Walker Collection:
Catalog of Textbooks

Databases compiled by Michael Taylor, Amy Tyra, and Mandy Schmidt
Edited by Penny Counterman & Dennis Vetrovec
David Vancil, General Editor

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The emphasis of the collection is on textbooks printed in America in the nineteenth century. A substantial portion of the collection was donated by Dr. Benjamin Walker, a retired member of the faculty of Indiana State University and a noted authority on the material found in the collection.

This catalog of was prepared both from an examination of textbooks in the Walker Collection and from information provided by on-line OCLC records and other sources. It has been edited to include the names of all authors, places of publication, and publishers. Generally, arrangement is by author, date of publication, and title. Guide names are provided to introduce a new author. These names do not necessarily correspond exactly with names as they appear on the title page. Title entries are preceded by a short form of the title used as a guide name.

Each record contains the main entry first. In the case of author main entries, the last name of the first author appears first. Titles of works are in capital letters, but punctuated as they appear on the title page except where punctuation or other information was supplied for clarity. Supplied punctuation or other information appears in brackets. Publisher information is generally as it appears on the title page, except a string of publication place names concludes with "and" before the final place regardless of whether this conjunction was included or only implied in the work itself. Volumes and series statements are reported in their own fields as well, but the source of information may include sources in addition to the item. Pagination is reported as if from a perfect title in a separate field but is restricted to pagination appearing in Arabic numerals. Except for the already explained conditions in this paragraph, variations in reporting any field of the bibliographical item appear in the note field.

The note field indicates the number of copies held and observations on the books in general, working from the cover to the title page. Variations in different copies are noted thereafter, but with only the most noteworthy variations being delineated.

The 1,041 entries in this subdivided version of the Walker Collection catalog have been placed in main-entry groups arranged alphabetically. The user should select the appropriate letter by clicking on the hot link. To access a complete version of the file, click on the link at the bottom or top of this section. For additional information, use the e-mail link at the top of the page, the provided form, or call 812/237-2610. Requests for subject searches in offline databases are welcome.

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