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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "Y"

Yaffe, William:

Letter to EVD, 3/2/20. Expresses the hope that EVD is feeling well. Says that his principal, William Thurston Brown, said that EVD was Walt Whitman's best friend. Mentions that William Thurston Brown also said that he rode with EVD to Salt Lake City, Utah about 10 years ago. Writes that it is a shame that a man like EVD is in prison. Expresses the hope that the revolution comes. Remarks that he has read a poem about EVD in the LIBERATOR. Says that he found the poem worthwhile reading.

Yanowitz, Joseph:

Telegram to EVD, 3/10/18. Writes that the Detroit, Michigan Workers' Defense League wants EVD to speak at a Tom Mooney rally on 3/24/18.

Yearwood, John:

Copy of letter to the editor of the NEW YORK TIMES, 2/4/21. Says that the convicts imprisoned under the Alien and Sedition Acts are more like EVD than the hardened criminals that the NEW YORK TIMES compares them to. Writes that to be sent to prison for speaking out against the government is a mark of distinction.
Copy of letter to the editor of the New York Times, 2/5/21. Says that if the NEW YORK TIMES must liken EVD To robbers and murderers so be it. Asks that the NEW YORK TIMES never refer to EVD as any kind of " chap " because it hurts.
Copy of letter to Warren Harding, 2/13/21. Tells Harding that he is not writing to ask him to release EVD. Says that EVD's imprisonment might be necessary for the " spiritual evolution " of the nation. Asks that Harding make sure he is acting as the "instrument of a Higher Power " before he washes his hands of EVD.
Copy of letter to the editor of the NEW YORK TIMES, postmarked 8/27/21. Says that Adolph Ochs and Charles R. Miller of the NEW YORK TIMES are the chief vilifiers of EVD. Writes that his spirit carries on because he is a real leader unlike Charles R. Miller who is " merely the tin horn of a little money making publisher " from Tennessee.
Copy of letter to Harry Daugherty, postmarked 9/9/21. Says that no matter what name Daugherty calls EVD he is in prison for a principle.
Copy of letter to George Christian, 9/9/21. Writes that in 1908 he ran a business in Washington called the Motor Car Company. Says that he once fixed Warren Harding's " Thomas Detroit " roadster. Assures Christian that he was a good Republican in those days. Tells Christian that he is now a socialist and wants the Republicans to let EVD out of prison.
Copy of letter to W. T. Manning, 9/18/21. Says that EVD is prison for telling men not to kill their fellow man. Writes that if Jesus Christ was alive in 1917 he would have done the same thing. Asks that Manning put himself on record as supporting the release of EVD from prison.
Postcard to EVD, postmarked 9/20/21. Says that EVD's spirit is not imprisoned. Writes that it is reaching thousands of people every day.
Copy of letter to Frederick Burgess, 9/25/21. Says that he is writing to call Burgess' attention to the case of EVD. Writes that Jesus Christ would not have acted any differently from EVD if placed in a similar situation. Asks that Burgess put himself on record supporting the release of EVD.
Postcard to EVD, postmarked 9/27/21. Tells EVD that "He serves Thee best who loveth most his brothers and Thy own. "
Postcard to EVD, 10/1/21. Writes that he received a letter from Frederick Burgess supporting the release of EVD from prison.
Letter to TD, 10/2/21. Writes that he received EVD's message and appreciated it very much. Says that EVD has taken Theodore Roosevelt's place as the "best hated man in political life." Remarks that there are no true Christians left. Tells TD that Adam Smith's doctrines take precedent over those of Jesus Christ.
Copy of letter to Herbert Hoover, 10/3/21. Asks that Hoover tell him whether or not the Conference on Unemployment is going to forget that man is made in the image of God.
Untitled poem to EVD on postcard postmarked 10/4/21.
Copy of letter to Harry Daugherty, 10/3/21. Writes that the NEW YORK TRIBUNE printed a story saying that Daugherty offered EVD his freedom several months ago if he would refrain from spreading his political opinions. Remarks that Daugherty recently denied that EVD was a " political prisoner. " Asks that Daugherty tell him if he is crazy or just an "ordinary Ohio fool."
Postcard to TD, 10/30/21. Writes that he received TD's letter. Says that it appears that Warren Harding is about to make decision about EVD. Remarks that Warren Harding is going about it slowly so as to not upset the " Chief Priests of Capitalism."
Article titled " Industrial Waste Laid to Employers " to EVD, n.d.
Untitled poem, n.d.

Yerex, Mrs. Albert E. :

Letter to TD on Rex Tours letterhead, 1/12/09. Writes that she is sending TD a refund for the railroad fare he paid to go from San Diego to Los Angeles, California. Says that it took her a while to take care of this matter because she could not bring herself to look through her husband's papers. Tells TD that after the shock and strain brought on by the death of her husband she went and stayed with a friend to convalesce. Remarks that she is trying her best to move on. Informs TD that she has decided to continue the work of her husband. Asks that TD write her a letter evaluating the work she did in connection with the Red Special campaign. Writes that she wants this letter because she will probably meet several potential customers who " might feel that a woman would not be capable to manage such a business." Remarks that although her connection with the Red Special campaign was a sad experience she carried from it many fond memories.
Copy of letter from TD, 1/21/09. Writes that he can well understand the feelings Yerex has experienced having lost her husband. Assures Yerex that he sympathizes with her. Tells Yerex that he will be happy to write the letter she requests. Mentions that he has asked EVD to write one, also. Tells Yerex that EVD has nothing but the fullest appreciation of her thoughtfulness during the Red Special campaign. Mentions that he will always remember Miss Boyd and Miss Roe with affection.
Copy of letter from TD, 1/21/09. Says that he is writing to certify that Yerex managed the train upon which the Red Special campaign was run to the " entire satisfaction of all concerned. " Remarks that every part of the trip was ably handled by Yerex with considerable skill and efficiency.

York, A. W. :

Letter to EVD, 11/8/19. Says that his heart goes out to EVD. Writes that he has heard EVD speak on many occasions and is an avid reader of his messages to the working classes. Assures EVD that he is neither suffering in vein nor alone. Tells EVD that the socialists of Atlanta, Georgia, while a small group, are consecrated to the cause. Says that he has been trying to see EVD but has not been allowed.

Young, Arthur:

Letter to TD, 11/2/26. Assures TD that EVD's great influence is yet to come.
Letter to EVD on GOOD MORNING letterhead, n.d. Says that it is morning in Europe and truth is on the wing.
Photocopy of postcard to TD, postmarked 1/25/38. Expresses the hope that TD has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Young, Irene:

Letter to EVD, 11/5/20. Says that she read EVD's message to the children in the OKLAHOMA LEADER. Tells EVD that although she is only 8 years old that she is with EVD in the " struggle. " Writes that one of her dreams is to be one of the leaders of the Socialist Party one day. Remarks that even though James Cox and Warren Harding seem to want to help the American people they do not seem to know how to.

Young, R. J. :

Letter to EVD, 4/7/20. Writes that after EVD spoke at the Trinity Auditorium in Los Angeles, California 5 years ago that he and his son took EVD to the train station. Says that he will never forget that ride because it gave him a chance to hold his hand to EVD's heart. Remarks that no matter what EVD's prison experience is like that he knows that EVD is doing well. Tells EVD that Martin Luther said, "Here I stand. I can do no otherwise; so help me God. " Says that the world has always had heroes and will always need them, never more so than now. Writes that EVD is his hero.

Youtz, M.:

Postcard to EVD, postmarked 8/30/21. Writes that he heard EVD speak in Canton, Ohio. Says that he was with EVD at his trial. Assures EVD that he will be with him until "all has been told."
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Asks that TD save this postcard. Says that Youtz is among the true warriors fighting for the cause. Asks that TD write Youtz and tell him that he knows that Youtz is with him.

Yuen, Kwong Yee:

Letter to EVD, 7/27/20. Tells EVD that he often thinks of him. Says that many of EVD's political friends ask about him. Mentions that he has seen Charley Lee Ou several times.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 7/28/20. Writes that Yuen was a prisoner at the Federal Prisoner in Atlanta, Georgia. Says that he will always remember Yuen's kindness and hopes to see him again some day.

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