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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "R"

R., Mrs. :

Photocopy of postcard to Marguerite Debs Cooper, ?/?/05. Tells Marguerite Debs Cooper that she is having a fine time in Washington.

Rabb, Helen H. :

Letter to EVD on Milwaukee, Wisconsin Open Forum letterhead, 12/30/24. Says that Guido Bruno introduced her to EVD last summer. Writes that at that time EVD said that he would come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin some time and talk about Lindlahr Sanitarium. Remarks that she would like EVD to speak on 1/6/25. Tells EVD that he will be doing a good thing by speaking at the Open Forum about his experiences at Lindlahr Sanitarium. Assures EVD that he does not need to prepare a speech because he will be speaking informally among friends. Mentions that the Open Forum will cover all of EVD's expenses.

Rada, Millard:

Letter to EVD, signed by Rada, John Vacula, Annie Kraus, Emma Kraus, Helen Lojcik, Joe Kraus, Joseph Basil, Mary Hadrana, Blanche Hachara, B. Kubes, Mildris Kubes, Mary Kraus, Elsie Prohaska, Emily Kratochvil, M. Komecnj, C. Beranek, Louis Voitek, Edward Michalek, Mildred Osvald, Emma Schneider, Bessie Kouba, Emma Kouba, Josephine Kouba, Joseph Vicek, Laddie Pelc, George Prohaska, Charles Osvald, Marian Kolavik, Agnes Prachar, Helen Narovec, Elsie Kastl, Josie Kastl, Emil Schneider, Frank Malacek, and James Bastl, 11/27/21. Says that the children of the Bohemian Workingman's School send their greetings to EVD, the " beloved friend of children and champion of the working class."
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 11/28/21. Asks that TD drop a line to these "dear children" and let them know that their message brought him a great deal of joy.

Rafter, W. Sturtevant:

Untitled poem to EVD, 5/28/23.

Rahm, Herman:

Letter to TD and Katherine Debs, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the Socialist Party local in Staunton, Illinois.

Rahming, Alex:

Letter to EVD, 3/15/20. Writes that he is happy today because EVD has agreed to become the Socialist Party's Presidential candidate in the upcoming election. Asks that God grant the workers sufficient intelligence to see the light and vote EVD into office. Tells EVD that he is a "colored man" that believes that the present system can only survive by encouraging prejudice "based upon religion, race" and "nationality." Says that no matter how " dumb" the people are that one day they will be forced to see the problem with supporting a regime that keeps them illiterate. Informs EVD that he appreciated EVD's article in the NEW YORK CALL titled "The American Negro." Expresses the hope that the "workers of color" will show their appreciation for EVD's frankness at the polls, including those in the Deep South who have been fed upon lies.
Letter to EVD, 12/20/20. Says that he was pleased to hear from EVD through TD. Expresses the hope that the cry for justice be heard by those with power and that EVD is soon released from prison. Writes that it is a shame that America, the land of the free, has not granted amnesty to its political prisoners while many nations that were considered "despotic and backward" have. Assures EVD that he will not serve 10 years in prison.

Rand Bookstore:

Letter to TD, 1/11/45. Asks that the Rand Bookstore let him know if it can locate a used copy of the book EUGENE V. DEBS: A MAN UNAFRAID that is reasonably priced and in good condition. Informs the Rand Bookstore that the original edition is out of print.

Rankin, Jeanette:

Letter to Grace M. Keller on U. S. House of Representatives letterhead, 4/28/17. Says that she appreciates Keller's words of sympathy and encouragement. Writes that she is glad to know how Keller feels on the grave issue confronting the American people.

Raper, Frederic W. :

Letter to EVD, 12/5/15. Writes that he regrets to hear that EVD has declined to be the Socialist Party's Presidential candidate in the 1916 election. Expresses the hope that EVD reconsiders his decision not to run. Says that he has been a supporter of EVD's ever since he was young man and now he wants the opportunity to prove it again by voting for EVD. Remarks that he wants to vote for EVD he is such an inspiration to him. Tells EVD that he is the only candidate that those in power will not dare to persecute. Assures EVD that if he decides to run that he will receive several million votes.
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Tells TD that the working class has lost its greatest asset.
Letter to TD, 12/15/31. Says that a his friend, Burton E. Stevenson, is compiling a book of quotations and would like to include some by EVD. Asks that TD send him the epigrams and words of wisdom that TD considers among EVD's most outstanding. Remarks that Burton E. Stevenson was also the compiler of the HOME BOOK OF VERSE. Mentions that he would like TD to keep his letter confidential because if word got out that he was a socialist that he would lose his job.
Letter to TD, 1/17/32. Assures TD that he appreciated the epigrams that he enclosed with his last letter. Says that he did not expect TD and Marguerite Debs Cooper to go to as much trouble as they did to compile them. Says that he plans on adding George Bernard Shaw's tribute to EVD to those given him by TD and Marguerite Debs Cooper.
Letter to TD, 1/31/32. Writes that he appreciated TD's letter. Says that he is glad that TD remembered that he had written several years ago a couple of poems about EVD and Billy Sunday. Remarks that Michael Gold also remembered that he had written these poems. Writes that George Bernard Shaw said of EVD in an interview he granted with the NEW YORK CALL on 3/13/20 that no one can fail to realize the greatness of EVD's heart. Tells TD that she intends on writing Ruth Le Prade for information on the poems in her book DEBS AND THE POETS.

Rapport, Anna:

Untitled poem to EVD, n.d.
Poem titled "Things that Count" to EVD, n.d.

Ratliff, L. D. :

Letter to TD, 8/6/21. Writes that he has sent Warren Harding a reminder that EVD is still in prison. Says that he also sent a letter to the Attorney General telling him that holding EVD in prison is an endorsement of " Wilson autocracy " and that the " autocratic backwash of war hysteria is as obnoxious under Harding as it was under Wilson. "
Letter to TD, 10/13/21. Tells TD that he sent a letter to the Attorney General stating that his attempt to bribe EVD by trading freedom for EVD's principles is pure infamy.
Poem titled "Christ on the Cross; Debs in Prison," 7/24/21.
Letter to TD, 9/5/21. Writes that when he read the Attorney General's speech the other day before the American Bar Association in which he put forth the theory that American constitutionalism embodied a "domain of rights, privileges and immunities " protected by the courts he sent him a letter stating that such a theory failed to live up to the "autocratic and kingly powers " exhibited by Congress during the war, as especially manifest in the Espionage Act which usurped the rights of the First Amendment, and the courts failed to overturn such autocratic measures. Says that the Attorney General should have said that in America there exists a "class government" because "class interests determine what shall be the interpretations or annulments of the Constitution." Includes a note from EVD to TD stating that he would like TD to save Ratliff's letter.

Rauschenbusch, Pauline:

Letter to EVD, 5/3/26. Writes that whenever she sees EVD's name that she thinks of what Dr. Levi Powers has said of Walter Rauschenbusch, this is, that he belonged to a higher order that one day will fill the earth. Remarks that on 7/25/26 it will have been 8 years since Walter Rauschenbusch's death. Tells EVD that Walter Rauschenbusch was a great admirer of EVD's as well as a kindred spirit. Says that if Walter Rauschenbusch has not been such a "modest" man that he would have sent EVD a copy of CHRISTIANITY AND THE SOCIAL CRISIS when it came out in 1907. Remarks that one time Rose Pastor Stokes came to visit Walter Rauschenbusch to urge him to join the Socialist Party who told her that if he joined the Socialist Party he would lose the influence he had. Explains that although Walter Rauschenbusch never joined the Socialist Party that did not stop him from voting the socialist ticket. Tells EVD that she is sending he and Katherine Debs a copy of the reprint edition of Walter Rauschenbusch's PRAYERS OF THE SOCIAL AWAKENING. Mentions that wished that Walter Rauschenbusch and EVD had known each other. Says that like EVD Walter Rauschenbusch was against the war. Explains that all of her children are now involved in the underpaid work of social service. Tells EVD that she is enclosing a few lines from Walter Rauschenbusch's "Instructions in Case of My Death." Includes an extract from Walter Rauschenbusch's "Instructions in Case of My Death" dated 3/31/18.

Rawson, Fred S.:

Poem titled "Our Gene," n.d.

Ray, Ida, Ethel and Winnifred:

Letter from TD, 7/2/41. Says that he appreciated their lovely remembrance of his and Gertrude Debs' anniversary.

Ray, J. B.:

Letter to TD, 10/18/20. Says that he is thinking about sending TD some radium spring water for EVD to give him strength and to prolong his life.

Rea, Eugene Debs:

Letter to EVD, 11/4/21. Writes that he is 9 years old today and that he is sending EVD his picture as a birthday present.

Reader, Ella Rawls:

Letter to EVD, 7/11/20. Writes that she appreciated the card that EVD sent. Says that she is going to mail TD a religious booklet to send to EVD. Tells EVD that the world is changing at a rate unseen since Jesus Christ's time on earth. Remarks that she would like to see EVD because he is one man who has true faith. Mentions that if EVD's jailer is a southern man he will be treated well.

Reardon, Ritza Freeman:

Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that wherever she goes and there are workers EVD's name is always held in reverence. Tells EVD that right now she is working among the some striking oil workers who all agreed that EVD was the best loved man in the United States today.

Reasor, P. S. :

Letter to EVD, 10/17/20. Says that he knows EVD will excuse his bad writing since EVD has given his whole life to working on behalf of the poor. Tells EVD that he has been wanted to write him for a good many years but felt embarrassed. Remarks that he thinks of EVD as a brother. Assures EVD that his body may be in prison but that his spirit is not. Mentions that while the price of cotton and corn are going down EVD's popularity is going up. Informs EVD that in the first election after Oklahoma became a state that he voted a straight socialist ticket, despite all the ridicule that he received. Remarks that the socialists of Oklahoma have been getting the truth out in the OKLAHOMA LEADER. Tells EVD that the paper reminds him of Fred Warren.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 10/20/20. Writes that Reasor's letter was pure homespun genius. Asks that TD send Reasor EVD's love and salutation.

Reddy, Annie:

Letter to EVD, 3/24/21. Says that when looking over her old correspondence that she found one written by EVD when he was at Woodstock Prison. Assures EVD that he has her deepest heartfelt wishes for freedom. Asks that EVD send her Katherine Debs' address because she would like to write her.

Reed, James A.:

Letter from EVD, 4/22/13. Says that he would like to thank Reed for the interest and spirit of fairness he has shown regarding the prosecution of the APPEAL TO REASON by the federal government. Writes that because he knows that Reed is not in accord with the economic and political views expressed by the APPEAL TO REASON that he is all the more appreciative of his attempt to get a "square deal" to even socialists. Expresses the hope that the Attorney General and the Department of Justice are moved by Reed's appeal and agree to his request for an impartial investigation of the case brought against the APPEAL TO REASON. Tells Reed that if the investigation does not show that this case is as "infamous and shameless an instance of persecution to subserve corrupt selfish interests as ever disgraced the annals of American jurisprudence," then he and the other defendants will accept without complaint the maximum penalty for their crime.

Reese, C. W. :

Letter to EVD on Abraham Lincoln Centre letterhead, 5/7/25. Tells EVD that the Abraham Lincoln Centre has a forum for speakers to freely discuss their ideas. Says that in previous years speakers have been people like Bertrand Russell, Frederick Starr, Sherwood Anderson, Homer St. Gaudens, John Haynes Holmes, Jane Addams, Zona Gale, James Harvey Robinson, James H. Breasted, Carl Sandburg, and Harry F. Ward. Informs EVD that the Abraham Lincoln Centre is now arranging its schedule for the next series of lectures to begin in October of 1925. Asks that EVD consider speaking before the Abraham Lincoln Centre on a subject of his own choosing. Mentions that the fee is $100.

Reilley, James M. :

Letter to EVD, 8/1/12. Says that ever since he read EVD's statement regarding the J. Mahlon Barnes matter that he has been wanting to write EVD. Writes that EVD has been misinformed regarding the manner in which J. Mahlon Barnes was elected campaign manager. Tells EVD that Morris Hillquit did not put forth J. Mahlon Barnes name as the National Executive Committee's choice for campaign manager but simply said that there was a majority of his colleagues on the National Executive Committee who thought there were few men in the Socialist Party that had an ability equal to J. Mahlon Barnes. Informs EVD that there was not protest over Morris Hillquit's support of J. Mahlon Barnes but over the way in which Morris Hillquit referred to J. Mahlon Barnes' detractors as Christian socialist provokers. Assures EVD that J. Mahlon Barnes' election did not take place with a majority of the delegates absent. Says that there was at 250 delegates in the hall at the time. Writes that J. Mahlon Barnes was not "railroaded through" to the post of campaign manager. Informs EVD that he was the secretary at the convention and knew what went on. Explains that he is unable to see the basis upon which EVD disapproves of J.
Mahlon Barnes as campaign manager. Says that he does not think EVD is against J. Mahlon Barnes because he is opposed to Section 6 or because he is against what the INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST REVIEW calls "Hillquitism" or because EVD was not consulted in the matter because he does not think that EVD has an "exaggerated ego." Remarks that his guess is that EVD is afraid the selection of J. Mahlon Barnes as campaign manager will make for disharmony within the Socialist Party because of the rumors that J. Mahlon Barnes is a free lover and drunk. Writes that such comments should not rule the actions of the Socialist Party. Mentions that this is something that EVD should understand because of the rumors that EVD has a habit of missing speaking engagements or has to have Steven Marion Reynolds to keep him straight. Asks that EVD use any influence he has with the APPEAL TO REASON to get them to print J. Mahlon Barnes' statement to balance out EVD's own statement questioning J. Mahlon Barnes' selection as campaign manager.
Letter from EVD, 8/7/12. Writes that if Reilly sees nothing unfortunate in the selection of J. Mahlon Barnes as campaign manager that it is useless for him to explain why the selection of J. Mahlon Barnes was an unwise one. Says that he is not trying to persecute J. Mahlon Barnes, as some think he is, but is sympathetic towards him, although not to the extent that he is sympathetic with Jane Keep who has been "painted black with infamy" by John Spargo and Mother Jones who has been " branded as a blackmailer and thief." Assures Reilly that it was not by chance that the leaders of the Socialist Party opposed his nomination and "solidly" supported J. Mahlon Barnes. Tells Reilly that the was pained by a letter he received from George Goebel who accused EVD of betraying the Socialist Party. Expresses the hope that one day he will admit that he was wrong. Assures Reilly that he has urged Fred Warren to publish J. Mahlon Barnes' statement in the APPEAL TO REASON. Explains that the protest against J. Mahlon Barnes is not limited Christian Socialists or "Kerr anarchists."
Note to EVD, 6/17/13. Says that since the APPEAL TO REASON published EVD's statement regarding the J. Mahlon Barnes matter that he has not worked for the paper. Asks that EVD tell him if it is true that Fred Warren wants the Socialist Party to pay him for the COMING NATION. Remarks that if Fred Warren does want the Socialist Party to pay him for the COMING NATION then he would like to cancel his subscription to the APPEAL TO REASON. Suggests that EVD do the same.
Letter from EVD, 6/20/13. Tells Reilly that since he has brought up the way in which the APPEAL TO REASON dealt with the J. Mahlon Barnes matter that he would like Reilly to think about the Socialist Party's $13,000 campaign fund deficit and those responsible for it. Informs Reilly that if he wants to know if Fred Warren wants the Socialist Party to pay him for the COMING NATION that he should ask Fred Warren himself.
Letter to EVD, 6/26/13. Tells EVD that he was right to question the proprietary of asking him about Fred Warren's wanting payment for the COMING NATION. Writes that he does not believe that the campaign fund's deficit was caused by dishonesty on the part of anyone. States that the management of the campaign was not necessarily efficient. Expresses the hope that the new budget system will prevent such deficits from occurring again.

Reilly, Joseph W. :

Letter to Gertrude Debs, 1/13/46. Tells Gertrude Debs that he is at the Federal Penitentiary in Springfield, Missouri for opposing the war. Says that he has always been an admirer of EVD and TD. Remarks that the news of TD's death last year came as a shock to him as well as many other conscientious objectors. Informs Gertrude Debs that he has decided to spend his time in prison writing a book about EVD. Writes that Pearl York Gobson of the Terre Haute, Indiana Chamber of Commerce told him that Gertrude Debs and her daughter Marguerite Debs Cooper could possibly help him with some information for his book. Tells Gertrude Debs that he would like to get his hands on anything written by or about EVD. Assures Gertrude Debs that any help that she could provide him would be appreciated.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 1/19/46. Tells Reilly that both she and her mother appreciated his expression of sypathy on TD's death. Informs Reilly that she is unable to provide any assistance to him on his book because Irving Stone is currently working on the kind of book Reilly wants to write.

Reilly, Katharine:

Letter to EVD, 10/21/21. Writes that he is sending EVD flowers for Halloween. Says that she was glad that she heard from TD that EVD received the flowers she sent in September. Assures EVD that she prays for him every day.
Letter to TD, 11/27/21. Writes that she was so happy that she got a chance to visit EVD. Says that she did not know he was so "finely fine." Tells TD that EVD's great spirit overwhelmed her. Remarks that the flowers that she sends EVD convey all that is in her heart and mind. Mentions that she wrote Warren Harding and told him to let EVD go free. Informs TD that EVD is like a priest with all the sanctity of the priest. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison as well as the other political prisoners who knew the "graft and greed" of the military.
Note to EVD, 12/3/21. Tells EVD that the little verse that she is sending him is to remind EVD that she wishes him nothing less than " God. "
Note to EVD, 12/3/21. Writes that she is sending a piece of cake to TD and Katherine Debs. Assures EVD that greatness of visiting him in prison can never be revealed.
Note to EVD, 12/3/21. Asks that God be with EVD at all times.
Letter to TD, 12/8/21. Writes that it was with unspeakable happiness that she visited with EVD. Says that everyone at the prison was so kind to her while she was there. Tells TD that for some unexplainable reason EVD has touched her heart deeply. Explains that the reason is that she had once been unjustly imprisoned herself. Remarks that she is glad that EVD is not as bitter as he was when she was in prison. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon safely returned home. Says that she would like to thank TD for all of the letters that he sent her. Expresses the hope that EVD will never forget her. Remarks that she sent a registered letter to Warren Harding demanding EVD's release from prison.
Note to TD, n.d. Says that she is not able to find the letter signed by several people of prominence which was composed with such force and beauty. Remarks that the letter spoke of EVD's "high order of manhood" and his extraordinary " merit of character."

Reilly, William P. :

Letter to EVD, 11/3/21. Says that while he has never met EVD that his friend James Whitcomb Riley has spoken so highly of EVD that he wanted to wish EVD all the best on his birthday. Assures EVD that to the thoughtful, right thinking people of America that EVD's imprisonment is an honor. Expresses the hope that one day he will get the chance to meet EVD.

Reinbold, Philip K. :

Letter to John F. Williams, 4/1/13. Assures Williams that Peter Collins was no doubt hired and well paid to say that EVD built his house with non-union labor. Remarks that of the union men that Williams discussed one was expelled from the Central Labor Union for " selling it out politically, or attempting to do so" and the other for disappearing with union funds.
Letter to Joseph Kluser, 7/15/13. Writes that Kluser's piece "An Answer to Mr. Reinbold" is a "bald lie." Tells Kluser that he has been doing his dirtiest work to blacken EVD's name by lying about EVD and TD living in mansions and about EVD receiving $5,000 for his speeches last fall. Remarks that he has never known a liar so "utterly devoid of conscience and decency." Mentions that James Lyons, the mayor of Terre Haute, Indiana, a prominent Catholic and a leader of the Knights of Columbus, said in response to Joseph Kluser's accusations that there is not a man in Terre Haute, Indiana who has the affection and respect of the community as EVD.

Reis, H. S. :

Letter to TD on THE NATION letterhead, 1/8/20. Writes that he received a letter from M. McMay stating that TD's assertion that EVD could not read or receive newspapers was untrue after investigating into the matter. Expresses the hope that it is true that EVD can receive newspapers because he would like to send EVD copies of THE NATION. Says that if printed matter is not able to reach EVD that he would like to know to "nail the warden's lie."
Letter from TD, 1/14/20. Writes that when EVD was transferred from Moundsville, West Virginia to the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia that he mailed EVD several packets of newspapers and magazines which EVD did not get. Says that in response to M. McMay's charge that EVD could get newspapers and magazines that from personal experience he has not found this to be the case.

Renz, Fred William:

Poem titled "Debs," n.d.

Republican National Committee:

Letter from EVD, 11/11/24. Writes that he would like to thank the Republican National Committee for the compliment it paid him in its campaign piece titled "Socialist, Anarchists and I. W. W.'s Flock to La Follette Standard." Says that he would feel disgraced if the Republican Party, a gang of "thieving, hypocritical, and utterly conscienceless " individuals, had given him any kind of approval. Tells the Republican National Convention that he went to prison and was " robbed of his citizenship " for his principles which is more than he has to say for Republicans who are " the servile lackeys of Wall Street, the profiteering pirates and high binders who are looting this nation and debauching its institutions. " Remarks that Abraham Lincoln's memory is now tarnished by the "grafting gang " in charge of the Republican Party.

Reynolds, Stephen Marion

Reynolds, Stephen Marion    SEE ALSO    Traubel, Anne

Reynolds, Stephen Marion:

Photocopy of postcard to Anne Traubel, 10/18/08. Writes that EVD spoke at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.
Tribute to Lena Oneal, signed by Stephen Marion Reynolds, George W. Lockey, and Theodore Debs, 8/31/11. Says that Oneal was the " perfect type of proletarian revolutionist " because she saw the class struggle in all of its intensity and felt its suffering.
Letter to TD, 10/24/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that he knew how close EVD and TD were to each other.
Letter to TD, 5/9/27. Assures TD that he and EVD were always in his thoughts. Tells TD that he knew of EVD's positive outlook on life, death, and immortality because of the fact that EVD had a great fondness for his booklet called " Life. " Says that he wants TD to be at peace. Reminds TD that he knows how difficult it is to get over a death having lost his wife. Writes that TD has to get over his loss and continue Expresses the hope that Isaac Hill is okay. Says that EVD gave 550 talks in 70 days during the Red Special campaign. Mentions that he kept detailed notes of the entire trip. Remarks that he wanted to publish these notes but that the Socialist Party national committee declined to do so. Mentions that the old national committee was largely composed of "self interested politicians" who did not want to encourage his ideas regarding socialist education. Tells TD that he still thinks that educational work must be at the center of a socialist movement. Asks that TD tell him how Julius Meineda and his wife are. Mentions that he is in fine health.
Letter to TD, 12/23/29. Tells TD that he is in his heart. Writes that he saw EVD in 1926 but did not bother him because he knew EVD needed his rest. Assures TD that he was always ready to serve EVD. Remarks that there has been quite a disappearance of the " prophets " from the good old days. Tells EVD that he and EVD and TD spread light and truth along the path of the Red Special. Remarks that he would love to visit with TD if he ever comes to Chicago, Illinois. Mentions that he went to Argentina to see his daughter and grandchildren last winter. Writes that he saw some of the revolutionary activity that is going on in South America while he was there. Asserts that the "anarchistic" tactics that these revolutionaries used are thwarting the very things these revolutionaries are trying to accomplish.

Reynolds, Wayland F. :

Letter to EVD, 10/29/20. Writes that he has recently read Charles Woods' interview with EVD in the NEW YORK WORLD. Says that no one had a " finer spiritual vision" than EVD. Assures EVD that his words are like the scripture and he is like a prophet, even though most people think of him only as a socialist agitator and an "apostle of violence." Remarks that he has been brought over to EVD's understanding and meaning of life and.
Letter to TD, 10/29/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Rhodes, Lee L. :

Letter to EVD, 12/6/14. Says that the spirit of socialism is moving within him as he hears the cries of distress from the women and children of the South from his class. Writes that hearing these cries makes him want to do something to destroy that system that "makes masters and slaves." Expresses the hope that EVD enjoyed his outing in Oklahoma.

Rhunn, George:

Letter to EVD on People's Church letterhead, 11/22/15. Writes that he appreciated EVD's letter of congratulations. Assures EVD that he and the other socialists associated with him will do everything in their power to make the " mass of the people realize that the great big meaning of Socialism is above all Service to the people."

Richard, E.:

Poem titled "Stay Put," to EVD, n.d.

Richardson, C. L. :

Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that he considers EVD a friend because, like him, EVD knew Wendell Phillips. Tells EVD that he saw Wendell Phillips every day during the last two years of his life. Remarks that he helped Wendell Phillips move and prepare his books and papers to be sent to various libraries. Remarks that he could think of no one better to talk about Wendell Phillips with than EVD.
Letter to TD, n.d. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Richardson, Virginia, Eugene, and Vivian:

Letter to EVD, 12/20/20. Writes that they would like to send EVD their Christmas greetings. Remarks that they still have the letter EVD sent 3 years ago.

Richardson, W. F. :

Letter to TD and William M. Henry on Progress Builders of America letterhead, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the socialists of New Mexico.

Richie, D. H.:

Letter to EVD, signed by Richie, E. H. Barrett, Mrs. E. H. Barrett, Elizabeth Richie, Arthur Goerbig, Mary Kwapp, Margaret Roth, Edessa Gerico, Gustov Goerbig, Donald Richie, H. M. Knopp, Blanch Knapp, and Dorothy Knapp, n.d. Writes that a he and 13 other people sat around the dinner table today and their thoughts turned to EVD. Says that one person suggested that they write a letter of love and sympathy. Remarks that they wanted to assure EVD that they remembered the sacrifice EVD made in order that the world might advance. Tells EVD that his example warms their hearts and make them better fitted to do their work. Expresses the hope that EVD is sustained in body and mind through all the days to come.

Richter, H. :

Letter from EVD, 6/3/14. Writes that the answer to Richter's question as to why the Detroit, Michigan faction of the Industrial Workers of the World will never amount to anything is that the Industrial Workers of the World is " offensive to the great mass of workers in this country." Remarks that American workers want to have nothing to do with an organization that is aligned with the Socialist Labor Party. Tells Richter that the same thing that has kept the Socialist Labor Party from developing into a great party will keep this faction of the Industrial Workers of the World from developing into a great union. Suggests that part of the reason for the Socialist Labor Party's ineffectiveness was its continual publication of "falsehoods and slanders" in the PEOPLE. Mentions that he has examples of the PEOPLE publishing falsehood about him. Writes that he harbors no ill-will against the Socialist Labor Party because if it had not been for the " stunted growth " of this organization the Socialist Party might have never been organized.
Letter to EVD on Workers' International Industrial Union letterhead, 11/8/17. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of the constitution of the Workers' International Industrial Union and some of its literature. Says that once EVD gets well that he would like him consider writing an article for the Workers' International Industrial Union's paper, the INDUSTRIAL STANDARD.

Ricker, A. W. :

Letter to EVD on PEARSON'S MAGAZINE letterhead, 10/18/15. Writes that he is sending EVD a press copy of his pamphlet on the American farmer. Asks that EVD look it over when he gets a chance and give him his opinion. Says that in this pamphlet he has purposefully steered clear of discussing politicians. Remarks that he is also sending EVD the October and November issues of PEARSON'S MAGAZINE.

Riesel, Victor:

Letter to TD on NEW LEADER letterhead, 3/5/41. Writes that the man he referred to in his NEW LEADER article was Dick Rovere of the NATION, a socialist of the Norman Thomas hue. Assures TD That I. F. Stone is a " fellow-traveller " who, however, agrees with the Communist Party on domestic issues only. Remarks that I. F. Stone is a Washington correspondent for the NATION. Tells TD that I. F. Stone's real name is Isidore Feinstein. Asks that TD write an article of 500 or 600 words deploring the American Bolshevik's use of EVD's name in reference to the imprisonment of Earl Browder.
Letter from TD, 3/15/41. Tells Riesel that he is writing to tell him that Terre Haute, Indiana's city librarian received word from I. F. Stone that he would be coming to Terre Haute, Indiana to do research on a biography of EVD. Asks that Riesel give him some information regarding I. F. Stone's background. Remarks that he has long been out of touch with the movement because of poor health.

Riggs, L. E. :

Letter to EVD on Utah State Prison letterhead, 4/23/25. Writes that he is sending EVD a horse hair belt which he made during his spare time. Remarks that the prison does not provide employment for the inmates but the warden does allow some of them to send article they make to people who will sell them at a fair price. Says that any amount EVD can raise for the belt would be appreciated. Asks that if EVD sees Lena Morrow Lewis to tell her that he gives his regards.

Riley, James Whitcomb:

Letter from EVD, 4/1/1890. Asks that Riley come to Terre Haute on 4/8/1890 to participate in a benefit to raise money for the families of the firemen who perished in Indianapolis, Indiana. Assures Riley that all of Terre Haute, Indiana wants to see him. Tells Riley that he would like him to be his guest for a day at two. Remarks that he has just moved into his new house and he and Katherine Debs would like nothing more than to have Riley stay with them.
Letter from EVD, 2/2/1892. Tells Riley that while he is in Terre Haute, Indiana later in the week that he would like Riley to stay with him and Katherine Debs. Asks that Riley let him know if he accepts his and Katherine Debs' invitation.
Telegram from EVD, 9/27/1893. Tells Riley that he must come to Terre Haute, Indiana tomorrow. Says that there are 4,000 enthusiastic friends to greet him for a celebration of the lifetime.
Letter from EVD, 12/16/1893. Sends condolences on the death of James Whitcomb Riley's father. Says that he does not expect his note to assuage Riley's grief but to tell him that he is thinking of Riley during his time of bereavement.
Letter from EVD on Hotel Thorndike, Haverhill, Massachusetts letterhead, 11/11/98. Says that upon returning home to Terre Haute, Indiana he found Riley's letter waiting for him. Remarks that as soon as he has a chance he will order Riley's book from Bobbs-Merrill publishing company. Writes that he hears that Riley is packing the halls in the east. Tells Riley that it warmed his heart to see Riley's book being featured in the bookstores of Boston, Massachusetts. Mentions that Riley will appear in the same meeting hall in Hartford, Connecticut that he spoke at.
Poem titled "When the Booze is in the Bottle," n.d. Includes on handwritten copy and two typed ones.
Poem titled "Little Dog," n.d.
Poem titled "You," n.d.
Poem titled "The Passing of the Backhouse," n.d.

Rinehart, Ivah:

Letter to EVD, 12/21/20. Tells EVD that it is a pleasure to write him. Says that although she is only 15 years old that she has studied politics and is a committed socialist. Writes that she reads EVD's daily messages in the NEW YORK CALL and knows them to be filled with love. Remarks that EVD's speech to the children was beautiful. Says that her father is going to appeal to the President to get EVD released from prison on Christmas. Assures EVD that just as Christ's name went down in history so will EVD's. Mentions that her sister is the secretary of the local Socialist Party branch in Dover, New Jersey. Tells EVD that a letter from him would be the best Christmas present in the world.

Rines, George E.:

Letter to EVD on United Editors' Association letterhead, 3/26/07. Says that he is glad to know that EVD will help his organization in the making of the UNITED EDITORS' ENCYCLOPEDIA. Asks that EVD write 3 articles for the book, one on the labor movement, one on industrial unionism, and one on trade unionism. Remarks that these article should be no more than 5,000 words.

Ritchell, Rella:

Postcard to TD, postmarked 12/29/18. Expresses the hope that TD has a happy New Year.
Letter to TD, 11/6/19. Tells TD that he and EVD are always in her mind. Says that she has not written sooner because she knew that TD would be swamped with mail after EVD was sent to prison. Asks that TD tell her how EVD is faring in prison. Also asks that TD let her know if she could send EVD anything. Remarks that she wonders how Katherine Debs is taking EVD's imprisonment. Tells TD that the war, the bloodshed, and the death of her mother has shaken her faith in the world. Assures TD that EVD is doing a big thing for humanity. Mentions that she met a Jewish comrade who said that he wished he could go to jail instead of EVD. Writes that she never sees a NEW YORK CALL and wants to know if David Karsner is getting EVD's case out. Says that she cannot believe that Horace Traubel has died. Asks that TD inform her if his paper, THE CONSERVATOR is still being published.
Letter to TD on Plankinton Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin letterhead, 2/26/20. Says that she has spent that last two weeks feeling hopeless and helpless. Writes that it has been 3 months since she has been able to do any platform work. Remarks that on 2/13/20 she was found unconscious. Informs TD that now she has the most excruciating headaches. Tells TD that she is looking for someone to loan her some money. Says that Ruth Le Prade wants her poem "Debs" for her book DEBS AND THE POETS. Asks that TD send his copy of "Debs" because she does not have one available. Assures EVD that the situation in Russia is coming along great.
Letter to TD on Plankinton Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin letterhead, 2/28/20. Writes that she was completely surprised the way TD helped her. Says that she is pulling herself together for the fight.
Letter to TD on Hotel Medford, Milwaukee, Wisconsin letterhead, 3/10/20. Writes that with every magazine that comes in that she thinks of how considerate TD has been. Assures TD that he is all good. Tells TD that her mind was weary when she sent TD the poem that she wrote without making a copy. Remarks that when she gets better that she hopes to put write a play about EVD as the modern Jesus Christ. Says that she wants to read a Horace Traubel's poem "The Modernist" but cannot find her copy of it.
Poem titled "The Roses" to EVD and TD, 2/7/26.
Letter to EVD and TD on College Hotel, Allentown, Pennsylvania letterhead, 3/9/26. Says that one of the most sincerely appreciated letters she ever received was that sent by EVD and TD in regard to her poem "The Roses." Writes that she is forever in EVD's and TD's debt.
Tribute to EVD, 3/?/27. Says that EVD is a world figure and a world citizen and thousands know him as friend.
Letter to TD on Hotel Knickerbocker, New York City, New York letterhead, 8/3/27. Says that she has been wondering recently how TD has been doing. Expresses the hope that TD is doing better. Says that she is sorry for being so slow in responding to TD's last letter.
Letter to TD, 9/19/30. Tells TD that she is going to give a speech about EVD on Thursday in Washington Heights, New York. Asks that TD send her a message to read to her audience. Writes that her speech will have as its theme that EVD is the greatest. Mentions that she would like TD to see if he can locate a copy of her poem "Gene Debs" which appeared in the CONSERVATOR in 1916 or 1917.
Letter from TD, 9/20/30. Writes that he has spent the day looking for a copy of "Gene Debs" but to no avail. Says that after EVD's death all of his and EVD's papers were moved out of their office and stored wherever there was available space in his house. Tells Ritchell that he finds it almost impossible to find anything. Remarks that since Ritchell knew EVD since he was a young woman and knew many of his hopes and aspirations that she will be revealing an EVD that few people knew.
Telegram to TD, 10/19/30. Writes that the Workmen's Circle of New York City, New York sends their deepest love in memory of EVD.
Letter from TD, 10/22/35. Says that he appreciated the roses Ritchell sent. Writes that the roses were taken to the cemetery and place over EVD's ashes. Assures Ritchell that he is most appreciative of her loyalty to EVD. Tells Ritchell that he gets emotional just thinking about the way in which EVD lives on through the comrades carrying on his work.
Letter to TD on Towers Hotel, Brooklyn, New York letterhead, 3/2/41. Writes that she was shocked to read of David Karsner's death in the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE. Says that she did not know David Karsner was living in Brooklyn, New York. Tells TD that he is sending her some letters addressed to her from George Roemer because they contain some references to EVD. Asks that TD give her Mabel Dunlap Curry's address.
Letter to TD on Towers Hotel, Brooklyn, New York letterhead, 10/19/42. Tells TD that her heart and soul are with TD on this day. Says that she has not been feeling well lately.
Letter to TD on Towers Hotel, Brooklyn, New York, 12/14/43. Tells TD that she read his letter her women's club. Says that it brought tears to the eyes of these women. Writes that she is sorry that TD had to make a second trip to the cemetery to deliver her flowers. Remarks that she saw Mabel Dunlap Curry about a year ago. Tells TD that she cannot believe that it has been 17 years since EVD's death. Mentions that she thinks that John Haynes Holmes is a god. Writes that she is enclosing for TD an article about Oscar Ameringer.
Letter to Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper on Towers Hotel, Brooklyn, New York letterhead, 4/14/45. Sends condolences on TD's death. Says that she suspected TD was not doing well when she did not receive his usual Christmas greetings. Asks that Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper give her some news of EVD's last moments. Assures Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper that it was a privilege to be associated with both EVD and TD.
Poem titled "To Gene and Theodore Debs," 10/20/46.
Untitled poem, n.d.
Poem titled "Gene Debs," n.d.

Ritter, T. T. :

Letter to EVD, 11/7/21. Assures EVD that he has intended to write him for a long time to comfort him during his imprisonment. Says that his heart often aches for EVD. Tells EVD that that he has been a great inspiration ever since he heard him speak in Spokane, Washington in 1904. Informs EVD that when he clasped EVD's hand that day that he knew he was a socialist. Remarks that he later had the chance to hear EVD speak in San Francisco, California and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Remarks that he is a 50 year carpenter who is a bachelor. Tells EVD that he just received the November issue of the NATIONAL RIP-SAW and will prize it forever since it is a special edition in honor of EVD. Says that he would gladly take EVD's place if that was possible. Mentions that about a year ago that he wrote to the AMERICAN APPEAL, the President, and the Attorney General, telling all of them that he would take EVD's place in prison so that EVD could continue his work on behalf of the working classes.

Rivinius, Jean:

Telegram to TD, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Robbins, Maltilda:

Poem titled "On the Conviction of Sacco and Vanzetti," 7/14/21.

Roberts, Albert:

Letter to EVD, 8/29/25. Writes that he has been uneasy as of late because he has not heard any word regarding EVD's health. Says that EVD has been in his mind for years. Asks that TD drop him a line, giving word of EVD's condition.

Roberts, J. Ralph:

Letter to EVD, n.d. Writes that he first time he saw EVD after leaving Terre Haute, Indiana was in Mound Valley, Kansas 9 years ago. Says that he wished there was more effort to get young preachers involved in the socialist movement. Informs EVD that he grew up in poverty and from his experiences swore vengeance on the system. Tells EVD that he is against conscription because he does not to fight to uphold capitalism only to be buried in the woods like his veteran father was. Mentions that he led a fight against G. W. Synder and got him thrown out of the Kansas state government. Says that he is enclosing for EVD an article that he would like to publish in the APPEAL or the NATIONAL RIP-SAW regarding Allan Benson's position regarding the war. Remarks that he bought 15 subscription cards for the NATIONAL RIP-SAW and has been distributing it. Writes that his family does not subscribe to the NATIONAL RIP-SAW because his wife objects to some of the language that it uses. Mentions that his family reads the APPEAL TO REASON and was sorry when EVD quit it.

Roberts, U. G. :

Letter to EVD on University Research Extension Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 7/19/12. Writes that at the request of A. W. Harrack and Leo J. Richardson that he is sending EVD a deluxe edition of the LIBRARY OF ORIGINAL SOURCES, the collection that is so highly recommended by Victor Berger, John Spargo, A. M. Simons, and Fred Warren. Asks that EVD look over the collection write a review of it. Remarks that Emil Seidel and Morris Hillquit have also been asked to write similar reviews.
Letter from EVD, 7/23/12. Says that the copy of the LIBRARY OF ORIGINAL SOURCES arrived during his absence. Writes that he is unable to accept the collection. Says that he has often had occasion to consult this work and knows of its merits but cannot consent to his name being used for advertising purposes. Mentions that when he has the money he intends on ordering the collection.

Roberts, William J. :

Letter to EVD on United Mine Workers of America, Local Union No. 1971 letterhead, 10/23/21. Writes that he has just sent a word of courage to Alexander Howat. Expresses the hope that soon all political prisoners will be freed. Assures EVD that the working classes need him now more than ever.

Robertson, D. B.:

Photostat of letter to Calvin Coolidge, 7/17/25. Writes that at the 30th convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen that a resolution was adopted demanding that Coolidge restore EVD's citizenship rights.
Photostat of letter from Everett Sanders on White House letterhead, 7/23/25. States that Robertson's letter has been given to the President who has brought the matter to the attention of the Attorney General.
Photostat of letter to John G. Sargent, 8/28/25. Writes that at the 30th convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen that a resolution was adopted to petition the President to restore EVD's citizenship rights. Says that he received a letter from Everett Sanders stating that the matter has been brought before the attention of the Attorney General. Tells Sargent that EVD is now advanced in years and the circumstances surrounding his conviction have safely passed. Asks that Sargent recommend to the President that EVD's citizenship rights be restored.
Photostat of letter to A. E. Gordon, 9/4/25. Writes that it was an oversight that he did not send a copy of his letter regarding the restoration of EVD's citizenship rights to Gordon. Says that he is enclosing a copy of that letter to do with what he pleases. Remarks that today he received a letter from James A. Finch who told him that EVD's citizenship cannot be restored unless he makes a formal application for it.
Telegram to EVD, 9/5/25. Informs EVD that John Hannahan has died. Says that the funeral will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday morning.
Letter from EVD, 9/10/25. Tells Robertson that through the kindness of A. E. Gordon that he was shown the letters Robertson wrote to Calvin Coolidge and the Attorney General. Writes that he read them with deep interest and sincere appreciation. Says that the reason he has not made formal application for the restoration of his citizenship rights is that he looks upon it as an admission of guilt and a forfeiture of his self-respect. Tells Robertson that he was convicted for exercising his right to free speech and that he would rather lose his citizenship than say that he was wrong by asking for a pardon. Assures Robertson that the actions taken by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen will always be remembered by him with gratitude. Asks that Robertson send him photostat copies of the letters Robertson sent to Calvin Coolidge, John G. Sargent, and A. E. Gordon.
Letter to EVD on Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen letterhead, 9/22/25. Says that he received EVD's letter dated 9/10/25. Tells EVD that he is enclosing photostatic copies of the letters he requested.

Robertson, T. H. :

Letter to EVD on Socialist Party, Canton, Ohio Local letterhead, 3/23/18. Says that he is being instructed by his local to invite EVD to speak on 6/16/18. Writes that the state convention will be meeting in Canton, Ohio on 6/14 and 6/15 followed by a picnic on 6/16. Remarks that Charles Ruthenberg, Alfred Wagenknecht, and Charles Baker, are currently being confined in the local county workhouse. Assures EVD that the state meeting will be a big one. Mentions that EVD will be speaking during the afternoon at a local park.

Robins, Lucy:

Letter from TD, 1/20/20. Writes that he greatly appreciated Robins' telegram. Says that he will be glad to give Robins' loving message to EVD. Tells Robins that he is swamped with work. Remarks that after EVD is rested he will be able to take up his work again.
Letter to Fred G. Zerbst, 4/19/20. Expresses the hope that Zerbst received her telegram. Says that she has received some flack as a result of an article David Karsner wrote in the NEW YORK CALL in EVD's name about A. Mitchell Palmer and the Department of Justice. Assures Zerbst that EVD would not make this statement while in Zerbst's custody. Says that she understands why David Karsner felt it necessary to discredit Zerbst because she and her associates had described Zerbst in a positive light and worked to stop a demonstration.
Writes that Henry Lang wrote an article about the meeting he had with Zerbst for the half of million readers of the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD showing Zerbst's human consideration towards his prisoners. Tells Zerbst that he strikes her as a believer in freedom and democracy and his prison farm idea is a good idea. Remarks that Henry Lang has written a story about Zerbst's farm in the largest Jewish daily newspaper in the world. Says that if she had time she would have translated it for Zerbst. Assures Zerbst that she has tried to make it clear why Zerbst has to be strict about prisoner's mail. Asks that Zerbst contact her before EVD is transferred. Tells Zerbst that she is sending EVD a silk suit, underwear, and cap, all made for him by the tailor's union. Mentions that when she appeared before the Joint Board of Cloakmakers and the Cigarmakers Convention that she told her audiences about the freedom Zerbst gives to his prisoners.
Letter to EVD on Central Labor Bodies Conference for the Amnesty for Political Prisoners letterhead, 4/24/20. Says that she knows that she should have written to EVD sooner but in her work for general amnesty that she is very busy. Tells EVD that when she addressed the Cigarmakers Convention that she delivered EVD's message. Remarks that Samuel Gompers presided over the convention and assured the delegates after she finished speaking that he is doing everything in his power to get amnesty for all political prisoners. Writes that she has helped to organize the Citizens Amnesty Committee, composed of Genevieve Bennett Clark, Robert La Follette's wife, and Basil Manly. Informs EVD that since she has seen him she has almost daily to different labor unions and their federated bodies about amnesty with good results. Assures EVD that Washington is astir on the question of general amnesty. Says that David Karsner has "made a mess of things" with the statement he published in the NEW YORK CALL. Writes that EVD should feel proud to know that there are workers making suits, shirts, ties, and many other things just for him. Asks that EVD let her know when EVD will get to spend some time on Fred Zerbst's prison farm.
Letter from TD, 5/1/20. Writes that EVD read Robins' letter with deep interest. Assures Robins that EVD appreciates everything she has done on his behalf. Tells Robins that if there was something wrong with the statement published in the NEW YORK CALL it was his fault not David Karsner's. Says that EVD is in favor of socialist unity and appeals to socialists to put aside their differences and face the enemy as a single force. Remarks that EVD knows the rank and file well enough to know that they are ready to fight " the great battle " as a united front. Tells Robins that EVD does not want to go into the upcoming campaign "disunited, disorganized" and "attacked by our own comrades." Writes that EVD thinks that the comrades of New York are doing too much for him. Says that while Fred Zerbst has offered to move EVD to the prison farm that EVD has decided to stay where he is for now.
Letter from TD, 5/28/20. Tells Robins that he did not expect a reply to his recent letter. Writes that Robins needs to balance her ceaseless work on behalf of political prisoners with some rest. Assures Robins that he understands how in her work she sometimes feels disappointed for not being appreciated more. Says that he has been following Robins' work through the labor press and is gratified with what she is doing. Writes that Robins' "victory" at the Convention of Musicians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a brilliant achievement.
Letter from TD, 5/31/20. Says that because he is having some trouble with his eyes that he will let EVD's note speak for itself.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 6/13/20. Says that she is a friend of EVD's and TD's and is helping the " cause of freedom. " Tells Robins that she is helping with EVD's mail while he is in prison. Writes that TD has asked to send a letter to Robins saying that he will respond to hers as soon as he is able. Informs Robins that Samuel Gompers and the American Federation of Labor has the key that can unlock EVD's prison door because the radical movement is split and discredited in the public eye. Mentions that something needs to happen before the election regarding amnesty because reactionary forces are sure to dominate afterwards. Says that EVD greatly appreciated Robins' visit.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 7/5/20. Writes that TD is suffering from eye strain and is unable to take look over matters at the office. Says that she is attempting to handle matters until TD is feeling better. Tells Robins that in response to her letter dated 6/1/20 that she is enclosing a note from EVD. Remarks that EVD has read Robins' last letter with great interest and is appreciative of her efforts. Mentions that she, TD, and EVD are anxious to hear about Robins' impression of the American Federation of Labor Convention. Informs Robins that she thinks that Samuel Gompers can help get EVD released if he used his power to do so. Mentions that if Samuel Gompers does not use his power then she feels that it will be the beginning of the end for progressive labor vote. Says that she has a feeling that EVD is not doing as well as he was when Robins visited him.
Letter from EVD, 7/16/20. Says that while he appreciates everything the comrades from New York have done for him that he objects to anymore appeals being made upon his behalf to Woodrow Wilson. Tells Robins that he wants no special consideration. Writes that as long as there are other comrades who are in prison that his place is in prison, too.
Letter to EVD on Central Labor Bodies Conference for Amnesty for Political Prisoners letterhead, 7/21/20. Writes that she on a train heading back to the "hustle bustle." Says that the sparkle she saw in EVD's eye as she was leaving him spoke louder than words could ever. Expresses the hope that she is worthy of his confidence. Tells EVD that he could make her happy by taking up Fred Zerbst's offer and going to the prison farm. Says that EVD needs to build himself up physically. Assures EVD that when she returned to New York City, New York that she delivered EVD's message to the proper committee. Writes that she finds it hard to keep up this uphill fight.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 7/26/20. Tells Robins that she is writing to tell her how much she appreciates Robins' work. Says that TD is still under an oculist's care and can only express himself through her. Assures Robins that EVD sends his love. Remarks that TD will soon be able to write Robins. Expresses the hope that it will not be too long before EVD will be able to write her, too. Writes that labor should concentrate on James Cox and ask him over and over again what he expects to do if elected President. Asks that Robins find out if Samuel Gompers is using his full influence with the President. Says that if Robins ever comes to Terre Haute, Indiana that she would like to meet her.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 7/31/20. Informs Robins that EVD received her letter and telegram. Assures Robins that she, EVD, and TD all love her for the fight she has taken on. Tells Robins that EVD was greatly touched by her letter. Writes that EVD has asked her to tell Robins that he appreciates what she has done for all of the comrades in Atlanta, Georgia. Remarks that EVD says that he is handling the heat just fine and that there is no need for concern. Says that if the heat becomes unbearable in August EVD might take up Fred Zerbst's offer and stay on the prison farm.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 8/15/20. Writes that she is sending Robins some lines from EVD. Says that EVD cannot write himself because he wants to receive no special favors from the warden. Tells Robins that she hopes that TD will be able to write soon but that he has lost sight in one of his eyes. Assures Robins that EVD is appreciative of her work in Denver, Colorado. Remarks that EVD is also glad that Robins got a chance to meet Channing Sweet. Expresses the hope that the upcoming meeting with the Attorney General will result in the release of all political prisoners. Mentions that EVD received the caps Robins sent.
Letter from TD, 8/30/20. Writes that EVD received Robins' telegram. Tells Robins that EVD is sorry if there was any embarrassment associated with the false statement published in EVD's name. Says that EVD does not want to bring any more attention to the statement and so does not ask Robins to refute it for him. Assures Robins that EVD did not say what was quoted by her about Samuel Gompers.
Letter to TD on Central Labor Bodies Conference for Amnesty for Political Prisoners, 9/10/20. Writes that she hopes that her inquiry into statements made to the press has not aggravated either EVD or TD. Says that this morning she read in the NEW YORK CALL about the denial of a letter sent from EVD to TD. Tells TD that her nerves are frayed from constant work and trying to keep her amnesty coalition together. Explains that she was tempted to hurt the Socialist Party campaign because of a couple of irresponsible people who are doing harm to her work to free political prisoners. Informs TD that there are socialists " purposely, deliberately, and ignorantly" spoiling every event she has planned for her amnesty campaign. Says that their attempt to organize their own socialist committee and replicate work that is currently being done by her organization is going to bring no good for anyone. Tells TD that she can understand why the socialists want to work towards amnesty but that she does not know why they cannot do so through her organization because "even a skeptic could feel a hundred percent satisfied with the propaganda that we are carrying on." Writes that to give TD an idea of the work that the Central Labor Bodies Conference for Amnesty for Political Prisoners has done she is enclosing copies of telegrams sent to A. Mitchell Palmer, minutes from the convention of the Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, and correspondence with labor leaders. Assures TD that from her organization's work there are 40,000 local unions discussing amnesty. Tells TD that if there is anything that she can do for him that it would be her pleasure.
Telegram to Fred Zerbst, 9/14/20. Asks that Zerbst give EVD the message that Samuel Gompers' and Meyer London's appearance before A. Mitchell Palmer would have brought tears to EVD's eyes. Assures EVD that they neither sought a compromise nor begged for the release of political prisoners with A. Mitchell Palmer but defended the principles upon which the prisoners were convicted. Remarks that present at the conference was Samuel Gompers, representatives from the building trades, the metal trades, the machinists, the railway unions, the federal employee's union, the United Hebrew Trades, the electrical workers, the garment workers, and the photo engravers. Informs EVD that it was the "most impressive demonstration of organized labor defending its own." Says that A. Mitchell Palmer agreed to take up the matter with the President and do his best. Writes that the committee's next job is to call upon the President.
Letter from TD, 9/17/20. Tells Robins that EVD and the other political prisoners at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia are appreciative of her kindness and her continued efforts despite great difficulties. Says that he regrets that there is such division regarding the amnesty issue and wishes that the various factions would work together. Writes that these divisions are a product of the war and will be "fraught with suffering." Assures Robins that out of the division, however, will come the "new day" when "joy and peace and brotherhood" will exist for all.
Letter to TD on Central Labor Bodies Conference for Amnesty for Political Prisoners letterhead, 9/21/20. Writes that if TD had seen the delegation her organization brought before A. Mitchell Palmer he would have been proud. Says that both TD and EVD would have been happy to hear what Samuel Gompers and Meyer London had to say about the amnesty issue. Tells TD that she thinks that it was the first time in the history of the labor movement that "an official Labor Committee worked hand in hand with an outspoken Socialist and allowed him to speak in the name of the American Federation of Labor. " Informs TD that A. Mitchell Palmer did not refuse to help in the release of political prisoners but promised that he would take the matter up with the President. Writes that A. Mitchell Palmer said that it would be a difficult matter to get political prisoners released because each case would have to be looked over individually by the Department of Justice. Tells TD that A. Mitchell Palmer had already released without appeals "hundreds" of political prisoners and he intends on releasing the rest "as time permits." Says that instead of the newspapers printing what A. Mitchell Palmer told this labor delegation they printed his response to the socialist delegation which saw A. Mitchell Palmer six hours later. Remarks that A. Mitchell Palmer's response to the socialist delegation could only "poison the mind of the average masses of people against the release of political prisoners." Tells TD that as she was walking up to A. Mitchell Palmer's office the Socialist Party's executive secretary handed her a letter which almost broke her heart. Mentions that the Socialist Party also put out a circular tarnishing her reputation. Tells TD that when she got back to New York City, New York she canceled her speaking engagements before the Brewery Workers, the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, the Brick and Clay Workers, and the Michigan State Federation of Labor and went before the executive board of her organization and told them that she could not take the insults hurled at her by the Socialist Party any longer and that she quit. Remarks that the United Hebrew Trades wanted her to take a committee to see EVD and talk the matter over with him. Writes that after some prodding from the United Hebrew Trades that she has taken up her work again. Says that movie theatres are now showing footage of the labor delegation's appearance before A. Mitchell Palmer. Explains that if she continues her work that her next task will be to get a delegation in to meet the President. Includes a copy of a letter from Otto Branstetter stating that the manner in which Robins used EVD's statement was unforgivable because he felt that it was a "gross violation" of EVD's faith and confidence in Robins. Assures Robins that the Socialist Party can take care of its own interests. Says that Robins may be over relying on Samuel Gompers because he as of yet he has failed to wield any influence in getting amnesty for political prisoners. Includes a copy of a letter from M. Feinstone stating that he disagrees with the NEW YORK TIMES calling the amnesty movement a "tragic comedy." Includes a copy of a letter from the United Hebrew Trades to Otto Branstetter saying that the Socialist Party is making an issue just for the sake of making an issue. Writes that he is surprised and hurt to learn that the Socialist Party's national office would stoop down to tactics unbecoming of a socialist organization. Tells Branstetter that the Central Labor Bodies Conference shrugs its shoulders at the Socialist Party. Says that Lucy Robins sent EVD a telegram protesting his attack on Samuel Gompers without reading any other newspaper than the NEW YORK CALL. Writes that the Central Labor Bodies Conference was initially organized by the United Hebrew Trades and that the United Hebrew Trades is a socialist organization. Remarks that the leaders of the United Hebrew Trades asked for the cooperation of Samuel Gompers in its amnesty campaign and he agreed to help. Says that this is not an organization to be treated lightly. Includes a letter from Otto Branstetter to J. P. Coughlin saying that EVD stands by the Tucker interview. Says that since EVD stands by the Tucker interview then Lucy Robins has breeched EVD's faith and confidence. Tells Coughlin that Lucy Robins sunk to such depths to be loyal to Samuel Gompers which places a " stigma" on the work of the Central Labor Bodies Conference.
Letter from TD, 9/24/20. Writes that he appreciated getting all the details on the meeting with A. Mitchell Palmer. Says that while he was interested in what A. Mitchell Palmer had to say on the question of amnesty that he consider him to be a hypocrite. Tells Robins that he believes that, from the beginning, it has been A. Mitchell Palmer's goal to great the courage and spirit of political prisoners. Assures Robins that he would much rather see EVD in prison than a traitor to his convictions. Informs Robins that it may be A. Mitchell Palmer's goal to break the spirit of political prisoners by saying that he is looking into the matter of amnesty and then doing nothing it that he will be "doomed to disappointment." Writes that he heard on good authority that James Cox is finding attitude of the Presidential administration towards political prisoners "a pretty heavy load to bear," which he attributes to continuous protest.
Letter from TD, 9/24/20. Contains same text as other letter dated 9/24/20.
Photocopy of telegram from Harry Lang, 10/5/20. Writes that the bookbinders and bricklayers want Robins to attend their conventions. Says that he has accepted the appointment to conduct the campaign for EVD. Remarks that he, Meyer London, and Morris Hillquit are preparing a few articles on EVD, his life, and his career. Asks that Robins tell EVD that the hearts of everybody are with him. Includes a note from EVD to Lang saying that these are great days and he sees only victory in the future.
Letter from TD to Rose Pivar, 10/6/20. Writes that EVD received the information Pivar sent from Fred Zerbst. Says that EVD regrets the unfortunate difference that she discusses and hope that the controversy has now ended. Tells Pivar that despite any differences that have arisen that EVD will always be grateful for everything Lucy Robins has done on behalf of the cause of amnesty.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 10/6/20. Says that she is sending Robins some lines that EVD wrote in response to her last letter. Remarks that TD is improving. Assures Robins that she has been following Robins' activities with keen interest.
Photocopy of telegram from EVD to Harry Lang, 10/7/20. Says that he received and appreciated Lang's message. Assures Lang that he is in complete support of Sunday's meeting. Expresses the hope that Lang is successful and the amnesty movement achieves victory.
Typescript of article titled "Gompers Hit By Debs in Prison Cell Campaign," 10/9/20. Says that EVD urged in his 5th weekly campaign article that working people should look out for their leaders because they are "often the chief betrayers of labor."
Letter from TD, 10/18/20. Writes that he received Robins' "splendid and cheering" letter dated 10/13/20. Remarks that the 13th day is an eventful day in his family's history because it was on the 13th that his parents were married, EVD was sent to Moundsville Prison in West Virginia, and it was also upon that day that EVD was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia. Says that the letter gives him a "song in his throat." Assures Robins that the day of victory is at hand. Mentions that he is glad that so much pressure has been put on Washington to act. Tells Robins that no country in the world is as " reactionary" or as filled with such "mediocre" leadership as America. Mentions that he appreciated Robins at such length about her visit with EVD.
Letter to EVD on Central Labor Bodies Conference for Amnesty for Political Prisoners letterhead, 10/19/20. Informs EVD that Guy Powers' case looks bad. Says that the woman was shot three times, proving the shooting was not an accident. Writes that she has received some encouraging news regarding amnesty. Says that she thinks it is a crime that so many untrue statements are made in EVD's name, especially the statement "beware of your leaders." Remarks that the thinks that the reason why socialists fail to convert the masses is that they antagonize the men that represent the masses. Writes that Samuel Gompers often gets questioned as to why he supports the release of EVD when EVD "slams" him in every direction. Tells EVD that Samuel Gompers always responds to this question with the answer that he and EVD had been friends in their youth and even with their differences of opinion that EVD is entitled to his freedom. Mentions that although she enjoys her visits with EVD even if they are in a prison.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 10/21/20. Writes that she wanted to let Robins know that EVD is in Robins' debt for her efforts in the Guy Powers case. Says that both she and TD are in gratitude to Robins for the work she has done on behalf of political prisoners. Assures Robins that both EVD and TD are hopeful.
Letter from TD, 10/27/20. Writes that EVD believes that Robins has handled all of her difficulties and discouragements bravely and has done wonderful work. Tells Robins that the statement she questioned as coming from EVD did indeed come from him. Says that EVD only meant it to apply to "crooked and corrupt leaders," not to any that are straight and honest. Informs Robins that EVD would rather stay in prison than not speak out when he sees "the hard-working rank and file betrayed and delivered like sheep at the shambles by crooked leaders." Remarks that EVD's comments about Samuel Gompers concern his political policy which EVD believes is "inimical" to the working classes because while Samuel Gompers says that he is non-political, he is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party. Mentions that EVD appreciated what Robins did for Guy Powers.
Copy of letter from TD, 10/27/20. Contains same text as other letter dated 10/27/20.
Photocopy of telegram from D. D. to H. Lang: 10/28/20. Says that he will be arriving on the Congressional Limited at 9.
Letter from TD, 11/11/20. Writes that Fred Zerbst gave EVD the letter Robins sent. Says that EVD is glad that Robins remains undaunted in the wake of such adversity. Remarks that whereas most others would have given up the fight long ago because of despair, Robins bravely goes on.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 11/27/20. Writes that TD is in Cincinnati, Ohio seeing an eye specialist. Says that she is concerned about the status of EVD's care. Remarks that she has heard reports that EVD is not well. Tells Robins that EVD is unwilling to have his case brought before Woodrow Wilson any longer. Writes that EVD wants more publicity work done on behalf of political prisoners. Remarks that the Democratic Party is committing suicide. Assures Robins that EVD's imprisonment will go down as the "blackest deed" in this part of the nation's history.
Letter from TD, 12/14/20. Says that Robins is a "hit" with Fred Zerbst because no sooner does a message arrive from her than he is taking it directly to EVD. Assures Robins that EVD believes that there "never was a soul more consecrated to a task than she of the liberation of her imprisoned comrades." Writes that it looks like some kind of action may be taken this month. Informs Robins that there should be no more friction between her organization and the Socialist Party. Says that he saw where the lower house of Congress passed a bill that repeals most of the measures put in effect during the war years . . . Mentions that he takes this bill as a good omen. Informs Robins that every major legal mind of note knows that the laws under which the political prisoners were imprisoned were unconstitutional and illegal. Remarks that he wonders if despite the unconstitutionality of his actions, if Woodrow Wilson's "stupidity" will still prevent him from releasing political prisoners before he leaves office.
Letter from Robert H. Turner on Department of Justice letterhead, 12/17/20. Writes that he is sending Robins a list of persons charged with violating the "wartime statutes" and who cases are currently being considered by the Attorney General. Says that he is also sending Robins a list of persons whose cases have been acted upon by the President in the last few months.
Letter from TD, 12/22/20. Writes that the press dispatches of Robins meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee are excellent reports. Says that he still wonders if the present administration will persist in its " malicious " persecution into oblivion. Tells Robins that if the Democratic Party had any sagacity at all it would have released the political prisoners during the recent election. Remarks that A. Mitchell Palmer was reported to have said at the height of the Red Scare that " if my mother and father knew what I was doing they would turn over in their graves." Assures Robins that A. Mitchell Palmer's parent would not only have turned over in their graves but have lashed their " degenerate son over the precipice of hell itself." Writes that he was sure that the Department of Justice was going to release some political prisoners.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 1/2/21. Says that TD would be writing Robins instead of her but that one of TD's brother-in-laws died yesterday. Tells Robins that EVD is appreciative of her work and wants to wish her a happy New Year. Asks that Robins use her influence with the warden to get her an official statement on the state of EVD's health. Remarks that EVD rarely tells the truth about his health to his family and friends. Writes that she is wondering if Robins now thinks that amnesty is hopeless under the Woodrow Wilson administration. Tells Robins that the last ten days have been hard ones for EVD's family because they truly expected that EVD would have been released from prison.
Letter from TD, 1/11/21. Writes that EVD hearing from Robins on Christmas Day. Says that neither he nor EVD were disappointed that the political prisoners were not released at Christmas. Tells Robins that many previous disappointments have made them expect nothing. Assures Robins that the fight for amnesty is not over. Remarks that the fight will not end until victory comes and everyone persecuted by the Espionage Laws are freed.
Letter from TD to Henry Lang, 1/16/21. Writes that as soon as EVD is able that he would be happy to see Abraham Cahan and the other comrades from the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD. Assures Lang that EVD knows all that the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD has done for political prisoners. Says that he will never forget the Lucy Robins' kindness to comfort and sustain EVD and the rest of the political prisoners.
Telegram to TD, 1/31/21. Writes that it breaks her heart to see that the pardon for EVD and the other political prisoners was denied by the Whitehouse after having seen A. Mitchell Palmer's official report recommending their release. Tells TD that she does not know what to do next.
Telegram to Fred Zerbst, 2/1/21. Asks that Zerbst tell EVD that the White House has again denied the pardon of political prisoners despite A. Mitchell Palmer's support. Says that she plans on calling a conference to decide the future of the amnesty movement. Asks that EVD send her a word about this matter at once. Remarks that she is sure that Fred Zerbst will allow it.
Letter from EVD, 2/1/21. Writes that the news from Washington neither surprised nor disappointed him. Says that when he received word about the denial of the pardons all he could think about was how it would hurt Robins. Tells Robins that she is a " brave, loyal and most energetic comrade." Assures Robins that she has left nothing undone and is thankful for the service that she has rendered. Remarks that Robins work has not been done in vain.
Letter from TD, 2/2/21. Writes that he is not disappointed by Woodrow Wilson's action. Says that he has absolutely no faith in Woodrow Wilson. Assures Robins that he appreciates her disappointment. Tells Robins that her work has not been in vain because it will lead to victory some day. Says that the political prisoners will never forget Parson whatever the outcome of her work is. Remarks that he expected nothing from Lloyd George's valet.
Letter from TD, 2/18/21. Writes that EVD read Robins' letter and wants her to know that he congratulates her on renewing her campaign. Says that EVD believes that there will be victory in the near future.
Letter from D. S. Dickerson on Department of Justice, Office of the Superintendent of Prisons letterhead, 2/28/21. Says that he received Robins' letter regarding the suspension of EVD's writing and visiting privileges. Informs Robins that EVD's writing and visiting privileges were suspended on 2/14/21 following a newspaper interview EVD " surreptitiously " gave. Tells Robins that EVD's writing privileges have been ordered to be restored and the visiting privileges will be restored "as soon as the Department can be assured that they will not be abused."
Letter from TD, 3/18/21. Informs Robins that her efforts are on the eve of "bringing gratifying results." Says that on a press dispatch there was word that Warren Harding called upon his Attorney General to review EVD's case. Remarks that he thinks that EVD's review might lead to the reviewing of the cases of all political prisoners. Tells Robins that the conditions of the prisoners are becoming more deplorable each day. Writes that the prison board has asked Joseph Caldwell for the second time to make application for a pardon. Remarks that Joseph Caldwell told the board that as long as EVD was in prison that he would never ask to be released. Tells Robins that he does not believe what D. S. Dickerson had to say about the restoration of EVD's visitation and writing privileges. Says that EVD has asked that the matter of picketing be held in abeyance. Mentions that he appreciated the copy of the Senate Judiciary Committee report that Robins sent.
Letter from TD, 3/26/21. Writes that the warden handed Robins' letter to EVD as soon as he got it. Says that EVD knows how busy Robins is and how her activities have not diminished. Tells Robins that EVD does not expect her to take time out of her busy schedule to come to Atlanta, Georgia. Remarks that if she does come to Atlanta, Georgia that he would be most happy to see her.
Letter from TD, 4/5/21. Writes that he has received a message from EVD saying that he received Robins' letter but not the minutes of the hearing that she enclosed. Tells Robins that EVD would have been happy to meet her in Washington had that been possible. Expresses the hope that Robins is a prophet and the political prisoners will indeed be released soon.
Letter from TD, 5/4/21. Writes that the pictures Robins sent of she and EVD are great. Says that he is glad to see EVD looking so well. Remarks that he heard that Robins visited the prison farm while she was in Atlanta, Georgia.
Letter from EVD, 5/4/21. Writes that he is grateful for Robins' continued devotion. Says that Robins' visit was a joy to him. Remarks that the day Fred Zerbst allowing EVD, the other political prisoners, and Robins to go out to the prison farm was a great one. Tells Robins that he wished that the other prisoners could have also enjoyed the beauty of the farm. Asks that Robins tell Samuel Gompers that he is pleased with Samuel Gompers' work on his behalf. Remarks that Samuel Gompers did all that he could for the cause of amnesty. Also asks that Robins express thanks to the members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union local 17 for their generous donation for the use of their office. Also asks that Robins thank on his behalf the members of the United Hebrew Tades and the staff members of the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 5/7/21. Says that she likes to hear about all of the nice things that Robins does when she visits EVD. Assures Robins that the pictures she took during her last visit gave her much pleasure. Asks that Robins tell her what she thing the intentions of the Warren Harding administration will be towards political prisoners. Writes that she shudders at the thought of EVD being imprisoned over the course of another summer. Informs Robins that EVD refuses to ask to be released on the grounds of his health. Says that EVD's imprisonment is a crime that will go down in history.
Letter from TD to Harry Lang, 5/16/21. Writes that EVD received Lang's letter. Says that EVD is thankful for Lang's activities in behalf of the political prisoners. Tells Lang that EVD is sorry to hear about the unfortunate condition of party affairs in New York. Informs Lang that TD believes that now more than ever before there is a great need for unity among the workers.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked, 5/21/21. Writes that he finished reading Robins' letter with "tear-filled eyes." Says that he will forever treasure Robins' letter. Tells TD that her visits to Atlanta, Georgia have been a bright spot for him and the other political prisoners.
Letter from TD, 5/24/21. Writes that EVD appreciated Robins' last letter. Says that EVD believes that the factional divisions are deplorable. Tells Robins that EVD wants to get above such "petty, unworthy wrangling and give our time and energy to the cause." Remarks that EVD is glad to hear that Robins was able to get an appointment with the Attorney General.
Letter from TD, 5/28/21. Writes that EVD was glad to see that Robins convinced the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers to send telegrams to Washington on behalf of amnesty. Says that EVD is happy that Robins got good results from speaking at the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers convention because EVD has been at variance with the policy of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers for several years.
Letter from TD, 6/22/21. Says that EVD is glad Robins got a chance to meet with Harry Daugherty. Remarks that EVD thinks that there will be action taken very soon.
Letter from TD, 8/10/21. Writes that EVD appreciates the renewed interest Samuel Gompers has taken in amnesty. Says that EVD wants Robins to know that whether he hears from her or not that he knows that she is continuing her work faithfully. Remarks that he knows of no changes in EVD personal treatment. Tells Robins that the only time he hears about how EVD is doing is when someone is released.
Letter from TD, 8/27/21. Writes that EVD received Robins' letter. Tells Robins that EVD think that he would not have been surprised if Robins had given up before now because of all the adversity she has had, but is glad that she is holding out for victory. Remarks that he wonders if the fight is at the end or at the beginning of a much larger one. Tells Robins that he found out that Harry Daugherty is recommending that Warren Harding parole EVD. Assures Robins that neither he nor EVD wants to see EVD paroled.
Photocopy of telegram to Harry Lang, 9/14/21. Writes that it will be impossible for EVD to give a statement because it is against prison rules. Says that EVD sends his love and wishes the ARBEITER VERBUND the best of luck. Remarks that the warden has invited EVD to address the prison. Tells Lang that she has accomplished the impossible.
Letter from TD, 9/21/21. Writes that EVD appreciated the detail with which Robins wrote about the Jewish Socialist Federation's convention. Tells Robins that EVD regretted to learn of the discord within the Jewish Socialist Federation and the split. Says that EVD expresses the hope that the realignment will be constructive.
Letter from TD, 11/1/21. Writes that the warden has delivered Robins' telegram to EVD and that EVD read the message with appreciation. Says that EVD is thankful for Robins' unfaltering devotion and faithfulness.
Letter from TD, 11/9/21. Writes that EVD sends his loving greetings and best wishes. Says that he is anxiously await the public announcement of the Declaration of Peace because he has heard that whatever action Warren Harding has decided to take regarding political prisoners will not be announced until after the Declaration of Peace.
Letter from TD, 11/29/21. Writes that he received Robins' letter with the copies of the telegram sent to EVD by the New York Central Trades and Labor Council. Remarks that EVD's birthday brought in a deluge of mail.
Tells Robins that he sent a letter to William Kehoe thanking him for the message from the New York Central Trades Council.
Photocopy of telegram from Abraham Cahan, 12/21/21. Ownership Unknown. [Asks that Robins tell EVD that the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD's news correspondent is in Atlanta, Georgia waiting to see him when he is released from prison. Says that as soon as he is able that he is looking forward to embracing EVD. Writes that he wants to see EVD released for the sake of the cause which is splitting apart.]
Photocopy of telegram to Harry Lang, 12/22/21. Ownership Unknown. [Says that EVD does not want to commit himself to one faction or another. Writes that instead EVD wants to investigate the matter before reaching any conclusions. Remarks that she thinks that EVD will stick with the old guard. Tells Lang that Abraham Cahan might get a chance to talk with EVD before he makes his statement. Explains that she cannot believe that EVD will soon be released. Writes that she spent all day yesterday and today with EVD. Expresses the hope that the struggle for amnesty is over because she is so tired.]
Letter from TD, 3/17/22. Writes that it pains him to learn that Robins feels neglected by EVD. Says that if Robins could see EVD that she would understand why EVD is unable to write her. Remarks that the doctors have recommended that EVD do nothing but rest if he ever expects to resume his work again. Says that despite these orders that EVD is constantly interrupted by visitors, calls, and mail. Tells Robins that along with these distractions that he is also sitting for Moses Dykaar, the sculptor, which is a strain on him. Assures Robins that it bother EVD that he is not able to meet all of the demands placed upon him, but he does so with the best of will.
Letter from EVD, 3/30/22. Writes that he has not forgotten Robins. Says that he could never be insensible to EVD for all of her devotion during his time in prison. Assures Robins that he has not written to her sooner because it has been impossible for him to keep up with his demands. Tells Robins that he has not had a day of real rest since his release. Writes that he each day he finds himself exceeding his strength and finding himself weak as a result. Says that he realizes that he will not be able to recuperate in Terre Haute, Indiana and will have to go somewhere else to do so. Assures EVD that he and his family has often spoken appreciatively of Robins. Expresses the hope that all is well with Robins.
Letter from EVD, 5/12/22. Writes that it was with regret that he read Robins' letter dated 5/8/22. Says that it is not his intention to question the motive behind the publication of her book. Tells Robins that he is sure that she was acting in good faith. Informs Robins that his negative comments about her work only related to her judgment in putting down in detail all of the disagreements and dissensions that occurred. Writes that he thinks that it would have been better if Robins had ignored all the "petty squabbles" and relied solely upon the faithfulness under which she did her work. Remarks that he feels it better not to focus too much on these kinds of things. Assures Robins that he will never forget the service which she rendered and all of his visits to him in Atlanta, Georgia. Says that he thinks that he does not deserve all of the praise that Robins gives him in her book. Assures Robins that he will read the book carefully.
Letter from EVD, 6/12/22. Writes that he appreciates Robins' offer to help him get a much-needed vacation. Says that he hopes to leave Terre Haute, Indiana in about a month for such purposes. Remarks that currently he thinking about finding a western ranch to recuperate. Tells Robins that with his constant interruptions that he is making slow progress in his recovery. Informs Robins that he will not need her help financial or otherwise.
Letter from EVD, 8/26/22. Says that his prison articles were written for capitalist newspapers who dictated exactly what could and what could not be included. Informs Robins that he either had to work within their limitations or not have any articles published at all. Writes that these capitalist newspapers wanted nothing about the amnesty campaign in his articles. Tells Robins that he could not deal with the divisions that developed within the amnesty movement. Remarks that divisions among his comrades has partially been responsible for his inability to recover his health. Assures Robins that he made quite a few enemies for supporting her amnesty work. Remarks that he is sorry that he did not express himself the way she wanted when Samuel Gompers came to the prison. Mentions that he was not so "self-important" as to think that Samuel Gompers had come to the prison just to see him. Tells Robins that he will always remember her kindness and devotion to him when he was in prison.
Letter from EVD on Lindlahr Health Resort letterhead, 9/9/22. Says that he never intended to do Robins or Samuel Gompers any injustice. Writes that he believes that he could have written about Samuel Gompers' visit to Atlanta, Georgia much better but that his article was prepared under such extraordinary conditions. Assures Robins that he appreciated all that Samuel Gompers did for amnesty. Tells Robins that he will never forget everything she did for him while he was in prison.
Letter from EVD on Hotel Breslin, New York City, New York letterhead, 5/3/25. Informs Robins that she is mistaken. Assures Robins that he has not forgotten her. Says that he inquired into her whereabouts a dozen times but no one seemed to know of her current location. Writes that all that he has is love and gratitude towards Robins.
Letter from EVD on Hotel Breslin, New York City, New York letterhead, 10/9/25. Informs Robins that he will be in New York City, New York for several days for some meetings. Expresses the hope that he will have the pleasure of seeing Robins while he is there. Assures Robins that he has never forgotten her kindness and devotion while he was a prisoner in Atlanta, Georgia.
Letter from EVD on Hotel Breslin, New York City, New York letterhead, 10/16/25. Writes that he dropped Robins a line but did not receive a response. Says that he is on his way to Scranton, Pennsylvania and then will be back in New York City, New York on Sunday. Expresses the hope that he gets to see Robins before he leaves for his tour of the West.
Letter from EVD on Hotel Breslin, New York City, New York letterhead, 10/18/25. Writes that he just returned from Scranton, Pennsylvania and received Robins' telegram. Says that he will speak in New York City, New York today and then will catch his train West. Expresses the hope that he will have at least a short visit with Robins before he leaves. Tells Robins that he can never forget everything that she has done for him while he was in prison in Atlanta, Georgia. Remarks that the address Robins gave him in her letter was all locked up. Mentions that he has been besieged with work, visitors, and calls since he has been in New York City, New York.
Letter from S. M. Levitas on NEW LEADER letterhead, 3/7/41. Writes that on 10/23/26 the NEW LEADER bore the headline " Eugene V. Debs Passes Away, Social Leader, Brave to the EVD, Loses Fight to Live for Socialism. Family and Comrades Attend at Bedside of World-Revered Spokesman of the Labor Movement."
Letter to TD on Hotel Beacon, New York City, New York letterhead, 7/7/41. Says that TD will probably be surprised to hear from her after so many years but that she assures TD that she has spoken of him often to their mutual friends like Bertha Maily, Florence Bowers, and others. Tells TD that she has always wanted to see him again. Writes that she will be going to Chicago in a few days and she would like to visit TD while she is out there. Says that she has been working on her memoirs for nearly 2 years. Informs TD that her book will include her thoughts about the people who have influenced her life like Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, William Haywood, Samuel Gompers, and EVD. Tells TD that she is anxious to discuss her project with him.
Letter to TD on Hotel Beacon, New York City, New York letterhead, 7/7/41. Contains same text as other letter dated 7/7/41.
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry on Indiana State Normal School letterhead, 7/25/?. Writes that now that it is clear that the government plans on holding EVD indefinitely that she is wondering what can be done to force the government to release him. Says that the way Woodrow Wilson has insulted labor is unbelievable. Remarks that in no other country could this have been done. Writes that she knows from a confidential source that all is not well with EVD. Asks that Robins tell her what the next move is. Also asks that Robins tell her if her organization has played its "biggest card."
Letter from Mabel Dunlap Curry, 11/9/?. Writes that she is very discouraged over the prospects of EVD's release. Asks that Robins tell her if she knows anything about EVD's case. Says that she thought A. Mitchell Palmer told some committee that he hoped to have political prisoners released by Christmas. Tells Robins that she does not know how the Woodrow Wilson administration could treat organized labor in the way it has. Asks that Robins lets her know if she hears anything. Writes that she and the others are sad but "ready to fight."
Note from EVD, 5/24/?. Tells Robins that he is grateful for the days when she came to Atlanta, Georgia.
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Asks that TD thank Robins for doing her best to help Guy Powers. Says that he deeply appreciates Robins' efforts.
Note from EVD to TD with typewritten transcript, n.d. Asks that TD thank Robins for her "unceasing kindness and untiring services" in his behalf. Says that her visit to the political prisoners there in Atlanta, Georgia will always be impressed upon each one of their memories. Asks that TD tell Robins that he received the gifts she left from Fred Zerbst and was delighted with them. Says that TD should see the silk shirt and neck ties that she left.
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Writes that he received the marked copy of the paper from Rochester, New York. Tells Robins that was appreciative of the action taken at the Machinists' convention in regard to amnesty and the ousting of the socialists from the New York state legislature.
Note from EVD to TD with typewritten transcript, n.d. Asks that TD tell Robins that he is appreciative of Robins' continued kindness. Assures TD that Robins has been a "daughter of devotion" to those comrades imprisoned in Atlanta, Georgia. Remarks that he has enclosed for TD three photos that were taken during Robins' last visit. Mentions that he will be on the alert for the caps that are being sent to him. Asks that TD tell Robins to send the Capmakers Union his thanks.
Note from EVD to TD with typewritten transcript, n.d. Asks that TD tell Robins that her birthday telegram was received and appreciated. Also asks that TD tell Robins that he is not all disturbed by the dispatch that went out from Washington.

Robins, Raymond:

Copy of letter to F. J. Mallet, 5/13/21. Says that before he received Robins' letter 3/25/21 he had written to Harry Daugherty regarding EVD. Remarks that Harry Daugherty's response was friendly and fair. Tells Robins that there has been a well-organized drive among the nation's reactionary forces to oppose the release of EVD for any reason. Writes that he supports the granting of a pardon for EVD. Tells Robins that he does not know what the final action of the government will be.

Robinson, Arthur:

Letter from EVD, 3/4/26. Writes that he is enclosing for Robinson the promised article. Expresses the hope that the delay in getting it to Robinson has not caused him any inconveniences. Remarks that the article were written under difficult circumstances. Says that if the article is too long that Robinson is free to cut it. Asks that Robinson send him 20 copies of the article should it be published. Expresses the hope that the article will not disappoint Robinson because he did his best to temper his views to suit the magazine.
Letter to EVD on COLLIER'S MAGAZINE letterhead, 5/19/26. Writes that he tried to meet up with EVD in New York City, New York but was not able to get any information as to when EVD was returning from Bermuda. Says that he contacted Morris Hillquit, Art Young, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Rand School, and the Socialist Party headquarters for the information but without avail. Remarks that EVD's article is in editorial transit and is now in the hands of the magazine's principal owner. Mentions that he had a delightful talk with Professor Karapetoff the other day and is going to do a story about him. Assures EVD that he will contact him when he hears anything about his article. Expresses the hope that EVD has gotten over his illness.
Letter to EVD on COLLIER'S MAGAZINE letterhead, 6/2/26. Writes that he hopes to get the judgment from the magazine's principal owner tomorrow as to whether or not COLLIER'S MAGAZINE will publish EVD's article. Says that he regrets that it has taken so long to decide. Mentions that Professor Karapetoff made a good impression on him.
Telegram to TD, 6/8/26. Writes that he regrets that EVD is ill. Says that EVD's article has finally been approved for publication.

Robinson, Frederic:

Letter to EVD on Medical Review of Reviews letterhead, 10/10/12. Asks that EVD give his opinion on the question of euthanasia. Says that he would like to include EVD's opinion among those given by several leading physicians, jurists, clergymen, educators, and authors.
Letter to EVD on Medical Review of Reviews letterhead, 1/21/15. Says that he is interested in finding out from EVD what he thinks is wrong with the medical profession and what suggestions he has to make it better.

Robinson, Julius P. :

Photocopy of letter to Charles H. Kerr and Company, 10/15/75. Asks that Charles H. Kerr and Company send him a catalogue of its books about labor and socialism. Says that when he was in Atlanta, Georgia in 1920 that his baseball team played the Federal Penitentiary's team. Remarks that EVD sat and watched the game from the stands. Writes that after the game was over EVD came down and shook hands with him and the other ball players. Says that during the Great Depression he helped to organize several unions in Baltimore, Maryland.

Robinson, Victor:

Photocopy of letter from EVD on APPEAL TO REASON letterhead, 10/7/07. Writes that he has received a copy of Robinson's pamphlet on William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. Says that from a glance at his pamphlet that he knows that he will find it deeply interesting. Tells Robinson that anything from his pen is worth reading.

Robson, Douglas:

Letter to EVD on International Song Publishers letterhead, 11/14/21. Asks that EVD consider the verses he has written a belated birthday present. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be released. Includes a poem titled " Ballade for Armistice Day, November 11th."

Rochester, Anna:

Letter to EVD on THE WORLD TOMORROW letterhead, 3/5/26. Writes that she wanted EVD to see the poem written by Marion Cummings in the March issue of THE WORLD TOMORROW. Says that while EVD does not need to acknowledge her letter that she is curious to find out what EVD thinks of the pacifist movement.

Roderus, Frank:

Photocopy of postcard to Marguerite Debs Cooper, postmarked 1/30/06. Says that he is sending Marguerite Debs Cooper his greetings from St. Louis, Missouri.
Letter to TD, 8/11/27. Writes that he has just finished reading WALLS AND BARS. Assures TD that it is a great book and that it will be read by millions of people around the world. Tells TD that the printer did a fine job and the proof-reading excellent.

Rodriguez, Sophia Vera:

Letter to EVD, 10/20/24. Writes that she appreciated the gift that EVD sent. Says that it has always been her goal to reach EVD's heights. Assures EVD That her work on behalf of political prisoners is " infinitesimal " in comparison to the sacrifices that EVD has made.
Telegram to EVD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.
Letter from TD, 8/1/28. Informs Rodriguez that he has suffered a complete breakdown and will not be able to be counted on for anything. Says that to restore his health he needs a change of environment.

Rogalla, Hans:

Letter to EVD, signed by Rogalla, K. Mairova, L. Antonova, L. Porshutkina, N. Solobieva, and E. Zedrick, 3/31/23. Writes that the children of of the Children's Colony of Kazan, Russia would like to thank EVD for the support they are receiving from the International Workers' Relief. Tells EVD that their life would be much better if there was not a scarcity in clothing and school supplies. Asks that EVD visit the Children's Colony and see what the conditions are like for himself.
Letter to EVD, 3/31/23. Writes that the residents of House 17 of the Children's Colony, named after EVD, sends their greetings. Expresses the hope that some day that EVD will be able to come to Kazan, Russia himself so that he can see the house named after him.

Rogers, Bruce:

Photocopy of postcard to EVD, postmarked 4/9/08. Says that he is "faithfully always" to EVD.
Letter to EVD, 4/1/17. Writes that it was thoughtful for EVD to send a copy of the NEW YORK TIMES issue with the article about him in it. Assures EVD that in time he favors definite action. Says that he has a like interest in what happened in Everett, Washington where 5 workers were shot and 74 others are on trial "in pursuance of an orderly purpose." Remarks that EVD's aloofness to the Industrial Workers of the World puzzles him. Assures EVD that the Industrial Workers of the World's struggles are justified. Says that he wonders why EVD stays away from the Industrial Workers of the World and the movement which so much needs him. Remarks that history is being cheated by EVD not leading the "Revolution's physical phenomena."
Letter from EVD, 4/9/17. Writes that he was surprised by Rogers' letter. Informs Rogers that he has made appeals on behalf of the victims of the Everett, Washington conflict in almost every speech he has given, in articles for the NATIONAL RIP-SAW, and in every other way that he knew how. Says that just because these victims were associated with the Industrial Workers of the World that he was not slow to help them. Writes that even though he does not "feel kindly" towards some of the members of the Industrial Workers of the World that he has never in a single instance refused to support them. Tells Rogers that he helped the Industrial Workers of the World during the Lawrence Strike, the Paterson Strike, and the Mesabi Range Strike. Suggests that if Rogers needs proof of his support all that he has to do is ask Joseph Ettor, Arturo Giovannitti, or Carlo Tresca. Remarks that he has even found himself criticized in socialist circles for telling other socialists that the Mesabi Range Strike was not being supported because it was led by the Industrial Workers of the World. Writes that although Rogers thinks that he is preventing himself from becoming involved in the "Revolution's physical phenomena" that he challenges Rogers to name a single instance where the Industrial Workers of the World was involved in a struggle that he did not encourage and support. Tells Rogers that he has been trying to keep up with all of the demands placed upon him for years and has been on the verge of breakdown from overwork several times. Informs Rogers that "I have given my life to the working class and its struggles drop by drop, and almost to the last atom of my strength, and if this is not enough to satisfy you then I have absolutely nothing more to offer or to give."

George A. Rogers and Company, Brokers:

Photocopy of postcard to Katherine Debs, postmarked 12/10/45. Includes a note from Marguerite Debs Cooper saying this postcard "suggests that Kate was playing with investments, a thing Gene hated like poison."

Rogers, L. W.:

Letter to EVD on Bristol Hotel, Colombo, Ceylon letterhead, 1/9/26. Tells EVD that he was forwarded a card from George W. Howard saying that if Rogers was the same one he knew in Chicago, Illinois that he would like to hear from him. Remarks that the card was written in the hand of a "very old man." Says that when he returns to Los Angeles, California in March that he will go and see George W. Howard.
Letter to TD, 6/3/42. Writes that someone said at a meeting he was at last night that at the time of EVD's death he was worth $150,000. Assures TD that he immediately challenged this figure knowing that EVD's salary never exceeded over $100 a month, except for when he was paid $4,000 a year when he worked for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Says that the courthouse in Terre Haute, Indiana should have a record of the worth of EVD's estate at the time of his death. Expresses the hope that TD's health is reasonably good. Informs TD that he just finished an organizing tour and has just celebrated his 84th birthday. Mentions that he has heard recently from W. G. Edens.
Letter from TD, 6/8/42. Writes that he was glad to hear that Rogers' celebrated his 84th birthday. Tells Rogers that he finds the rumor that EVD had amassed a great fortune amusing. Remarks that no one would care how much money EVD had at the time of his death if he was anyone but a labor leader. Informs Rogers that even as an official for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen that EVD always insisted that his salary be cut and subsequently never made more than $3,500. Writes that EVD even refused a $2,000 gift from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen to go to Europe to rest after his 13 years with the organization. Mentions that when EVD took his job with the American Railway Union he went from making $3,500 a year to $900. Tells Rogers that he is enclosing a clipping from the TERRE HAUTE STAR that should put the matter to rest. Mentions that he recently received a visit from W. G. Edens.
Letter to TD, 6/17/42. Tells TD that he is returning the clipping. Assures TD that it served its purpose well. Says that he read from it last night at the meeting he attended.
Letter to TD, 4/5/43. Says that since he caught pneumonia in Spokane, Washington that he has had to stop lecturing for a while and take a rest. Writes that wherever he speaks that he usually runs into at least one person who knew EVD as was the case with an old-timer he met in Mobile, Alabama. Tells TD that this man has a manuscript of the Burlington Strike that he is trying to get published. Says that one of W. G. Edens associates in the trainmen's union has asked him to write an article for a special anniversary issue of the organization's magazine. Mentions that if W. P. Borland is still alive that he is "keeping very quiet about it."
Letter to TD, 8/6/43. Writes that he has just heard about the death of William Burns. Says that he is feeling fine now and is back at work. Remarks that he does not plan to start another lecture tour until October if his doctor says that it is alright. Tells TD that he wonders if he would be interested in one of his books. Remarks that he has never bothered to say one of his books before because he figured that it would bore TD. Says that he remembers that EVD had an interest in Spiritualism. Asks that TD tell him where Tom Stanton is.
Letter to TD, 12/20/43. Writes that he is sorry to hear about TD's eye trouble. Says that he is sending TD a biography about Clarence Darrow. Tells TD that while the author gets some of the facts a little twisted that the book makes for a " rattling good story." Remarks that he is considering retiring after he gives 9 lectures in January.
Letter from TD, 1/12/44. Writes that he appreciated the copy of CLARENCE DARROW FOR THE DEFENSE that Rogers sent. Says that when the book about Clarence Darrow first came out that he went to the public library to get it but all of the copies were then out. Remarks that he has already had over a hundred pages read to him. Assures Rogers that the part about the Pullman Strike is " thrilling. " Tells Rogers that while all of the facts were not necessarily in chronological order that the author put the guilt where it properly belonged, that is, on Grover Cleveland and Richard Olney. Writes that he remembers that the breaking down of the prosecution's case came when Clarence Darrow examined the President of the General Managers' Association. Says that Clarence Darrow undercut the prosecution's case by showing that while the American Railway Union kept all of its proceedings public that the General Managers' Association kept their's private. Asks that Rogers nurse his strength.
Letter to TD, 12/15/44. Says that he has moved to Florida because the climate in California was not helping his recovery from pneumonia. Writes that within 2 weeks of being in Florida that all of his symptoms disappeared. Remarks that he is now planning a lecture tour for Florida in January. Tells TD that before he left California that he spent some time with Irving Stone. Assures TD that Irving Stone will create a vivid portrait of EVD. Mentions that TD should consider writing his memoirs.

Roniker, William:

Photocopy of sketch of EVD, 7/11/20. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that the sketch was done by a young Russian imprisoned with him at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia.

Root, Martha:

Letter to EVD, 7/24/21. Writes that she has not written sooner because she has been ill. Says that she went to Erie, Pennsylvania to shop for a dress. Mentions that while she was there that she saw the movie THE FAITH HEALER. Remarks that on her return trip home that she sat next to a blind man who supported his family by selling magazine subscriptions. Tells EVD that she has read a lot of his speeches. Informs EVD that she has never known a man who could speak "so directly to hearts." Writes that she feels that EVD will meet Abdul Baha and become a "Bahai so transcendent that Baha'o'llah, Abdul Baha and the Hosts of the Supreme Concourse will mold his life to uplift humanity." Assures EVD that she has thought of him every day. Says that EVD is a wonderful writer and an even more wonderful humanitarian. Tells EVD that it would be a great honor to meet him. Expresses the hope that Katherine Debs is feeling better. Writes that she has read in the papers where EVD is being released soon. Assures EVD that he is just as great as Abraham Lincoln.
Letter to TD, 9/1/21. Writes that Harry Daugherty's announcement in today's paper made her sick at heart. Tells TD that human rights are more important than property rights. Says that Baha'o'llah has provided the only plan for economic welfare that will ever work. Remarks that she has written Abdul Baha about EVD.
Letter to EVD on Piedmont Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia letterhead, 10/29/21. Assures EVD that she will never forget the visit she had with him today. Tells EVD that he looks good in prison clothes. Writes that EVD possesses the qualities that she admires most in a person. Says that when EVD meets Harry Randall that he will love him immediately. Explains that she will be proud if EVD met all of her friends, including Mountfort Mills, Ray Wilhelm, A. D. Watson, George Latimer, and Albert Vail. Says that TD, Katherine Debs, and "Ma" Baur will all see EVD soon. Tells EVD that she is sending him several booklets. Asks that EVD give one to the boy who "chaperoned" her visit with him. Writes that she pledges her service to EVD because her cause and his cause are now one. Tells EVD that she is about to start a speaking tour, covering several cities in the United States and Mexico. Says that she always speaks about the same thing, how vital the principles of the Bahai are.
Letter to EVD, 11/10/21. Writes that she loves EVD very much. Says that she is sending a mimeographed copy of a bulletin sent out of 550 Bahais. Remarks that she checks each day to see if EVD is out of prison yet. Includes a mimeographed copy of a bulletin saying that EVD has a very comprehensive grasp of Bahai principles. Says that if "socialism will embrace the spirit of the Bahai Cause, Bahai-Socialism can be one of the mightiest influences to uplift the masses."
Note from EVD to TD, 4/7/21. Says, "Rose leaves from the cut flowers sent by Martha Root."

Roper, S. R. G. :

Letter to EVD, 10/27/20. Assures EVD that he would gladly take his place in prison as would tens of thousands of others. Writes that when the present storm is over that socialists can resume their work in bringing "Peace on Earth and good will toward men." Includes a poem titled "Heroism."

Rose, Alex:

Telegram to TD, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the Millinery Workers Union, Local 24.

Rose, John:

Letter to EVD on Hotel Brunswick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania letterhead, 11/6/21. Untitled poem to EVD, 11/6/21.

Rose, Sumner W. :

Letter to EVD, 11/11/19. Tells EVD that he always ennobles those he writes about. Writes that he is appreciates everything that EVD, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus Christ have done for the common people. Says that he is sure that the socialist vote increased in the state of Mississippi in the last election. Remarks that he is glad to hear that EVD's heart is better. Tells EVD that if the warden will allow that he would like to send EVD some oranges and fresh oysters.
Letter to EVD, 12/21/19. Says that he is writing to wish EVD a Merry Christmas. Asks that EVD tell him if he knows Sam Moore because he sent him a package and wanted to make sure he got it. Assures EVD that he hears many people speaking sympathetically of him, even people who come from the "most selfish and conservative class in existence." Expresses the hope that there is a brighter day that is soon to dawn. Remarks that TD need not respond to his letter. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that he is glad that Rose sent Sam Moore a package because it was him that gave Sam Moore Rose's address to begin with. Tells TD that he deeply appreciated Rose's kindness to Sam Moore.
Letter to EVD, 5/1/20. Says that he stopped writing EVD for a while because he did not want continue overburdening TD by having him respond to every letter that he sent. Assures EVD that things are brightening along the horizon. Remarks that the longer that EVD is in prison the larger his vote will be in next year's Presidential election. Expresses the hope that EVD's health is well. Mentions that he has just written a letter to Kate Richards O'Hare. Says that Kate Richards O'Hare's confiners "out to go to their graves with the irradicable imprinted on their souls." Tells EVD that he can come to Biloxi, Mississippi to rest after his imprisonment.
Remarks that Petey Collins will be coming to Biloxi, Mississippi to discuss socialism, Bolshevism, and other -isms on 5/1/20.
Letter to EVD, 10/6/20. Says that there are ten thousand people like him but only one EVD, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus Christ. Remarks that he will be happy next month when he casts his vote for EVD. Tells EVD that there are a lot of poor people in Mississippi who are going to be voting for EVD.
Letter to EVD, 5/9/21. Says that he thought he would be writing EVD in Terre Haute, Indiana by now. Writes that Warren Harding will not even consider granting amnesty to America's political prisoners until after peace is declared. Remarks that he had a dream the other night where he met EVD on a train. Tells EVD that every day there are more and more men out of work. Mentions that his lodge of "Red Men" is organizing a baseball club. Writes that he has not played ball since he was a boy in Indiana. Mentions that Chet N. Edkins is one of the most kind hearted men that ever lived. Remarks that he met Chet N. Edkins in Greensburg, Indiana at the time of the American Railway Union "unpleasantness." Tells EVD that he published a paper called the HOOSIER BLADE in Greensburg, Indiana at the same time J. A. Wayland was publishing his paper THE COMING NATION.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 5/9/21. Writes that Rose had a great dream. Remarks that Rose is one of the tried and true old scouts in the movement.
Letter to EVD on Electric Goods Manufacturing Company letterhead, 8/30/21. Writes that he is afraid that St. Peter will not let him into heaven if he does not straighten himself out. Says that he is unable to find a religion that will run "10,000 miles without a puncture or a blowout." Remarks that he thinks that the best religion that he has seen belongs to the Spiritualists. Tells EVD that the world is filled with misery because the men in power are not seeking to make men, women, and children more happy. Says that he wishes that EVD was with him so that they could go fishing for trout. Writes that on Labor Day his lodge of "Red Men" is sponsoring a picnic. Assures EVD that there are many in Gulfport, Mississippi that remember his efforts there several years ago. Mentions that he has the best wife in the world because of the way that she has stood by him through both his Prohibitionism and his socialism.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 1/3/46. Writes that he received Cooper's card telling him of TD's death. Send condolences on TD's death.

Rosenberg, William Ludwig:

Letter to TD, 5/20/25. Says that he received TD's letter concerning the reprint of some of the poems in his book WORLD'S TREASON AND WORLD'S DOOM. Says that his poems in the book about EVD's trial in Cleveland, Ohio are considered as some of the best political poem around. Remarks that translating these poems into English was hard work. Includes untitled poems.
Letter to TD, 11/27/26. Tells TD that the translation of his poem in the ST. LOUIS LABOR contained a few errors. Asks that these errors be corrected before the poem is reprinted again. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Rosenspire, Leonora:

Letter to EVD, 12/23/20. Says that she is a 12 year old school girl. Assures EVD that she appreciates everything that he has done for humanity. Includes an untitled poem to brighten EVD's Christmas. Asks that EVD send her a response to her letter.

Rosenthal, Olga Judith:

Letter to EVD, 3/19/20. Writes that she heard from Carl Haessler, imprisoned at Alcatraz, that although prisoners may only write one letter a week that there is no limit on how much mail that they can receive. Says that her husband has grown tired of the Democratic party and has just applied to become a member of the Socialist Party. Tells EVD that Woodrow Wilson should be thanked for making so many socialists. Remarks that the time has come when for people to put their faith in socialism to solve the present ills. Mentions that her husband wants to become particularly involved in the Socialist Party's local elections in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tells EVD that she and her husband purchased David Karsner's book about EVD. Remarks that she heard from Rella Ritchell that EVD is in good health. Writes that she is going to Terre Haute, Indiana next week and plans on seeing Katherine Debs. Says that she is glad that EVD will be the Socialist Party's Presidential candidate because she wants to put her vote to good use.
Letter to EVD, 11/2/20. Writes that today was a red letter day for her. Tells EVD that she voted the straight socialist ticket. Says that when she got out of the polling booth that she felt like a prize fighter who just landed a "good wallop on his opponent." Remarks that she thinks that Victor Berger will win again. Writes that she went to a gathering on Saturday in honor of Carl Haessler who is now out of prison. Mentions that yesterday Carl Haessler resumed his work at the LEADER. Informs EVD that her brother-in-law came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Minneapolis, Minnesota to cast his vote for EVD. Mentions that her brother-in-law is getting pledges for the Jerusalem Printing Works so that "Hebrew literature will once more be disseminated throughout the world." Tells EVD that she thinks Palestine will be one of the first socialistic states in the world.

Ross, Harold W. :

Telegram to EVD, 9/10/20. Asks that EVD send a statement to the AMERICAN LEGION WEEKLY which discusses the kind of President that he would be if he was elected President. Asks that EVD not use the "exsoldier angle" in his statement.
Telegram from TD, 9/14/20. Tells Ross that EVD is unable to comply with his request. Says that prison rules prevent him from writing the statement that he wants. Remarks that if Ross writes to Otto Branstetter that he would be glad to make a statement presenting the Socialist Party's views.

Rothstein, Dorothy:

Untitled poem to EVD, 10/29/20.

Roundy, W. N.:

Note to TD, 10/20/26. Says that his prayers are with TD and his family.
Letter to TD, 11/14/26. Assures TD that EVD's work will go on. Tells TD that EVD's great quality was that he presented to men their unseen, hidden possibilities.

Rowe, Francis and Nita:

Letter to EVD, 1/29/20. Writes that they heard about the beautiful letter TD wrote to Miss Rinehart. Says that Miss Rinehart is a grand woman. Tells EVD that they have heard EVD lecture many times. Remarks that every time they saw EVD on the podium they were reminded of Jesus Christ. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 1/29/20. Writes that the Rowes are faithful comrades.

Royse, Clarence A. :

Letter to EVD on Royse, Dix and Cooper Law Offices letterhead, 5/21/17. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of Andre Cheradame's book PAN-GERMAN PLOT EXPOSED which he has just finished reading. Tells EVD that it is a book of great significance. Says that there is a similar book by Friedrich Naumann titled MITTELEUROPA. Remarks that these books set forth Germany's plot to gain "absolute control" of Europe and America. Expresses the hope that after EVD has read the book that he will add his voice to the appeal to get Russia to stay in the war.
Letter from EVD, 5/31/17. Tells Royse that he has absolutely no fear that German autocracy will destroy American democracy because the John D. Rockefellers, the J. P. Morgans are already doing it. Says that Americans do not need to go 3,000 miles to fight autocracy. Remarks that the German autocrats have committed no worse atrocities that those committed by John D. Rockefeller in Colorado and the English in Africa, India, and Egypt. Informs Royse that there are too many problems at home to be concerned about the problems abroad. Says that in a recent government report that two-thirds of the American people live below the poverty line. Explains that he is more concerned about "American food pirates" than Pan-Germanism.
Letter to TD on C. A. Royse Attorney and Counsellor at Law letterhead, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Rundle, Marquis A.:

Letter to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, 4/12/20. Writes that he has seen where a resolution has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding amnesty towards political prisoners. Asks that the Senate Judiciary Committee not let the resolution die. Assures the Senate Judiciary Committee that there has been enough foolishness in this country. Remarks that anyone who would support a law that prohibits free speech is a traitor. Writes that his father was a delegate at the convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln for President and then fought in the Civil War. Says that he will be "damned" if he will let the freedoms his father fought for be destroyed. Mentions that every day that EVD and Kate Richards O'Hare spend in prison the American government is that much more disgraceful.
Letter to A. Mitchell Palmer, 4/12/20. Says that Palmer should take anyone who is in favor of a law that suppresses the freedom of speech and banish them from America because they are doing more to destroy America than anything else. Also says that anyone who violates his oath of office should be deported. Tells Palmer that "those fellows" who are in support of the League of Nations and those that imprison men for exercising their constitutional rights should be deported, too. Says that the American people are determined to get an Amnesty Bill passed.
Letter to TD, 4/27/20. Assures TD that he has never given up the fight to get EVD released from prison. Says that there is never a day that goes by that he does not think of EVD of Kate Richards O'Hare. Remarks that he has often taken his last fifty cent piece to buy socialist literature over food. Writes that he prays for the day when EVD, Kate Richards O'Hare and the rest of the political prisoners will be back in their homes. Mentions that he is thankful that the American people are beginning to wake up and that the time is not too distant when the prison doors will swing open. Says that he thinks that England will form an alliance with other nations to attack the United States. Asks that TD give his love and best wishes to EVD.
Letter to TD, 11/28/20. Tells TD that he sent a letter to Woodrow Wilson and will send another one if the political prisoners are not released soon. Asks that TD send a copy of his letter to Woodrow Wilson to EVD so that he will know that he has not been forgotten. Says that he, his wife, son, and mother-in-law all voted for EVD. Writes that her mother-in-law said that she wanted to vote for EVD before she died.
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Expresses the hope that EVD recovers from his serious illness because the world needs him now more than ever before.

Rush, Debs Backus:

Letter to TD, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that he worshipped EVD. Writes that the time he spent with EVD in San Francisco, California was some of the most memorable in his life.

Russell, Charles Edward:

Telegram to EVD, 5/13/17. Asks that EVD write a letter introducing Russell to the comrades of Russia.

Russell, Phyllis:

Letter to EVD, 6/15/21. Writes that she deeply appreciated the visit she had with EVD. Says that she saw the artist in EVD as he talked to her. Tells EVD that she felt closer to him when she found out that like her EVD was of French descent. Assures EVD that he filled her with new hope.

Ruthenberg, C. E.:

Telegram to EVD, 3/6/19. Writes that he wonders if EVD has accepted the nomination to be the Socialist Party's international secretary. Says that if not that he would like to urge EVD to do so.
Letter to EVD on Workers Party of America letterhead, 7/6/25. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of his appeal to the trade unions, the Socialist Party, and other workers' organization to join the united front to fight led by the Workers Party of America, the All-American Anti-Imperialist League, and the Trade Union Educational League against American, English, Japanese, and French involvement in China. Asks that EVD write him about his opinion of the matter.
Letter from EVD, 7/13/25. Writes that the Socialist Party is currently considering its stance on the Chinese situation. Says that until this is decided that he cannot give Ruthenberg his opinion of the matter. Remarks that considering the relations between the Workers Party of America and the Socialist Party that he personally thinks that a united front would be futile.

Ryan, Frank:

Ryan, Frank:    SEE    Augusto, Allie.

Ryan, Margaret M.:

Postcard to EVD, 11/6/20. Writes that last Tuesday that he had the great pleasure of voting for "prisoner no. 9653. " Says that EVD's name will live on while his jailers turn to dust.

Ryckman, J. H.:

Letter to EVD on J. H. Ryckman, Attorney at Law letterhead, 4/30/18. Writes that he is enclosing the deed to the Long Beach, California property left to EVD by Susan M. J. Craven. Says that he, comrade Downing, and Fanny Bixby have been named by Cameron H. King to act as the property's trustees. Remarks that Susan M. J. Craven's husband is attempting to trying to retain possession of the property to prevent it from going to EVD and the Socialist Party.
Letter to TD on J. H. Ryckman, Attorney at Law letterhead, 5/16/18. Writes that Susan M. J. Craven left her husband nothing but her personal property because he treated her very badly. Says that her house is worth about $3,000. Tells TD that the Socialist Party of California is thinking about renting the property until it can be sold.
Letter to EVD on J. H. Ryckman, Attorney at Law letterhead, 5/25/18. Says that he is sending EVD a leaflet regarding the current situation of Robert Whitaker. Mentions that he is also sending EVD a poem by Floyd Hardin, who was a Methodist minister at the time of his arrest last October. Writes that the poem shows what effect the Espionage Act is having on the church in California.
Letter to TD, 8/2/18. Writes that some time ago Susan M. J. Craven left EVD some property which he then donated to the Socialist Party of California. Says that Susan M. J. Craven made a mistake in the description of the property and left a deed for a lot that she had already sold.

Ryerson, Orlando F. :

Letter to EVD, 8/23/18. Says that he appreciated EVD's kinds words about him in the OAKLAND WORLD. Tells EVD that he is hope that the "enemies of free speech" will be overthrown. Also expresses the hope that the love of EVD's comrades will rejuvenate him so that EVD can continue his work. Tells EVD that in 1912 he wrote a poem titled "Columbus" and is enclosing it for his personal use.

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