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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "V"

Valenti, G. :

Letter to TD on Comitato Propaganda letterhead, 9/1/26. Says that he is writing to warn TD that some communists may try to camouflage themselves as innocent anti-fascists to get EVD's endorsement of their Anti-Fascist Alliance. Tells TD that after hearing of this plan he asked James Oneal to send TD a telegram about it. Expresses the hope that TD receives both the telegram and the letter before the communists get to him. Remarks that if EVD endorses the Anti-Fascist Alliance that it will be detrimental to the Socialist Party who has started its own anti-fascist organization, the Anti-Fascist League for the Freedom of Italy. Mentions that EVD has already been named the honorary chairperson of this organization.

Van Buskirk, S. A. :

Letter to TD, 1/23/20. Writes that he is glad that EVD appreciated the poems that he sent. Assures TD that this appreciation was worth all of the effort he put into writing them. Says that such appreciation has inspired him to write more poems. Remarks that his poems are the outpouring of a soul filled with love and liberty. Writes that he would rather be EVD in prison than a hypocrite in the White House. Mentions that he is preparing for a trip to Long Beach, California. Says that while he is in California he plans on visiting Upton Sinclair. Includes poems titled " The Undesirable Citizen " and " The Desirable Citizen. "

Van Essen, William J. :

Letter to EVD on Dr. William J. Van Essen, Optometrist and Optician letterhead, 5/6/26. Says that the Socialist Party's convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a success. Assures EVD that he was missed. Remarks that at the mass meetings there was an oil painting of EVD by Martin B. Leisser on display. Writes that if EVD had been at the convention that the delegates were going to give him the painting as a surprise. Remarks that currently the painting is on display at one of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania finest art galleries. Mentions that it will be shipped to EVD in the next couple of weeks. Says as the chairman of the convention he received many compliments. Tells EVD that the comrades of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania helped the organizing committee meet all of the convention's expenses. Writes that all of the meetings were well attended. Mentions that Morris Hillquit's speech before the "Hungrey Club" was a "masterpiece," enabling 800 of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's engineers, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen to gain an appreciation of the socialist point of view. Writes that he was elected to the National Executive Committee during the convention. Expresses the hope that he can live up to the responsibility placed upon him. Says that he is sending EVD a quilt made by Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hignet. Expresses the hope that EVD has a speedy recovery from his illness so that he can some day visit the comrades in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Letter to EVD on Dr. William J. Van Essen, Optometrist and Optician letterhead, 7/10/26. Says that in the next 10 days he will be shipping Martin B. Leisser's painting of EVD. Writes that the reason that it is so late in the coming is because Martin B. Leisser wanted to do some touch-up work on it before he shipped it. Remarks that this touch-up work was delayed until he finished a painting commissioned by the Philadelphia Exposition of Stephen C. Foster. Expresses the hope that EVD has fully recovered from the attack that he had on 5/2/26.
Telegram to TD, 10/22/26. Writes that Mrs. Van Essen has made the appropriate vocal selections for EVD's funeral. Says that if TD desires he should have the accompanist rehearse on Saturday morning.

Van Horn, C. W. :

Letter to EVD on Van Horn and Van Horn, Chiropractors letterhead, 11/13/20. Says that he is writing EVD because he has thought of him nearly every day since his imprisonment. Tells EVD that he has named his fourth child, a girl, after Mabel Heath Palmer and EVD. Says that he heard EVD speak in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1910. Remarks that this speech converted him to socialism. Writes that he has been voting the straight socialist ticket since then. Tells EVD that his imprisonment is a disgrace to this country. Remarks that he admires EVD's stand regarding a pardon.

Van Lear, Thomas:

Letter to EVD on International Association of Machinists, Lodge No. 32 letterhead, 11/16/16. Writes that his victory in the mayoral campaign in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota "by the largest number of votes ever given any candidate for Mayor in the history of this city" was splendid. Assures EVD that he is going to do everything in his power to make the lives of the workers a little bit brighter and better and run a clean and honest administration.

Van Valkenburgh, W. S.

Van Valkenburgh, W. S.    SEE ALSO    Goldman, Emma

Van Valkenburgh, W. S. :

Letter to EVD on Elliott-Fisher Company letterhead, 1/6/26. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of a letter he received from Havelock Ellis and a copy of an article that Emma Goldman submitted to the LONDON DAILY HERALD. Remarks that Emma Goldman wanted EVD to have a copy of this article.
Copy of letter from EVD, 1/15/26. Says that he received the information that Van Valkenburgh sent. Assures Van Valkenbugh that he would be happy to receive any other letters or articles that Van Valkenburgh saw fit to send. Writes that he has always had the " highest personal regard " for Emma Goldman whose "high ability no one who knows her can fail to recognize. " Remarks that although he is not an anarchist he has enough vision to appreciate what Emma Goldman is doing for the proletariat cause. Tells Van Valkenburgh that he blushes to think of the way that Emma Goldman was treated by the United States government with her "farcical trial and her cruel deportation." Mentions that he was shocked to learn about the treatment Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman received when they went to Soviet Russia. Writes that he only met Alexander Berkman once and that was when they were both inmates at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Remarks that he has always had the " highest respect " for Alexander Berkman because he is a "brave fighter for the working class." Says that he is surprised that the LONDON DAILY HERALD would not print Emma Goldman's story since she would never lie to vindicate herself. Writes that socialists, communists, and anarchists are all entitled to know what it really happening in Russia. Informs Van Valkenburgh that although he has supported Soviet Russia since its creation he is opposed to the way this country has suppressed it opposition. Tells Van Valkenburgh that he is against the policy that put many of the brave fighters of the Russian Revolution in prison. Asks that Van Valkenburgh remember him to Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman the next time he corresponds with them.
Letter to EVD, 1/21/26. Says that he was pleased to get EVD's letter. Assures EVD's respect for Emma Goldman is reciprocal. Tells EVD that he thinks that Emma Goldman is one of the "outstanding women of modern times." Remarks that the United States has not even approached producing another woman of her " intellectual attainments. " Says that he was not surprised to learn about the conditions in Soviet Russia. Tells EVD that most anarchists went to Russia in hopes of finding a haven from persecution. Writes that he does not think that the editor of the DAILY HERALD published Emma Goldman's article because Britain if afraid to offend the Soviet Union, whose markets are needed for British goods. Remarks that Emma Goldman has been harassed by Russian agents since her arrival in Britain. Remarks that anarchists will never be treated well under any government, whether it is socialist or run by the Catholic Church. Mentions that he will send a copy of EVD's letter to Emma Goldman.
Copy of letter from EVD, 1/28/26. Writes that he does not agree that Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman should have expected to receive the kind of treatment that they did in Russia. Says that there are other ways of dealing with "counter revolutionists" besides wholesale persecution, imprisonment, and exile. Tells Van Valkenburgh that he does not think that all anarchists would be silenced under a socialist government. Assures Van Valkenburgh that this would not occur when his brand of socialism attained power. Remarks that the time will come when there will be no government as the term is currently understood.
Letter to EVD, 3/31/26. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of a letter he received from Emma Goldman. Says that if EVD would like to reply to Emma Goldman's letter that the reply should be sent to him. Mentions that Emma Goldman is currently in Britain teaching some courses on theater history. Says that after she is finished teaching she will be returning to France where she lives " incognito. " Tells EVD that he has been following the reports relating to his attempt to secure passports to go to Bermuda. Remarks that THE WORLD has taken a consistent stand towards EVD ever since his Canton, Ohio speech. Expresses the hope that by the time EVD gets his letter that his troubles with the Department of Labor will be a thing of the past. Writes that he would be happy to publish anything EVD would see to give him in the pages of MOTHER EARTH.
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Writes that EVD was one of "America's great Sons." Says that although he opposed EVD's political convictions he never opposed the man.
Letter to TD, 10/1/27. Informs TD that there is a fund being collected to enable Emma Goldman to write her memoirs. Says that Harold Young, the playwright, started the fund. Tells TD that contributors to this fund have been Peggy Vail, Arthur Garfield Hays, Arthur Leonard Ross, Theodore Dreiser, among others. Asks that TD add his list to the name of contributors. Says that he is writing TD because of the interest he has shown in Emma Goldman's work for freedom. Remarks that TD's check should be made out Emma Goldman Colton. Mentions that Emma Goldman will acknowledge the receipt of all contributions personally.
Letter to TD, 10/13/27. Writes that he appreciated TD's frank response to his letter of 10/1/27. Says that he is sure that TD would contribute to the fund for Emma Goldman if he could. Expresses the hope that TD soon recovers his health.
Letter to TD on Emma Goldman Memoirs Fund letterhead, 1/22/28. Says that he has put TD's moral support for Emma Goldman to good use by making him a founder of the Emma Goldman Memoirs Fund. Remarks that he is using TD's name because he thought that it would help to get funds. Tells TD that Victor Berger has made a generous donation. Asks that TD write a message of greeting to Emma Goldman who will be leaving Toronto, Canada on 1/29/28. Says that this greeting will help arouse interest in Emma Goldman's forthcoming memoirs.
Letter to TD on Emma Goldman Memoirs Fund letterhead, 2/7/28. Writes that Emma Goldman sent him TD's message to her. Says that Emma Goldman has asked him to thank TD for the message.

Vanzetti, Bartolomeo

Vanzetti, Bartolomeo    SEE ALSO    Abbot, Leonard D.     and SEE ALSO    Blackwell, Alice Stone     and SEE ALSO    Donovan, Mary    SEE ALSO    Moro, Joseph,     and SEE ALSO    Sacco, Nicola

Vanzetti, Bartolomeo :

Letter to EVD, 9/29/23. Writes that it has been a long time since EVD's "unforgettable" visit. Tells EVD that he wants to him to know of his gratitude, respect, and love. Says that he is an "extreme" anarchist. Remarks that Italian anarchists have a great affection of EVD. Writes that EVD and Lucy Parsons are the only 2 people he wanted to meet in America. Says that now he has met both of them. Tells EVD that he once went to hear him speak in Charlestown, Ohio but that EVD cancelled the meeting. Says that even though he and EVD belong to different schools of socialism that he still considers EVD to be his teacher. Writes that he looks up to EVD because he has risen above the narrow limits of parties and sects. Assures EVD that if only a minority of people would follow his lead the future would be above the " dreams of many dreamers. " Tells EVD that he expects to be in court next week.
Letter to EVD, 1/30/26. Writes that he thinks of EVD every day of his life. Says that he has been busy translating J. P. Proudhon's SECLECTED PAGES OF THE WAR AND THE PEACE from Italian in to English. Tells EVD that J. P. Proudhon's book is " magistral. " Expresses the hope that EVD is feeling well now.
Incomplete letter to EVD, 5/31/26. Writes that he read EVD's appeal in the DAILY WORKER. Says that both he and Nicola Sacco appreciated it. Tells EVD that the Massachusetts Supreme Court has refused to hear his case. Remarks that the district attorney is trying to get an early date for sentencing. Assures EVD that the "enemy" is going to kill him and Nicola Sacco as soon as possible because the "enemy" thinks that once they are dead all of the agitation will stop. Writes that he is innocent. Says that there are many people out there positive of his innocence. Remarks that he is sorry to hear that EVD has been ill.
Letter to EVD, 6/26/26. Says that he is writing to let EVD know what has been happening. Writes that on 6/23/26 a fellow prisoner named James Castellucci was set free for proving to the court that he was innocent. Remarks that the press has made a knight out of James Castellucci. Tells EVD that the same press that treats him and Nicola Sacco like "rogues" have called James Castellucci a knight and has gone so far as to hide the facts to favor him. Says that he is surprised that James Castellucci was released because he is a repeat offender. Writes that he cannot believe the difference there is between his case and that James Castellucci.
Letter to TD, 8/5/26. Says that he is writing TD because he is afraid that EVD might still be ill and does not want to disturb him. Writes that there has been another delay in his case. Says that the reason for this delay is that Webster Thayer has come down with pneumonia. Tells TD that the new district attorney, W. M. Wilbur has made it clear that he is seeking the death penalty. Writes that he thinks that the delay in his case has occurred because the powers want to wait until after the election to resolve the matter. Mentions that he is fairly certain that a new trial will not be granted.
Letter to TD, 11/3/26. Writes that he received TD's letter sent from Lindlahr Sanitarium. Says that EVD has been " killed " because he was "too good."
Letter to TD, 11/3/26. Says that he has been concerned about EVD's health and life for a long time. Tells TD that his ill health is due to his imprisonment at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Writes that he feels guilty for asking EVD for help when he was calm and rested. Remarks that he would have written TD sooner but that 7 years of imprisonment have " worked their way upon and within " him. Assures TD that he is with him in his time of sorrow. Expresses the hope that TD received the letter asking that TD allow him to write a short biographical sketch of EVD's life. Says that EVD was " the only man of this nation, capable and willing to free us." Asks that TD send him EVD's " Liberty Speech."
Letter to TD, 11/25/26. Says that he is getting ready to write his biographical sketch of EVD's life with the help of Alice Stone Blackwell. Expresses the hope that his Italian comrades will be able to send EVD's article on Woodrow Wilson's refusal to release him from prison. Remarks that he received a letter from Alice Stone Blackwell today with a message from James Oneal in it. Expresses the hope that TD is taking care of himself. Tells TD that he has to write a couple of articles about his case before he starts writing EVD's biographical sketch.
Letter to TD, 12/19/26. Writes that he appreciated the information TD sent him on EVD and the article "What His Neighbors Say of Him." Informs TD that he expects only "misery and death" from the judge in charge of his case. Says that he is getting ready to struggle tooth and nail for his liberty. Remarks that he is sorry to learn that TD is ill. Writes that the last 15 years have been difficult ones for servants of "good will." Assures TD that the dead exist in the living. Asks that TD rest and take care of his health.
Copy of letter from TD, 4/12/27. Tells Vanzetti that if the Massachusetts Supreme Court's decision does not " arouse spontaneous indignation and resentment on the part of the organized workers in this country, especially in Massachusetts, then they are as dead of heart and conscience as the Sphinx." Assures Vanzetti that he does not think that this is true and that a "a wave of indignant protest" will force an "honest" investigation of Nicola Sacco's and Vanzetti's case. Says that he is happy to see that even many capitalist papers are demanding a "thorough investigation " of Nicola Sacco's and Vanzetti's case. Writes that he is still sure that Nicola Sacco and Vanzetti will be freed. Remarks that when he received Vanzetti's letter dated 12/19/27 he was ill in bed. Assures Vanzetti that his letter stirred all of his emotions and touched him to the core of his heart. Asks that Vanzetti be brave for just a little longer.
Letter to TD, 4/15/27. Says that it is a consolation to both him and Nicola Sacco that TD is still alive and supporting them. Expresses the hope that TD's optimistic attitude will prove right. Informs TD that his and Nicola Sacco's fate has been left to perjurers, a hostile jury, and a bunch of reactionaries. Tells TD that the powers that be fear a new trial because of the crimes committed in framing him and Nicola Sacco. Says that as far as the capitalist courts are concerned he and Nicola Sacco are dispatched. Remarks that their only hope lies in the executive power of the Governor. Writes that he does not want to ask for a pardon because neither he nor Nicola Sacco are guilty. Tells TD that he and Nicola Sacco expect to " burn " towards the middle of next July. Says that the only reason why they are still alive is because of the world-wide protest, especially in Europe and Latin America, against the wretchedness of their persecutors. Informs TD that only the people and workers of America can save him and Nicola Sacco. Assures TD that if EVD were alive they would have been freed by now. Writes that although the American proletariat has done much on their behalf, the workers of America have been unable to free their hostages, including he and Nicola Sacco, EVD, Tom Mooney, Warren Billings, and the imprisoned members of the Industrial Workers of the World. Mentions that "professional" criminals get a much better in court than the "champions of the working class," who are left in prison to die. Writes that his and Nicola Sacco's case is part of the larger struggle between capital and labor. Remarks that in this case capital has been victorious. Says that there is no need for TD to send him and Nicola Sacco money. Tells TD that they have everything that they need.
Letter to TD, 6/11/27. Writes that in TD's heart the same flame burns as that which burned in EVD's. Says that TD is able to understand his and Nicola Sacco's case better than even he can. Remarks that he never expected so many protests to be held in their behalf. Tells TD that he is sure that the state of Massachusetts will do with he and Nicola Sacco as the state of California has done to Tom Mooney and Warren Billings. Mentions that he heard that a serious effort will be made this year to get Tom Mooney and Warren Billings out of prison. Expresses the hope that TD is in good health.
Letter to TD, 7/22/27. Writes that William Thompson gave him TD's letter yesterday. Says that he shared TD's hope for his and Nicola Sacco case for a short while. Tells TD that he is sure that the commission looking into the case are " set against us. " Remarks that William Thompson has done wonders for him and Nicola Sacco. Writes that if it had not been for him he and Nicola Sacco would have been killed a long time ago. Informs TD that he and Nicola Sacco are so sure that they are to be executed that they have sent for their relatives. Remarks that he has a picture of EVD to cheer and fortify him. Says that he has never felt the maternal love from a woman that he felt emanating from EVD when he visited him. Mentions that it has been 8 days since he started fasting. Writes that he is not in pain. Remarks that Nicola Sacco is suffering terrible mental strain.

Varian, John O. :

Letter to EVD, ?/?/21. Says that Ellen Veblan asked him if he wanted to send EVD a message with her letter. Writes that he has decided to send EVD a copy of his version of the "Marseillaise." Remarks that he wrote it because he did not like the English translation of the song. Tells EVD that he is an an old socialist who supports both the single-tax and Sein Feinism. Includes a copy of the "Marseillaise."
Letter to EVD, ?/?/21. Says that he considers EVD a king among men. Writes that he is a theosophist and of Irish descent. Remarks that the only kings he believes in are those that are chosen by the people. Tells EVD that his door is always to him. Mentions that he remembers when he sang for one of EVD's meetings in San Louis Obispo, California.

Varney, Harold L. :

Letter to EVD, 12/12/17. Writes that he has been a national organizer of the Industrial Workers of the World for the past 6 years. Says that he is only one of two national organizers not being indicted. Remarks that he has often regretted that EVD was not on a member of the Industrial Workers of the World because he thinks that EVD could have made the Industrial Workers of the World a " titanic force " in America. Writes that the time may have not been ripe for EVD to throw his lot in with the Industrial Workers of the World since the organization has been aiming its efforts at migrant workers. Tells EVD that the present persecutions demand action; otherwise, socialism will be "beaten to death." Informs EVD that the Industrial Workers of the World is the backbone of the revolution in the labor movement. Says that because of this the government has made a concerted attack on the Industrial Workers of the World, leading to the imprisonment of William Haywood and 165 others. Remarks that despite this persecution the Industrial Workers of the World is growing by the hundreds. Mentions that many of these new affiliates are from the Socialist Party. Tells EVD that these new members are without a leader. Writes that it is time for the Industrial Workers of the World to change its course. Asks that EVD join the Industrial Workers of the World. Says that with EVD as the organization's leader thousands of workers will fill its ranks. Mentions that EVD has the power to align the Industrial Workers of the World with the United Hebrew Trades and the United Mine Workers of America. Writes that he does not want to see the Industrial Workers of the World get crushed.

Veblen, Ellen R. :

Letter to EVD, 6/30/21. Expresses the hope that EVD's inner power is a comfort to him in prison. Says that for 22 years she was the wife of Thorstein Veblen, a "thorough materialist." Writes that a recent experience with table tipping has caused her to question her philosophic outlook. Tells EVD that he should try it. Mentions that he got a message from Jesus Christ.
Letter to EVD, 8/?/21. Says that she was a "joyful pagan" until 6/16/21. Writes that she has been visiting a temple near her house that is proving to be a wonderful social center. Tells EVD that life is pure in the temple and almost as sinless as is humanly possible. Mentions that there is absolute obedience to the master at the temple. Tells TD that the principles of socialism are taken for granted at the temple and EVD's name is spoken with reverence. Asks that EVD not give up until he is able to see into his soul.
Letter to EVD, 9/3/21. Expresses the hope that EVD is able to feel her thought waves. Says that she thinks that she is at the best place on earth because of the presence that she feels there. Mentions that John Varian, an Irish poet, is sending some of his work to EVD. Expresses the hope that EVD received an account of her visit with "Ereba, the woman philosopher of Atlantis. " Says that she has been trying to use her psychic power to free EVD. Remarks that if capitalism is not put down in the next 6 years it is all over for civilization.
Letter to EVD, 10/2/21. Says that she read yesterday that a peace treaty was signed. Writes that she sent a telegram to Warren Harding telling him to let her people go. Tells EVD that she has been invited to become a member of the John the Baptist Movement. Expresses the hope that EVD is one day led to the temple.
Letter to EVD, 11/11/21. Says that she is praying for EVD's quick release. Writes that she has just met John Neihardt, a radical. Tells EVD that John Neihardt has had many experiences with the occult. Remarks that she has been reading W. Scott Eliot's book THE STORY OIF ATLANTIS.

Vickery, N. W. :

Incomplete letter to TD, 10/19/26. Writes that he sent TD's business manager a manuscript a month ago for publication. Says that he has not received any word from the business manager since he sent it. Tells TD that whether or not his manuscript has been accepted for publication he wants it back. Remarks that he is sure that Upton Sinclair would not have had been treated like he has been. Says that he wants to have nothing further to do with this business manager whatsoever.
Letter to TD, 10/25/26. Says that he realizes that TD has met with a great loss, but that he wants to know what happened to his manuscript BRIGHTON HEIGHTS. Writes that he is at a loss to understand the way that he has been treated by TD's business manager. Remarks that he is losing interest in socialism since he does not feel that he can trust the management of the Socialist Party's official paper. Says that his manuscript is of a large personal value. Remarks that he is certain that it made it to the offices of the AMERICAN APPEAL.

Viereck, George Sylvester:

Letter to EVD, 11/10/19. Writes that he received EVD's kind message through Mabel Dunlap Curry. Says that he is glad that EVD had the time to read his book. Remarks that he is sorry to learn that there is concern over EVD's health. Tells EVD that although he is not a socialist he looks upon EVD as a "great personality and leader of men." Says that he is not a socialist because he thinks that there is a certain duty to "surrender to the decree of the majority, " even if he thinks that the action of the majority is "unreasonable and unjust." Mentions that he will vote for EVD in the last election only to express his "indignation against the Reign of Terror" that keeps EVD in prison. Says that he is like EVD in that he is not afraid to give public expression to his ideals. Remarks that his letters have been read by the Secret Service for the past few years. Assures EVD that his admiration for him is genuine. Tells EVD that he would be glad to send him anything he might need. Mentions that he does not think it would be a good idea to work publicly for EVD's release because the moment he opens his mouth the "bogey of pro-Germanism appears." Remarks that the only time he met EVD was with Leonard D. Abbott.
Letter to EVD, 10/2/20. Writes that he will be sending EVD a copy of his magazine, the AMERICAN MONTHLY. Says that he thinks that EVD will be interested in his article titled "Harding and the Hyphen." Remarks that EVD will note that he told his readers to vote for socialist and Farmer-Labor candidates. Tells EVD that he is surprised by the number of Irish- and German-Americans who will be voting for EVD.
Copy of letter to Warren Harding, 10/15/20. Says that he has been trying to swing the German vote over to Harding. Writes that he trusts that Harding received the messages he sent to James Cox and Franklin Roosevelt saying that he endorsed Harding's candidacy for President because of his " fearless Americanism. " Remarks that he was shocked that Harding was not going to make a differentiation between " political offenders " and common criminals " in his Presidency. Tells Harding that he hopes that he made this statement to demonstrate that he will show no mercy against bomb-throwers and advocates of violence. Expresses the hope that EVD is not included in Harding's indictment against political offenders. Informs Harding that there is no justification for continuing a policy of repression against political offenders after the moment of crisis has passed. Mentions that Harding's statement is causing many people to vote for EVD.
Photocopy of letter from EVD, 10/21/20. Writes that Viereck has been " exceedingly kind " to him and the rest of the political prisoners. Says that he would like to thank Viereck for everything that he has done. Expresses the hope that one day he will be able to thank Viereck in person. Remarks that Viereck's letter to Warren Harding was " appealing and very much to the point."
Letter to EVD, 10/30/20. Writes that he appreciated EVD's 2 messages, which he will always count among his most treasured possessions. Expresses the hope that he will meet EVD before too long. Says that he cannot see how the government can continue to imprison EVD after the election. Tells EVD that his father was a socialist member of the Reichstag and served time in prison with August Bebel and Karl Liebknecht. Mentions that because Germany made a differentiation between political offenders and criminals that his father's imprisonment was nothing compared to EVD's. Remarks that his social conscience is not developed enough for him to become a socialist. Writes that he will never adopt any faith--economical or religious-- without reservation. Asks that EVD let him know if there is anything that he can do for him.
Letter to EVD, 1/7/21. Writes that he is sending EVD a resolution adopted in Chicago, Illinois, which he will bring to the attention of Warren Harding.
Letter to EVD, 2/2/21. Writes that he wants to congratulate EVD on his " splendid " statement to a man who is unworthy to latch EVD's boots. Says that he will soon have the pleasure of bringing to Warren Harding's attention a number of resolutions passed in Chicago, Illinois.
Photocopy of note from EVD to TD, 2/2/21. Asks that TD tell Viereck that he appreciated Viereck's message of approval.
Letter to EVD, 8/4/21. Writes that he has not written EVD in a long time because he has been hoping every day to read of EVD's release. Says that he is shocked that the Warren Harding administration still has failed to act because he has always considered him to be "most humane and enlightened. " Expresses the hope that Warren Harding issues a declaration of general amnesty with his peace proclamation. Remarks that whatever Warren Harding decides to do it will have lost its sense of gracefulness or generosity. Tells EVD that if there is any protest that he can make in EVD's behalf he will be glad to make it. Mentions that he will not do anything until after Warren Harding gives his peace proclamation. Says that with political prisoners still in jail and an American military presence still in Germany, talk of peace is a matter of the " rankest hypocrisy."
Letter to TD, 7/16/24. Writes that he is sending TD 2 books titled THE HAUNTED HOUSE AND OTHER POEMS and THE THREE SPHINXES AND OTHER POEMS, both published by the Haldeman-Julius library. Says that TD will see that he is not only a political writer, but a poet as well.
Letter to EVD, 9/16/25. Writes that he appreciated EVD's letter. Asks that EVD not forget to visit him the next time he is New York City, New York. Says that if he had known in time he would have gone to one of the banquets in EVD's honor. Tells EVD that he will be glad to reprint his letter. Remarks that he is sending EVD 10 copies of an editorial that he wrote.
Letter to EVD, 4/1/26. Writes that he is sending EVD the April issue of the AMERICAN MONTHLY. Asks that EVD read his comments on page 51. Says that Colonel House acted as a spy for the British.
Letter to TD, 10/30/26. Writes that he is sending TD a copy of the memorial he wrote in honor of EVD. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Viking, John O. :

Note to TD, 10/29/26. Says that he is sending TD a sonnet by their mutual friend Mr. Barier. Writes that he is too grieved by EVD's death to say anything else.

Villard, Fanny G. :

Letter to Emily Debs Mailloux, 2/16/12. Writes that she appreciated the cake that Emily Debs Mailloux sent. Says that she has not yet heard how much money it has brought in. Expresses the hope that each slice was well paid for. Mentions that she was sorry to hear that Emily Debs Mailloux is ill.

Villard, Oswald Garrison:

Letter to EVD on THE NATION letterhead, 5/5/20. Writes that the present state of affairs make it necessary for the United State to have a definite foreign policy. Says that he would like EVD to send a statement as to the foreign policy of the Socialist Party. Asks that EVD answer the questions: Should the United States give further credits to the European governments? Should the United States take action to prevent starvation among the children of Europe? What should the United States stand be towards Ireland? Should the United States adopt special measures to protect the Armenian people? Should the United States adopt a hands off policy in Mexico? Should the United States withdraw its forces from the Dominican Republic and Haiti? Should the United States continue its involvement in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama?
Copy of letter from EVD, 8/2/21. Writes that he is glad that Villard allowed Mabel Dunlap Curry to show him the letter he wrote to a Mr. Odell in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Says that judging from Villard's interview at the White House that socialist and liberals alone have not been the " victims of Wall street's appendage--the American Legion." Remarks that it is apparent that the President's retreat is a result of pressures placed on him by the American Legion. Tells Villard that he would like to thank him for the courage he has taken to publish the series of article by Arthur Warner " The Truth About the American Legion " in THE NATION. Remarks that periodicals with the " stamina " of THE NATION are far too few.

Vincent, Elizabeth :

Letter to EVD, 10/17/20. Writes that having the friendship of EVD is both " enlarging and purifying. " Says that EVD's imprisonment pains her. Remarks that she recently heard Kate Richards O'Hare and Guy Victor speak. Assures EVD that Kate Richards O'Hare has risen wonderfully to the situation at hand. Tells EVD that she always thought that Kate Richards O'Hare had a "keen and brilliant mind."
Letter to EVD, 11/5/21. Says that she is writing to wish EVD a happy birthday.

Vincent, Henri:

Letter to EVD, 10/17/20. Says that he is working for one of the leading hotels in Ecorse, Michigan as a watchman. Writes that Big Bill Haywood stayed at his hotel last week under an assumed name. Remarks that he was the only person to recognize him. Tells EVD that Norman Hapgood's article have been a "benediction." Assures EVD that sweeping eastward from the coast the "shell is cracking." Says that the northwest states are practically in " open rebellion " and Washington is " quaking " in its boots. Informs EVD that the "day of reckoning is at hand." Remarks that if EVD is able to keep his health for another 4 years that the 48 states will come to EVD's support.

Vincent, Henri and Elizabeth:

Letter to TD, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Vladeck, B. Charney:

Letter to EVD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 1/5/26. Writes that the enclosed check is the second installment of the Debs Testimonial Fund raised in honor of EVD's 70th birthday. Says that a majority of contributors to this fund are under the impression that it is for EVD's personal use not to be turned over to the Socialist Party. Asks that EVD accept the check so that all of his personal needs can be taken care of and can, therefore, devote all of his energy to the cause. Informs EVD that the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD will be contributing to the Socialist Party out of its own funds.
Copy of letter from EVD, 1/16/26. Says that he appreciated the generous contribution of $3,000 sent to him out of the Debs Testimonial Fund. Tells Vladeck that he hardly feels worthy of such "extraordinary consideration." Writes that the readers of the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, the members of the Workmen's Circle, and the various Jewish trade unions have always had a special place in his heart. Asks that Vladeck thank the people who contributed to the Debs Testimonial Fund on behalf of him, Katherine Debs, TD, and Gertrude Debs. Assures Vladeck that this money will serve the cause well. Remarks that this gift has given him faith and confidence in the innate goodness of the human heart.
Letter to EVD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 2/13/26. Writes that he is sending EVD a check for $5,000, which represents another installment from the Debs Testimonial Fund. Says that shortly he will be sending EVD another check for $3,000.
Copy of letter from EVD, 2/15/26. Writes that he received Vladeck's check for $5,000. Says that the contributions made to the Debs Testimonial Fund has renewed his faith in the future of the race. Remarks that he feels a sense of unworthiness in accepting this gift. Tells Vladeck that since he would not want to offend the contributors to the Debs Testimonial Fund he is gratefully accepting the check.
Copy of letter to the Socialist Party, 2/15/26. Says that he is sending the Socialist Party a check for $3,000 as the first installment of the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD's contribution of $10,000 to the party for 1926. Asks that the Socialist Party endorse this check over to EVD since the organization has already deposited EVD's check for $3,000 into its account.
Letter to EVD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 9/25/26. Says that after the Debs Testimonial Fund was emptied a few more contributions came in. Writes that he is sending EVD a check for $110. Includes a note from TD saying that the check was returned on 11/3/26.
Telegram to the Socialist Party, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the comrades associated with the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD.
Letter to TD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 10/26/26. Writes that everything decent in America was exhibited at EVD's memorial meetings at Madison Square Garden last Sunday. Says that if TD could find a public place in Terre Haute, Indiana to put Moses W. Dykaar's bust of EVD on display he would raise the necessary money to buy it from the sculptor.
Letter to P. K. Reinbold on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD letterhead, 11/4/26. Writes that if a public place could be found in Terre Haute, Indiana like the City Hall or the Labor Temple, he would be glad to raise the necessary money to buy Moses W. Dykaar's bust of EVD. Asks that Reinbold take the matter up with Percy Head of the Central Labor Union.
Copy of letter from TD, 1/10/27. Says that in spite of illness he has felt compelled to write Vladeck about the interest he has in the success of the AMERICAN APPEAL. Writes that there are 2 reasons why he wants it to be a success: first, there is a need for such a publication in the mid-west and second, it was one of EVD's last projects before he died. Remarks that he is contributing a number of EVD's short compositions to the paper each week. Tells Vladeck that although he does not expect the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD to continue supporting the AMERICAN APPEAL that he would like to have it.
Letter to TD on JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, 1/14/27. Writes that TD's apologies to ask for continued support of the AMERICAN APPEAL are superfluous. Says that the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD considers it its duty support the movement in whatever way possible. Informs TD that it will be impossible for the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD to give the AMERICAN APPEAL the same level of support in 1927 that it received in 1926 because of the Cloakmakers' Strike, the British Miners' Strike, and the attack it has been receiving from the communists, all of which are draining the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD of its resources.
Copy of letter from TD, 1/25/27. Says that he is glad to know that the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD is going to continue its support of the AMERICAN APPEAL.

Volen, Zara:

Note to EVD, 7/26/20. Tells EVD that she is for him first, last, and always. Expresses the hope that he is well and will soon be released.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 7/26/20. Asks that TD write Volen and tell her that he received her message, which brought him joy and cheer.

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