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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "Q"

Quarles, Elizabeth M.:

Letter from TD, 8/23/20. Writes that he has received Quarles' request to have EVD speak to the members of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters. Assures Quarles that EVD appreciated the invitation but regrets that because of the "abolition, by the present administration, of the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States" that he will be unable to accept it. Remarks that EVD is not a new convert to suffrage. Mentions that as far back as 1878 EVD was instrumental in bringing Susan B. Anthony to Terre Haute, Indiana. Tells Quarles that he is taking the liberty of forwarding her letter to the Socialist Party national office so that arrangements can be made to have the vice-presidential candidate--Seymour Stedman --address the Wisconsin League of Women Voters.

Quelch, H. :

Letter to EVD on JUSTICE letterhead, 3/23/11. Writes that each year JUSTICE publishes a special May Day issue of its newspaper. Asks that EVD consider writing a short article about the socialist movement in America for this issue of the newspaper.

Quinlan, Patrick:

Letter to EVD, 3/2/15. Says that he wanted to write EVD before leaving for the New Jersey state prison. Assures EVD that he appreciated the 2 letters that EVD sent him from the coast. Tells EVD that he knows that everything will be alright while he is in prison. Writes that everybody did their best to save him, including the man who gave the speech that he was accused of giving. Says that he is being punished by the Democrats for helping them to lose several seats in the last election, including a congressman, a mayor, and 4 or 5 county assemblymen. Explains that he expects to be paroled in about 6 months. Assures EVD that once he is out he will be back on the job campaigning all over again.

Quinlivan, Francis Blanche:

Letter to EVD on Union Trust Company, 12/22/19. Writes that she considers EVD to be a friend even though she has never met him. Says that she thinks of EVD often. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison. Remarks that when she was a baby she once sat upon the knee of Walt Whitman. Tells EVD that she is enclosing a poem she has written. Asks that EVD speak at her art club--the Dill Pickles--when he gets out of prison. Includes a poem titled "Eugene V. Debs."
Letter to EVD on Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company letterhead, 8/23/20. Writes that this is a red letter day for her because tonight she is going to register to vote so that she can cast her first ballot for EVD in November. Tells EVD that so many people are singing his praises that he must feel the "vibration of it all" in his prison cell. Says that this is a wonderful age in which to live. Remarks that she has been attending lectures on applied psychology, music, dietetics, and physiology. Writes that last night she heard Dr. Alexander Irvine speak about his experiences work in the ministry during the war. Mentions that at one point in his address Dr. Alexander Irvine spoke EVD's name and the hall broke out in applause. Expresses the hope that one day workers will just have to work 4 hours a day so that they can have the rest of their time for hearing inspirational speakers, painting, and experiencing the beauty of their souls. Says that with EVD at the head of the nation such a ideal could become a reality. Remarks that the freight price of coal will increase again tomorrow. Writes that it now cost about $25.00 to bring a ton of coal from Shokin, Pennsylvania to Chicago, Illinois. Assures EVD that it will be the workers who will be the ones to cover the difference. Mentions that she has learned about the class struggle from first hand experience. Writes that she told her male co-workers when they said that politics are too sordid for women that since men have made such a "sorry bungle of our country's affairs" that it would seem that they were in need of reinforcements from a group that likes things "spick and span." Includes poems titled "The Ballot is the Thing," "A Thanksgiving," and "Equality."
Letter to EVD on Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company letterhead, 10/17/21. Writes that she thinks of EVD often. Says that no matter what the newspapers say that she remains devoted to EVD. Asks that EVD send her two copies of his autograph so that she can paste them into copies of David Karsner's book for a couple of her fellow comrades.

Quinn, T. P. :

Letter to EVD on Chicago Federation of Labor letterhead, 6/24/21. Writes that he Lord Byron's " Prisoner of Chillon " often come to his mind when he thinks of EVD's imprisonment. Tells EVD that the Chicago Federation of Labor is arranging a Labor Day celebration and the committee has unanimously decided to extend an invitation to EVD. Tells EVD that the Chicago Federation of Labor's plan is to lay the groundwork to make a Labor Day festival an annual event. Expresses the hope that EVD is released from prison in time to make it to the event.

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