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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "U"

Ulrich, O. E. :

Letter to TD, 4/17/20. Says that he is sending TD a couple of his poem songs. Remarks that one is about EVD. Assures TD that one day EVD will be out of prison. Mentions that one of the poems he composed while he, himself, was in prison. Includes one untitled poem and one titled "How Long Shall It Be."

"Uncle Bill" :

Form letter, n.d. Says that the enclosed manuscript can be used in any way by the receiver. Asks that if the receiver decides to publish any part of it to give some money to a homeless shelter, an orphanage, or a children's hospital. Includes a poem titled "Jimmie Jones in Heaven."

Unidentified Correspondents :

Incomplete letter from EVD on City Clerk's Office letterhead, 6/20/1882. Writes that a Mrs. M is a sweet looking woman. Says that she is the type of person who could be liked by her picture alone. Remarks that she looks so young and girlish that it is hard to believe that she is married.
Letter to Mr. Lloyd from [name illegible] on New Amsterdam Hotel, New York City, New York letterhead, 12/26/1896. Writes that Clement XI was an Albani. Says that he is sending Lloyd a rough design for a book plate. Remarks that the design is based on a German seal. Tells Lloyd that the signs of heraldry are not as determined on the continent as they are in England.
Letter from EVD, 7/11/13. Writes that there was mistake in his report on the strike in West Virginia. Remarks that although Glasscock arrested the strikers their trial began on 3/7/13, 3 days after Henry Hatfield became Governor. Says that nevertheless martial law was declared while Glasscock was still Governor.
Letter to TD, 10/9/18. Writes that he is leaving for Chicago, Illinois next weekend. Says that he has borrowed enough money to take him to England. Remarks that if publicity in England of EVD's and Tom Mooney's imprisonment will help to save them then he will do plenty of it. Writes that he has just met with E. D. Nolan, the Secretary-Treasurer of the International Workers' Defense League, who has given him some important information about Tom Mooney. Asks that TD have EVD write something for the workers of Europe. Says that he would have liked to have met EVD and TD before he leaves but will have to wait to do so until he returns.
Letter to EVD from [name illegible], 10/11/20. Writes that the first time he will vote is in the upcoming election. Assures EVD that his first vote will go to EVD. Says that he has 3 friends who will also be voting for EVD. Asks that EVD tell him whether or not he remembers his old Sunday school teacher Reverend Sage. Says that Reverend Sage often talked about EVD with him. Remarks that he is delaying a trip to Europe to spend some time with his wife. Writes that he was wounded in the war. Mentions that the war was hell. Tells EVD that what was even more hellish was coming home to find the man the workers call " the second Christ " behind bars. Assures EVD that no man possesses a greater courage than EVD.
Incomplete letter to EVD, 10/23/20. Writes that he has heard that EVD's refuses to leave his prison cell because he is a Leninist. Says that the veracity of this rumors does not matter since EVD has proclaimed individualism as failure even before ending up in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Tells EVD that if he had the power he would strip the individual of his private rights, including the right of people think for themselves. Assures EVD that his doctrines do not appeal to any man who believes in thinking for himself because if EVD's form of society was realized "all that civilization has accomplished in politics and industrial matters would dwindle away into nothingness." Writes that EVD should be sent to Moscow, Russia so that he could be with V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.
Letter to EVD, 11/13/20. Writes that she is the oddest of mortals. Says that some years ago she felt so entirely out of harmony with the world that she did not consider it worth living. Tells EVD that a friend of hers told her to adjust and she did. Remarks that she still does not fit in well. Mentions that she has an intensely active mind. Writes that some of her thoughts are so shocking that she thinks that if they were put into print they would be instantly suppressed and she would be thrown in jail. Mentions that she wrote on a war registration card that her sex was neutral. Tells EVD that there are mortals who are "over-sexed, under-sexed, anti-sexed, non-sexed, double-sexed, third-sexed, neuter-sexed, God-sexed, and . . . neutral-sexed." Writes that women have been referred to as anything from a " biological savage" to a "skirt" by American poets, professors, priests, politicians, among others. Says that in ordinary life she has been called "Woman, Lady, Madame, Mrs., Miss, Girl, Little Girl, Girlie, Sweetheart, Darling, Dear, Dearie, Honey, Kid, and best of all, Sister." Remarks that for someone who is so distant she is surprised that she has been called sweet and lovable. Tells EVD that a little boy walked into a candy store and used the terms "Ma'am" and "Little girl" when talking to a "new woman" because he did not know what she wanted to be called. Says that although he is often alone she is never lonely. Mentions that Bernard Shaw would call her an " unsocial Socialist. " Tells EVD that it is hard to tell what the lower classes will do. Writes that a Republican is a hard-working independent person who has eaten too much pudding. Informs EVD that a Democrat is more of a conundrum. Remarks that if she had to preach today she would use the story of Joseph and his brothers as her text. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that this woman has a "militant mind" that while "scrambled" has a certain method to its madness. Remarks that he thinks that the letter might be from Corinne Brown.
Letter to EVD, 3/6/21. Asks that EVD keep up his courage. Says that there are many people who love him. Includes a poem titled "Sonnet."
Letter to EVD, 3/27/21. Says that he is writing to send EVD Easter greetings. Remarks that the flowers that he is sending EVD are a reflection of his "purity and beauty."
Letter to Unknown from Unknown, 8/26/21. Writes that when D. C. Westenhaver confirmed EVD's conviction he acted on the assumption that " American citizens can be prosecuted for freely expressing their views on certain matters. " Says that D. C. Westenhaver has taken this view in spite of the Constitution. Remarks that D. C. Westenhaver sent a letter to Daniel Kiefer telling him that EVD committed and plotted crimes against America. Writes that whereas Henry Ford's rights are upheld by the Constitution EVD's are denied.
Letter to J. W. from [name illegible], 8/11/?. Writes that J. W.'s message has been like a flood of sunshine. Says that J. W.'s words of comradely love touched him deeply. Tells J. W. that the revolutionary spirits of the world are gathering their forces and the day of emancipation is drawing near.
Letter from TD, n.d. Writes that he appreciated the letter and booklets. Says that EVD never laid claim to infallibility. Remarks that a biography of EVD's life has been considered by several people but there have been no definite plans by any of them to write one yet.
Letter to TD, n.d. Writes that if funeral arrangements have not been made yet that he recommends that the funeral take place in Chicago, Illinois next Saturday or Sunday. Remarks that the members of the Socialist Party's National Executive Committee should be wired to attend.
Letter from TD on Social Democracy of America letterhead, n.d. Sends condolences on the death of Ada.
Letter from EVD, n.d. Writes that the dispatch he received from Washington would make "the blood of a stone image boil." Says that if Woodrow Wilson did not have the "hide of a pachyderm" he could not stand it. Remarks that the women of Washington are making history and will lead to the winning of the war for women everywhere. Says that he revels in their valor and only wished that he could help them in their fight. Writes that the soldiers, sailors, and marines assaulting these "brave, unarmed, defenseless" women should have their heads shot off. Expresses the hope that these women are thorns in Woodrow Wilson's side. Says that from the beginning of his public career Woodrow Wilson has been evading the Woman Question because of his desire to not offend the "Bourbon democracy of the South." Writes that the "'nigger'-hating democratic . . . party of dixie-land determines Wilson's anti-woman policy. " Expresses the hope that God blesses the women of Washington being assaulted for asserting their rights.
Note from TD, n.d. Writes that the days pass on with the war pouring billions of lives into the "hoppers of Mars " and treacherous diplomats only adding to the torture of the helpless.

Unidentified Poets :

Untitled poem, 5/30/21.
Untitled poem to EVD, 10/24/21. Includes a note from EVD to TD asking that TD save this poem.
Poem titled "A Dream," 11/3/21. Includes a note from EVD to TD asking that TD save this poem. Remarks that it is a sweet little poem.
Poem titled "Invictus" on Lindlahr Sanitarium letterhead, n.d.
Poem titled "Debs vs. Capital," n.d.
Poem titled "The Phantom Stage," n.d.
Poem titled "Debs on Trial," n.d.
Poem titled "The Internationale," n.d.
Untitled poem, n.d.
Untitled poem, n.d.

United Electric Company:

Copy of letter from TD, 1/20/15. Writes that the United Electric Company's " Tuec Stationary Cleaner " may live up to its claims, but that he regards anything endorsed by Elbert Hubbard with "extreme suspicion " since he found out in the United States Commission of Industrial Relations' reports that Elbert Hubbard tried to obtain $200,000 of John D. Rockefeller's "tainted plunder." Remarks that he is sure that Elbert Hubbard would be willing to promote anything from a "windy breakfast food" to a "particular brand of pile cure " to sell more copies of THE FRA.

Untermann, Ernest:

Letter to EVD, 11/18//11. Writes that he is glad that EVD has agreed to help him in the matter concerning his daughter, Elsa Untermann, and George Shoaf. Says that those who knew what happened to Elsa Untermann made no attempt to protect her in any way. Remarks that Piet Vlag, the editor of THE MASSES, knew what was up in early September, but did not notify him because he was more interested in locating George Shoaf. Mentions that Piet Vlag sent Elsa Untermann to Holland. Informs EVD that Piet Vlag intercepted a letter from George Shoaf to Else Untermann written a month after he was supposedly killed. Says that Piet Vlag then offered the letter to Fred Warren for a price. Tells EVD that Fred Warren sent Ben Warren to secure the letters. Writes that he was contacted by Piet Vlag only after Fred Warren refused to pay him. Says that he wrote Fred Warren who refused to tell him anything about the matter whatsoever. Assures EVD that she has never met with such " scoundrelly treachery " in the socialist movement. Writes that Fred Warren and Piet Vlag are playing with his daughter's life to get to George Shoaf. Remarks that he was right to warn EVD about George Shoaf. Says that EVD is too close to the APPEAL TO REASON not to become involved. Tells EVD that before he can help insure that his daughter gets justice he needs to define his position towards Fred Warren and Piet Vlag. Says that George Shoaf has been seducing underage girls for years. Writes that it is too late now for anyone to try to convince him that Fred Warren knew nothing of the matter until it was too late. Assures EVD that he is not going to keep quiet any longer even though Victor Berger, among others, is trying to prevent him from going to the rank and file of the Socialist Party for support. Remarks that since the Associated Press, the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association, and the Pinkerton Agency are all trying to suppress this matter that it ought to be proof that George Shoaf " knew something and did something which helped them more than it did the Socialist Party." Asks that EVD demand the truth from Fred Warren.
Copy of letter from EVD, 11/24/11. Tells Untermann that if he must choose between Untermann and Fred Warren he chooses Fred Warren. Assures Untermann that Fred Warren would never have asked him to make such a choice. Says that if he yielded such a choice it would make him "craven, unworthy the respect, to say nothing of the friendship, of any decent man. " Writes that since Untermann was probably laboring under great stress he is going to overlook his insults. Informs Untermann that he has no right to denounce Fred Warren the way that he did. Assures Untermann that no matter what Fred Warren had done it would not have changed Elsa Untermann's fate. Remarks that Fred Warren was just doing what he needed to do to protect the APPEAL TO REASON as any other man would have done. Informs Untermann that he is more than willing to help Elsa Untermann but not in the way that Untermann proposes because it is the course of a "madman." Writes that he has no stomach for domestic scandals. Says that he thinks that it is wrong to make the injustice that has been done to Elsa Untermann a party affair because it only lead to an everlasting "seal of condemnation" on her reputation. Remarks that if Elsa Untermann has been wronged it is because of one man and he must be held accountable.Tells Untermann that if he continues to press the Socialist Party to involve itself in this matter that he will be placed under public scrutiny. Says that while he sympathizes with Untermann he cannot join him in exploiting his daughter's misfortune and condemning innocent men.

Untermeyer, Louis:

Letter to Mabel Dunlap Curry, 11/6/20. Writes that he was happy to receive EVD's beautiful tribute. Assures Curry that such tributes make the whole struggle worth while. Says that in new anthology of prominent American poets his poem about EVD appears. Remarks that he is sending Curry a copy of this book to give to EVD. Tells Curry that if EVD would like a copy of his book CHALLENGE he would be happy to send it. Says that if EVD dropped him a line he would have something to leave his 12 year old " bolshevik."

Ushkuris, Vincent R. G. :

Letter to EVD, 11/5/21. Says that he thought that the Unitarians would come to EVD's aid during their convention. Writes that he was dismayed to learn that the delegates to the convention characterized EVD as a common rebel rather than a "victim of capitalistic greed and persecution." Assures EVD that the loving multitudes are in loving esteem of him.

Uzzel, Thomas H. :

Letter to EVD, 4/3/18. Asks that EVD send him a statement on the prospects of the Socialist Party in the upcoming national election. Says that he would like to use the statement as part of an article he is preparing for the Foreign Press Service. Remarks that he is helping the Foreign Press Service prepare copy for newspapers in Russia where he lived for 2 years. Writes that the managing editor of the Foreign Press Service, Ernest Poole, wants to send Russia and other foreign countries information about America's radical movements.
Copy of letter from EVD, 4/6/18. Says that he is convinced that the Socialist Party is in "better condition than ever before " and that the outlook is good for a "decided increase" in the socialist vote. Writes that although there was a dip in the Socialist Party's membership rolls during the war that he has received word from the national secretary that the "growth of the party at this time is more rapid than ever before."

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