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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "K"

Odell, Spurgeon:

Photocopy of postcard to TD, 8/10/17. Tells TD that EVD arrived during deer season and that he is enjoying himself immensely. Says that all he and EVD have done is eat, fish, swim, and sleep.
Photocopy of postcard to TD, 6/16/17. Assures TD that EVD is doing fine. Writes that he has become a very good swimmer in only 3 days.
Letter to EVD on Scandinavian-American Bank, Fargo, North Dakota letterhead, 2/27/20. Writes that he recently sold a farm in the southern part of Minnesota. Tells EVD that he has no other land holdings in the state of Minnesota. Mentions that his land holdings are now limited to a ranch in the state of Oregon which he plans to retire to when " the elements shall met with fervent heat and the heavens shall roll up as a scroll." Remarks that he ran into George Brewer yesterday who was just returning from a trip to Texas with Tom Hickey. Says that George Brewer and Grace Brewer are both as "sweet as ever. " Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that Odell has a tender heart whose kindness far surpasses his own.
Letter to EVD on Hotel Grand, Roseburg, Oregon letterhead, 7/6/20. Tells EVD that he is celebrating his 60th birthday today. Writes that he recently addressed a picnic in Oregon to people who had were not very familiar with the message of socialism. Remarks that he has been waiting anxiously for both the Democratic Party convention and the Socialist Party convention. Says that he learned just this morning that James Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt received the Democratic Party nominations for President and Vice-President. Assures EVD that the Socialist Party convention will be a worthwhile event. Writes that he spent the day climbing an 1,100 foot mountain. Asks that EVD take good care of his health because the world still needs him. Includes a note from EVD to TD asking that TD send congratulations to Odell on his birthday.
Letter to EVD, 10/3/20. Assures EVD that he loves him and would do anything for him. Tells EVD that he thinks he will be freed within 40 days. Asks that EVD take care of his health while in prison and to let nothing prey on his mind. Remarks that the meeting he spoke at last night was a triumph in Williston, North Dakota. Says that since socialism's enemies "cannot meet us in argument" that they "resort to ridicule." Writes that the way that the socialists have succeeded in such states as Wisconsin, California, and Montana has put fear into socialism's enemies.
Letter to EVD, 5/8/21. Tells EVD that George Herron has just written a "powerful" article on current world affairs which appeared in the DEARBORN INDEPENDENT. Says that George Herron thinks that the major European powers are being driven towards destruction. Writes that he thinks that there will be some of the "mightiest changes in history" occurring over the next few months. Remarks that deflation continues in the United States as evident in the falling prices of agricultural products at the same time there is a rise in freight rates, gas rates, and telephone rates.
Letter to TD on Bank of North Dakota letterhead, 11/27/21. Writes that he went to the office of the STAR this morning, retrieved the remaining copies of the newspaper from 11/18/21, and is now sending them off to TD. Says that he hopes that God protects and cares for Mabel Dunlap Curry. Informs TD that he has written EVD nearly every week since he went to prison. Writes that the socialists are contributing liberally to an increasing militancy in the United States which he hopes may "yield abundant fruit." Remarks that he thinks the Civil Liberties Union is deserving of funds. Mentions that he is enclosing for TD a poem that he wrote for Armistice Day which has not yet been published. Tells TD that he sent a poem to the LIBERATOR but that it could not be published because it was "lacking in technique." Includes a poem titled "A Prayer." Also Includes a note from the LIBERATOR saying that Odell's poem could not be published because it is technically inadequate.

O'Donaghue, Martin :

Letter to TD, 4/20/20. Writes that he greatly appreciated the letter that TD sent. Tells TD that if there is anything that he can do for EVD that he is ready to do it. Mentions that while he feels powerless to help EVD that he feels privileged to know him.
Letter to EVD, 4/20/20. Tells EVD that while he is probably well supplied with newspapers and magazines that he is sending him a copy of FOLLOWING OF CHRIST. Informs EVD that time to time he will drop EVD a line to reassure him that "where spirit with spirit meet" that "stone walls and iron bars make no impediments to our being with you."
Letter to EVD, 7/8/20. Assures EVD that his heart is with him. Says that no one rejoiced more than he when he was offered the Socialist Party nomination for President. Expresses the hope that EVD's health continues to grow stronger. Remarks that he is currently on the Chautaqua lecture circuit and asks that should EVD have a chance to write that he should send the letter to his Washington, D. C. address.
Letter to TD on Hotel Metropole, Fargo, North Dakota letterhead, 8/8/20. Writes that news of EVD's condition distresses him. Says that if EVD's condition worsens he will go down to Atlanta, Georgia and give him a word of good cheer. Tells EVD that he plans on seeing the Attorney General again about EVD. Remarks that he made many receptive audiences during his Chautauqua tour.
Letter to TD, 9/2/20. Writes that he came close to getting EVD released by working through the Department of Justice but that he was told, as Mother Jones says, that the socialists, themselves, alone prevent EVD from getting out of prison. Tells TD that EVD's freedom is more important than a little public notoriety.

Ochlert, Cecile:

Letter to TD on Lindlahr Sanitarium letterhead, 11/18/26. Writes that he appreciated the copy of DEBS AND THE POETS that TD sent, along with the other books and articles. Says that the interaction he had with EVD was an inspiration to him and feels proud to have known him in his last few days.

Oemler, Marie Conway:

Letter to EVD, 10/9/20. Writes that she hopes that the children's story she sent EVD amused him. Expresses the hope that the story lightened an hour or two of EVD's time in prison. Says that she was glad that her husband got to meet EVD because he regretted that he did not get to see him when he was in Atlanta, Georgia last April. Remarks that she finished her novel on 9/1/20. Expresses the hope that the book, which she is calling PURPLE HEIGHTS, will please EVD, especially since he has been striving towards the purple heights all of his life. Remarks that she is sure that she, like EVD, will never regret the price associated with striving for the purple heights even though such heights will " never be attained." Argues that only people who keep their eyes on the purple heights are able to walks down in the depths of society in a similar fashion as Jesus Christ. Expresses the wish that she could take EVD's hand and talk to him. Writes that the rest of her family sends greetings.
Letter to EVD, 12/22/20. Expresses the hope that EVD has a most blessed Christmas. Tells EVD that she think he is being tested so that he has the endurance to do even greater things. Writes that she saw Frank Harris in New York City, New York recently and that he said that PEARSON'S MAGAZINE is in dire straits. Mentions that she also saw Scott Nearing and Eamon De Valera, who is currently seeing his country crucified. Remarks that New York City has changed for the worse because it has become "tawdry, as if something of the spirit had perished from it."
Letter to TD, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Remarks that he was the "Apostle to the Under Dog."

O'Hare Frank

O'Hare Frank    SEE ALSO    David, Charles T.

O'Hare, Frank:

Letter to Charles T. Davis, 3/5/13. Tells Davis that the Socialist Party has no evidence that EVD ever employed non-union labor. Writes that he is sending Davis' letter straight to EVD for him to respond to directly. Remarks that he thinks it would be "reprehensible" for the NATIONAL RIP-SAW to help the members of the Socialist Party select their presidential candidate because it would give the few people running the NATIONAL RIP-SAW tremendous power in the affairs of the Socialist Party. Informs Davis that the hiring of non-union labor does not necessarily prevent a person from achieving the highest office in the Socialist Party, especially if there "may have been broad human reasons necessitating such action." Tells Davis that if anyone decides not to vote for EVD because he once hired non-union labor then they are "guilty of scabbing on his own class."
Letter from EVD, 3/8/13. Tells O'Hare that Charles T. Davis' accusation is false. Says that Charles T. Davis is not a socialist and has never voted the socialist ticket. Remarks that instead Charles T. Davis is a "republican ward heeler " who was kicked out of the Central Labor Union for attempting to "attempting to deliver the endorsement and support of that body to the Republican Central Committee." Informs O'Hare that he does not even think that Charles T. Davis is still a member of the carpenters' union. Writes that he is glad that O'Hare saw through Charles T Davis' " deceit and treachery." Asks that O'Hare print the article he is enclosing in the NATIONAL RIP-SAW.
Letter from EVD, 2/14/15. Asks that O'Hare explain what possessed him to schedule a stop of his lecture tour in the inaccessible place like Tooele, Utah. Tells O'Hare that there was no way for him to get from there to Burley, Idaho, where "one of the biggest meetings" of the tour was to be held, because he could not get to Salt Lake City, Utah in enough time to make the midnight train. Writes that he has been on the road for 5 weeks now and spends about 18 to 20 hours a day working. Says that in his rush to get to Salt Lake City, Utah he got terribly sick. Remarks that he " ought to cancel the rest of the dates and go home." Informs O'Hare that he "can't go out of a hot hall, covered with sweat, and climb into an open buggy on a bitter cold, raw night and rise 17 miles over half-frozen roads and then stand waiting for a train" again. Says that from now on he is going to do his own booking. Mentions that he feels like a criminal for not making his Burley, Idaho engagement.
Letter from EVD, 2/15/15. Writes that that opera house in Burley, Idaho was packed last night. Says that money was raised to take a special train from Pocatello, Idaho to Burley, Idaho just so he could give his speech. Remarks that he made up missing the speech at Burley, Idaho by speaking at a high school at 11 a.m. and then holding an outdoor meeting at 1 p.m. Assures O'Hare that he still made it in plenty of time to give his speech in Twin Falls, Idaho.
Letter from EVD, 2/15/15. Informs O'Hare that the meeting at Twin Falls, Idaho was "packed" to such an extent that "many had to be turned away." Tells O'Hare that while speaking twice in Burley, Idaho helped some, missing the scheduled meeting caused some "great harm" that "never can be undone" because people who traveled 50 to 100 miles to hear him speak were sorely disappointed when he did not make it. Says that if O'Hare should receive an letters of criticism regarding this matter that he should hold them for him.
Letter to TD on NATIONAL RIP-SAW letterhead, 6/19/15. Tells TD that he received his "hot" letter of 6/19/15. Assures TD that all of EVD's travel arrangements in North Dakota were made with careful consideration. Tells TD that he made those arrangements only after consulting with local comrades and Kate Richards O'Hare who has an extensive knowledge of that part of the country. Assures TD that he would have never let EVD take a car from Ruso, Montana to Velva, Montana if he knew the weather was going to be so bad. Writes that from now on he will cut out "everything not on the main line of travel."
Letter from EVD, 7/1/15. Tells O'Hare that he will have to quit the NATIONAL RIP-SAW because he cannot stand the way his travel arrangements are handled. Writes that he has been "racing" all over the eastern states wearing himself out " utterly. " Says that the problem is not necessarily with O'Hare or the NATIONAL RIP-SAW but with people who are not willing to book him through its offices. Remarks that the reason why some people are refusing to book him through the NATIONAL RIP-SAW is because of some advertisements it ran of a "sex nature appealing to 'sporty socialists. '" Tells O'Hare that he reached Uniontown, Pennsylvania after changing trains three times with barely enough time to clean himself up before his speech. Remarks that the same thing will happen in Cleveland, Ohio because of a missed connection in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Says that his impossible scheduling is causing comrades to think that he is "played out" because he scarcely has any energy left to speak after "jolting on cars all day long and the crazy rush to get from one place to another." Informs O'Hare that he would be less exhausted if he was allowed to make more speeches in closer proximity to one another than less speeches a couple hundred miles apart. Assures O'Hare that he is willing to "break down" working for the cause but not merely from the "all night strain and struggle to get from one point to another."
Letter from EVD, 12/31/15. Tells O'Hare that he feels he should make the Pacific coast trip because it would be bad if he did not since several of his meetings out there last year were cancelled. Says that he is surprised that O'Hare booked this trip because he repeatedly said that there should be no Pacific coast tour next year. Writes that such a trip will keep him from home much longer than he wants to be. Remarks that he does not want to be kept away from home for than 6 weeks at a stretch because he narrowly escaped a breakdown during his last tour. Asks that O'Hare make the trip no longer than is absolutely necessary. Informs O'Hare that he will need at least one day a week of complete rest. Says that he is more and more determined to quit the lecturing circuit because it turns him into "a cog in a wheel, a fixture" lost of all inspiration. Writes that being on the lecture circuit also prevents him from helping out during strikes because he has speaking engagements to fulfill. Tells O'Hare that ideally he would not like to give more than on or two speeches a week, in case some strike or other emergency occurs. Assures O'Hare that he has no complaints with the NATIONAL RIP-SAW because its staff has always been kind, generous, and loyal to him.
Letter to EVD, 12/27/17. Writes that he could not believe that the socialists' own press would characterize Kate Richards O'Hare as a "foul mouthed virago" as the ST. LOUIS LABOR did on 12/22/17. Remarks that he also could not believe that the SOCIAL REVOLUTION's editors did not give one "comradely word" in Kate Richards O'Hare's behalf even though she is an associate editor of the newspaper in its last issue. Says that Kate Richards O'Hare has long told him of the "snubs and scorn" she experienced by the movement's "kumrid leaders" because she was a woman. Remarks that if Kate Richards O'Hare had been a man the public would have immediately been informed of the facts regarding her case without any hint of a libelous character. Tells EVD that Kate Richards O'Hare will be returning home tomorrow and hopes that it will help relieve her of the fearful three months she just endured. Mentions that Kate Richards O'Hare has received just one letter from the Socialist Party leadership and that has been from EVD. Says that despite the leadership's lack of interest in her case she has received many, many letters from the rank and file. Suggests that Kate Richards O'Hare will finally get the rest deserves while in prison. Expresses the hope that there is enough interest in Kate Richards O'Hare's among the Socialist Party's leaders to allow him to take care of his family instead of doing what other comrades should be doing for her. Asks that EVD find out what the leaders of the Socialist Party intend on doing for Kate Richards O'Hare and get back to him.
Letter from EVD, 1/2/18. Expresses the hope that Kate Richards O'Hare is now safely at home and that he and his family have a happy New Year. Says that he objected to the spirit with which O'Hare wrote his last letter. Writes that he did not appreciate O'Hare's snide remarks regarding the SOCIAL REVOLUTION. Tells O'Hare that Kate Richards O'Hare received a full page in the December issue of the SOCIAL REVOLUTION. Assures O'Hare that he, as one of the editors of the SOCIAL REVOLUTION, has been trying to follow Kate Richards O'Hare's case closely. Remarks that Kate Richards O'Hare is not the only " martyr in the revolutionary movement" who was arrested. Reminds O'Hare that there are hundreds of comrades who have "lain in jail, abused, starved, beaten and then sentenced from one to fifteen years in the penitentiary without anyone to make a fuss over their brutal persecution" like the Industrial Workers of the World members in prison in Chicago, Illinois, Stanley J. Clark, or Rena Mooney. Assures O'Hare that he supports publicizing Kate Richards O'Hare's case as he does but that he does not want it to be "degraded into an advertising campaign" as has happened in the past. Writes that it is "pure bosh" that Kate Richards O'Hare is discriminated against in the movement because she is a woman. Mentions that Kate Richards O'Hare was never discriminated against in the same way he was when Victor Berger, John Spargo, and Morris Hillquit were the "ruling trinity" of the Socialist Party. Reminds O'Hare that he has endured many hardships, too, like being in jail, "covered with lice, with hundreds of hungry squeaking sewer rats for bed-fellows, " or being followed around by detectives and hired assassins, and receiving death threats from all parts of the country. Informs O'Hare that if he wants to know what the leaders of the party think about Kate Richards O'Hare's case that he should ask them himself.
Letter to EVD, 2/28/18. Writes that a defense committee has been organized with Charles W. Ervin as chair, Amos Pinchot as treasurer, and Roger Baldwin as secretary, with Helen Phelps Stokes, Theresa Serber Malkiel, Frederick A. Blossom, and Scott Nearing also serving on the committee. Says that the purpose of the organization is to raise funds "to promote the necessary publicity for the defense and succor of all the comrades who are being prosecuted for the exercise of the rights of free speech, free assemblage, and free press." Remarks that the organization has already received enough pledges to assume the expenses of Kate Richards O'Hare's case. Remarks that in addition to a defense committee executive committee there will also be 100 people asked to serve as defense committee representatives throughout the country. Informs EVD that he is to be named as one of these representatives. Tells EVD that he has decided to devote his efforts to Kate Richards O'Hare's and the rest of the comrades who are presently in danger.
Letter to EVD, 3/4/18. Writes that he can follow the course of action EVD laid down in his letter dated 3/2/18. Says that he has tried to keep EVD and Phil Wagner apprised of the situation but that each day has brought with it a turmoil of events. Remarks that he received a letter from Kate Richards O'Hare today which she sent through Phil Wagner. Mentions that Phil Wagner needs help by someone like George Goebel with the SOCIAL REVOLUTION in St. Louis, Missouri. Tells EVD that Kate Richards O'Hare will be in New York City on 5/11/18. Assures EVD that the he will be on the defense committee's mailing list.
Letter to EVD, 3/5/18. Writes that he has just completed organizing a defense committee in support of Kate Richards O'Hare and other imprisoned comrades named the Liberty Defense Union. Says that the organization is composed of people who provide a guaranty that "all funds entrusted to the committee will be distributed in the best and most satisfactory manner." Assures EVD that all comrades' cases will be handled. Remarks that he is also organizing a "committee of one thousand" to underwrite all of the expenses associated with Kate Richards O'Hare's case. Mentions that Phil Wagner has already given $1,500 for Kate Richards O'Hare's defense and Adolph Germer has promised another $250 from the Socialist Party. Asks that EVD for a group of ten to help support Kate Richards O'Hare in her "fight for freedeom." Says that he does not expect that any one individual would have to give more than $10 to the defense fund. Includes a form to become a member of the committee of one thousand. Also includes an article titled "The Case of Mrs. Kate Richard O'Hare" saying that Kate Richards O'Hare has been charged with violating Section 3 of the Espionage Act. Argues that Kate Richards O'Hare's "trial was a farce" because she was not even allowed to admit into evidence extracts from the speech from which her offense derived. Mentions that the SOCIAL REVOLUTION has had its second class mailing privilege taken away from it and so Kate Richards O'Hare is left with little hope to publicize her case. Says that it is up to the Liberty Defense Union to help Kate Richards O'Hare and " other persons prosecuted for the exercise of their constitutional rights." Also includes the minutes of the organizational meeting of the Liberty Defense Union.
Letter to TD, 11/10/26. Writes that he met EVD 25 years ago when EVD campaigning in Colorado. Says that EVD told him back then that "you must give up all, all, for the cause if you would give any." Remarks that he has never thought of EVD without also thinking of TD and their united souls. Assures TD that his "spirit will spring back to erect and lordly dominance over the affairs of life" in the wake of EVD's death.
Letter to TD, 3/17/37. Tells TD that he will be 60 years old next month. Writes that a piece of him died when EVD died. Says that he has done nothing significant in the past few years. Remarks that some days he is just appalled by the condition of the world and that others he is hopeful and encouraged. Assures TD that the world is moving toward "the goal we visioned. "
Letter to TD, 3/2/43. Writes that the "great new world is being born before our eyes" as the young people of America pick up the cause where he, TD and others left off. Says that the terrible climax he always has feared has come but beyond it is the "dawn of true civilization."
Letter to Leonard D. Abbott, Henry Blumberg, and Theodore Debs, 1/23/45. Writes that he received a card from Irving Stone asking that he send Irving Stone all of the stories and incidents that he remembers about EVD. Says that Irving Stone must be completely nuts to think that he would give his stories about EVD so that Irving Stone can make money off of them like the communists made money off of EVD's name while he was in prison. Remarks that he knows a great deal about EVD's life for the following years: 1904, 1912-17, 1922. Explains that he sees no reason to write down all of his stories about EVD if all he is to get out of it is a copy of the book. Remarks that if Irving Stone is willing to donate the profits for the book to a good cause then he would be happy to fulfill his request.
Letter to TD, n.d. Tells TD that as EVD's "right hand bower" he has some recommendations for him to insure EVD's well-being over the course of his 8,000 mile tour. Says that TD should hire a couple of "big husky comrades" to meet EVD at train stations and take him to his hotels, to get EVD to his meetings a few minutes before his scheduled speech, and to "be ready and merely kidnap" EVD after his speeches to get him back to his hotels to get him out of his perspiration drenched clothing. Remarks that sticking to this regimen will prevent EVD from having a physical breakdown. Asks that TD make sure that the arrangement committee adds no extra stops to EVD's itinerary. Asks that TD make sure that the finance committee provides EVD with a bank draft so that he does not have to lug around large amounts of currency. Asks that TD make sure that the program committee starts meetings at their advertised time, tells the chairmen at these meetings to be brief when introducing EVD, and makes no attempt to hold EVD's audience after his speech to leave a powerful last impression. Writes that even though care should be taken with EVD's health that he should not be treated like a " decrepit old lady."

O'Hare, Kate Richards:

Telegram to EVD, 12/3/20. Writes that Benjamin Salmon, who has been released from prison, has gone on a hunger strike to protest EVD's imprisonment. Says that Benjamin Salmon is in dangerous condition. Asks that EVD send a telegram to Benjamin Salmon and tell him that he would serve the cause more wisely by eating and fighting for EVD's release some other way.
Letter from EVD to Benjamin Salman, 12/3/20. Writes that he honors Salmon's "heroic spirit" but that he does not want Salmon to sacrifice his life for his freedom. Asks that Salmon abandon his hunger strike and "resolve to live and fight for the cause."
Letter to TD, 3/26/31. Writes that she is enclosing a clipping from last night's LOS ANGELES RECORD in which a man makes the claim that he is EVD's nephew. Says that since she knows that TD was EVD's only brother and that he only had one daughter that she wonders what this man's "game might be." Remarks that she loves the Debs name too much to let it be misused. Tells TD that she hears about how he is doing indirectly from Grace Brewer and George Brewer. Assures TD that she is enjoying the autumn part of her life. Says that her sons Gene and Dick are now both newspaper men, Victor owns his own business, and Kathleen is married to the owner of a bookstore. Writes that she thinks the labor movement is "slowly dying of dry rot " and that the "poor, pitiful plaything of Morris Hillquit that is called the Social Party is to me a heart-breaking tragedy."

Olsson, Alex:

Letter to TD on VESTKUSTEN letterhead, 12/3/26. Writes that he is sending TD a poem written by J. G. R. Bauer in Swedish that the author thought that TD would appreciate.

" On the Platform in Frisco: "

Letter to EVD, n.d. Writes that even though the " voice of God " has once again been defeated by the " Masters of men" that a change is coming in March whereby the "mighty ones will have fallen and the humble one will be placed in the highest seat in the land." Says that this letter is written by the woman who told EVD that she loved him for his heart of gold.

Oneal, James:

Letter from EVD, 11/24/11. Writes that he has just finished reading Oneal's rejoinder against Joseph Kluser. Says that Oneal has that "tool of mammon cornered at every point." Mentions that he is giving Oneal a few pointers so that if Joseph Kluser responds to Oneal's rejoinder he can use them to his advantage. Informs Oneal that Maxim Gorky's wife is "as pure a woman as ever lived and the beast who would denounce her as a strumpet is himself rotten with moral leprosy." Assures Oneal that Maxim Gorky and his wife were lawfully married. Says that the only complaint that the church has is that Maxim Gorky and his wife refused to have their marriage sanctioned by the Greek Church of Russia, the church of the Czar. Remarks that it was this pretext that the "rotten plutocracy of New York" drove Maxim Gorky and his wife out of the country. Mentions that if Joseph Kluser brings up Maxim Gorky and his wife again that he relate these facts. Says that he is sure that Joseph Kluser is " well paid for his dirty work." Informs Oneal that while he usually does not like to relate " unsavory things " about people that Joseph Kluser has his own sordid past. Writes that when he and George Brewer were in Morgantown, West Virginia, Brewer found out that Joseph Kluser "had seduced and ruined a young woman there. " Assures Oneal that Joseph Kluser is "one of the dirtiest and most contemptible of the degenerates in the garb of priests."
Letter to TD on Socialist Party, Kings County, New York letterhead, 3/8/18. Says that he has been a field organizer in Kings County, New York since 1/15/18. Writes that the Socialist Party organizing campaign in Massachusetts almost killed him because there was "so much to do and so few willing to help." Remarks that he hears from Judson Oneal every couple of weeks. Expresses the hope that Judson Oneal can bring his mother for a visit this coming summer. Tells TD that he is sending him a copy of the secret Ally treaty made public by Leon Trotsky. Says that he thinks that the international situation looks bad right now but will soon clear so that the "spectre of social revolution in Europe will become more menacing than ever."
Letter to EVD, 12/23/20. Writes that he could not send the conventional Christmas card this year because the sentiments expressed in them would seem out of place. Assures EVD that millions of comrades' hearts are with EVD in Atlanta, Georgia. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison. Says that he longs for a future when "every day will be Christmas and the Gethsamanee of capitalism will be a memory of the past."
Article titled " The Communist Record," 9/26/24. Says that the NEW LEADER has received a number of requests to answer statements regarding the position of Communists towards Robert LaFollette and his Progressive Party. Writes that the Communists' position varies between open support and open hostility. Remarks that the Communists' record shows that its has "run the whole gamut from support of civil war and armed insurrection to no immediate demands, boycotting elections, call for 'mass action,' support for the third party, support of LaFollette, opposition to LaFollette and final denciation of him as an 'enemy.'" made by Communists against Robert LaFollette.
Letter from EVD on Shore-Hills Gote, St. George's, Bermuda letterhead, 4/5/26. Tells Oneal that it is not often that he has to console and rejoice with a comrade in the same letter. Says that he just read about the death of Oneal's mother and sends his condolences. Assures Oneal that many comrades will bless her memory. Expresses the hope that Oneal had a happy 51st birthday. Assures Oneal that the last two issue of the NEW LEADER have been loaded with dynamite. Remarks that since he has been in Bermuda he has been thoroughly investigated. Says that he has been prevented from speaking about socialism while there. Tells Oneal that he does not perceive having any problems getting back into the United States.
Telegram to TD and EVD, 9/1/26. Writes that the antifascist alliance has split. Says that the Communists are seeking EVD's endorsement.
Letter to TD on NEW LEADER letterhead, 10/26/26. Tells TD that he sending him a number of clippings which will be of interest to him. Says that he made it make to New York City, New York in time to attend the memorial for EVD at Madison Square Garden. Writes that he hopes that he does not lose touch with TD. Mentions that if there is anything that he could do for TD that he would consider it a privilege to do it.
Letter to the Editor of the EVENING PUBLIC LEDGER, 11/12/26. Writes that the information contained in the article "Debs' Fortune" in the 11/6/26 issue of the EVENING PUBLIC LEDGER is erroneous. Says that EVD did not leave an estate worth $70,000 when he died. Remarks that it was closer to $15,000. Asks that the EVENING PUBLIC LEDGER correct this error.
Letter to TD on NEW LEADER letterhead, 12/18/26. Writes that he is enclosing for TD a letter that appeared in a Connecticut newspaper and a letter that he wrote to the EVENING PUBLIC LEDGER. Says that he would like to know what TD's future plans are. Remarks that he thinks that TD fill his time by giving his services to the Socialist Party.
Letter from TD, 3/19/27. Writes that he received the inscribed copy of Oneal's book, AMERICAN COMMUNISM. Assures Oneal that his book is an " immense work and will be a tremendous help to not only the present day student of the labor movement but invaluable to the historian of the of the future." Remarks that he is amazed that Oneal finds so much time and strength to accomplish so much.
Letter to TD on NEW LEADER letterhead, 3/25/27. Tells TD that he did not know that there was any dispute regarding EVD's will. Says that it is a delicate matter and he hesitates to express an opinion regarding the matter. Writes that he has been talking to Algernon Lee and Morris Hillquit about EVD's old "papers, letters, clippings, etc." Informs TD that these papers are invaluable to the movement and for future biographers of EVD's life. Expresses the hope that these papers will be made available for use. Says that he appreciated what TD said about his book. Tells TD that he did his best to " avoid any personal venom" he had for certain aspects of his topic. Remarks that he finished a book about the cutters' union in New York City, New York. Mentions that he also has an article appearing in the April issue of the AMERICAN MERCURY about the Socialist Party's "war Socialists." Writes that he has been doing all of this work so that he can raise enough money to take his family to the International Socialist and Labor Congress next year.
Telegram to TD, 10/8/33. Says that Morris Hillquit died last night. Asks that TD send a statement regarding his death to the NEW LEADER.
Letter to TD, 1/12/36. Says that by the time TD gets this letter that he may have already read about the suspension of the charters of the Socialist Party chapters in New York state by Norman Thomas and his tightly-controlled National Executive Council. Writes that Norman Thomas has indisputably become the "dictator of the party." Informs TD that there is a "big majority" of socialists who are against the "Thomas machine" in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, Oregon, and about half the socialists in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and New Jersey. Asks that TD add his word of denunciation to the "Thomas machine" to those already expressed by James Maurer and Jasper McLevy to embarrass Norman Thomas and his "collection of preachers, college professors and theological students." Assures TD that the struggle currently going on in the Socialist Party is one between "working class Socialism and a compound of pink liberalism and parlor bolshevism." Remarks that EVD, who was a "keen judge of human character," told Morris Hillquit upon meeting Norman Thomas for the first time, "Morris, I do not trust that man." Writes that the comrades in New York state are planning to kick Norman Thomas and his cohorts out of the Socialist Party by attending the convention in Cleveland, Ohio and taking a stand against Norman Thomas and the National Executive Council.
Letter to TD, 6/1/36. Tells TD that the "old Socialist Party we knew is dead." Says that it is now an organization run by " clerical and collegiate charlatans and corruptionists. " Writes that the New York state delegation was ousted from the convention. Informs TD that the "old Wisconsin movement" no longer exists. Explains that the Socialist Party in Wisconsin as become a "Socialist Tammany of office holders" as exemplified by Daniel Webster Hoan. Remarks that the ousted delegates have formed the Social Democratic Federation. Mentions that he is without a socialist candidate to vote for and refuses to follow the unions and vote for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Says that James Maurer is the only worker left in the National Executive Council and although he supports the actions of the renegade socialists he will not leave the organization until he has helped "save the lyceum, the park and cooperative from becoming booty of the Thomas nitwits."
Letter to TD on NEW LEADER letterhead, 6/6/36. Tells TD that he has received a letter from Elizabeth Thomas who has resigned from the Socialist Party and joined the Social Democratic Federation. Remarks that he had a letter from a comrade in Terre Haute, Indiana and it looks as those that local of the Socialist Party will soon come over to the social Democratic Federation. Asks that TD send a letter to be published in the NEW LEADER regarding his opinion of the Social Democratic Federation. Says that he expects that George Kirkpatrick and James Maurer will join the new organization.
Letter to TD, 10/12/36. Says that Communists have been infiltrating the American Labor Party. Writes that while not everyone agrees with the Social Democratic Federation's affiliation with the American Labor Party and he is "more and more convinced " that it was the right decision. Assures TD that it is in socialists' best interest to support organized labor in building up an independent labor party even if it means supporting Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the process. Says that because there is a "clear cleavage " in national politics since 1896 supporting Franklin Delano Roosevelt might not be such a bad thing. Remarks that the Socialist Party will soon "belong to history."
Letter to TD, 4/7/38. Says that he heard that a young communist named John Stuart plans on writing a book about EVD. Writes that he also heard that this communist plans on turning EVD in a "sissy unaware of how he was being handled by a clique" of clever politicians like Victor Berger and Morris Hillquit. Expresses the hope that TD will tell him about anyone proposing to write a biography of EVD so that the person can be investigated. Remarks that there is some trouble with the American Labor Party since their leadership comes mainly out of the needle trades unions.
Photocopy of letter from TD, 5/28/40. Writes that when he read about Oneal's resignation from the NEW LEADER that there had to be more to the resignation than just Oneal's health. Remarks that Oneal's letter from 5/13/40 confirmed his suspicion. Informs Oneal that " treachery, intrigue, undermining " is often a part of the socialist and labor movements. Says that after all of Oneal's years of service to the NEW LEADER and the Social Democratic Federation that the directors of the NEW LEADER would "stand for anything so damnably putrid."
Photocopy of letter from TD, 6/20/40. Says that he was impressed with the " high ground " Oneal took when he resigned as editor of the NEW LEADER. Writes that Oneal's statement giving his reasons for resigning from the NEW LEADER is a " frank and courageous account of a miserable and disgraceful situation." Assures Oneal that he has remained true to his manhood and preserved his self-respect.
Photocopy of letter from TD, 2/24/41. Asks that Oneal tell him if he knows anything about a man named I. F. Stone. Writes that I. F. Stone is a frequent contributor to the NATION. Says that I. F. Stone is interested in writing a biography about EVD's life. Mentions that I. F. Stone recently finished a book about Clarence Darrow. Tells Oneal that he wants to know if I. F. Stone is a "socialist, Communist or fellow traveller."
Photocopy of letter to TD, 2/26/41. Writes that Irving Stone published a letter in several New York publications stating that he was looking for information concerning EVD because he wanted to write a book about him. Says that Irving Stone is not known by the comrades at the Rand School, the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, or in Social Democratic Federation circles. Remarks that he thinks that Irving Stone is a " Communist stooge or a fellow traveler." Informs TD that should Irving Stone contact him that he should ask about his background, whether he was ever a member of the Socialist Party or the Social Democratic Federation, and whether he ever called upon Algernon Lee, William Bohn, Abraham Cahan, or himself to discuss EVD's life.
Letter to TD, 10/14/43. Tells TD that he expects to turn all of his papers and correspondence over to the Rand School. Asks that TD inform him what he should do about the letter TD sent to him about the disagreement over EVD's last will. Remarks that a text book firm is looking over his manuscript on the history of American political parties for possible publication. Writes that his wife is at a rest home recuperating from a critical illness.
Photocopy of letter from TD, 8/10/44. Sends condolences on the death of Oneal's wife, Ella Oswald Oneal.
Letter to TD, 8/29/44. Says that his wife's passing has left him very lonely. Writes that it will not be too long before he joins her. Mentions that last week he received a letter from Lena Morrow Lewis saying that Irving Stone is at the Rand School doing research for a biography of EVD's life. Remarks that he sent Lena Morrow Lewis telling her that Irving Stone is a "Commie."
Letter from TD, 9/13/44. Says that he is glad to hear that Oneal's health is improving. Writes that he received a letter from Algernon Lee saying that a man named Irving Stone is at the Rand School doing research on a book he intends to write about EVD. Remarks that Algernon Lee told him that Irving Stone plans on stopping through Terre Haute, Indiana to visit him in early October. Tells Oneal that the Irving Stone doing research at the Rand School is an entirely different one from the described who is a communist. Informs Oneal that based upon Algernon Lee's recommendation he has given his support to Irving Stone's project.
Letter to TD, 3/12/45. Says that he heard from Lena Morrow Lewis that Oneal has recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Assures Oneal that he has lived a long and useful life.
Letter to Gertrude Debs, 5/4/45. Writes that he saw in the last issue of the NEW LEADER where TD died. Assures Gertrude Debs that TD was one of the most "lovable human beings" he ever met. Sends condolences on TD's death.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, n.d. Says that Gertrude Debs would like to thank Oneal for his kind letter of sympathy. Tells Oneal that TD's passing left her and Gertrude Debs in a state of bewilderment.

Oneal, Judson:

Photocopy of letter from EVD on Eugene V. Debs Lecture Tour letterhead, 5/15/06. Writes that he is thanking Oneal on behalf of his family for his kind expressions of sympathy on the death of Marguerite Bettrich Debs.

Oneal, Olive:

Letter to EVD, 12/28/20. Says that she is James Oneal's daughter. Tells EVD that for Christmas James Oneal had EVD's picture framed. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison. Remarks that if EVD does not get out of prison America will become a "sour land of slavery." Writes that she is 9 years old and once wrote an editorial piece for the NEW YORK CALL.

O'Neil, R. P. :

Letter to EVD on O'Neil and Staples Mutual Investment Company of Oklahoma letterhead, 1/1/21. Says that he is writing to send EVD New Year greetings. Writes that he is disgusted that EVD is in prison while so many "traitors to this country and the spirit of its institutions, run at large, preying upon the foolish ones who know not their own power. " Informs EVD that he was in Belgium when the war broke out and fought in the war until he was injured by a shell. Writes that he does not know why so many of his comrades did not come back from the war but that he did because he had nothing to live for. Tell EVD that he is disgusted that life has been so good to him after coming back from Europe with EVD in prison.

Orear, W. B. :

Photocopy of postcard to TD, 12/24/?. Asks that TD remind Stephen Marion Reynolds send him a picture he promised.

Orr, Hugh Robert :

Letter to TD, 11/15/21. Writes that he appreciated TD's letter of thanks. Says that he considers it an honor to speak on behalf of EVD.

Orr, O. W. :

Poem titled "To Eugene V. Debs," 11/22/20.

Osborn, J. B. :

Telegram to EVD, 11/5/20. Expresses the hope that EVD lives a long life " just to cheer things in this vale of tears."

Osborn, Margaret:

Letter to EVD, 10/8/21. Tells EVD that she and her mother have spoken often of him. Writes that she never appreciated babies until she had her son Jack. Expresses the hope that EVD's return to Terre Haute, Indiana will be soon.

Otto, Max Carl:

Letter to EVD, 11/2/20. Writes that he resents that EVD's liberty has been taken from him. Says that today is a red-letter day because people can show their support for EVD by voting for him. Remarks that just thinking about the thousands of people who will vote for EVD that his spirit is lifted. Assures EVD that he awaits for his release which he hopes is not too far away. Mentions that he receives word of EVD's condition through William Ellery Leonard.
Letter to EVD, 2/22/21. Tells EVD that he thinks of him daily. Says that his whole being is hoping for EVD's release. Remarks that he appreciated one of the fine editorials that appeared in the recent NEW REPUBLIC.
Letter to TD, 8/8/21. Tells TD that he is going to spend his vacation going through a pile of neglected letters. Says that he wanted to write TD to tell him how much he appreciated his work for the cause. Remarks that TD is an inspiration because of the way he has never stopped trying to bring the people to their senses. Writes that he thinks that there is a prospect that EVD will be liberated. Mentions that he recently visited Amy Davis Winship who told him about the visit she had with EVD.

Ouderkirk, Mrs. Goldie:

Letter to EVD, 12/15/20. Tells EVD that she is saddened by his imprisonment. Mentions her love for the writings of Horace Traubel. Says that Traubel, Walt Whitman, and EVD are the names of the future. Writes that while she cannot support all of the resolutions of the St. Louis convention that she will remain a socialist.

Owen, Handel E. :

Letter to TD, 5/27/20. Says that he has tried to write EVD since his imprisonment but has not been able to because he could not find the words to express his regret as to the outcome of EVD's trial. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be reunited with TD. Writes that he can see no point in keeping EVD in prison while there are so many "Irish Catholic demagogues" stirring up trouble between the United States and its allies.
Remarks that although he has not seen EVD for a long time that he has never forgotten his "illuminating spirit. "
Letter to TD on Mercantile Banking Company of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico, 11/13/26. Writes that he heard about EVD's death after coming back from a trip in the mountains of Sonora, Mexico. Says that he was glad that he got to see EVD when he was in Los Angeles, California not so long ago. Asks that TD give Katherine Debs and Emily Debs Mailloux his condolences.

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