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Selected Manuscript & Artifact Holdings

Below is a list of documented manuscripts and artificacts in various collections. Excluded are inscriptions of any kind and yet-to-be documented items.

This is a brief listing and lacks detailed descriptions of contents. Most descriptions are at the group level. Only a few of the more unusual individual items, often contained in special enclosures or locked cases, are included in the listing.

N. B. An artifact in the context of this listing is defined as an item which has a different purpose from personal communication--e.g., a decree--or contains attachments or additions, e.g., a seal or a cassette tape. Also, some published material are housed with mss. and tss., and these holdings may be designated as containing artifacts. A box contains about as much material as would be found in large file cabinet drawer, while a carton is generally only about six inches in depth. A small box is usually about the size needed to contain index cards or postcards and may be anywhere from eight to 12 inches in depth. We apologize for the lack of detail and vagueness of the listing, but hope to improve its quality in later renditions.

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Ade, George. Signature. Artifact (ms). 1916. 1 piece: 6x9 cm gilt-edge card.

Anderson, Maisie. Letter to Mr. Collins regarding the publication of her book. Letter (ms). July 11, 1935. 1 piece.

Baker, John, Sir. Indenture with Phillip Smythe and Alexander Courthope. Artifact (ms). April 20?, 1639. 1 piece.

Blainville. Ambassador to England. Correspondence (ms). 1925-1926. 1 volume.

Boriff, John. Private in Company “C”, 31st Regiment of Indiana Veteran Volunteers; letter of discharge. Letter (ms). December 8, 1865. 1 piece.

Brown, George Edgar. Correspondence to and from various government offices. Letters (photocopied tss). 1933-1944. 1 box.

Bunce, Fredrick. Papers (includes notes, photocopies, etc. pertaining to Bunce Collection.

Burger, Henry G. Henry Burger Archive of The Wordtree. Mid to late 20th century. 3 boxes.

Burke, Kenneth. Letter to Dr. E. Rentschler, expressing Burke's appreciation of his visit to Indiana State University. Letter (ts); score (photocopied ms). June 12, 1976; 1976; February 17-22, 1975. 2 pieces.

Burrow, T., and M. B. Emereau. A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary. Monograph (ts). 1961? 2 boxes.

Butler, Pierce. Letter to Crawford F. Failey. Letter (ts). January 25, 1949. 1 piece.

Campbell, Jay. Correspondence (ts): announcements (ts); grade reports (ts, ms); teachers contract (ms); photographs. 1911-1926. 1 box.

Chabant, V., and Pierre Theophile Chabant. To “Monsieur”, in French. Letter (ms). October 16, 1853. 1 piece.

Child, A., Mrs. Receipt to Mr. Curtis Gilbert of Terre Haute for volumes and clothing items. Artifact (ms). June 13, 1857. 1 piece.

Citation slips [dictionary definitions]. Source unknown. Ca. 1960-75. 8 small containers. Authorship unknown [possibly M. Mathews].

Coble, Gilbert. Papers, clippings, journal, photographs. Artifacts [various]. RE: Jesse Stuart. 6 cartons.

Constantine, J. Robert. Papers. [tss & mss]. RE: Letters of Eugene V. Debs & "I Remember Debs".

Cordell, Warren. Papers, etc. 1969-2003. Artifacts [various]. 22 drawers.

Debs, Eugene Victor. Papers. 1875-1955. Artifacts [mss, tss, various]. 15 drawers. Contains documents to and from Debs and his brother Theodore.

En La Cyudad de Granada. Petition to sell the property of Alonso de Vanabides. Artifact (ms). February 4, 1630. 1 piece.

Federal Bureau of Investigation. Survey of Racial Conditions in the United States. Photocopy of unpublished text. Ca. 1950. 1 box.

Fitch, Clyde. Plays [tss]. ca. 1900-1920. 15 bound volumes.

Gates, J. Edward. Citation slips [dictionary definitions]. [mss., tss] Ca. 1970-90. 4 boxes.

Gegner, George. Letters (mss). 1864. 10 pieces .

Gemmecke, Richard. A History of Indiana, 1920-1966. 1 carton [approx. 600 typed pages].
Gherardi, Davis.C opying book. Artifact (ms). 1902-1904. 1 volume.

Habberton, John. Letter to George R. Morse. Letter (ms). November 12, 1894. 1 piece.

Hagan, Paul. Collection of Music. Sheet music (mss). 1991-2003. 237+ pieces.

Hatley, Griffith. Disposition of annuity. Artifact (ms). February 16, 1718. 1 piece.

An Index to English Metonyms, Paronyms, Synonyms, and Words of Similar Meaning. Codex manuscript. Ca. late 19th century. 6 volumes.

Indiana Federal Writers Project/Program Papers. Archives (tss & mss). 1936-1943. In 157 cartons by county or topic.

Indiana Sesquicentennial Project. ISU is one of Indiana's eight repositories. Various photocopied mss. 1860-1870. 1 drawer.

Jacob, Wilhelm, Bishop of Dassell. Letter to Frantz Sebastian von Argenstein, with seal. Letter (ms). 1696. 1 piece.

Jacquot, Jean. Letters thanking Miss Bartlett on assisting him on his thesis of George Chapman; “Suggestions for Improvement of Chapman's Dramatization of Homer”. Letters (mss); essay (tss). December 17, 1951 & March 13, 1952; n.d. 3 pieces.

Jeffers, Robinson. “Whom Should I Write for, Dear, but for You?” Poem (ts). n.d. 1 piece.

Johnson, Ida. Diary (ts). 1895-96. 1 box.

Jones, Edward. Letter to George Ade discussing a visit that Jones paid on Ade's father. Letter (ts). May 22, 1926. 1 piece.

Kor, Eva. Holocaust survivors on tape with accompanying list. List (ms); cassette tape. March 27, 1982. 2 pieces.

Kramer, Henry L. Letter to D. C. Kilbourn in East Litchfield, Conn., discussing Mr. Kramer's Mudlavia Resort. Letter (ts). February 6, 1902. 1 piece.

A List Of 347 Number Proper Nouns, Mostly English Placenames, With Their Etymologies, As Given By Cited Authorities, Chiefly From Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Dutch, Etc. Codex manuscript. Ca. 1830. 1 volume.

Lockridge, Ross. Papers, 1936-1938 [Indiana Federal Writers' Project]. 1 box & 3 cartons.

Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria. Proclamation Regarding Butchers and Furriers. Signed by the empress, royal seal still attached. Artifact (ms). 1750. 1 piece.

Marine, Asa. Letters (ms). 1862-1863. 63 pieces.

Mathews, Mitford. Papers [Includes unpublished books, memoirs, scrapbook, photocopies, & 2 dissertations] & Citation Slips [includes clippings & correspondence] (tss, mss). 1940-1970. 2 boxes & 3 drawers/filing cabinet.

Medical receipts. Treatments and cures listed alphabetically. Artifacts (ms). 16th century.

Mystery Fancier. Archives (ts). 1977-1988. 3 drawers.

Nonius Marcellus. De Compendiosa Doctrina. Codex manuscript. 15th century. 1 volume. Cordell Collection.

Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society. Archives (ts). 1968-1982. 0.5 cubic feet.

Popham, Edward. Indenture with John Rood. Artifact (ms). May 1, 1739. 1 piece.

Preface sur le Droit Canon. Codex manuscript. n.d. 1 volume.

Rippetoe, John. Donated by Horace Davidson. Correspondence (photocopied mss.). 1862-65, 1884-91. 1 box.

Rippetoe, John. Letter to Mary Rippetoe from Camp Morton while with the Indiana Light Calvary. Letter (ms). August 17, 1863. 1 piece.

Rose, Chauncey. Correspondence discussing the shipping of railroad engines from Boston to Indianapolis. Correspondence and miscellaneous materials. 1851. 3 boxes.

Rosenberg, Jerry. Jerry Rosenberg Dictionary Archive. 20th and early 21st century. Several cartons.

Rousel, Aegidius. Compendiosa in Universam Philosophiam Aristotelis Introductio. Codex manuscript. 1670. 1 volume.

Russo, Dorothy R. Correspondence to and from Paul S. Seybolt concerning Seybolt's copy of A Gentleman from Indiana. Letters (ts). February 18, 1948; February 20, 1948; and March 4, 1948. 3 pieces.

Sanders, Richard. Indenture with Thomas Bramston. Artifact (ms). September 21, 1720. 1 piece.

Simon, Carleton. A Dictionary of Criminal Terminology. Unpublished work (ts and ms). Ca. 1930. 1 box.

Smith, W. H. Correspondence (ts). 1890-1910. 2 boxes.

Speculum B. V. Mariae. Codex manuscript. 15th century? 1 volume.

Strather, Jan. Women in Britain: Letters from England. Manuscript (ts). 1941. 1 box.

Van Duzer, Herny S. Letter to Arthur H. Masten. Letter (ms). Ca. 1900. 1 piece.

Worcester, Joseph. Letters and library catalog (mss). 19th century. 68 pieces.

Young, Art. Letter to Betty Farrow from Hotel Irving, NY. Letter (ms). March 24, 1942. 1 piece.

Other Holdings of Interest:

Haebler, Theodore. Collection of Material Photocopied Primarily from Unindexed Periodicals Relating to the Cordell Collection. 19th-20th century. 20 drawers.

National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators (NAECTE). Archives (ts). 1979-2006. 4 drawers.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Archives (ts). 1926-2006. 15 drawers.

National Kindergarten Association [NKA]. Archives [tss, artifacts, art, 16mm film]. ca, 1888-1974. 20 cu ft./39 containers.

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