Copier Services


Have a research question?  Not sure which collection might have what you want?  Staff members can assist in determining which records might best meet your need.


By definition, archives are unique and of lasting value to the Indiana State University community.  For this reason, University Archives' holdings do not circulate outside of our reading room.  For access to records, we recommend that patrons contact Archives staff in advance for an appointment so that requested records are ready for viewing.  Patrons are welcome to bring laptops to the reading room to aid in research.


We require that only pencils, paper, and/or a laptop be used when reviewing records.  No food or drink or pens are allowed in the reading room.  Please handle the materials carefully as some collections may be fragile.  Use filing flags provided by Archives staff when removing a specific folder from a box to ensure that files are returned to their original order.  Archives staff may require patrons to leave their bags at the front desk or wear cotton gloves when handling specific collections.