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Eugene V. Debs Letters: Abstracts for "Z"

Zackheim, E. D. Mr. and Mrs. :

Letter to EVD, 12/20/20. Says that the Jewish Woman's Socialist League of Rochester, New York is sending EVD a Christmas box containing nuts, cigarettes, chocolate, tobacco, lemon drops, chewing gum, figs, a toothbrush, talcum powder, tooth powder, dates, cookies, oranges, and preserves.
Letter to EVD, 12/21/20. Says that one of the members of the Jewish Woman's Socialist League of Rochester, New York was a little late with her package and it is being sent with this letter.
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Asks that TD thank the members of the Jewish Woman's Socialist League of Rochester, New York for the Christmas box.

Zetland, Rubin:

Telegram to EVD, 2/11/26. Writes that the United Hebrew Trades is having a conference to discuss the question of organized labor in Palestine on 2/14/26. Asks that EVD send his greetings to this conference.
Telegram to EVD, 2/15/26. Writes that the 165 delegates who attended the United Hebrew Trades conference on the question of organized labor in Palestine have decided to initiate a $250,000 campaign to organize the workers of this country. Says that he appreciates the interest EVD has shown for this cause.

Zeuch, William Edward:

Letter to EVD, 11/19/19. Says that he has been wanting to write EVD for many years to tell him how much he appreciates the work EVD has done "in the cause of the lowly." Tells EVD that if he could he would give all of his youth and strength to him so that the next generation could have benefit of EVD's " incomparable spirit. " Writes that he has had the pleasure of hearing EVD speak and of shaking his hand. Expresses the hope that one day he will be able to get to know EVD more intimately.

Ziegler, William:

Letter to TD, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Says that he idolized no man as much as he did EVD. Says that he is going to hang EVD's picture on the same wall as Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, Wendell Phillips, and Robert Ingersoll. Mentions that he voted for EVD 4 times.

Zilberman, Bella N. :

Letter to EVD, 12/2/20. Writes that she finds it deplorable that there are socialists in the movement who refuse to act honestly. Says that there are some socialists who believe that they are the only ones speaking the truth. Tells EVD that the Socialist Party does not have the spark that it used to. Informs EVD that she chaired a meeting where she was talking about EVD and John Reed. Says that at this meeting EVD's name was scorned. Mentions that he was called a traitor. Writes that EVD's name was scorned because of what he said about the Third International. Tells EVD that the job-holding members of the Socialist Party have ruined the revolutionary spirit of the party. Includes a poem titled " Man to Man. "
Poem titled " Ode to Granite Walls ," n.d.

Zimand, S. :

Letter to EVD, 10/31/17. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of Karl Liebknecht's book MILITARISM. Remarks that he wrote the introduction. Says that he thinks that Karl Liebknecht's book will be of great use to the movement.

Zimbalist, Efrem:

Letter to EVD on Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia letterhead, 1/10/21. Writes that it was a pleasure to meet EVD yesterday. Expresses the hope that he is able to meet EVD again in the future "under better circumstances. "

Zimmerman, Rose:

Letter to EVD, 10/30/21. Writes that his father was one of the first 28 members of the Socialist Party in New York City, New York. Tells EVD that although her father is dead that his ideals live on in his wife and children.

Zondervan, Lilly:

Letter to EVD, 12/21/20. Expresses the hope that EVD has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Says that she wished that she could see EVD. Mentions that she is 9 years old. Includes a drawing of several women holding red flags. Also includes a letter from G. Zondervan dated 12/20/20 expressing the hope that EVD has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Says that he hopes that EVD is soon released from prison.
Letter to EVD, 1/6/21. Writes that she received EVD's letter. Says that Sunday she went to Chicago, Illinois's Lincoln Park with her socialist Sunday school. Tells EVD that she can play the "Red Flag" on the piano. Asks that EVD tell her if he remembers a Dr. Ruth Lighthall. Says that she spent time in the county jail.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 1/7/21. Asks that TD tell Zondervan that he enjoyed her letter. Remarks that he remembers Dr. Ruth Lighthall and her cruel imprisonment.
Letter to EVD, 1/22/21. Writes that she received EVD's letter. Remarks that she thought that EVD's message to the children was very " interesting. " Tells EVD that there is a large picture of him hanging in her family's house. Includes a drawing of a woman on a pedestal holding a red flag.
Letter to EVD, 4/23/21. Writes that she is glad the EVD received her Easter greetings. Says that last week her socialist Sunday school had a party. Remarks that she read a poem with the words, "We'll give our father time to rest, less work, and better pay. / There'll be no burdened families when sad poverty's gone away. / Oh! Won't we have a jolly time when dawns that glorious day, and the workers commonwealth has come to stay." Tells EVD that she would like to give him her May Day greetings. Writes that her father thinks that all of the political prisoners will soon be released because of all the petitions that have been filed in Washington.
Letter to TD, 4/26/21. Writes that she was glad to learn that EVD received her Easter greetings. Expresses the hope that EVD receives her May Day greetings, too. Remarks that she does not think that EVD ever received her Valentine's Day greetings because it was too red.
Letter to EVD, 10/11/21. Says that even though she has not written EVD in a while that she has been thinking of him. Writes that her family has been reading the CHICAGO SOCIALIST closely to see what it says about EVD. Expresses the hope that EVD is in good health. Tells EVD that her socialist Sunday school has a new library. Remarks that she has taken out a book about Uncle Wiggily's adventures. Mentions that she took out another book titled SOCIALIST READINGS FOR CHILDREN. Writes that the book was about Robert Owen. Tells EVD that her father told her that in Robert Owen's day there were not many socialists, unlike today. Says that she expects that there will be a time when the world will be mostly composed of socialists, which means that "the world will be a better place to live in."
Letter to EVD, n.d. Writes that she was glad to get EVD's letter and know that he is doing well. Says that her family has taken a trip to Lake Zurich for a couple of days.

Zsok, Joseph:

Letter to EVD in German, 12/14/15. Writes that he wants to discuss EVD's candidacy for President. Says that he cannot understand why EVD has refused to accept the Socialist Party's nomination. Tells EVD that although the war has proven to be a setback for the socialist movement that he must consider all the achievements the movement made before the war broke out. Says that he would rather die for his cause rather than the " blood-suckers " and " modern beasts of prey." Informs EVD that socialists must take avenge the deaths of those brothers who were murdered in the war between 1914 and 1916. Asks that EVD accept the Socialist Party's nomination for President. Assures EVD that he is held in high esteem by the working classes. Includes a translation of this letter.


Letter to EVD on TWENTIETH CENTURY MAGAZINE letterhead, 7/6/12. Writes that it seems a pity to return EVD's manuscript since he is planning on publishing it in the September issue of the TWENTIETH CENTURY MAGAZINE. Says that he is waiting until September to publish the article because that issue will be devoted entirely to issues relating to governance.

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