower who have suffered at Barnes' expense. Says that whatever stance he takes in this matter he will be " denounced and condemned."
Letter to EVD, 8/11/12. Writes that having a referendum on the J. Mahlon Barnes matter is a "fraud" and an " outrage." Tells EVD that the only reason the referendum went through is because many of the comrades thought EVD advised it. Mentions that what EVD said in his letter dated 7/29/12 about Jane Keep, Mother Jones, Jim Brower, and the others does not affect him very much. Says that Mother Jones "has nothing but vile language for almost every well known worker in the movement, particularly the woman comrades." Mentions that Mother Jones is the only woman whom he has ever bought whiskey for. Informs EVD that the "heart has been taken out of the campaign" for him.
Letter from EVD, 8/13/12. Writes that Goebels' letter dated 7/29/12 was "weak and evasive." Says that he has received mostly letters supporting his position in the J. Mahlon Barnes controversy. Mentions that he has only received four letters which criticize him. Tells Goebel that the pro-Barnes faction has gotten its point of view across in the socialist press.States that the referendum was inevitable and that his statement was no more responsible for getting it seconded than anything else. Informs Goebel that he cannot believe that he is not at all affected by the situation Jane Keep is in. Says that he must sympathize with Keep because just like the prostitutes for whom he used to pay their court fines when he was Terre Haute, Indiana's City Clerk he cannot bear to see a woman in plight.
Letter from EVD on Socialist Party National Campaign Committee letterhead, 9/10/12. Writes that he has lost faith in Goebel because he is a man who "publicly brands, or attempts to brand, the mother of his child as a blackmailing harlot."

Gold, Michael :

Letter to EVD on LIBERATOR letterhead, n.d. Says that the LIBERATOR is having a "tough time making ends meet." Asks that EVD send the newspaper a New Year's message in which he says what the LIBERATOR means to him. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison. Mentions that he thinks the Socialist Party has committed "hari-kari."

Goldberg Issac :

Letter to EVD, 12/28/24. Writes that EVD's "political significance" will always be secondary to his " overflowing humaness." Says that he sacrificed his academic career for the Socialist Party and that he has no regrets.
Telegram to EVD, 7/27/26. Asks that EVD allow him to write his biography. Says that he believes that he could get a publisher.
Letter to TD, 7/30/26. Says that he is sorry to hear that EVD is ill. Tells TD that he wants to write a biography of EVD's life relying on TD as his chief aid. Mentions that he has already written books titled THE MAN MENCKEN and HAVELOCK ELLIS. Explains that his biography of EVD would show him as an "American of the Walt Whitman variety."

Goldman, Emma

Goldman, Emma    SEE ALSO    Van Valkenburgh, W. S.

Goldman, Emma:

Letter to Havelock Ellis, 11/8/25. Writes that she has been in London, England since 10/24/25 doing a series of lectures on Russian Drama. Says that she appreciates Ellis' appraisal of her book DISILLUSIONMENT IN RUSSIA. Tells Ellis that she agrees with his assessment that violent revolutions will not produce an ideal state but that sometimes they are necessary because " old institutions have a tremendous tenacity to hang on." States that her experience in Russia has made her understand that " intensive educational work " needs to done before a revolution because afterwards everything will not take care of itself. Writes that the Russian revolutionists were "whipped into line" after the revolution and made " submissive to the communist state. " Informs Ellis that "revolutions are nothing else but the breaking point of accumulated evolutionary forces." Concludes that the Russians have learned nothing from the French Revolution and have gone on to repeat it.
Letter to Hamilton Fife, 11/24/25. Says that she has rewritten her letter regarding the conditions prevailing in Russia in hopes that it can now be printed in the DAILY HERALD. Writes that she is not convinced by the reasons Fife gives for not publishing it, namely that it is too long and that he thought that she had to remain silent on political matters in order to remain in Britain. Includes a letter to the DAILY HERALD dated 11/15/25 and another letter to the DAILY HERALD dated 11/24/25 saying that while many people have jumped up to defend persecuted communists in Britain they have "absolutely nothing to say about similar persecutions, often in worse for, in Soviet Russia."
Letter to EVD, 3/18/26. Writes that she is now delivering a series of lectures on Ibsen in London, England. Says that she appreciated his "high opinion" of both her and Alexander Berkman. Tells EVD that he is wrong to think that she and Berkman were not persecuted while in Russia. States that the Russian government is "composed of an infinitesimal minority, a small political group, which by means of terror and the complete monopoly of every avenue of life is maintaining its power over the masses." Informs EVD that she has had no luck in reaching the rank and file of Britain through the press because most newspapers refuse to publish her articles. Expresses the hope that EVD has the chance to meet Dr. Beckh while he is in America.
Letter to TD, 2/6/28. Writes that she appreciated the tribute to EVD he sent to her. Says that she first met EVD in 1897. Mentions that he has always been the "one great inspiring force in the spiritual desert of the United States."
Letter from TD, 2/20/28. Says that he deeply appreciated Goldman's tribute to EVD in her letter dated 2/20/28. Write that he feels her "praise is genuine and wholly free from hypocritical cant." Tells Goldman that it was a disgrace that she was deported from what is supposedly a free country.
Letter to TD, 4/3/28. Says that she has always appreciated her friendship with EVD. Asks that TD inform her if anyone is writing a biography of EVD because she thinks EVD's story is one well worth telling. Writes that her deportation "looks pale and inconsequential in comparison" to the murder of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

Gomez, Manuel :

Letter to TD on All-American Anti-Imperialist League letterhead, 3/26/28. Asks that he be allowed to use TD's name as a member of the National Executive Committee of the All-American Anti-Imperialist League. Says that Clarence Darrow, James Mauer, Roger Baldwin, William Holly, Freda Kirchwey, Lewis Gannett, Charlotte Anita Whitney, Pablo Manlapit, W. E. B. DuBois, William Pickens, Robert Dunn, Arthur Garfield Hays, Scott Nearing, Paxton Hibben, Ernest Untermann, and S. A. Stockwell have already consented to allow their names be used.
Letter to TD on All-American Anti-Imperialist League letterhead, 4/2/28. Says that he is proud to have TD on the National Executive Committee of the All-American Anti-Imperialist League.

Goodenough, Caroline L. :

Letter to EVD, 12/19/20. Writes that her heart goes out to EVD this Christmas season. Says that EVD and V. I. Lenin both lead the "great cause of human freedom." Includes a song titled "Walls and Wings" with a melody she composed herself.

Goodyear, Rosalie :

Letter to EVD, 11/5/19. Writes that she is working day and night to keep her head above water. Says that she and many others are struggling to make EVD's ideal world a reality.
Letter to EVD 12/14/19. States that EVD has not lived in vain. Writes that she and many others are carrying EVD's torch throughout the world.
Letter to EVD, 3/17/20. Writes that she heard from David Karsner at his birthday party that EVD was in good health.
Tribute to EVD, 3/25/20. Says that she is devoted to EVD.
Untitled poem to EVD, 4/1/20.
Untitled poem to EVD, 4/6/20.
Letter to EVD, 4/7/20. Tells EVD that everyone she has talked to is convinced that he will soon be released. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that her letter was full of her "radiant spirit."
Letter to EVD, 4/21/20. Says that she heard from Rose Karsner that EVD is doing well. Writes that hearing this news made her feel the same way she did when she was in the Woolworth Tower. Includes an untitled poem. Also includes a note from EVD to TD saying that Goodyear is "imaginative and poetic."
Letter to EVD, 5/26/20. Tells EVD that she is only one of his many devotees. Says that she enjoys writing him.
Letter to EVD, 6/3/20. Says that Mabel Dunlap Curry has written her and that she found Curry's message soothing. Includes an untitled poem to EVD.
Letter to EVD, 7/16/20. Writes that she appreciates the paper TD sent about EVD.
Letter to EVD, 10/6/20. Tells EVD that she has not forgotten him. Says that she is writing to send him her love.
Letter to EVD, 11/3/20. Writes that she does not care who was elected President as long as it means that EVD will be released from prison.
Letter to EVD, 2/14/21. Tells EVD that she appreciates what he said about Woodrow Wilson. Includes an untitled poem to EVD.
Letter to EVD, 2/25/21. Says that EVD is never without the love of his comrades.
Letter to EVD, 5/25/21. Writes that she is sad to see that David Karsner and his wife Rose Karsner are separated. Mentions that she saw David Karsner with another woman at the Traubel-Whitman meeting she attended last night. Says that David Karsner said that EVD and Horace Traubel have such great capacities for friendship.
Letter to EVD, 6/3/21. Writes that she just received a couple of notes from EVD in her letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry. Says that Horace Traubel's heart "ached" for EVD. Tells EVD that he must continue to "fight on."
Untitled poem to EVD, 6/9/21.
Untitled poem to EVD, 8/27/21.
Note to EVD, 9/22/21. Writes that she sends her love to EVD.
Letter to EVD, 10/5/21. Says that she received a letter from TD. Mentions that she saw David Karsner whom she says will always be EVD's devoted friend.
Letter to EVD, 12/8/21. Tells EVD that he will have an impact on future generations.
Note to EVD, 12/25/21. Says that EVD's love will not be forgotten. Includes a poem titled "Law Versus Love" from the NEW YORK CALL dated 11/6/21.
Letter to TD, 11/16/23. Writes that she blesses TD for living. Says that she has not written sooner because " writing letters for a living all day leaves one kind of dry for one's friends." Tells TD that she was sorry to miss EVD when he was in New York City, New York. Mentions that she was glad to see TD, Gertrude Debs, and Mabel Dunlap Curry. States that she had dinner recently with Helen Gardner and Grover Laud. Says that the National Park Bank has refused to get her and three other workers desk lamps. Mentions that Cornelius Vanderbilt is on the board of directors of the bank. Tells TD that she hopes to get her book of poetry published.
Letter to TD, 12/22/23. Writes that she hopes that the Socialist Party will not "devour" EVD again. Says that the world needs him too much.
Letter to TD, 3/25/26. Poem entitled "On Meeting Gene Debs Face to Face in May 1925." Includes inscription to TD.
Letter to TD, 4/3/26. Says that she is sorry to hear about Gertrude Debs' illness. Writes that she envies TD and EVD. Tells TD that she wishes she was down south with EVD.
Letter to TD, 7/17/26. Says that the heat cannot be good for EVD or Gertrude Debs. Writes that she has been painting but that she has been floundering horribly. Writes that Mabel Dunlap Curry has recently sent her a letter from TD.
Letter to EVD, 8/17/26. Expresses the hope that EVD is feeling better. Says that she wishes she could give EVD some of her strength.
Letter to TD, 9/15/26. Says that she would rather be anywhere than in New York City, New York. Writes that she is now the secretary to O. H. Cosgrove, editor of the SUNDAY WORLD. Expresses the hope that EVD is feeling better. Says that he should leave Lindlahr Sanitarium a new man.
Letter to TD, 10/2/26. Writes that Mabel Dunlap Curry has told her that EVD has gone to Lindlahr Sanitarium. Expresses the hope that he gets well. Includes a note to EVD which says that she sends her love to him.
Letter to EVD, 10/19/26. Expresses the hope that EVD regains his strength.
Letter to TD on WORLD letterhead, 10/19/26. Writes that she is sending her prayers to EVD. Expresses the hope that he gets well.
Letter to TD, 10/19/26. Assures TD that she is praying for EVD's recovery.
Letter to TD and Gertrude Debs, 10/20/26. Writes that she continues to pray for EVD because "his life is so gloriously worthwhile it doesn't seem possible for him to go."
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Writes that EVD is the "torch of the everlasting light of life. "
Letter to TD on WORLD letterhead, 11/22/26. Says that she appreciated TD's last letter. Writes that TD is now needed to fill the void left by EVD.
Letter to TD, 1/6/27. Says that TD must not weaken because his "radiant soul" is needed by the world. Writes that when she laid "little Desiree" to rest she felt that all she was went with her. Mentions that now she has found a purpose in the world. Tells TD that he needs to read Walt Whitman because he is the one poet who can reassure TD of his importance to the world.
Letter to TD, 10/13/29. Writes that she has gotten married and that she has just returned from a visit with Mabel Dunlap Curry and her family. Says that Curry is "sad and lonely." Tells TD that her husband is poor but that he has "artistic hands" and is a hard worker.
Letter to Katherine Debs, 1/30/31. Says that the Socialist Party is trying to create an endowment fund for Katherine Debs but that it will be difficult to raise the funds unless Katherine Debs makes a statement regarding the rumors surrounding EVD's last will and testament.
Letter to TD, 1/1/37. Says that she appreciated the Christmas card TD sent. Writes that she saw Mabel Dunlap Curry last night and that her foot is bothering her. Mentions that her husband is the technical director of the Federal Arts Project. Mentions that she and him are able to "manage nicely" on his WPA salary. Tells TD that she heard that Katherine Debs has passed on.
Letter to TD, 3/18/45. Writes that Mabel Dunlap Curry does not want to "appear as anything other than a comrade" in Irving Stone's book about EVD. Says that she does not know anything about Irving Stone but mentions that her husband does not like him. Tells TD that she heard from Mabel Dunlap Curry that someone else is also trying to write a biography of EVD's life. States that it is unfortunate that Mabel Dunlap Curry's husband Charles Curry has passed on. Mentions that whoever writes a biography of EVD it should be done as "one would handle Gandhi's life." Includes an untitled poem.
Letter from TD, 3/25/45. Writes that he received letters from Algernon Lee and William Feigenbaum saying that they did not think that Irving Stone was a communist and that they thought he would do a good job on a book about EVD. Says that he wanted a book written about EVD before he died and thought that Irving Stone was the man to do it. Tells Goodyear that Samuel Castleton is also working on a book about EVD but that he has not let him see his materials. Mentions that the passing of Charles Curry will do much to "break the spirit" of Mabel Dunlap Curry.
Letter to Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper, 5/30/45. Sends condolences on TD's death. Writes that she will miss TD's beautiful letters.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 6/1/45. Writes that on the day she heard of TD's death she saw a vision of TD with his arm around EVD. Says that she has found this thought comforting even though "nothing can take the place of such losses. "
Letter to Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper, 4/29/46. Says that she is enclosing a poem that Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper might enjoy. Includes untitled poem.
Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that she wrote a poem for Ruth LePrade's book but that she finished it too late for it to be published in it. Encloses untitled poem to EVD.
Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that she is sending the joy in her heart to EVD. Includes an untitled poem. Also includes note from EVD to TD saying that Goodyears' poetry is like the song of the "golden-throated Blue Bird."
Letter to TD, n.d. Says that she cannot wait for another letter from TD. Writes that she wonders if EVD has "succeeded in landing any land in Florida yet."
Note to EVD, n.d. Writes that EVD is like a splash of gold against a gray day.
Poem titled "Choice," n.d.
Untitled poem, n.d.
Untitled poem with print by Raphael Doktor, n.d.

Gordon, Alex E. :

Letter to EVD on Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen letterhead, 12/8/16. Tells EVD that of the original members of Vigo Lodge 16, composed of M. Ganey, D. W. Daley, J. D. White, W. C. Davis, David Gould, Andrew Kelly, James Southard, Alex Mullen, Mark Miller, James McGen, Louis Kraff, J. L. Snyder, Scott Smith, Robert Elbage, Fred Mullen, W. A. Barr, James Kelly, M. M. Condiff, Milton Blair, and EVD, that James Southard and W. C. Davis are still working on the railroad in East St. Louis, Illinois, Robert Elbage lives on a farm in Greencastle, Indiana, and Fred Mullen lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mentions that W. A. Barr was killed during a coal strike in Harmony, Indiana in 1893 or 1894. Writes that the managing editor of the FIREMEN'S MAGAZINE still has a lot of good things to say about EVD.
Letter to EVD on Indiana State Legislative Board of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen letterhead, 6/18/25. Writes that he is enclosing a resolution passed by the delegates of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen convention. Includes a resolution saying that EVD's citizen rights must be restored.
Letter from EVD, 6/30/25. Asks that Gordon reads his letter to the delegates of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen convention in appreciation of the resolution they passed saying that his citizen rights should be restored. Writes that he especially appreciates the work of E. A. Bloomquist, W. E. Hoffacker, Charles H. Keenan, G. W. Coleman, and R. B. Ackerman, who were the people responsible for introducing the resolution and insuring that it was adopted. Includes letter from EVD saying that he appreciates the resolution passed by the convention regarding his citizenship.
Letter to D. B. Robertson on Indiana State Legislative Board of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen letterhead, 9/3/25. Writes that he appreciates the letter Robertson sent to Attorney General John Garibaldi regarding his citizenship rights.

Gordon, John J. :

Letter to EVD, 12/25/?. Says that the one Christmas gift that he wanted most was not given to him which was an unconditional pardon for EVD. Writes that if his pregnant wife has a boy he will be named Gene Debs Gordon. Tells EVD that the final drive to destroy organized labor has begun. Mentions that EVD is needed to expose the corrupters of organized labor just like he did in the FIREMEN'S MAGAZINE in the 1890s.

Gottfried, Karl E. :

Telegram to EVD, 6/21/26. Writes that the Harlem, New York members of the Jewish Socialist Verband has purchased a camp in Cold Springs, New York. Says that he would like permission to name the camp's auditorium after EVD.

Gould, Symore :

Letter to EVD on League for Public Discussion letterhead, 12/22/24. Writes that the League of Public Discussion would like to offer EVD $300 to speak at one of its meetings. Says that Clarence Darrow, John Haynes Holmes, Scott Nearing, and Bertrand Russell all have recently spoken under the organization's auspices. Informs EVD that if he accepts the engagement he would not be able to speak on behalf of another New York City, New York organization for at least a month so as not to "detract" from the League for Public Discussion's "publicity." Writes that he saw Bernard Shaw when he was in London, England and that he opposed to making a trip to America.

Grace, J. :

Letter to TD on City of Charleston, South Carolina, Executive Department letterhead, 9/3/20. Writes that he is an admirer of EVD's courage even though he does not entirely agree with EVD's views. Says that he thinks that it is an "outrage" that EVD is in prison. Tells TD that EVD was "convicted by the spirit of the mob rather than the administration of justice. "

Grace, R. B. :

Poem titled "If I Had My Ruthers" to EVD, 12/25/20.
Poem titled "To Flora" to Katherine Debs, 5/28/21.
Poem titled "Gad Knowing's Medicine," n.d.
Poem titled "Warning to the Reds," n.d.

Graham, Frank :

Letter to EVD, 2/9/21. Writes that he supports EVD's statement regarding Woodrow Wilson's refusal to release him. Says that EVD's voice is the voice of posterity and that Wilson's is not.

Grant, James :

Letter to EVD, 12/24/15. Says that he is writing on behalf of the Spokane, Washington local of the Socialist Party to urge EVD to accept the nomination for President. Tells EVD that he should accept the nomination unless he decides to run for Congress.

Green, Fred W. :

Letter to TD on State of Michigan Executive Office letterhead, 5/16/29. Writes that he appreciates TD's telegram giving his views of capital punishment. Says that the telegram has helped him to decide whether or not to veto a certain piece of legislation. Mentions that he has vetoed it.

Greenbaum, Leon :

Letter to TD on Socialist Party letterhead, 10/30/01. Writes that he recently received a letter from J. W. Kelley saying that not a single dissenting vote was cast on the Socialist Party's unity proposition. Tells TD that this means that the Socialist Party will assume financial responsibility for the $1,083.77 debt that TD reported at the Indianapolis, Indiana convention. Says that he is happy to know that the Socialist Party will "serve any or all of the Comrades who are battling for our common cause, regardless of differences that may have existed in the past or may exist in the future."
Letter to TD, 11/23/01. Writes that he has received the Social Democratic Party's financial statement and its membership lists and that the National Committee voted to assume responsibility for them. Mentions that while the financial condition of the Socialist Party is " feeble " right now he will make sure that all debts incurred by the Socialist Democratic Party of America will be paid.

Greenhalgh, Katherine :

Letter to EVD, 12/31/19. Tells EVD that there is no soul freer than his. Writes that she tried to meet him at the Mooney Convention in January of 1919. Mentions that at the Chicago Convention she heard his message through Marguerite Prevey. Tells EVD that his mission is, in the words of Robert Browning, to "shoot a beam into the dark."
Letter to EVD, 5/21/20. Writes that there can be "no peace" or "no joy" until EVD is released from prison. Says that the Seattle, Washington Russian comrades had a picnic in the new Peoples' Park, a place where there is free speech and no one will be disturbed. Mentions that there were many tributes to EVD at the picnic. Tells EVD that the APPEAL TO REASON is putting out a special "Debs Must Be Freed" edition. States that she has been going around to the different unions in the Seattle, Washington area to ask for contributions for the amnesty of political prisoners. Mentions that she has received a great deal of support from the local unions. Informs EVD that she contacted Emmanuel Haldeman-Julius and told him that the Seattle, Washington unions "were in line." Writes that the unions are unable to enforce their "no overtime" rule and that it will be impossible to achieve the 44 hour week.

Greenwood, Victor L. :

Letter to EVD, 12/16/19. Says that with so many people filled with the spirit of Christ that it is ironic that " politically and industrially we have to be such idiotic devils." Says that Russia needs Tolstoy not armed intervention to put in place a democratic government. Writes that unlike America where the news is controlled by the Associated Press in England the " truth is leaking out," causing the people to think. Includes a poem titled "Ye Shall Find the Babe."
Letter to EVD, 8/18/20. Says that he has just written a letter to Carl Mays, the New York Yankee pitcher who caused the death of another player when he hit him with a ball. Tells EVD that he does not understand why the American people do not see that unlike Warren Harding EVD has the smile of God upon him. Mentions that he was pleased to see that the members of the British Labour Party have refused to "to kill their Russian brothers" at the behest of Winston Churchill and Lloyd George. Assures EVD that his imprisonment is inspiring millions of people to seek God.
Letter to EVD, 12/13/20. Writes that EVD has been "called" by God "to a wonderful destiny" to " live the Christ life in prison hell" and to accomplish with love what "club and dungeon has ever failed to do." Mentions that there is a lot of truth in John Spargo's article "The Futility of Preaching."
Letter to TD, 1/13/21. Writes that he will be speaking to his ministers' club on "Our Political Prisoners." Says that before he gives his lecture on 2/7/21 he wants to be sure of his facts. Tells TD that most of his material comes from Kate Richards O'Hare's book PRISON HELLS. Asks that if TD has any other information that would be relevant to his topic he would appreciate it, especially since he would like to focus his discussion specifically on EVD's imprisonment. Mentions that when he thinks of EVD he think of his "universal vision" and his "divine optimism."
Letter to EVD, 2/16/21. Writes that he is thankful for his friendship with EVD. Says that he does not know of anything that has given people an understanding of the "emacipatory power of love" other than the "bubbling over" of EVD's soul "in loving service" to the people. Tells EVD that when he is finally able to go out across the land and take his message to the people he must base his message "on the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man." Assures EVD that he cannot wait to hear him speak. States that Roger Baldwin wants him to fill some speaking engagements but that he will be unable to do so because of his poor health. Writes that when he agreed to speak at a Church Forum on the situation in Russia he found it to be a bit too much for him.
Letter to TD, 2/17/21. Says that he will be returning under a separate cover the book TD lent him on the conditions at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Writes that his lecture on political prisoners has been postponed but that when he gives it he "will be all the better prepared." Tells TD that he had to decline being listed as one of Roger Baldwin's speakers. Says that he appreciated the copy of THE LIFE OF DEBS that TD sent. Mentions that the love between EVD and TD and for the human race is proof that God exists.
Letter to EVD, 7/3/21. Writes that he never thinks of EVD without making a vow to himself that he will be a better man. Says that he has come to believe that EVD's "economic philosophy" is right because a "Kingdom of Heaven can never come by way of our avowedly cutthroat system of making a dollar." Tells EVD that he does not know how he is surviving the heat. Expresses the hope that his letters reach EVD because a person should be able to encourage another person without the charge of Bolshevism. Says that he is writing a letter to Warren Harding.
Letter to TD, 8/1/21. Tells TD that he is writing Harry Daugherty on behalf of EVD arguing for his release from prison. Says that Harry Daugherty should not follow the politician in him but God.
Letter to EVD, 8/31/21. Writes that he appreciates the words EVD sent him through TD. Says that he trying to overcome his " combative" and "argumentative" nature. Mentions that he would like to go to Washington to speak on the issue of disarmament. Tells EVD that he would like to get his "fundamental philosophy" for a speech he is preparing for the Hartford, Connecticut Association of Ministers on the topic of "My Friend Debs."
Letter to TD, 8/31/21. Says that he will be speaking before the Hartford, Connecticut Association of Ministers on the topic of " My Friend Debs." Writes that he wants to juxtapose a statement from EVD against one from Connecticut's State Attorney to show where the "main line of progress is." Mentions that he would also like TD to write a statement for his address.
Letter to EVD, 9/30/21. Writes that after his speech on "My Friend Debs," D. R. H. Potter, an influential minister from Hartford, Connecticut, said that "Our government is disgraced every day that Debs is kept behind bars." Says that an ex-military chaplain refused to shake hands with him. Mentions that following his speech he became hopeful that the "spirit of real religion" had not been lost. Tells EVD that there is a rumor that EVD will be released from prison by Christmas. Includes a program to the Hartford, Connecticut Central Association's meeting 9/26/21.
Letter to EVD, 11/16/21. Expresses the hope that EVD will be spending Thanksgiving with Katherine Debs and his dear friends. Says that he knows that when EVD leaves the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia he will do so with charity, not malice. Tells EVD that these are "hard days for insurgents." Mentions that in Suffield, Connecticut his preaching is equated with socialism.
Letter to TD, 11/6/29. Says he thinks he should write a biography of EVD as a fitting tribute to the man who is " the personification of the spirit of justice and therefore of real progress." Assures TD that the biography would be " impartial " and that he would let EVD speak for himself. Mentions that TD should discuss the matter over with his family and let him know what he thinks.
Letter from TD, 11/14/29. Says that he remembers Greenwood's courage because he "stood by," "not aside" EVD when he was in prison, unlike most ministers. Tells Greenwood that the biography that he wants to write is a matter of his own discretion. Mentions that there have been several biographies of EVD's life already written, one published by the APPEAL TO REASON, and others written by David Karsner and McAllister Coleman. Also mentions that Rella Ritchell and Ralph Chaplin are interested in writing biographies. Writes that there are materials about EVD's life available at the Rand School in New York City, New York.

Greiner, L. F. :

Telegram to EVD, signed by Greiner, J. Stiles, and P. G. McCormick, 11/9/20. Writes that they are sending greetings to EVD on his birthday. Says that there was a 200% increase in the Socialist vote in Camden, New Jersey.

Griffith, C. C. :

Letter to Clarence Senior, 2/5/31. Says that he is complying with Senior's request to send him literature regarding the Master Workmen of America. Writes that the union is currently involved in a legal battle involving the "unlawful discharging" of workers for joining the union. Mentions that the first case is against the Detroit Mining Company. Tells Senior that he would appreciate any kind of legal advice that he could give.

Groom, Bessie :

Letter to Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper, 5/22/50. Says that she was able to get a copy of the ADVERSARY OF THE HOUSE even though it was out of print. Mentions that she appreciates that EVD sacrificed everything for what he believed in. Writes that books mean a great deal to her. States that she wonders where EVD is buried. Explains that she does not know where Terre Haute, Indiana is but that she feels it is close to Indianapolis, Indiana.
Letter to Gertrude Debs, 6/19/50. Writes that she admires both EVD and TD because of their "never say die attitude." Says that she thought Irving Stone's ADVERSARY IN THE HOUSE was a "wonderful book." Mentions that she saw EVD in Phoenix, Arizona just before World War I. Tells Gertrude Debs that she would appreciate anything she can tell her about the remaining members of the Debs family.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 8/23/50. Says that she appreciated Marguerite Debs Cooper's letter, especially considering how busy she must be. Tells Cooper that she thinks Indiana is a "grand and wonderful state" and that she would love to live there. Mentions that she would appreciate any information Cooper could provide her about EVD.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 10/18/50. Says that she apologizes for taking so long to respond to Groom's interesting inquiries. Writes that Irving Stone spent about fifteen days in Terre Haute, Indiana to gather material for his book ADVERSARY IN THE HOUSE. Mentions that TD passed away on 4/13/45. Tells Groom that TD and EVD are both buried in Highland Lawn Cemetery in Terre Haute, Indiana. Mentions that EVD's old home is now a fraternity house for Indiana State Teachers College students.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 11/14/50. Writes that the world needs more people like Marguerite Debs Cooper. Says that she is vacationing in northern California. Mentions that she will reread ADVERSARY IN THE HOUSE now that she knows who all the characters are. Tells Cooper that she is a descendent of people who have "helped make history."

Grubbs, J. F. :

Letter to EVD, 6/7/20. Letter to EVD, 6/7/20. Says that EVD is one of the few people truly feared by the profiteers. Tells EVD that these profiteers have "disputed" EVD's right to "hold political opinions, contrary to their own." Writes that it is "the fond hope of millions" that EVD is elected President and that he is liberated. Includes a poem titled "A Poem."

Grumbine, Leroy :

Letter to EVD, 12/7/19. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be free. Says that he heard EVD's speech in Acme Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. Writes that he thinks that there is going to be a period of darkness ahead in which it will become evident that the old order has got to go. Tells EVD that he rejoices in his "courage," "strength of character," and his "great love." Mentions that one of his friends, Frederic H. Robison, a "Russellite," spent 9 months in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia.

Guillad, Carl :

Letter to Marguerite Prevey and Mrs. Wagenknecht, 10/3/18. Says that he was able to secure the Canton Music Hall for 10/13/18. Writes that there will be a "splendid banquet" held for EVD on that night. Mentions that tickets will go on sale for EVD's speech tomorrow. Tells Prevey and Wagenknecht that the next time they send for Tom Louis to give him a little more notice. Explains that he only collected $15.15 at the meeting for the Debs Defense Fund.

Gunn, J. L . :

Letter to TD, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that he became endeared to EVD when he was on the staff of the APPEAL TO REASON.

Gunn, John W.

Gunn, John W.    SEE ALSO    Mary and Andrew Lovejoy

Gunn, John W. :

Letter to TD on A. W. Lovejoy, Girard, Kansas letterhead, 9/22/20. Says that when he was on the staff of the APPEAL TO REASON he had the opportunity to look through one of EVD's personal scrapbooks. Tells TD that the essence of this scrapbook needs to be preserved. Writes that TD should think about having someone put together a volume based upon this scrapbook. States that he thinks that the scrapbook is still in the possession of the APPEAL TO REASON. Asks that he be the one to do the volume. Says that through working on the APPEAL TO REASON and George Brewer's paper THE WORKERS' CHRONICLE he is more than qualified to undertake such a project.
Poem titled "Red-Handed," 4/?/25.

Gurevitz, Harry:

Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that he is 10 years old and that he is currently reading a book about EVD. Mentions that he gets so happy when his mother tells him about EVD. Expresses hope that EVD will become the President of the United States. Includes note from EVD to TD saying, "Dear little Harry! God bless him and his like everywhere! "

Gustafson, Valter:

Gustafson, Valter    SEE     Berglund, August

Guth, Henry :

Letter to EVD, 3/4/21. Says that it is hard for him to believe that there is such suffering in the world amidst such overabundance. Tells EVD that anyone who "dares to disapprove" with the way things are " must suffer and rot behind prison bars." Writes that today Woodrow Wilson "steps out of the White House into a world without a friend " because he is a "betrayer of mankind" for dragging America into the war. Assures EVD that he will some day get his freedom. Asks that EVD accept the check for $100.00 he has sent.

Guthrie, W. N. :

Letter to EVD on St. Mark's In-the-Bouwerie letterhead, 3/12/25. Says that he would like EVD to speak to the people of Manhatten, New York so that they can see for themselves that EVD is not a "limb of Satan" but a " Gospeller " of God. Writes that he is convinced that if EVD spoke under the auspices of St. Mark's the newspaper reporters would go on to spread his gospel. Tells EVD that he would like to get some "Wall Street men" in the audience to "give them holy fits." Says that he would like EVD's first engagement in New York City, New York to be at St. Mark's.

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