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ArtistTitleMediumDateAccession #:
20th C AfricanGrebo Maskwood 97A.05.07
20th C AfricanFertility Figure (Akua’ba)wood 97A.05.13
20th C AfricanFemale Bustcarved wood 97A.05.17
20th C African Maskwood 97A.05.03
20th C African Maskwood 97A.05.04
20th C African Female Senufo Figurewood 97A.05.09
20th C African (Bambara or Bamana)Mask (Ndomo)carved softwood 97A.05.11
20th C African (Bambara or Bambana)Bambara or Bambana Mask (Ndomo)carved softwood 97A.05.06
20th C African (Bambaraland area)Fertility Figure (Akua’ba)dark wood carving 97A.05.12
20th C African (Basonage)Fetish Maskwood 97A.05.10
20th C African (Baule)Baule Male Figurecarved wood 97A.05.15
20th C African (Dahomey or Senufo)Face Mask (Kpelie)dark wood 97A.05.01
20th C African (Lupale)Bearded Maskwood 97A.05.05
20th C African (Senufo)Female Figurewood 97A.05.02
20th C African (Senufo)Female Figure (Korhogo)wood 97A.05.08
20th C African (Senufo)Male Figurewood 97A.05.14
20th C African (Senufo)Female Fertility Figurecarved wood 97A.05.16
Abas, SoulafUntitled
Abas, SoulafUntitled
Abas, SoulafUntitledink wash on paper200708A.SA.01
Abeles, SigmundNude Womenwoodcutn/d07A.CM.05
Adams, Otis J.Ronneck Park, New Synora, Floridaoil on board PM-60622
Indu, AdiTrianglestwo toned lithograph2/9/197504-de-91
Slager, AdrianUntitledoil on canvas199708A.AS.02
Slager, AdrianDoug’s Wife Kellyoil paint199708A.AS.01
Albers, JosefLook at Albersserigraph PM-53010
Albers, JosefHomage to a Square Ascendingserigraph PM-53745
Alechinsky, PierreNuit Blanchelithographdate unknownPM-10120
Alechinsky, PierreUntitledlithographdate unknownPM-61023
Alechinsky, PierreUntitledlithographdate unknownPM-10122
Alechinsky, PierreUntitledlithographdate unknownPM-10119
Alexander, John WhitePhyllisoil on canvas 1946.01
Allen, AdelineUntitledairbrush 96a.12.113
Allen, ChristinaRegensberg Stripink and chalk pastel200808A.SS.07
Allen, LisaKite Liftlithographdate unknownPM-60082
Alvar, SunolUntitledlithographdate unknownpm-10117
Amburgey, WilliamThe Search for Purplewood, plexiglass199898A.25.03
Amen, IrvingGift of Flowersrelief, woodcut PM-61132
Amen, IrvingAn Angel Called Outhand colored intagliodate unknownPM-32975
Amies, Amy FordPlastic Lizardmixed media1981PM-60971
Anderson, Charles R.Drawing #4graphitedate unknownPM-10024
Anderson, Charles R.Drawing #3mixed mediadate unknownPM-10023
Anderson, Emily B.Kappa Pi Charterrelief print PM-60623
Anderson, JenniferNo. 80lithograph200405a.ja.01
Anderson, JenniferNo.87lithograph200405a.ja.02
Anderson, JenniferNo. 17lithograph200405a.ja.03
Anderson, JenniferNo. 190lithograph200405a.ja.04
Anderson, JenniferNo. 105lithograph200405a.ja.05
Anderson, Jennifer5,10,15blood
Anderson, Kathleen A.Shifting Forcesearthenware and mixed media 199595A.09.01
Anderson, Kathleen A.Figure Columnwood199495A.10.02
Anderson, RuthMountain Streamoil on canvasdate unknownPM-10000
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryChinese Puzzlecibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.01
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.02
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.03
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.04
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.05
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.06
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.07
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.08
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.09
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.10
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.11
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Noahcibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.12
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Noahcibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.13
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Noahcibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.14
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Noahcibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.15
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Noahcibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.16
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Noahcibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.17
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppy, (a Series of Eight prints)Cibrochrome prints from Computer generated image199495l.02.01
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.02
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.03
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.04
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.05
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.06
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.07
Anderson, Sister Alma Marythe Guppycibrochrome print from Computer generated image199495l.02.08
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryThe Sky’s the Limit: 21st Century Scholars4-color process199899l.10.11
Anderson, Sister Alma Mary32nd Contemporary Music Festival Poster, 19982-color process199899l.10.12
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryStories Without Words: Circus Seriescibrochrome print from computer generated image 94l.05.18
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryJonah and the Whale (series of three)cibachrome print 01l.10.02
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryJonah and the Whale (series of three)cibachrome print 01l.10.03
Anderson, Sister Alma MaryJonah and the Whale (series of three)cibachrome print 01l.10.04
Angermeier, DanetteDavid and Joeblack & white photograph199195a.11.06
Angermeir, Danette6 Months 10 Days . . . Commitmentblack & white photograph199497r.01.01
Angermeir, DanetteHugging Ameliablack & white photograph199497r.01.02
Angermeir, DanetteBelovedblack & white photograph199497r.01.03
Angermeir, DanetteMy Identity #7black & white photograph199497r.01.04
Angermeir, DanetteIngridblack & white photograph199497r.01.05
Antreasian, Garo ZarehFruitcolor lithograph1958PM-10124
Antreasian, Garo ZarehFlorescent Formationgouache on cardboard1956PM-32886
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Series Portfolioportfolio box, plexiglass, lithographs and serigraphs PM-10306
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesa series of serigraphs from a portfolio1970PM-10087
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-10090
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-10086
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph PM-10085
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-10084
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-60818
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-10091
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-10088
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Series #10serigraph1970PM-10089
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye Seriesserigraph1970PM-10083
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye #11serigraph 1970PM-10082
Anuszkiewicz, RichardInward Eye #11serigraph 1970PM-10082
Araki, TetsuoFeeaquatint and etching1968PM-60536
Arnold, RalphMusic Bag is a Money Bagmixed mediadate unknownPM-60537
Arnold, RalphMale Bagmixed media1972PM-28568
Ashby, Paul WilliamSea At Duskoil PM-10115
Ashby, Paul WilliamCounter Currentswoodcut1959PM-10110
Ashby, Paul WilliamBlowoutrelief print1947PM-10112
Ashby, Paul WilliamLimestone Creekrelief print, woodblock1938PM-10114
Ashby, Paul WilliamOoh! We Lost the Gamecolor woodblock1958PM-10104
Ashby, Paul WilliamPuffballcolor woodblock1946PM-10108
Ashby, Paul WilliamIl Penseecolor woodblock 03/501953PM-10102
Ashby, Paul WilliamOld Stone Mill, Spring Mill State Parkrelief print, woodblock1943PM-10103
Ashby, Paul WilliamShoe Shop, Spring Mill State Parkrelief print, woodblock1937PM-10107
Ashby, Paul WilliamAccusedcolor woodblock 16/501959PM-60597
Ashby, Paul WilliamLichencolor woodblock PM-10113
Ashby, Paul WilliamCataract Falls, Owen Countycolorwoodblock1947PM-10111
Ashby, Paul WilliamCovered Bridge, Brown Countycolor woodblock 23/251947PM-60595
Ashby, Paul WilliamWinter Dawn in the Dunesrelief print1958PM-60596
Ashby, Paul WilliamForsakencolor woodblock edition 121949PM-10101
Ashby, Paul WilliamCandlelit AltarRELIEF PRINT, WOOD ENGRAVING ed. 501948PM-10099
Ashby, Paul WilliamTunnelton Bridgerelief print, wood engraving1950PM-10105
Ashby, Paul WilliamEvening Mistrelief print, wood engraving1947PM-10097
Ashby, Paul WilliamBright Lights and Rain on the Highwaywoodcut1953PM-10098
Ashby, Paul WilliamToadstools and Tree Stumpdrypoint1944PM-10106
Ashby, Paul WilliamDune Labyrinthdrypoint, etching1956PM-10109
Ashby, Paul WilliamDusk in the Dunesdrypoint, etching1959PM-10100
Asprodites, RandyThe Emerald Tabletoil on canvas PM-60977
Asprodites, RandyGulfwindoil on canvas PM-60978
Asprodites, RandyUntitledoil on canvas PM-53800
Asprodites, RandyTract #29print197708A.CH.11
Aspy, CarmenMill Port Arthurwatercolor PM-10030
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.01
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.02
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.03
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.04
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.05
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.06
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.07
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.08
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.09
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.10
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.11
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.12
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.13
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.14
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.15
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.16
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.17
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.18
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.19
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.20
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.21
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.22
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.23
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.24
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.25
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.26
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.27
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.28
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.29
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.30
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Okecotton200001A.05.36
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Okesilk 01A.05.31
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Eyo, Aso Oke  01A.05.32
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.33
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.34
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.35
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.37
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.38
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.39
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.40
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.41
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.42
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.43
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.44
Atelier, Iyabo AbiolaAso Oke  01A.05.45
Atkinson, LauryTeapotceramic 01A.09.01
Autio, RudyUntitledceramic1981PM-60620
Baber, AliceNight of the Red Windoil on canvas1978PM-61349
Baeder, JohnRoyal Dinerserigraph198094a.05.03
Baeder, JohnChicken Chopsserigraph198094a.05.04
Baeder, JohnRed Robinserigraph198094a.05.05
Baeder, JohnVista-Mar-Innserigraph198094a.05.06
Baeder, JohnYankee Clipperserigraph198094a.05.07
Baeder, JohnMarket Dinerserigraph197995a.08.10
Baker, AudreyLong Winter’s Napcollagraph200001A.01.05
Baker, AudreyLong Winters NapLithograph200004-de-24
Baker, AudreyAriesLithograph200204-de-29
Baker, ClaysonBridgeton Bridgeoil on canvas196502A.36.02
Baker, ClaysonClaylick Creekoil on canvasdate unknown02A.36.03
Baker, Tom and Lauren SchillerDomestic Blissserigraph, photo lithography, letterpress, chine colle199899a.02.20
Balazs, JohnSouth of Squaw Rockwatercolor1963PM-10144
Ballinger, JillRestrained Tensionfour tone
Ballinger, JillGrid Gone Wildsix tone
Ballinger, JillDualismfour tone
Ballweg, JanetGrowing SomberSerigraph199807A.CM.04
Ballweg, JanetNature’s Recourseacrylic on paper198908A.CM.09
Bamford, BradPutting Throughlithograph199494a.02.21
Bammerlin, Mary LouSpecial Art IIpastel on paper 96A.12.015
Bard, VivienMumswatercolor on Illustration boardc. 196095a.11.01
Barker, BruceUntitledceramicc. 1990PM-61000
Barnebey, KarlIn the CafeLithograph198204-DE-03
Barnebey, KarlSpringlithograph200202A.14.06
Barnebey, KarlSatyrs Playing Cardsconte and charcoaldate unknown03A.08.07
Barnebey, KarlMulberry at Sixth and Oaklithograph200303A.12.04
Barnhart, Nick LeeOn the Squarepen and inkc. 1976PM-41572
Barnhart, Nick LeeYellow Scapepen and ink on paperdate unknownPM-10152
Barrett, KateMake Me Perfectetching200101A.21.03
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #4acrylic on canvas1972PM-23853
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #7acrylic on canvas1972PM-23856
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #6acrylic on canvas1972PM-23855
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #5acrylic on canvas1972PM-23854
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #8acrylic on canvas1972PM-23857
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #3acrylic on canvas1972PM-23852
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #1acrylic on canvas PM-23850
Barricklow, H.Euclid Revisited #2acrylic on canvas1972PM-23851
Basker, EdwardAfter the Stormwatercolor1964PM-60504
Baskin, LeonardHydrogen Manwoodcut1954PM-53746
Baskin, LeonardFor the Art Students of ISU from Leonard Baskin on his Visit, 1998amonoprint199898A.08.01
Baskin, LeonardFor the Art Students of ISU from Leonard Baskin on his Visit, 1998aamonoprint199898A.08.02
Baskin, LeonardGoya, for ISU Students, 1998monoprint199898A.08.03
Baskin, LeonardFor the Art Students of ISU from Leonard Baskin on his Visit, 1998monoprint199898A.08.04
Batchelor, AnthonyCliche in Whitefour tone
Bates, Kenneth FrancisPotted Plantsenameled copper, silver foilc. 1946PM-60641
Bechtle, Robert68 NOVAlithograph1972pm-10133
Bechtle, RobertHamilton Beachoil on canvas1963-1966PM-10134
Bekkering, StevenAmbiguous
Bell, Charles Untitledserigraph197995a.08.09
Bell, PatriciaGranny’s Vinedigital canvas print200002A.30.04
Bell, PatriciaUntitledglazed ceramics  
Bell, PatrickAn Evening on Porlomaacrylic on canvas PM-15910
Bellmer, HansFrom Madame Edwardsengraving, punched plate 1955PM-60640
Bencová, Iveta The Changelithography, 5/50199494a.02.01
Bencová, Iveta the changelithography, 5/50199401A.18.10
Bentley, Ronald H.SandBlastRelief Print11/25/197004-de-80
Bernard, ChristianUntitledposter PM-10147
Berry, Darrel Restricted Confusionsix toned
Bertini, GianniProjet pour Callipygeetchingc. 1964PM-60643
Bertrand, JoePRAIRIE CREEKwatercolor on papern.d.PM-61160
Besser , Arne CharlesThe Street belowserigraph, 213/250198094a.05.01
Besser , Arne CharlesUntitledserigraph197995a.08.08
Besser, Arne CharlesCircus Triadserigraph, 182/250198094a.05.02
Bessieer, BasiliusFlos Solismajorintaglio, engraving PM-61260
Bessire, DaleAutumn Landscapeoil on canvasn.d.PM-10138
Bettiol, ZoraviaO Casamento de Jose e Mariareleif print, woodcut 12/351965PM-60626
Bezombes, RogerHarlenquinadelithographc. 1964PM-10292
Bezombes, RogerAnama’s Pineapplelithographc. 1964PM-10146
Biddle, MarkEyeacrylic and airbrush on illustration board1979PM-56709
Biddle, MarkPunkgouache on illustration board1979PM-56708
Biddle, MarkUntitledphoto collageundated97A.04.02
Biggs, JamesLidded Jar with Target for Containment of Legends from Ancestorsstoneware 02A.30.05
Billops, CamilleOld Black Joe S.C. Foster 1860, Minstrel jet print199199a.12.02
Binford, DaleCupsilver, plasticc.1970PM-60439
Binford, DaleRing for a Hot Honeymetalsdate unknownPM-60434
Bjornsson, KyraGoddess Figurestoneware199898A.23.01
Bjornsson, KyraSinging Divaceramic 99A.40.01
Black, Heather J.Rebirthoil on canvas and foam core199898A.18.01
Blackburn, PamelaRicharddigitally altered photograph200102A.30.03
Blackburn, PamelaUntitledmixed media200303L.24.10
Blackford, MikkiCollege
Blackford, MikkiA change of Harmony in Black and White worldinkjet200606A.SS.06
Blackwell, TomBattleship Texasserigraph198094a.05.08
Blackwell, TomCharles Jourdan Galleriaserigraph198094a.05.09
Blackwell, TomI- 610 northserigraph, 3/10 h.c.198094a.05.10
Blackwell, TomUntitledserigraph, 231/250197995a.08.07
Blackwell, TomCharles Jourdan Galleriaserigraph198094a.05.09
Blade, CourtlandFrom the Teacher’s Deskoil on canvas200808A.SS.11
Blehr, A.C.Untitledetching on rice paper 02A.19.09
BlengamDamaseustwo toned Relief Print197404-de-20
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-60763
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-60702
Blumberg, Fannie BLunar Mothoil on canvas PM-60820
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61223
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61195
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-60762
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61194
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61188
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61213
Blumberg, Fannie BFlowers in White Compoteoil on canvas PM-61231
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvasunknownPM-61186
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61225
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61193
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61219
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-10307
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61183
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-10214
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61187
Blumberg, Fannie BVoodoo Queenoil on canvas PM-61089
Blumberg, Fannie BRoad to the Mountainoil on canvas PM-61196
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61229
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61207
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61212
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61208
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61277
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61189
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61222
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas1953PM-61192
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61181
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61182
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61236
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61235
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61226
Blumberg, Fannie BOld Lady with Chairoil on canvas PM-61228
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61199
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61204
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61278
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61237
Blumberg, Fannie BBirds and Flowersoil on canvas PM-10308
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61206
Blumberg, Fannie BNight Club in Miamioil on canvas1944, EARLYPM-61205
Blumberg, Fannie BSada Majorahoil on canvas1944PM-61279
Blumberg, Fannie BStormoil on canvas PM-61210
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-60761
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61268
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61300
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on canvas PM-61298
Blumberg, Fannie BPortrait of a Woman with Long Hairoil on canvas board PM-61299
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledoil on press board PM-60773
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledpaint on brown paper PM-60815
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60834
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60835
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60833
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60836
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor on brown paper PM-60813
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60838
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60831
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-61065
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-61067
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-61064
Blumberg, Fannie BFlower Studywatercolor PM-61070
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-60989
Blumberg, Fannie BLilliesmonoprint PM-60864
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-61069
Blumberg, Fannie BUntitledwatercolor PM-61071
Blumberg, Fannie B Untitledwatercolor PM-61068
Blumberg, Fannie B.Geraniumsmonoprint PM-60389
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-60466
Blumberg, Fannie B.Early Still Life with Samovaroil1943PM-46174
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Absraction)oil PM-60708
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-60832
Blumberg, Fannie B.Haimish Mountains, New Mexicooil on canvas1960PM-60826
Blumberg, Fannie B.Poster for Crippled Childrenoil on canvas1955PM-60816
Blumberg, Fannie B.Florida Evergladesoil on canvas PM-60821
Blumberg, Fannie B.On the Beachoil on canvas boarddate unknownPM-60828
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil PM-60829
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil1951PM-60312
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil PM-60783
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on boarddate unknownPM-60830
Blumberg, Fannie B.Still Lifeoil PM-60819
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil PM-60881
Blumberg, Fannie B.Tea Kettle and Bottleoil PM-60882
Blumberg, Fannie B.Sea Fan Under Seaoil on canvas1954PM-61233
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Woman in White Armor)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61214
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil PM-10309
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Music Still Life)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61216
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Day at the Beach)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61215
Blumberg, Fannie B.Van Gogh’s Motheroil on canvas PM-60827
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61281
Blumberg, Fannie B.Boy with Red Cap and Accordianoil on canvas1953PM-61220
Blumberg, Fannie B.untitledoil or acrylic on canvas PM-61016
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Landscape)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61019
Blumberg, Fannie B.Northern Lights at Sunset-Rare Phenomenaoil or acrylic on canvas PM-61093
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil or acrylic on canvas PM-61094
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil or acrylic on canvas PM-61127
Blumberg, Fannie B.Floral Jungleoil or acrylic on canvas1948PM-61109
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil or acrylic on canvas PM-61091
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61010
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-60767
Blumberg, Fannie B.Arrangement in Blueoil on canvas PM-60571
Blumberg, Fannie B.Accordion Playeroil on canvas PM-61018
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-60014
Blumberg, Fannie B.Tropical Still Lifeoil on board PM-61014
Blumberg, Fannie B.Still Life with Fan and Mandolinoil on canvas1953PM-61013
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasn.d.PM-61012
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61232
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61230
Blumberg, Fannie B.Flowers in White Vaseoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61184
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61190
Blumberg, Fannie B.New Mexico Landscapeoil on canvas1952PM-61095
Blumberg, Fannie B.Banana Abstractionoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61234
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasn.d.PM-61185
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61198
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61224
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61180
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Geisha Girl)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61200
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasn.d.PM-61227
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Palm Trees)oil on canvas1952PM-61201
Blumberg, Fannie B.Peace is Always Beautifuloil on canvas1952 or 1948*PM-61272
Blumberg, Fannie B.Carolyn at Five on Wednesdayoil on canvas1943PM-61092
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61202
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61135
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61203
Blumberg, Fannie B.New York City at Nightoil on canvascirca1954 PM-61280
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61179
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61191
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61274
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61273
Blumberg, Fannie B.Phase of Florida Everglades with White Heronsoil on canvas1960PM-61275
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61276
Blumberg, Fannie B.Beached Boatoil on canvas1960, 05/00PM-60765
Blumberg, Fannie B.Enigma #11oil on canvas1961PM-61267
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61269
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Figures and Mushrooms)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61264
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61271
Blumberg, Fannie B.Night Bloomingoil on canvas PM-61295
Blumberg, Fannie B.Orchid Jungleoil on canvas PM-61297
Blumberg, Fannie B.Little Clown’s First Performanceoil on canvas1945PM-61270
Blumberg, Fannie B.Velma Prattoil on canvasunknownPM-61296
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Bride and Bridesmaids)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61266
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Still Life)oil on canvasdate unknownPM-61265
Blumberg, Fannie B.The Fortune Telleroil on canvasdate unknownPM-60766
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas board PM-61262
Blumberg, Fannie B.White Bowl with Deer Antlersoil on illustration board1948PM-61022
Blumberg, Fannie B.Woman with Dachsundoil on canvas PM-60460
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas boarddate unknownPM-60840
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor PM-60865
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor PM-61015
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor and pencil PM-60981
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledcharcoal PM-61061
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledmonoprint PM-60862
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor PM-60795
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor PM-60980
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor PM-61062
Blumberg, Fannie B.The Old Clownoil on canvas1947-52PM-61331
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61021
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor PM-60837
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledrelief print, monotype PM-60844
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor on paper pm-46189
Blumberg, Fannie B.Late Summer Meadowgouache, opaque water media.1949pPM-10123
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Landscape)opaque media on paper PM-10286
Blumberg, Fannie B.Variations of a theme #3oil, on paper mounted on board  PM-10294
Blumberg, Fannie B.Variations on a Theme #2oil on paper mounted on board PM-10201
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10202
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10203
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10204
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Woman in Black)oil on canvas PM-10205
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Seated Harlequin)oil on canvas PM-10206
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10207
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Woman in Pink)oil on canvas PM-10208
Blumberg, Fannie B.But The Earth Has Just Whispered a Warningoil on canvas PM-10209
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10210
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10211
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitled (Butterflies)painting PM-10212
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-10213
Blumberg, Fannie B.Fantasyoil on canvas1949PM-10224
Blumberg, Fannie B.Doll on the beachoil on canvasn.d.PM-10229
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledpastel 94a.99.01
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasunknown95a.18.01
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvasunknown95A.18.02
Blumberg, Fannie B.Grove of Treesoil on canvas boarddate unknown95a.18.03
Blumberg, Fannie B.Leaf Study #1oil on canvas date unknown95a.18.04
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledgouache 96A.11.01
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledwatercolor 99A.17.14
Blumberg, Fannie B.Still Lifeoil on canvasdate unknown02A.22.01
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61136
Blumberg, Fannie B.Untitledoil on canvas PM-61006
Blumberg, Fannie B.Thinkinglithograph PM-60690
Blumberg, Fannie B.Portraitpastel1948PM-61252
Blumberg, Fannie B. Girl in a Red Chairoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61221
Blumberg, Fannie B. Tea for Threeoil on canvasdate unknownPM-61263
Blumberg, Fannie b. Untitledwatercolor PM-60796
Blumberg, Fannie B. View From Hilltopoil on canvas boarddate unknown95a.18.05
Bo, LarsChevauxaquatint and etching PM-16395
Bo, LarsRive Lointaineintaglio20 c.PM-16388
Bockhold, CharlottExperience the Visual Artsserigraph1980PM-60911
Bolotowsky, IlyaPortfolio of Four Silkscreens in Colorserigraph 99A.17.10
Bolotowsky, Ilya Untitledserigraph197994a.05.11
Bolotowsky, Ilya Untitledserigraph197994a.05.12
Bolotowsky, Ilya Untitledserigraph197994a.05.13
Bolotowsky, Ilya Untitledserigraph197994a.05.14
Booker, Chakaia Emanating Connectionstires, 304 stainless steel200909A.CB.01
Booker, Chakaia Dedication Posterposter04/29/0909A.CB.02
Boone, GarretYin-Yang Controlled Acceleration and Dispersalserigraph on felt1975PM-61137
Boone, GarretInterstate Landscapeserigraph on felt1975PM-61142
Boone, GarretOracleserigraph 32/200 PM-61138
Boone, GarretAmerican Field Sequenceserigraph on felt1975PM-61140
Boone, GarretSUN AND CLOUDSserigraph on felt1975PM-39233
Boone, GarretThe Ryoan: The R40 an 11 Illustrationserigraph on felt1975PM-39229
Boone, GarretMoon, Clouds: Sequenceserigraph on felt1975PM-39235
Boone, GarretCherry Treeserigraph on felt1975PM-60502
Boone, GarretCraft Projectsserigraph on felt 30/2001974PM-39232
Boone, GarretSoft Checkersserigraph on felt1975PM-61143
Boone, GarretNational Roadsilkscreen on felt197599A.18.01
Boone, GarretHomage to Riley, Indianasilkscreen on felt197599A.18.02
Borgeson, TonyaAmplificationlinoleum cut200202A.14.04
Bostrom, BeeThe Dripceramic199899A.04.06
Bostron, B.Sandfour toned
Bostron, B.Controversy Over Stolen Colorsseven toned
Bostron, B.And He Got the Band-Aidthree tone photo transferno
Bostron, ElizabethUntitledtwo toned Lithograph199704-de-28
Bowersock, CurtisUntitledcharcoal10-20-199804A.01.07
Bowersock, KurtisFirst-year Studentsteel 03L.24.04
Bowman, DavidUntitledpastel 04A.01.08
Boyce, Gerald D.The Ascent #1oil PM-60631
Bradfield, R.Untitledthree toned Etching197904-de-69
Bradfield, R.#2 State 4three toned Etching197904-de-70
Bradfield, RodArt Carmixed media200606A.rb.01
Bradfield, RodBomb Boxmixed media200606A.RB.02
Bradford, HowardRed Boatsserigraph PM-60629
Bradley, Carolyn G.The Studiowatercolor1935PM-10149
Bradley, Carolyn G.Taxco Gatewaywatercolor PM-53718
Bradley, Carolyn G.MEXICAN BURROSwatercolorn.d.PM-61158
Bradley, JohnShrine to Saint Spandexpolychromed poplar and walnut199395A.11.08
Braque, GeorgesHommage a Georges Braqueposter1964PM-61324
Breidenbaugh, V. E.Original Red Bridge in Park Countyink and marker197703A.45.02
Breidenbaugh, V. E.Mecca Bridgeink and marker197803A.45.03
Brejcha, VernonUntitledglassdate unknownPM-61033
Brentlinger, MiriamUntitledlino cut 96A.12.001
Brentlinger, MiriamUntitledwatercolor194896A.12.005
Brentlinger, MiriamUntitledserigraph 96a.12.075
Brinkman, ChristyBird Composition #1oil on canvas200808A.SS.10
Brinkman, ChristyLines and Powerdrypoint200809A.CB.01
Brinkman, Doris J.Cast Ashore by the Seamixed media1968PM-32884
Brinkman, Doris J.Americanaoil PM-60624
Brockenbrough, E.Redhouseoil PM-60630
Brogden, LindaHeartgraphite, watercolor, markerdate unknownPM-60634
Brooke, Jenel Mask Portraitwoodcut199595a.14.09
Brooks, A. F.Howard Sandison, Vice President 1886-1917oil PM-10126
Brooks, DickReddington--Stages of Flight--At the Swopeserigraph1973PM-60904
Brown, DonaldTitle Unknownoil on canvas197802A.13.03
Brown, Eric HoclotonThe Struggle of Kingenamal and oil on wood1969PM-10127
Brown, Eric HoclotonUntitledoil1968?PM-60625
Brown, Francis ClarkTraders Pt. Bridgeoil on canvas1961PM-32993
Brown, Janet Minerva, Minervaoil on canvasdate unknownPM-10137
Brown, K.C.Untitled
Brown, Kwang ChaProtector of the Forestlinoleum cut199999a.06.07
Brown, Kwang ChaSpirits Awakened by Nightlinocut200000A.04.06
Brown, Kwang ChaTransformationreduction linoleum cut200101a.04.11
Brownstein, OlgaBust of Fannie Blumbergceramic and cast bronze PM-46175
Bruce, BlancheStill Lifeoil PM-61147
Bruce, BlancheLandscapePAINTING, OIL TAKEN OFF STRETCHER1919PM-60638
Brucker, EdmundDr. Alan Carson Rankin, 1965 - 1975oil on canvas1975PM-10136
Bruner, MichaelUntitledoil PM-33079
Bruning, PeterStill Lifeoil on canvas boardn.d.PM-32881
Brusca, JackUntitledserigraph1978PM-10225
Bruvand, SandySome Glad Morninghard and softground etching200101A.21.10
Bryant, BridgetteUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.041
Buchanan, BenSelf Portraitrelief200001A.01.08
Buchta, TomUntitledserigraph 96A.12.029
Buck, LukeStory Indianawatercolor1975?PM-52435
Buell, JoniReflectionsoil on paper199899a.04.03
Buffet, BernardChrist in the Gardenintaglio; etching and drypoint1954PM-53737
Buffet, BernardFemme Au Chapeaulithographdate unknownpm-10125
Bull, Teilman GunvorUntitledserigraph197995a.08.06
Bundza, AlanLa Villeindia ink and xerox200909A.AB.01
Burbelt, W.Wasted Equinoxserigraph1973PM-60968
Burke, F.Untitledoil on canvas PM-60635
Burketh, RichardRed Balloon Rapidly Deflatingserigraph PM-60637
Burkett, BrentIn We Trustmixed media collage1976PM-60902
Burkett, M.Self-Portraitprimary color scheme Lithograph197504-de-82
Burkett, M.Untitledtwo toned Etching197504-de-83
Burkett, M.Hoosier TogethernessEtchingnone04-de-89
Burkett, M.UntitledPencil197404-de-90
Burkett, MarkUntitledoil on canvas PM-53736
Burkett, MarkDead Bird Dried Fishserigraph1973PM-10128
Burkett, MarkUntitledgraphitedate unknownPM-10129
Burkett, WilliamThe Opium Eaterintaglio1972PM-10156
Burkett, MarkUntitledtwo toned Etching197404-de-88
Burnett, DerrickVisions of Blacknessacrylic on board199798A.07.01
Burnett, DerrickUntitledmixed media199999A.20.02
Burroughs, PamCrest is Bestbrass, silver1973PM-60803
Burroughs, PamBraceletbone and silver PM-60805
Burroughs, PamGrand-daddy’s War Memorialsilver and tin type photograph1973PM-60804
Butler, James D. Doubles/still Lifegraphite 1984.03
Butler, James D. Two Black Potsgraphite 1984.04
Buzan, CarolynFireacrylic on canvas PM-10150
Byrd, RobertJesus Christ Superstarlithograph PM-53735
Byreyskie, TereseHeadlithograph, silkscreen1964PM-13032
Cady, CharlesAbandoned Minepasteldate unknownPM-10177
Caemmerer, Richard R. Jr.Nativityoil and enamel on wood PM-10178
Calkins, KimberlyFlying Through the Pinto Bean Galaxy, Grandma and Grandpa Were Longtime Sweetheartsceramic 01A.09.03
Callins, KimberlyTornado Alleyfour toned lithographno
Callins, KimberlyCorndogs at the Elkseight toned lithographno
Callins, KimberlyLast Family Supperfive tone lithographno
Callins, Kimberly D.Tornado Magnetseven toned lithographno
Camp, Douglas SokariSharia Fubarasteel and fabric200001A.07.01
Campbell, Marlene A.Putting Throughetching199494a.02.22
Campbell, Marlene A.putting throughetching, 18/40199401A.18.22
Carmell, J.E.Bowlbrass with silver solderdate unknownPM-60809
Carmer, MattUntitled Sethdigital
Carmer, MatthewC.A.N.D.L.E.S. Rememberedmultiple image photography200304A.05.05
Carol JokinenPromised Landten toned
CarringtonUntitledoil on canvasdate unknown01A.15.02
Carroll (Dzurison), ErinUntitled No. 14oil on arches200808a.ed.02
Carroll (Dzurison), ErinUntitled No. 17oil on arches200808A.ed.03
Carroll (Dzurison), ErinUntitled No. 5oil on arches200808a.ed.04
Carroll (Dzurison), ErinUntitled No. 6oil on arches200808a.ed.06
Carroll (Dzurison), ErinUntitled No. 16oil pastel drawing200808a.ed.01
Carson, JannaLethargyfour toned silkscreen; white
Carson, JannaRape of the Whirlwindseven tone silkscreen
Carson, JannaSusansix tone
Carson, JannaHome is Where the Steak isfive tone silkscreen
Caskey, CalvinAccustomed to Inheritancepainting200909A.CC.01
Cassandre, A. M. (printed by Bedos)Untitledlithograph193299a.11.13
Celice, PierreApril Flowersoil PM-13022
Celice, PierreLe Portlithograph PM-13023
Chagall, MarcSacrifice Made to the Nymphs #330color lithograph197709A.MC.01
Chan, PhilUntitledacrylic and oil pastel on paper198498A.21.01
Chaney, Patrick (Union Board Collection)Tandemonia serigraphyear unknown02A.39.33
Chateaubriand illus. by Gustave DoreAtalabook188496a.14.04
Chaykin, HowardWhere No One Can HEar You Screampencil and ink on board200708a.hc.11
Chaykin, HowardMoving Daypencil and ink on board200708a.hc.12
Chaykin, HowardThe Panty Raidpencil and ink on board200708a.hc.01
Chaykin, HowardVirtual Tourpencil and ink on board200708a.hc.02
Chaykin, HowardThe Student Bodypencil and ink on board200708A.hc.04
Chaykin, HowardTailgate Partypencil adn ink on board200708a.hc.05
Chaykin, HowardDuty,Honor,College...pencil and ink on board200708A.hc.06
Chaykin, HowardFirst Datepencil and ink on board200708a.hc.08
Chaykin, HowardBeer Pongpencil and ink on board200708a.hc.09
Chaykin, HowardTo Catch a Thief 200708a.hc.10
Chen, ElaineUntitledsoftground etching200101A.21.02
Chen, Hao-YuanVanity and Agepastel199900A.03.01
Chen, HiloUntitledserigraphundated95a.08.05
Chen, Hsiang-Lu4 Diamond or Hanginggelatin silver print9/9797a.12.01
Chen, Hsiang-LuUntitledgelatin silver print 199798A.02.07
Chen, Hsiang-Lu 4 Diamond or Hanginggelatin silver print9/9700a.01.01
Chen, Hsiang-Lu 4 Diamond or Hanginggelatin silver print9/9700A.08.01
Cheny, PatOpen House Buffet Theme for Saturday Night Get Togethermixed media PM-10175
Chidlaw, PaulWinterscapeoil on board PM-10284
Chidlaw, PaulTurquoise-Purplelithograph PM-10194
Chidlaw, PaulPink/Yellow, Blacklithograph PM-10191
Chidlaw, Paul Winter Nightoil on board PM-10196
Chidlaw, Paul The Coastoil and acrylic on boarddate unknownPM-10193
Chidlaw, Paul Two Girlswatercolor PM-16206
Chidlaw, Paul Red-Black Compositionrelief print PM-10274
Chidlaw, Paul Red Sunsetserigraph PM-10192
Chidlaw, Paul Beneath the Earthserigraph PM-10280
Chidlaw, Paul Untitledserigraph PM-10289
Chidlaw, Paul Fiery Nightserigraph PM-10195
Chidlaw, Paul Navy Blue and Whiteserigraph PM-10288
Chizastowski, C.UntitledEtching on Embossed Paper198104-de-41
Christo, JavacheffValley Curtain Posteroffset lithograph1970-1972PM-10188
Christo, JavacheffWhitney Museum of Art Packedlithograph and collage1968PM-61032
Christopher, MichaelBonespolaroid transfer, colored pencil, india ink 04A.01.03
Christy CarrithersThe Cat in the Couchmahogany and maple200001A.02.02
Chung-Shin, YunsunHebrew Alphabetcomputer generated image199696a.07.01
Church, RobinTree Spiritcolor photograph198995a.11.05
Cindric, MikePinsterling silver, wire, feathers1974PM-60811
Cindric, MikeWhistle Necklacesterling silver, beads, ebony, antler PM-60806
Cindric, MikeLake Georgeceramic installation1981PM-60982
Cindric, MikeSpaces/Places/Sidewalkceramic installation1981PM-61009
Ciolek, Nancy A.Wooden Dreamsbrown tinted photograph198695a.11.04
Ciolek, Nancy A.School for American Crafts Postcard, 1997printed media199698a.09.01
Clark, RandyAgnostic Apologyserigraph199899a.02.01
Clark-Laffoon, LindaWindow to My Heartceramic 01A.09.12
Clayton, MorriseyNow That’s Goin’ Beyond the Beyondsintaglio PM-10170
Clemmons, ErinExquisitesilver gelatin print200303A.12.14
Cleverley, CharlotteIncandescenceetching200101A.21.06
Coe, SueIt’s Like A JunglePhoto Etching1984 
Cole, Timothy and W.S. ConrowGeneral George Washingtonengraving1923 or 1921PM-60825
Colescott, WarringtonInside IRSintaglio197497A.04.01
Collins, Sylan EthanDouble Self-Portraitlithograph199595a.14.08
Combs, JoanUntitledairbrush 96a.12.108
Comedy, N.Untitledserigraph195296A.12.003
Contreras, AlbertAerial SymphonyAcrylic200707A.AC.09
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.10
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.06
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.05
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.15
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.01
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.02
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200607A.AC.16
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.21
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.23
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.22
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.18
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.11
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.19
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200607A.AC.13
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200607A.AC.17
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.08
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.07
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.24
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.03
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200607A.AC.04
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200607A.AC.12
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.14
Contreras, AlbertAerial Symphonyacrylic200707A.AC.20
Cook, JimUntitledceramic PM-60506
Cook, Richard Untitledairbrushn.d.96A.12.055
Cooper, Timothy L. Coopie Tie #1seven tone
Cooper, Timothy L. Unknownseven tone
Cordray, SharonQuilted Captured Momentsmixed
Cordray, SharonBurst of Summerdigital
Corimer, Russell T.Maybe He Became Ill and Couldn’t Leave the Studioacrylic1972, 04/28PM-60003
Cottingham, RobertOrph (from the Documenta Series)lithograph PM-53720
Cox, John R.Will Turmanoil on masonite PM-10187
Craig, JayneNight Flightceramic 01A.09.04
Cramer, Matthew W.The Kissoil on canvasdate unknown04A.03.08
Crandall, AmandaLandscape #74paint and gold leaf on wood199803a.10.05
Criss, John G.Now Showing Iairbrush and gouache1972PM-60509
Cristee, D.Untitledserigraphn.d.96A.12.049
Crum, Coreyuntitled IIIclay200707a-ss-09
Cudney, DebraWellsville Mountains, Utahaquatint, etching199899a.02.09
Cuevas, José LuisRasputin, #3 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10160
Cuevas, José LuisWanted, #11 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10174
Cuevas, José LuisFrom My Sketchbook, #7 from the Crime PortfolioFrom mlithograph1968PM-10164
Cuevas, José LuisJack the Ripper, #6 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10163
Cuevas, José LuisVan Gogh’s Criminal Obsessions, #9 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10172
Cuevas, José LuisL’Amour Fou, #8 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10171
Cuevas, José LuisMan in Jail, #10 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10173
Cuevas, José LuisBorgia, #5 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10162
Cuevas, José LuisHistory of Crime, #2 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10159
Cuevas, José LuisCrime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10165
Cuevas, José LuisTitle Page, #1 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10158
Cuevas, José LuisDreams of Rasputin, #4 from the Crime Portfoliolithograph1968PM-10161
Cummings, Michael MartinCopper Flowerceramic and copper 02A.30.07
Cummings, Michael Martin Silverflowerceramic 02A.30.12
Cummings, Michael S.Getting Remembereddigital
Cunningham, StephanieStephanie Cunningham(s)mixed media200102A.30.01
Curley, JaymePotato Socket Iceramic PM-53822
Currier, NathanielJames Monroehand colored lithograph1813-188802A.19.02
Currier, NathanielLook at Papahand colored lithographc. 1860 
D’or, LionSmall Blue Porcelain Low Bowlporcelain 96a.14.25
Dali, SalvadorCertificate of Authenticity for The Magic Butterfly and the flowerslithograph 99A.17.04
Dali, SalvadorThe Magic Butterfly and the Flowerslithographdate unknownPM-60009
Dali, SalvadorThe Taming of the Shrewdrypointdate unknownPM-60010
Daly, Matthew AndrewRockwood Vaseearthenware190102A.23.15
Dang, Le BaFishing Netsoffset 01d.06.01
Daniel, Douglas M.Landini, Richard G.Oil on Linen199295A.01.01
Daubhin, S.Book Stalls On Seinerelief PM-61146
Davenport, Fredrick B.Etoileoil PM-10017
Davidson, KathleeneSeptemberserigraph1974-75PM-60954
Davies, JoelGambledigital composite photograph9/9797a.12.02
Davies, JoelDisciple II digitally altered photograph199798A.02.09
Davies, JoelGambledigital composite photograph9/9700a.01.02
Davies, JoelGambledigital composite photograph9/9700A.08.02
Davies, Joel Davies’ Paradoxdigitally altered photograph199999a.06.20
Davis, Harry A.Untitledwatercolor and ink PM-60011
Davis, JosephineRoad to Spenceroil1938PM-60657
Davis, RobinUntitledceramic PM-60410
Davis, RobinUntitledceramic PM-60986
Davis, Willis BingBrotherman #1pastel, oil, charcoal, ink1974PM-32895
Davis, Willis BingAttica Entombment and Viewerceramic, rope, mirror, wire1974PM-53791
Davis, Willis BingRitual Vessel #25ceramic 01A.09.05
Davisson, Homer G.On Ten Mile Creekoil on canvasn.d.97A.11.01
Dawalt, KentLawrence County Series IIceramic and wood PM-60983
Dawalt, KentCovered Jar #2ceramic PM-61333
Dawalt, KentCovered Jar #1ceramic PM-61332
Dawalt, KentWeedpotceramic PM-61148
De Boer Lichtveld, Frans & MarjaThree Elementsneon tube, plexiglass steel armiture200707a.fmd.01
de Goya y Lucientes, FranciscoLas Camas de Muerte (Beds of Death)embossed print with aquatint186205a.FG.01
Deberdt, F.Insectsetching PM-16392
Dees, PhilEpic Dialogue Triptychprint199502A.24.24
Dees, PhilEpic Dialogue Triptychprint199502A.24.25
Dees, PhilUntitledsteel, paint 03A.24.05
Dees, PhilipVuggypolychrome199495L.05.01
Dees, PhillipEpic Diologue IIserigraph199699A.17.01
Dees, PhillipFalling Forms IISerigraphdate unknown99A.17.02
DeHaven, RoyJuly 1975serigraph PM-60959
DeHaven, RoyRaquelserigraph 1/61973PM-61046
de Kooning, WillemWoman Digging Clamslithograph1970PM-33091
Delaney, TomGhost Dancemixed media on paper199098A.15.03
Dell’Agnese, DanielDream a Little Dreameight toned lithographno
Dell’Agnese, DanielCrazy Horsefive toned lithographno
Dell’Agnese, DanielPutting Throughlithograph199494a.02.12
Dell’Agnese, Danielputting throughlithograph, 24/40199401A.18.13
Dell’Agnese, DanielVirgin and Whorefive toned lithographno
Deller, HarrisCompressed Form #2clay200708A.HD.01
DeMar, RobAir IIImixed media200203A.10.09
Dennis, MacKenzieAnd You Were GoneEtching on Embossed Paper199804-de-12
Dennis, MacKenzieThree One Way Ticketstwo toned Etching200004-de-37
Dennis, MacKenzieSearching to the Tune of Six Little Spiritsfour toned Intaglio200004-de-49
Dennis, MacKenzieTwo of Us United by a Common Challengefour toned Relief Print200104-de-76
Dennis, MacKenzieThree Ladders to the Sky,One Hiddenfour toned Relief Print and Collage200104-de-77
Dennis, MacKenzieReversing Murphy’s Lawfive toned
Dennis, MacKenzierapid sunset behind a rat-shaped cloudetching200001A.01.02
Dennis, MacKenzietwo of us united by a common challengereduction linoleum cut200101a.04.10
Dennis, MacKenziehomage to Duchamp: the bride stripped bare by her bachelors, oddink and prismacolor200202A.11.08
Dennis, MacKenziefive ambitions: two gone awryhand colored etching200101A.21.13
Dennis, MacKenzierapid sunset behind a rat-shaped cloudetching200003A.10.06
Dennis, MacKenzieNightskyinkjet print200003A.10.07
Dennis, MacKenziethe grass seems greenerinkjet print200003A.10.08
Dennis, MacKenzieImaginary Intersection: Quilt Mapetching200303A.12.17
Dennis, MacKenzie3 ladders to the sky, one hiddenwoodcut relief with pellon200103A.28.01
Dennis, MacKenzieUnreliable Imaginings: a winged cridder Singing to Six hanging eggsetching200202A.14.08
Dennis, MacKenzieLiving in These Little Circleslinoleum reduction cut199999a.06.11
Dennis, MacKenzieAnd You Were Goneetching, aquatint, embossing199999A.20.01
Dennis, MacKenzieRebus: The Map to Valhallaetching 200000A.04.08
Denon, HarryUntitledwatercolor PM-10015
Dine, JimUntitled (Heart Series)serigraph1970PM-53711
Dine, JimUntitled #30 fedoraintaglio1971pm-53747
Dine, JimAwlserigraph196506a.jd.01
Dobashi, JunRhythm Noircolor lithograph PM-13031
Dobis, Jody086airbrush PM-60512
Dobis, JodyUntitledacrylic on canvas1974PM-10019
Dobis, JodyUntitledacrylic on canvas1974PM-10018
Dobis, JodyUntitledacrylic on canvas PM-60393
Dolice, Leon LouisUntitledpasteldate unknownPM-60617
Doolittle, J.Untitledwatercolor 96A.12.006
Doolittle, J.Untitledwatercolordate unknown96A.12.040
Doughty, B.SplurechRelief Print197004-de-59
Douglas, BobHands of TimeLithographnone04-de-15
Douglas, Jensen SerreTo Terry, From Gracelandetching and lithograph200001A.01.07
Dowhie, LennieShe Was Nervous in Anticipationceramic1982PM-10020
Dowhie, LennieVesselceramic199801A.09.06
Downer, GeneUntitledceramic 01A.09.07
Downer, JulieUntitledceramic 01A.09.08
Dreisbach, DavidSelf-Portrait in Polka Dot Shirt etching-13/50196802A-CM-05
Dresden GallerySmall Porcelain Saucerporcelain 96a.14.17
Dresden GallerySmall Porcelain PlatePorcelain 96a.14.18
Dresden GallerySmall Porcelain Creamerporcelain 96a.14.19
Dresden GallerySmall Porcelain Serving Dish with Handleporcelain 96a.14.21
Dresden GalleryPorcelain Vaseporcelain 96a.14.22
Duckworth, RuthChicago Plateceramic1972PM-60511
Dunbar, MichaelArthur’s
Duncan, BeckyHuge Personal FeetSilver Gelatin
Duncan, Jeneé StrattonBridle Path Fantasyacrylic on mat boarddate unknownPM-61151
Dunn, JamesSolitudedrawing199402A.45.03
Dunn, JamesStudy of Old Manprint 02A.45.04
Dunn, JamesHidden Shadowsprint 02A.45.05
Dürer, AlbrechtThe Apocalypsewoodcut1498PM-04225
Dürer, AlbrechtChrist Washing the feet of the Apostleswood engravingc.15001969.891
Dyer-Wilson, EdieSteadfast Serenityinfrared film, silver gelatin printdate unknown03A.08.03
Dyer-Wilson, EdieNature’s Intersectionsinkjet from digitally manipulated 35mm200303A.12.01
Dyer-Wilson, EdieGimme 5digital
Dzurison-Carroll, ErinMental Destructionoil pastel200809A.EC.02
Dzurison-Carroll, ErinMental Destructionoil pastel on paper200809A.EC.01
Dzurison-Carroll, ErinMental Destructionoil pastel on paper200809A.EC.01
Dzurison-Carroll, ErinWhat Goes Around...oil on canvas200809A.EC.02
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalklate 150’s99a.08.01
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.02
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.03
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalklate 1950’s99a.08.04
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalklate 1950’s99a.08.74
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalklate 1950’s99a.08.73
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.72
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.71
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.70
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.69
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.68
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.67
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.66
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.65
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.64
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.63
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.62
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.61
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.60
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.59
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.58
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.57
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.56
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.04
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.05
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.06
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.07
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.08
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.09
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.10
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.11
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.12
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.55
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.54
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.53
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1887-196499a.08.52
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.51
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.13
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.14
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.15
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.16
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.17
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950s99a.08.18
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.19
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.20
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.21
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.22
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.23
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.24
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.25
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.26
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1878-196499a.08.27
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.28
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.29
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.30
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.31
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.32
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.33
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.34
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.35
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.36
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1878-196499a.08.37
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.38
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.39
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.40
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.41
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.42
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.43
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.44
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.45
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.46
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk 99a.08.47
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1940’s99a.08.48
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.49
Eastman, Frank SamuelUntitledcharcoal, chalk1950’s99a.08.50
Ebbendorf, RobertRattlewood, silverdate unknownPM-60435
Echternach, JohnYawnamixed media PM-60521
Eckmar, FrankThe Early Yearswoodcut, 47 OR 49/571968PM-60522
Eddy, DonRed Mercedes (from the Documenta Series)lithograph1972PM-10021
Edelson, Mary BethFront Runneroil on canvas1984PM-60242
Edgeman, L.Untitledwatercolorn.d.96a.12.068
Ehrman, MaxAn Artist’s Prayerrelief print PM-60529
Ehrmann, MaxDesideratadocument PM-61111
Eidse, VanessaPutting Throughlithograph and embossment199494a.02.23
Eidse, Vanessaputting throughlithograph and embossment, 14/40199401A.18.23
Elton, Sir EdmondSmall Elton Ware Vaseporcelain 96a.14.23
Engeran, WhitneyEnergy ‘74serigraph197402A.21.01
Engeran, Whitney John Jr.Untitledcollage and airbrush1981PM-60436
Engeran, Whitney John, Jr.Three Hundred Coins in the Fountainenamel1972, 12/28PM-23847
Engeran, Whitney John, Jr.Candy Stripesenamel on masonite PM-23848
Engeran, Whitney John, Jr.Desert Stripesenamel on masonite PM-53792
Engeran, Whitney John, Jr.Untitledwatercolor PM-60660
Engeran, Whitney John, Jr.Millennial Disk No. 2oil on canvas199999r.10.22
Engeran, Whitney John, Jr.Millennial Disk No. 2acrylic on paper199899a.12.01
Erianson, AngelaBright Ideamixed media 02A.28.02
Erickson, DavidLes Hyenalinocut & typography A/P1968PM-10031
Erickson, DavidOld Mib's Fantastic Mushroomlinoleum cut1976PM-41764
Erickson, DavidEtymologicum Magnum Graecumwood engraving23/30, 1977PM-60979
Erickson, DavidEtymologicum Magnum Graecum wood engraving 3/301977PM-53788
Erickson, DavidInformed Opinionillustration board relief199494a.02.11
Erickson, DavidInuit Sentinel Tootunzwa Naauntzcollagraph/intaglio relief199595a.14.01
Erickson, DavidRinknacherlinoleum block199898L.09.07
Erickson, DavidGrounded Arborealistcollograph199899a.02.13
Erickson, DavidSarah B in Rebusserigraph200000A.04.07
Erickson, DavidBeyond yonder: Egret ascendinglinoleum cut200101a.04.09
Erickson, DavidGrosbeak: Feather / Glass intersect; Pane Painlinoleum cut200303A.12.16
Erickson, DavidEtymologicum Magnum Graecumwood engraving 3/30197703A.22.01
Erickson, DavidChalcagraph I*copper engraving1967PM-60526
Erickson, DavidBlitzbaumintaglio linoleum cut1967PM-10033
Erickson, DavidPyrrichaplexiglass engraving1968PM-10032
Erickson, DavidPollen Trailsintaglio, copper engraving1970PM-60523
Erickson, DavidEtymologicum Magnum Graecumrelief wood engraving197703A.28.20
Erickson, DavidBelligerent tridactyl
Erickson, DavidCichigami Gullsthree tone
Erickson, DavidAcademicianWood Block197007A.CM.06
Erickson, DavidGrateful GrosveakWood Block198207A.CM.07
Erickson, David Informed OpinionIllustration board relief, 24/33199401A.18.12
Erickson, David H.Hoosier/Nihon Eight by Tenrelief print199798A.02.15
Erickson, David H.West T. Haute Cuisine: CHOP, chopembossing199999a.06.24
Dzurison-Carroll, ErinUntitled No. 3oil on arches200808a.ed.05
Dzurison-Carroll, ErinMental Destructionoil pastel on paper200809A.EC.01
Erlanson, AngelaUntitledsilver print200001A.01.06
Erlanson, AngelaAm Isilver gelatin print200101a.04.08
Erlanson, AngelaTuck a Buckblack and white photograph200202A.14.01
Erlanson, AngelaNature’s Dairymixed mediadate unknown02A.28.01
Ernst, MaxHotel Beirutlithographdate unknownPM-53772
Evanisko, SonyaHumankind’s Tapestryceramic mosaic199295A.11.07
EvansUntitledthree toned lithographno
Evans, RobertAll Manner of Wayslinoleum cut1970PM-61081
Evans, RobertPortrait Bust of Alan C. Rankincast bronze1975PM-61353
Evans, RobertWarriorwood and steel1971PM-57361
Evans, RobertFemale Contemplative Figure 4’10”yellow brass casting1971PM-53702
Evans, RobertBed Port Figure (or Contemplative Figure)yellow brass casting1971PM-53704
Evans, RobertMale Contemplative Figure 5’4”yellow brass casting1971PM-53703
Evans, Robert G.Seated Figuredigital laser print199999a.06.10
Ezelle, MelissaYour Line Has Been Disconnected, Please Hang Up and Try Againlithograph and silkscreen200001A.01.09
Farrell, WilliamPopeye Racing Checkerboardceramic PM-53818
Faucett, JuliaNight in Firenzemixed mediadate unknownPM-33077
Feeley, JeanneNew York City Subway on a Sunday Afternoonink1974PM-32967
Feeney, EileenUntitledsix toned lithographno
Fegely, FredUntitledThree toned silkscreen197104-DE-02
Fegely, FredUntitledfour tone
Feighner, Marilyn OsbornThe Bridgeoil PM-61078
Feldman, AlenaPutting Throughetching on rives199494a.02.24
Feldman, Alenaputting throughetching on rives, 14/33199401A.18.24
Fermon, JessicaMomma’s
Filová, Eva The Little Palettewoodcut199494a.02.02
Filová, Eva the little palettewoodcut, 5/55199401A.18.08
Fini, LeonorSphinx Jaunelithographdate unknownPM-13034
Fini, LeonorVisagelithographdate unknownPM-16397
Fini, Leonor Les Petit Cannibaleslithograph1970PM-53743
Fink, Herbert L.The Back Shoreetching1966PM-61051
Fink, Robert R.Dr. Linnaeus Neal Hines, 1921-1933oil on canvas PM-60200
Finks, SaraUntitledairbrush 96A.12.095
Fishback, K.Cherrie Pickeretching197304-de-79
Fishback, KevinFunny Paper Capersserigraph PM-10038
Fishback, Kevin and R. YatesImages of Our Timeoffset print197302A.21.02
Fishback, Kevin and R. YatesImages of Our Timeoffset print197302A.21.03
Fitzpatrick, TonyMonument To A Standing New Yorkeretching, 70/250200102A.03.01
Fladmark, PollyTent Topintaglio 97A.04.03
Ford, John W.Notes: A Walk In The Gardens Of Disputed Historyetching200203a.10.01
Ford, John W.Sinkingetching200103a.10.02
Ford, M.Skeleton Headacrylic on canvas1978PM10044
Foster, BettyBlossomspaint on canvas PM-61241
Fou, MaryHi-C-Tyfour tone
Fou, MaryCheers to YouFour tone
Fou, MaryThe Art of Runningfive tone
Fou, MaryChalk Talkfive tone silkscreen 1989
Fou, MaryMy Wish to Yousix tone
Fox, JackThe Fire Withinmixed201010a.jf.01
Foy, D. D.Difference ObservedBlack & White photograph198695a.11.03
Frances, SharronStill Lifeoil PM-10042
Frederic, JennyRed Plane Form: Plane Form Seriesmixed media1982PM-60973
Freed, ErnestThe Tempestlithograph PM-60535
French, Dale L.Plate 3airbrush 96A.12.026
French, DavidStudy in the Style of Sonia Delaunayacrylic on paper1984PM-61076
French, DavidStudy in the Style of Lee Krasneracrylic on paper1984PM-10299
French, DavidStudy in the Style of Georgia O’Keefe acrylic on paper1984PM-61002
French, DavidStudy in the Style of Helen Frankenthaleracrylic on paper1984PM-61075
French, DavidLoon IIacrylic on masonite1982PM-10036
French, DavidStudy of Miriam Schapiro  PM-61074
French, Ray H.Munsondrypoint1947PM-10047
French, Ray H.Things About the Houselithograph1946PM-10048
Friday, MatthewTerre Haute INdiana. Lung Cancer and Birth Defectsmixed media199797A.10.01
Friedham, AlanPositive-Negativewood PM-53764
Friedham, AlanUntitledwood1972PM-53825
Friedman, AlanDOCUMENT OF POSITIVE NEGATIVEblack and white photograph PM-60711
Fromm, WhitneyDread-Locks 200808A.SS.12
Furhrmann, JimBelt Bucklesilver, copper, brass, opal, stone PM-60432
Furhrmann, JimBelt Bucklesilver, copper, iron, brass, jasper stone PM-60440
Kinosita, FuyuhikoUntitledsilk; embroidery and paintn.d.98a.13.01
Galbrath, DallasStill Life with Blue Vaseoil on canvas1966PM-60544
Galbrath, DallasStrip Pitwatercolor1965PM-60543
Gallagher, BridgetUntitledoil on canvs 05A.RI.01
Galle, EmileUntitledglass PM-61008
Galloway, KathleneBiolithacrylic, pigment, graphic199798A.02.02
Galloway, KatheleneGamble: of the Heartserigraph with prismacolor, graphite, glassine and conte9/9797a.12.03
Galloway, KatheleneGamble: of the Heartserigraph with prismacolor, graphite, glassine and conte9/9700a.01.03
Galloway, KatheleneGamble: of the Heartserigraph with prismacolor, graphite, glassine and conte9/9700A.08.03
Galloway, Kathelene Just the Right Left; Just the Left, rightfour toned
Galloway, Kathelene Longing Westward I; Portraitseven toned
Galloway, Kathelene Untitledfour toned
Galloway, Kathelene Levels of Denialfour tone
Galloway, Kathelene Dr. CharlesMixed199707A.CM.02
Galloway, KathleneJust the Two of Themgraphite199498A.11.01
Garcia, ArtThree Figural Piecesbronze PM-53713.A
Garcia, ArtThree Figural Piecesbronze PM-53713.B
Gard, JimNovemberserigraph1974-75PM-60955
Garrett, JeffreyBone Chinaceramec slipcast 04A.05.09
Garrett, JeffreyUntitledceramic200002A.11.06
Garrett, JeffreySmall “Walk Through the Sycamores” Leafslip cast ceramic200202A.24.28
Garrett, JeffreySmall “Walk Through the Sycamores” Leafslip cast ceramic200202A.24.29
Garrett, JeffreyDrying (Out) Rackceramic, walnut, steel200203A.16.01
Garthwaite, J.E.Sun #5acrylic PM-33439
Gasawski, MelissaThe FInal Harvestetching199803A.28.07
Gates, JackBenchEbonized Redwood200005a.jg.01
Gates, JackStar & Stripes ForeverWood199007A.CM.03
Gates, JackPush, Pull, Squeezewood and mixed media199495L.06.01
Gaubert, MaryWagon Wheelwatercolorn.d.PM-24368
Genteman, SheelaUntitledserigraph199798A.02.03
Genteman, SheilaOh How I Would Like To Be A Fly On The Wallacrylic on paper199898l.07.02
Genteman, SheilaMushroom (Little Things We Don’t See)acrylic on paper199898l.07.03
Genteman, SheilaDragon Flyacrylic on paper199898l.07.04
Genteman, SheilaDreamerserigraph and pastel199999a.06.25
Genteman, SheilaUntitledMixed media199899A.09.01
Genteman, SheilaThe Hand Me Down Hand Printserigraph200000A.04.01
Genteman, SheilaGoing Beyond Yonderserigraph200101a.04.15
Genteman, ShielaThat’s Life/Taking Chancesserigraph with pastel and pencil9/9797a.12.04
Genteman, ShielaThat’s Life/Taking Chancesserigraph with pastel and pencil9/9700a.01.04
Genteman, ShielaThat’s Life/Taking Chancesserigraph with pastel and pencil9/9700A.08.04
Gerardia, HelenOutwardserigraph PM-10065
Gerardia, HelenSun Abstractserigraph PM-10066
Gerardia, HelenSwinging Orbitserigraph PM-10067
Gerardia, HelenMorning Light # 614acrylic on canvas PM-10063
Gerhart, B.Recognitionfive toned
Gerhart, B.Resurectionseven toned
Gerry, GraceVillainy Victoriousoffset lithograph198704a.08.01
Gertig or gerstigUntitledintaglio, etching PM-10070
Gertsch, FranzJean Frederic Schnyder (from the Documenta Series)lithograph1972PM-10068
Giesman, WilliamPlatemixed ceramics and photography PM-60542
Gilchrist , HollyWomen: Basketball 1913screenprint199798A.02.05
Gilchrist, HollyChoicesintaglio199596A.15.03
Gilchrist, HollyGamblereduction wood-cut9/9797a.12.05
Gilchrist, Holly4 Out of 5linoleum block print199999a.06.16
Gilchrist, HollyGamblereduction wood-cut9/9700a.01.05
Gilchrist, HollyPeculiar Fronts IIetching (photo-etching/ ImagOn Intaglio Type)200000A.04.04
Gilchrist, HollyGamblereduction wood-cut9/9700A.08.05
Gilchrist, HollyComing Out...Of the
Gilchrist, HollyFoot in the Doortwo toned
Gilchrist, HollyAnd Justice for Allseven tone
Gilchrist, Holly Temptationcollograph199596a.03.01
Gilchrist, Holly, Selina Heck and Gary JacobsonColophon Page for GAMBLEserigraph199797a.12.12
Gilchrist, Holly, Selina Heck and Gary JacobsonTitle Page for GAMBLEserigraph199797a.12.13
Gilchrist, Holly, Selina Heck and Gary JacobsonColophon Page for GAMBLEserigraph199700a.01.12
Gilchrist, Holly, Selina Heck and Gary JacobsonTitle Page for GAMBLEserigraph199700a.01.13
Gilchrist, Holly, Selina Heck and Gary JacobsonTitle Page for GAMBLEserigraph199700A.08.13
Gilchrist, Holly, Selina Heck and Gary JacobsonColophon Page for GAMBLEserigraph199700A.08.06
Gilles, JohnUntitledtwo toned Etching197904-de-94
Gilles, JohnUntitledtwo toned Etching197904-de-95
Gillis, KarenStudio
Glazer, StevenUntitledearthenware199508A.SG.01
Glazer, StevenUntitledceramic1981PM-10056
Glotzbach, TimDecember ‘74serigraph1974PM-60964
Godfrey, RobertElephantblack and white photograph1973PM-10077
Godfrey, RobertOld Saltcolor photograph1973PM-60587
Goings, RalphCamper (from the Documenta Series)lithograph1972PM-10076
Golden, ChristineStrawberry 5ceramic200909A.CG.01
Goncheroff, VictorUntitledsteel PM-53775
Gonchoroff, VictorUntitledceramic, metal, styrofoam PM-53799
Gonzalez-Torres, FelixVeterns Day SalePaper199106a-fgt-01
Goodell, JenGeneric Rocksilkscreen and lithograph200001A.01.10
Gordy, RobertGolden Days 3, Green Nileserigraph, 1/100 1970PM-10074
Gordy, RobertGolden Days 6, Women and Boxesserigraph, 1/100 1970PM-10073
Gordy, RobertGolden Days 4, Water Babiesserigraph, 1/100 1970PM-53765
Gordy, RobertGolden Days 2, Hesperidesserigraph, 1/100 1970PM-53770
Gordy, RobertGolden Days 1, Golden Daysserigraph, 1/100 1970PM-53759
Gordy, RobertGolden Days 5, Follyserigraph, 1/100 1970PM-10072
Goth, (Jessie) MarieStill Life Rosesoil on canvasdate unknown02A.36.01
Goth, (Jessie) MariePortrait of Lucile Spenceroil on canvasdate unknown02A.36.04
Gottlieb, AdolphImaginary Landscape IIaquatint 36/551969 PM-28565X
Goya, FranciscoLos Prverbios (Follies)aquaint and etching series #11813-1818PM-10061
Graham, KathleenUntitledthree toned Lithographnone04-de-63
Graham, KathleenLoose Endsthree toned Etching on Embossed Papernone04-de-72
Graham, Kathleen ViewpointEtchingnone04-de-36
Graham, Kathleen Prosthetic ManSepia Etching on Embossed Papernone04-de-52
Graham, Kathleen Deja VuLithographnone04-de-54
Graham, Kathleen Cheshire Cat Girltwo toned Etching on Embossed Papernone04-de-57
Graham, Kathleen The Conceptual Manthree toned Etchingnone04-de-60
Graham, Kathleen Infiltrationthree toned Lithographnone04-de-61
Graham, Kathleen Untitledmulti colored Lithograph on Embossed Papernone04-de-62
Graham, Kathleen Untitledtwo toned Lithographnone04-de-66
Grant, GordonFirst Snowlithograph194002A.19.12
Grant, GordonWinter Harbourlithographdate unknownPM-10078
Gray, Jason D.Linear Confusionsilver gelatin print199999A.04.07
Gray, Jason D. Nuclear Windowwood199798A.07.02
Greaver, HarryFogwoodcut relief1968PM-60545
Green, Michael J. W.Bridge Series, Drawing #3mixed media collage1978PM-53051
Green, StefanieThe Night Beforesilver gelatin print200202A.14.15
Green, StefanieFull Countinkjet print200101A.21.11
Green, StefanieRendez-vousinkjet from digitally manipulated 35mm200303A.12.02
Griffiths, KarenDistancedrypoint199899a.02.15
Gruger, Frederic RodrigoIllustration for the Primitive Motive by Joseph Hergesheimergraphite1926PM-61031
Gruger, Frederic RodrigoIllustration for Bristol Eyes by Appleby Terrillgraphite1921PM-61027
Gruger, Frederic RodrigoIllustration for Ming Yellow by J.P. Marquandgraphite1929PM-61029
Gruger, Frederic RodrigoIllustration for Angela’s Business by H.S. Harrisongraphite1929PM-61028
Gruger, Frederic RodrigoIllustration for Pappy Blue Boy by Colonel Givensgraphite1929PM-61030
Gude, Michael L.From Mother Loveoil1972PM-10075
Guenther, Kelsey A.Pepper Seedceramic and wood sculpture200808A.SS.03
Guggenheim, (n.f.n.)Fleur IIIintaglio1963PM-13025
Gurinder SinghIncensedigital photography2010 
Gustafson- Williams, MarieFlorencelaser print200101a.04.02
Gustafson, MarieSolsticeinkjet print200202A.14.13
Gustafson, MarieUntitledlaser print200303A.12.05
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolor  96A.12.004
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolorn.d.96A.12.012
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.034
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.035
Haag, AntonUntitledWatercolor 96A.12.036
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.038
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolor 96a.12.072
Haag, AntonUntitledwatercolor 02A.25.03
Hackney, AllenThe Mandolin Masteregg tempera on board 1975PM-52195
Hackney, AllenIndiana Legacyegg tempera on masonite1972PM-22132
Hackney, AllenThe Visionoil PM-61124
Hackney, AllenApparition of the Enchantress in the Enchanted Forestoil PM-61133
Hackney, AllenComposition for the Perrysoil1963, 00/00PM-61256
Hackney, AllenRocky Creekegg tempra on board198004a.ah.01
Hackney, AllenFamily Barnwatercolor198104a.ah.02
Hackney, AllenCounty Line Barnwatercolor198104a.ah.03
Hackney, AllenScipio Bridgewatercolor198104a.ah.04
Hadley, DonUntitledairbrush 96A.12.091
HaleLetter of Passingfour toned
HalePlurifusseven toned
HaleI Knew a Man Once Who Was so Open-Minded that His Brain Fell Out!mixed
Hale, Alma Q.Ya Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Emlinoleum cut9/9797a.12.06
Hale, Alma Q.Two Sides of Saragelatin silver print 199798A.02.08
Hale, Alma Q.Cat’s Gamephoto199899a.02.16
Hale, Alma Q.Paradoxical Soulserigraph199999a.06.09
Hale, Alma Q.Ya Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Emlinoleum cut9/9700a.01.06
Hale, Alma Q.Ya Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Emlinoleum cut9/9700A.08.07
Hall, MarkLautrec’s folly or a Question of Art (2)etching, serigraph PM-60913
Han, H. N.Untitledserigraph197995a.08.04
Hand, NicoleEntwined Thoughtsetching200001A.01.11
Hansen, LouiseDisintegrationwatercolorn.d.PM-52275
Hansen, LouiseWind from the Southwatercolorn.d.PM-52274
Hansen, LouiseFirst of the Seasonwatercolor pm-10293
Harbart, GertrudeNinety-nine Percentoil on canvasn.d.PM-60048
Harbart, GertrudeBouquet with Doilyoil1965PM-32880
Hardan, Randall ScottIn the Gardenoil on canvas199999a.15.01
Harrison, BarryAny Person Qualifiedceramic1971PM-60049
Harrison, BettyActual Radio Newsacrylic and ceramic1971PM-60662
Harrison, Newton and Helen MayerA Draft of First Thoughts for the City of Terre Hautepen and colored pencil on map1992PM-61354
Harrold, Stephen C.Untitledacrylic on canvas1972pm-53748
Harrold, Stephen C.Softness #26acrylic on canvas1972pm-53767
Harrold, Stephen C.Softness #100acrylic on canvas1972pm-53784
Hart, SabrinaDerek Angeldigital
Harvey, Karen L.Through the Alleyink jet print200606A-ss-04
Hasenm, JackUntitledwatercolor11-6696A.12.056
Hastings, WilliamBare Treesfive tone
Hay, DickA Football, Seventy-One Blades of Grass and a Number Thirtychalk on paper 01A.DH.01
Hay, DickTrapceramic PM-61035
Hay, DickWoman’s Club Sandwichceramics PM-53760
Hay, DickSeven Stripes, Four Numbers, and a Handchalk on paper 09A.DH.002
Hayes, ClaytonUntitledcolor photographdate unknown02A.24.16
Hays, KennyTrimantacyclemixed media200303A.46.10
Heck, SelinaThe Gamblerphoto intaglio9/9797a.12.07
Heck, SelinaThe Gamblerphoto intaglio9/9700a.01.07
Heck, SelinaThe Approbation of Naturescreenprint199798A.02.01/td>
Heck, SelinaThe Gamblerphoto intaglio9/9700A.08.08
Heck, SelinaUntitledfive toned lithographno
Heck, SelinaMuted Warholfour toned
Heck, Selina Someday Everyone Will Make Pictures Like Mefour toned
Hedges, KyleyLittle Big Brotherdigital photograph/inkjet
Hedges, KyleyFading Summerimage transfer/
Heflin, JimHouse of the Setting Sunsilkscreen 3/10 1974PM-60037
Heflin, Jim Januaryserigraph1975PM-60960
Heintzman, Mary P.D.Shadow of My Souletching on handmade paper1980pm-52569
Helmick, Richard Jr.Stereoscopic #4enamel on panel1971pm-60021
Helton, NickSearchingetching200001A.01.12
Hendrickson, AmandaLiptonphotograph199899a.04.04
Hendrickson, AmandaWhat Should I Believe silver gelatin print199999a.06.13
Hendrickson, AmandaUntitledsilver gelatin print199802A.24.06
Henshaw, Glen CooperOld Sam (Gloucester Fisherman)oil PM-60016
Henshaw, Glen CooperGloucester Fishing Docksoil on canvas n.d.PM-60030
Henshaw, Glen CooperUniversity Place, NYCpasteldate unknownpm-60031
Hentz, ChrisLampbrassdate unknownpm-60807
Herrmann, Edward E.City of Industrymixed median.d.PM-31052
Herrold, JenniferFight or Flightacrylic and collage200707A.JH.01
Heustis, JakeThe Passedrelief200001A.01.13
Hewitt, DaraSeason to Seasondigital print200808A.SS.06
Hickey, AmandaThe Process of Agingmixed media sculpture200808A.SS.04
Hill, Donald, L.Untitledserigraph 96A.12.021
Hill, Edwin A.Untitledacrylicdate unknownpm-60034
Hill, KellyExperiencing Through Generationssilver gelatin print200202A.14.12
Hill, KellySolitary Remindersilver gelatin print200102A.16.06
Hill, KellyReflections of the Pastsilver gelatin print200102A.16.07
Hill, KellySeasonedsilver gelatin print200303A.12.11
Hobbie, LucilleOld South Wharflithograph 1969.918
Holbrook, PeterKaren in a T-Shirtoil on canvas 1969PM-53785
Holmes, PalmerRiver Towncasein on wood panel1954,12/00PM-61050
Holmes, PalmerThe Wheat Fieldsoil on canvas  PM-60043
Holmes, PalmerDesign for Coloroil on canvas 1948, CAPM-60035
Holt, SueUntitledsoftground etching200101A.21.09
Home, Shannon M.Bundle #3silver gelatin
Hooker, SaraCastlesteel 03L.24.06
Hopper, Floyd D.Water Frontoil PM-60027
Hopper, Floyd D.Landscape With Figureswatercolor PM-60028
Howorth, TedCane Chairlithograph199494a.02.27
Howorth, Ted Cain Chairlithograph, 14/45199401A.18.27
Hubble, Jaimie Cecil & Kittysilver gelatin print200606A-ss-05
Hubble, JamieAlyssapalladium print 04A.05.08
Hubble, JamieIn the Eye of the Beholderthree toned Relief Print3/197304-de-78
Hubble, JamieGuatemala
Hubble, JamieTerre Haute Houseserigraph200607A-SS-15
Hubble, Jamie By
Hughes, DorothyUntitledfiber, wooddate unknownpm-63712
Hulse, JohnGateway in Autumnink and watercolor wash pm-61348
Humble, JohnBreakfast at Las Vegassilver gelatin print PM-60584
Humphrey, TyroneForebiddenmixed media199898A.25.02
HuntUntitledgraphite 96A.12.025
Hunt, RichardUntitledlithograph1965pm-53739
Hurt, SarahCollage #4mixed, collage1966pm-60015
Hyatt, PamelaPigs in the Parthenonsilkscreen200001A.01.14
Indiana, RobertMultiples, (portfolio)portfolio, 166/200 PM-60527
Indiana, RobertUSA 666serigraph 1966PM-53725
Indiana, RobertParrotserigraph 1967PM-53727
Indiana, RobertThe Brooklyn Bridgeserigraph 1964PM-53730
Indiana, RobertThe Calumetserigraph 1961PM-53731
Indiana, RobertLOVEserigraph 1968PM-53732
Indiana, RobertThe American Dreamserigraph 1960PM-53729
Indiana, RobertMississippiserigraph 1965PM-53728
Indiana, RobertThe Figure 5serigraph 1963PM-53734
Indiana, RobertTerre Haute no. 2serigraph 1971PM-53726
Indiana, RobertYield Brotherserigraph 1962PM-53733
Inov, AdaUntitledacrylic paint1976-7pm-60058
Irish Hospice FoundationThree of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.03
Irish Hospice FoundationFour of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.04
Irish Hospice FoundationFive of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.05
Irish Hospice FoundationSix of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.06
Irish Hospice FoundationSeven of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.07
Irish Hospice FoundationEight of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.08
Irish Hospice FoundationNine of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.09
Irish Hospice FoundationTen of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.10
Irish Hospice FoundationJack of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.11
Irish Hospice FoundationQueen of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.12
Irish Hospice FoundationKing of Spadesoffset print200101A.12.13
Irish Hospice FoundationAce of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.14
Irish Hospice FoundationTwo of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.15
Irish Hospice FoundationThree of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.16
Irish Hospice FoundationFour of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.17
Irish Hospice FoundationFive of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.18
Irish Hospice FoundationSix of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.19
Irish Hospice FoundationSeven of Hearts offset print200101A.12.20
Irish Hospice FoundationEight of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.21
Irish Hospice FoundationNine of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.22
Irish Hospice FoundationTen of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.23
Irish Hospice FoundationJack of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.24
Irish Hospice FoundationQueen of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.25
Irish Hospice FoundationKing of Heartsoffset print200101A.12.26
Irish Hospice FoundationAce of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.27
Irish Hospice FoundationTwo of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.28
Irish Hospice FoundationThree of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.29
Irish Hospice FoundationFour of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.30
Irish Hospice FoundationFive of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.31
Irish Hospice FoundationSix of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.32
Irish Hospice FoundationSeven of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.33
Irish Hospice FoundationEight of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.34
Irish Hospice FoundationNine of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.35
Irish Hospice FoundationTen of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.36
Irish Hospice FoundationJack of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.37
Irish Hospice FoundationQueen of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.38
Irish Hospice FoundationKing of Clubsoffset print200101A.12.39
Irish Hospice FoundationAce of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.40
Irish Hospice FoundationTwo of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.41
Irish Hospice FoundationThree of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.42
Irish Hospice FoundationFour of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.43
Irish Hospice FoundationFive of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.44
Irish Hospice FoundationSix of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.45
Irish Hospice FoundationSeven of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.46
Irish Hospice FoundationEight of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.47
Irish Hospice FoundationNine of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.48
Irish Hospice FoundationTen of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.49
Irish Hospice FoundationJack of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.50
Irish Hospice FoundationQueen of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.51
Irish Hospice FoundationKing of Diamondsoffset print200101A.12.52
Irish Hospice FoundationJokeroffset print200101A.12.53
Irish Hospice FoundationJokeroffset print200101A.12.54
Irish Hospice FoundationArt:packcardboard200101A.12.55
Ispen, KentUntitledglass pm-60057
Jackson, JedDon’t Let the Terrorists Win, Eat More Caviargouache200304A.03.10
Jackson, JedWoman, the Forbidden Fruitgouache200304A.03.11
Jackson, TiffanyThe Love Roomtwo tone
Jackson, Tiffany Lane Untitled #3three toned
Jacob, JimFlare up of Twosomes #5linocut199600a.06.01
Jacob, JimCorazon Crucificadolinocut199500a.06.02
Jacob, JimLuna Muralinocut199400a.06.03
Jacob, JimSagrada Corazonlinocut199500a.06.04
Jacob, JimSagrada Corazon #2linocut199500a.06.05
Jacob, JimFlare up of Twosomes #2linocut199500a.06.06
Jacobson II, Gary1 of Sevenreduction linoleum cut9/9797a.12.08
Jacobson II, Gary1 of Sevenreduction linoleum cut9/9700a.01.08
Jacobson II, Gary1 of Sevenreduction linoleum cut9/9700A.08.09
Jacobson, GaryPreceptionlino-cut reduction print199899a.02.05
Jacobson, GaryJoyreduction print199697A.02.01
Jacobson, GaryRebus Proverbetching (intaglio)200000A.04.02
Jacobson, GaryIncomplete Thoughtserigraph200101a.04.13
Jacobson, Gary IIMercy and JusticeLinoleum reduction cut199999a.06.12
Jacobson, GaryFamily Currency #2woodcut with perforations199798A.02.18
Jacoby, AndrewT. Mel Toolsemulsion transfer xerox of polaroid photograph on polymer emulsion199494a.02.13
Jagger, Florence E.Peacheswatercolor and inkn.d.PM-31276
Jakvoh, BonnieA Seasonal ChangeEtching198104-de-35
Jarand, BillPurposelessnesslithograph199494a.02.25
Jarand, BillPurposelessnesslithograph, 24/36199401A.18.25
Jarrett, KUntitledoil on paneln.d.98a.12.01
Jarrett, K.Untitledoil on canvas board200102A.30.02
Jason Cole MagerUntitledoil and ink on
Jeffries, MarkSiblings Vslate, steel, wood199495A.11.09
Jensen, SuzanneFourceramic 01A.09.09
Jessen, Johanna Letting
Jessen, Johanna
Jessup, DavidUntitledLithograph Collagenone04-de-96
Jofus, JackieLoveintaglio, color etching and aquitant 6/6 pm-61145
Johansen, J. C.The Preludeoil1907PM-60060
John, B.C.Self Portrait- Study for Autographite1975pm-10151
Johnson, Mary FrisbeeBlack and White:A Sculptural Installationphoto documentation199394a.10.04
Johnson, Mary FrisbeeThe Pros and Cons of Departureink jet print on found map199999a.06.17
Johnson, MikeYes, I Amoil on canvas PM-60065
Jokinen, CarolHis/Her Storycolor lithograph199595a.14.02
Jokinen, CarolPromised Landserigraph, 27/40199401A.18.15
Jokinen, CarolPromised Landserigraph199494a.02.14
Jones, DavidThe Tubs of Lifeacrylic on
Jones, EdPortraitcharcoaln.d.96a.12.070
Jones, EdUntitledserigraph196396a.12.076
Jones, Edward T.Crimson Cityoil PM-31275
Jordan, TeresaNest #2softground etching200101A.21.01
Julbert, MelindaUntitledpainting, acrylic1967PM-60062
Jules, MervinProtegécolor woodcutn.d.PM-32876
Jules, MervinLo 7three toned
Jules, MervinEternal Lovethree toned
K., Stevan Sacrifice to the Industrial Godsfive toned lithographno
Kacere, JohnIleana-82offset lithograph198203A.07.06
Kalish, HowardChorus of TrumpetsStainless steel, aluminum, translucent tinted urethaneNovember 20112011.03.03
Kállay, Dusan Putting Through--a Sleeping Chameleonserigraph199494a.02.03
Kállay, dusan putting through -- a sleeping chameleoncolor serigraph, 22/65199401A.18.02
Kanovitz, HowardThe Peopleplexiglass and serigraph PM-53815
Katlemstein, UriUntitledmixed, wood and paperDate Unknownpm-60605
Katlemstein, UriUntitledmixed- photo screen? pm-60705
Kaye, StephenUntitledoil on canvasDate Unknown02A.24.04
Keith Loechl, SuzanneMuseumoil on panel200808A.SL.01
Kelly, BillThe Silk Screenerserigraph 96A.12.002
Kesler, Jean HandleySide Door #43watercolor PM-60076
Kilgore, CraigGrass Widow and Her Pursepolaroid emulsion transfer200102A.16.05
Kilgore, CraigNeon Study #5inkjet print from color photograph200303A.08.08
Kilgore, CraigSponge Culture Rotinkjet print200303A.12.07
Kilgore, CraigTucson Warehouseinkjet print200304A.05.03
Kilgore, CraigCaliforniafour tone
Kilgore, CraigThree Lit Bulbsthree tone
Kim, Hyun ChonLand and Searaku fired ceramic199596A.04.01
Kim, Hyun ChongYellow Roadmixed mediadate unknown04A.09.03
Kim, Hyun Chong Untitledraku fired ceramic199499L.17.12
Kim, Hyun Chong Untitledraku fired ceramic199494R.06.19
Kim, Hyun Chong Untitledceramic 01A.09.10
Kim, Hyun Chong Untitled ceramic 01A.20.41
Kinosita, FuyuhikoTokyo-Yuzentsilk; embroidery and paintdate unknown98A.04.02
Klassen, NeilTake a Numberlithograph199494a.02.26
Klassen, NeilTake a Numberlithograph, 4/33199401A.18.26
Kleemann, Ron A.Untitledserigraph197995a.08.03
Klueg, JimSix Ways to Say “NO”ceramic 01A.09.11
Knight, CatherineHegemonywoodcut199494a.02.15
Knight, CatherineMusakfour tone
Knight, CatherineCommunication Decodethree tone
Knight, CatherineBook Returnsix toned
Knight, CatherineHegemonywoodcut199401A.18.01
Knight, Catherine M.Two Ton-1 0Z.intaglio on handmade paper199595a.14.03
Knoblock, ChristineChrisconte crayon200202A.11.07
Knoblock, ChristineGestationconte crayon and watercolor200102A.16.08
Knutsson, Anders StudioLuminous Boxplastic box and pigment chips 03A.15.13
Koch, VernaUntitledairbrush 96a.12.117
Kohlmeyer, Ida"Mythic Printserigraph198598a.06.01
Kohlmeyer, IdaChimeraserigraph199498a.06.02
Kohlmeyer, IdaMicrocosmsserigraph1978loan
Kohlmeyer, IdaCluster 1-95oil and pastel on canvas1976PM-53740
Kohlmeyer, IdaCounterpoint No. 4oil, graphite on canvas1971PM-60078
Kolben, LizWonderlanddigital print 2011.03.02
Kolencík, VojtechPutting Throughserigraph199494a.02.04
Kolencík, vojtechputting throughserigraph, 45/45199401A.18.03
Konopka, JosephBarak Obama (9-6-08, Terre Haute,IN)acryilic on board200809a.jk.01
Koons, JeffBalloon Dogmixed media, porcelain, molded glass199502A.08.01
Koons, JeffLobster plastic2008 
Kornfeld, DougRunnerstainless steel200909A.DK.01
Kosuth, JosephEssays #5lithograph200005a.01.jk
Kreilein, SusanDream Statesix toned lithographno
Kreilein, SusanObsessive Timetwo toned lithographno
Krushenick, NicholasUntitledserigraph197894a.01.01
Kuntz, ElizabethOverhead Friezeacrylic on canvas199696D.02.01
LaChance, GeorgesAutumn’s Red Dressoil on canvasc.1900PM-60088
Lacy, TerryWabash Flyawaymixed, paper, handmade, embossed1987PM-75787
Laing, GeraldThe Ruptured Hockey Playermetal1968PM-60098
Lambermont, KevinAunt Emma’s Last Visitsilver gelatin print199899a.04.02
Lambermont, KevinCenter of Attentionsilver gelatin print199999a.06.14
Lambermont, KevinRebussilver gelatin print200000A.04.16
Lambermont, KevinCenter of Attentionsilver gelatin print199999a.13.01
Lamis, Leroy#150plexiglass196803A.28.02
Lamann, RalphCoalopolisacrylic on canvas20092011.03.01
Landry, AshleyTransitionclay200707a-ss-09
Lane, LauraSelf Motivationmixed media199898A.10.03
Lanfromm, SidneyUntitledoil on canvas PM-60676
Larew, M.Untitledairbrushn.d.96a.12.069
Laska, Johnuntitledpainting; oil on board pm-10223
Laska, JohnPrometheusbronze 03A.24.13
Laska, John untitledtempera & collage on boarddate unknownpm-10222
Lattanzio, FranMorning in May: Can She Still See the Sun?hand altered silver gelatin print1976PM-53741
Lattanzio, FranPutting Through--Floating Structurephotographic silver print199494a.02.16
Lattanzio, FranAbstract Fragmentsblack and white photograph199798A.02.11
Lattanzio, FranPositive / Negativesilver gelatin print199999a.06.21
Lattanzio, FranWindow Puzzleink jet print200000A.04.09
Lattanzio, FranX-change-Xsilver gelatin print200101a.04.07
Lattanzio, FranImaginary Spaceinkjet print200102A.14.09
Lattanzio, FranIntersection - Curves and Foldsinkjet print200303A.12.08
Lattanzio, FranPentacle Interrupteddigital photograph/ink jet
Lattanzio, FranGravitational Pulldigital photograph; inkjet
Lattanzio, Franputting through -- floating structurephotographic silver print, ed. 33199401A.18.16
Laufman, K.Comfortertwo toned Relief Print198504-de-14
Lawrence, JacobCelebration of Heritagelithograph199205a.JL.01
Lee, Seon-HeeUntitledpainting, acrylic1990pm-61085
Lee, Seon-HeeUntitledpainting, acrylic1990?pm-61084
Leger, FernandLa Ville La Piscine (illustration)lithograph, color1954- 1959pm-60679
Leger, FernandThe Book Peoplelithograph pm-14350
Legros, Alphonse"The Story of the Prudent Miser (La Legende du Bonhomme Misere.)etching188002A.19.03
Lemick, Richard Jr.Walking Girl in Flairspecan wood1970PM-60022
Lemons, Dale C.Diamond Point Across Mirror Lake, WYphotograph pm-10221
Lerner, NathanEye and Barbed Wireblack and white photographn.d.PM-60102
Lerner, NathanLight Drawingblack and white photograph1939 PM-60586
Lerner, NathanSleeping Mansilver gelatin print1936PM-60585
Leth, William EricPorta #3: Light Spiritsdigital print199798L.09.22
Leth, William EricReality Refracteddigitally altered photograph199999a.06.08
Leth, William EricFrom Ego to IdInkjet print200000A.04.11
Leth, William EricEros Rising...Beyond Yonderinkjet print200101a.04.16
Leth, William EricUnreliable Eyesinkjet print200202A.14.16
LetsigenTarzan Finds a NewRelief Print197004-de-73
Leunig, A.Untitledengraving on rice paper 02A.19.06
Lewis, MichaelUntitledacrylic and airbrush on canvas1988PM-61362
Leys, DaleUntitledcharcoal1-16-9797a.01.02
Lichtenstein, RoyBrush Stroke Poster, 1967serigraph1967PM-60599
Lichtenstein, RoyHaystackslithograph1969pm-60097
Lindner, RichardGirl With a Hooplithograph1976 10/00Pm-53742
Linehan, PatriciaThree Minutes in
Linehan, PatriciaThe Jewels of Emeline-Fairbanks
Linehan, Patricia A.Domiciledigital
Li-Sheng, ShawTo Rest in the Highestcalligraphy1978PM-60231
Little, Jeffrey A.California Oaks in Illinoisoil on paperdate unknown02A.45.01
Lockman, LisaVessel of Bosses: Raspberry Yellow Maceceramic 01A.09.13
Lokey, MonaEclipsewatercolor and collage1965PM-60678
Longo, RobertWaveSerigraph 2003 
Louise, S.Untitledacryllic on
Lowery, Austin and Cecil YatesWillis Bing Davis: Oh Say Can You Seeoffset print197402A.21.08
Lowrey, AustinBroken Circle VI-Circle Quackwatercolor and collage1969-1970PM-26837
Lowrey, AustinBroken Circle IV- Horace Horse Collarwatercolor and collage1969-1970PM-26835
Lowrey, AustinCircle Pfffttt (Broken Circle)collage; acrylic and paper1969PM-26836
Lowrey, AustinPort Hole and Periscopecollage, acrylic and paper PM-26832
Lowrey, AustinDoris Horse Collarcollage, acrylic and paper PM-26834
Lowrey, Austin (design) and Cecil Yates (photo)Oh Say Can You SeePOSTER, 1974PM-60949
Lucas, GeogetteEthereal Seasonwatercolor PM-60089
Lucero, JimmyDazeetching200101A.21.04
Lucrat, JeanSoleil (the sun)lithograph 36/3001964PM-10275
Lustig, JohnCoffee...and a Muffinindia ink195103A.46.05
Lustig, JohnSycamore Spirit Racerfiberglass sculpture-acryillic paint200303A.jl.01
Lyman, MarkCompression Formsassemblage PM-60681
Lyman, MarkUntitledceramic PM-61073
Lyman, MarkCover Jarceramic PM-60682
Lyn, Yauh-ZengLandscapesand and oil on wood 02A.24.05
Lynch, PamTear Dropceramic200202A.11.01
Mackie, RayCeramic Ballceramic sculptureno date08A.CM.15
MacLennan, AmyGood Dogthree tone
MacLennan, AmySelf Portrait with Snakeoil
MacPherson, RaphaelTropic Twilightblack and white photograph PM-60574
MacPherson, RaphaelPilgrimblack and white photograph PM-60575
Magritte, ReneUntitledserigraphn.d.PM-60688
Magritte, ReneLa Belle Captivelithograph20th c.PM-53769
Mahaffey, Noel Untitledserigraph1979 95a.08.02
Major, ClarenceDaughter and Motheracrylic on canvas10-20092011.01.01
Major, ClarenceYellow Roomacrylic on canvas3-20102011.01.03
Major, ClarenceVeraacrylic on canvas2-20102011.01.05
Major, ClarenceSylviaacrylic on canvas2-20102011.01.o8
Major, Clarence Joanacrylic on canvas1-20102011.01.02
Major, Clarence Two Sistersacrylic on canvas9-20102011.01.04
Major, Clarence Three Womenacrylic on canvas11-20092011.01.06
Major, Clarence Barbara Annacrylic on canvas2-20102011.01.07
Malone, KourtneyPurgationceramic200203A.08.10
Malone, RobertInversionintaglio, etching PM-60687
Manetta, EdwardThe Red Bridgeoil on wood PM-60685
Maple, RobertThe Divine Albatross, #76graphite1980PM-60155
Maple, RobertMoonsteel PM-60127
Maraldo, Mary JoKanji Primerxerox and stampdate unknown03a.10.04
Marcelin, J. (Macelon)Untitledlithograph1924PM-60551
MarcheseniUntitledRelief Printnone04-de-74
MariniSunny Interiorwatercolor PM-13030
Marinko, Georgeuntitledgouache and watercolor on papercirca 1930 
Marlatt, SabrinaSpring Secretssilver gelatin print200202A.14.05
Marlatt, SabrinaUnconditional Lovesilver gelatin print200102A.16.02
Marlatt, Sabrina M.Serene Hideawaysilver gelatin print200101a.04.03
Marling, RaynaCreationacrylic on canvas 02A.24.27
Marquis, DeniseUntitledacrylic on shaped canvas PM-60683
Marquis, DeniseUntitledacrylic on shaped canvas PM-53777
Marsalle, BaugeanFlute Holland Aise Courant Au Plus Pres Au Venthand-colored engraving PM-60553
Marsalle, BaugeanFregate Des Etats-Unis D’Amerique Courant Au Mo Villagerelief, engraving, hand colored1816PM-61054
Marsh, Reginald Union SquareLithograph193307a.RM.01
Martin, MikeSt. Michaelnew cyanotype with digital negative200202A.14.02
Martin-Cummings, MichaelFallen Loveinkjet200303A.12.12
Masdan, H.W.Untitledengraving on rice paper 02A.19.04
Mason, E.Untitledoil on plexiglass1957PM-60112
Mason, PhillipMan Child and the Promised Landacrylic on canvas1968PM-60110
Mason, PhillipJacob’s Ladderlithograph1969PM-60153
Mason, PhillipReach Outlithograph1969PM-60109
Mason, Phillipthe banjo lessonlithograph1969PM-19978
Mason, PhillipThe Edge of Silencelithograph 3/15ed.1969PM-60108
Mason, PhillipSo Many Things I Might Have Donelithograph, 16/301968PM-18879
Mason, PhillipWith Everything on My Mindlithograph, 12/121968PM-18878
Mason, PhillipGod Bless the Child Who’s Got His Ownlithograph, 12/121968PM-60111
Mason, PhillipThe Fencelithograph1969PM-19979
Masserang, Lindaputting throughetching, 33/36199494a.02.17
Masserang, Lindaputting throughetching, 33/36199401A.18.17
Matta, Roberto Sebastian AntonioEchaurrenintaglion.d.PM-32200
Mattison, DonaldDr. Raleig Warren Holmstedtoil on canvas PM-60129
Maurovic, Andrija“The Mistress from Mars” from the Zabreb Daily Newspaper poster1991PM-61356
Maxwell, Connie ClaypooleThe Public Arenamixed media, 2-d collage1987PM-60171
May, AllysonNaked Raku
May, Allyson Naked Raku Bowlclay200506a-am-01
Mayer, LouisEugene Victor Debsbronze1919PM-60115
Mazzucca, Paul and Brian Oglesbee Voulkos: Alfredoffset print199802A.22.22
Mc Lean, Richard ThorpeGreentree’s Sloe GIn (from the Documenta Series)lithograph1972PM-60118
McAleese, AndyUntitledplexiglass PM-60694
McAleese, AndyTwo Chairswood PM-53710.A
McAleese, AndyTwo Chairswood PM-53710.B
McBride, JamesCondit Housewatercolor1971PM-61122
McBride, JamesTerre Haute Memorial Archwatercolor PM-61121
McCallen, K.Locust Hillserigraph1974PM-60069
McCameron, MarkWalk, Don’t Runwood199596A.06.01
McCarty, AmberMade to Orderoil 04A.05.01
McCarty, AmberMeatheadsmixed media  
McCarty, AmberHead for Moneywood and mixed media 02A.11.09
McDermott, VictoriaAilments of the Familylino-cut199899a.02.06
McFadden, SherryPhilia: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forummixed mediadate unknown02A.22.14
McKue, KazRecord Waves,Atlantic Bank,NClaser
McKue, KazGrass Sand, Atlantic Beach. NC 2001laser
McKue, KazDevils Kill Hill Kitty Hawk, NC 2001laser
McKue, Kazbeach pipes, Atlantic Beach NC 2001laser
McKue, KazA five Hanger Day, 2001laser
McKue, KazAtlantic Beach Twi-light , NC 2001laser
McKue, KazIncoming Round, Ft . Macon NC 2001laser print
McKue, KazBeach Head, NC 2001laser
McLennan, AmyUntitleddigital
McMahon, PaulHave a Nice Dayblack and white photographn.d.PM-61302
McNichols, AlexandraAztec Worldblack and white photograph on marble200909A.AM.01
McNichols, MattUntitledacrylic200708A.MM.01
McNichols, MattUntitledacrylic on canvas200708A.MM.02
Meadows, R.Untitled painting,
Medlock, RudyUntitledserigraph196596A.12.013
Meeker, DeanDawn Ridersintaglion.d.PM-32877
Meeker, DeanDon Quixoteintaglio1966pm-31277
Meese, WilburVictorian Memorywatercolor1978PM-49681
Megyesi, PavolTurn Itintaglio199394a.02.05
Megyesi, Pavolturn itintaglio, 7/50199301A.18.09
Meier, MichaelUntitledacrylic on canvas1974pM-60399
Meier, MichaelUntitledacrylic on canvasunknownpM-60145
Meier, MichaelUntitledacrylic on canvasunknownpM-60113
Meier, Michaelgolden disksacrylic on canvas and airbrushunknownpM-32896
Meier, MichaelGolden Disksacrylic on canvas 1972pM-53787
Meier, MichaelVectorsacrylic on canvas 1972pM-53786
Meier, MichaelUntitledacrylic on canvas  pM-35734
MeissonierUntitledengraving on rice paper178302A.19.07
Mel, TonyMúory Pesxerox199494a.02.18
Mel, Tony múory pesXerox, 32/33199401A.18.18
Melfrey, FrankPinbrass, copper, plexiglass1972 CApm-60808
Mellow, RichsrdUntitledformica and wood1977?PM-60751
Metzger, Charlotte A.Whose Woods These Areoil on canvas1960PM-60151
Meyer, JaysonDysfunctional
Michael, JoshuaUnknownmixed media 02A.11.02
Memoring, MichelleControlledplaster/
MihailSocial Security Variantmixed media 1974-75PM-41176
Mihich, SarahThe Bee Has Landedoil on canvas200809A.SM.01
Miley, LeslieUntitledwatecolor 96A.12.082
Miller, BrianUntitledsilkscreen PM-53705
Miller, BrianUntitledmixed collage pm-60693
Miller, LindaYou’re Probably Wondering...two toned Lithographnone04-de-18
Miller, LindaFarewelllithograph collagenone04-de-31
Miller, LindaFarewelllithograph collagenone04-de-32
Miller, LindaUntitledtwo toned Lithographnone04-de-38
Millman, EdwardX-rayed BIird #2intaglio, monotype  PM-60613
Millman, EdwardMosquitomonotypend06a-em-01
Millman, EdwardOwl-birdink/watercolor 06a-em-02
Millman, EdwardScorpionpapernd06a-em-03
Milton, PeterJolly Corner III:1etching, 49/150197171A.01.15
Milton, PeterThe Jolly Corner, a series of twenty-one etchings by Peter Miltonetching,197171A.01.01a
Milton, PeterJolly Corner III:5etching, 49/50197171a.01.19
Milton, PeterJolly Corner Portfolio; Text by Henry Jamesportfolio of etchings1971PM-60130
Milton, PeterJolly Corner #06intaglio, aquatint 81/901971PM-53774
Milton, PeterJolly Corner II:7etching 49/150197171A.01.14
Milton, PeterJolly Corner II:2etching 49/150197171A.01.02
Milton, PeterJolly Corner II:Ietching 49/150197171A.01.08
Milton, PeterJolly Corner I:3etching 49/150197171A.01.03
Milton, PeterJolly Corner II:5etching 49/150197171A.01.12
Milton, PeterJolly Corner III:2etching 49/150197171A.01.16
Milton, PeterJolly Corner III:6etching 49/150197171A.01.20
Milton, PeterJolly Corner III:7etching 49/150197171A.01.21
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, I:1etching 49/150197171A.01.01
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, I:14etching 49/150197171A.01.11
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, II:3etching 49/150197171A.01.10
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, I:6etching 49/150197171A.01.06
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, I:5etching 49/150197171A.01.05
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, II:2etching 49/150197171A.01.09
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, II:6etching 49/150197171A.01.13
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, I:7etching 49/150197171A.01.07
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, III:4etching 49/150197171A.01.18
Milton, PeterJolly Corner, III:3etching 49/150197171A.01.17
Minderman, MarkDevo #2hand colored silver gelatin print1982PM-60149
Minnis, JamesUntitledacrylic and airbrush1975PM-53803
Mirick, F. I.UntitledwatercolorOctober 20, 195199A.17.06
Miro, JoanDerriere le Miroirlithograph, color 112/
Mitchell, A.Venus of Terre Hautetwo toned Relief Printnone04-de-47
Mitchell, IreneFishing Shackoil on board1968PM-60123
Moldroski , (n.f.n.)Untitledairbrush 96A.12.096
Monk, LeslieUntitleddiptych, acrylic on canvasn.d.PM-60689
Montgomery, HannahFrailtydry point 200707a-ss-08
Montgomery, HannahExpectationscollograph200808A.SS.01
Montgomery, RobertBraceletgold PM-61242
Moore, AndrewBliss Draw Press, Columbian Enamel Worksarchival inkjet print20112012.01.01
Moore AndrewCounty Archives, Vigo County Courthousearchival inkjet print20112012.01.02
Moore, AndrewTrophy Hallarchival inkjet print20112012.01.03
Moore, AndrewSwimming Pool, St. Mary-of-the-Woodsarchival inkjet print20112012.01.04
Moore, AndrewMailroom, St. Mary-of-the-Woodsarchival inkjet print20112012.01.05
Moore, BensonPurple Mountainintaglio, etching color ed. of 50 pm-60686
Moore, ThomasPolypodium DryopterisRELIEF PRINT1855PM-60355
Moore, ThomasLastrea CristataRELIEF PRINT, handcoloredc. 1855 PM-60354
Morrison II, JohnTeeth Anger Neurosispencil and mixed
Morrison, BenChamomilesoftground etching200101A.21.08
Morrison, John IIB. I. P.spray paint on plexiglas 04A.05.07
Moscan, Mary LouiseUntitledairbrush 96a.12.071
Moti, KaikoHorselithograph1965PM-13024
Mullenax, MeganAdventure!acrylic on canvas200707A.SS.01
Mullenax, MeganThe Phantasmacrylic and marker200808A.SS.02
Muller, JessicaPassing By Imaginary Intersectionswoodcut200303A.12.03
Muller, JessicaBy
Mulready, William R.A.Pictures by Mulreadybook1868?96a.14.05
Muriel, (n.f.n.)Untitledgouache, opaque watercolors PM-16230
Murphy, Dan2 Be or Not 2 Be a “Your Now Me” in a LandscapeReduction relief199899a.02.14
Myer, Howard deHaitian Harborwatercolor PM-60114
Myers, Joel PhilipUntitledfired ceramic and metal folding chair PM-60999
Myers, Joel PhillipUntitledglass1969PM-60691
Myers, Joel PhillipSmall Red Form...glass1970PM-60116
Nahler, BarbaraArt 420airbrushn.d.96A.12.094
Nate BenchPortrait 9Ink Jet Print2006A06.10.18
Nauman, BrucePartial Truthsingle tone etchingJune 18, 199705a-bn-o1
Nauman, BrucePartial TruthTwo tone etchingMay 7, 199705a-bn-02
Neale, KathrynConstruct IIoil,acrylic,vinyl on board200808A.KN.01
Nesin, BarbaraTwo Tons Dogma, #1 Ounce HumanityWood cut199595a.14.04
Nester, PamelaUntitledmetal relief PM-60696
New GuineaCeremonial Shieldwood, paint, rattan PM-60417
New GuineaCeremonial Shieldwood, paint, rattan PM-60419
New GuineaCeremonial Shieldwood, paint, rattan PM-60418
New GuineaCeremonial Shieldwood, paint, rattan PM-60416
Newcomb, KimrieGlass String Bikiniglass pm-60810
Newcomb, Kimrie and Steve SmithUntitled, 1974mixed media1974PM-60159
Nichols, NancyClean Water / Dirty Wordsserigraph199898a.07.05
Nichols, NancySeasonalserigraph199898a.07.06
Nichols, NancyA Mysterious Angel Advises a Woman on Buying a Couch... Meanwhile, Her Dog Calmly Weighs the Consequencesphoto199899a.02.02
Nichols, NancyThe Fairest of Them Allserigraph199999a.06.03
Nichols, NancyControlled Burnwoodcut199798A.02.17
Nicholson, EdwardDr. Ralph Noble Tirey, 1934 - 1953oil on canvas PM-32974
Nichols-Pethick, NancyNowHereoil on canvas2004 
Nicklash, MarkGripsteel 03A.24.01
Niesse, MildredIndianapolis Speedwayoil1965PM-60164
Nix, PatriciaMilan mixed media collage198708A.CM.10
Norris, SherriWinter Morninginkjet print from a digitally altered watercolor200303A.12.15
Northwood Glass Works, Indiana, PA.Queensware Compotepressed glass190302A.23.03
Nyendick, PetraConcerning the Spiritual in Artacrylic and medium2007 
O’Dell, RobertJunkyardwatercolorn.d.PM-56570
Oberholtzer, CherylAnother Squarethree toned
Oberholtzer, CherylWho is it?Three tone
Oberholtzer, CherylDot’s What I Meant!five toned
Odom, MichaelArlesiennemixed, handmade paper and acrylic1984PM-61047
Ogborn, EvieCovenantpasteldate unknown03A.08.04
Ogborn, EvieCovenantpasteldate unknown03A.08.05
Ogborn, EvieCovenantpasteldate unknown03A.08.06
Ogborn, EvieFamily Portrait Imonoprint 04A.05.06
Oldenberg, ClaesClaes Oldenberg: Seattle Art Museumexhibition poster PM-60173
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Exploratory Photographs and a Drawingoffset edition 115/1201966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61284
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Coloured Knees and “Fag-end” Drawingsoffset edition 115/1201966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61286
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Notebook Page #1offset edition 115/120 NOTES ON PAPER*1966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61282
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Knee Bridge, Knee Buoy, Knee Castleoffset lithograph1966 PM-61287
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Notebook Page #3offset edition 115/120 1966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61283
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Notebook Page #2offset edition 115/120 1966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61288
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees Postcard: Sunsetoffset edition of OVERSIZED POSTCARD 115/1201966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61292
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees Postcard: Noonoffset edition of OVERSIZED POSTCARD 115/1201966 ORIG, 1968 REPRPM-61291
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees Postcard: Dawnoffset edition of, OVERSIZED POSTCARD 115/1201966 ORIG, 1968 REPRPM-61290
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Boxportfolio1966PM-53812b
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Knees: Notebook Page #4offset edition 115/120 1966 ORIG.,1968 REPRpm-61289
Oldenberg, ClaesLondon Kneescast latex and polyurethane1966PM-53812A
Oldenburg, ClaesLondon Knees: Positions of the Kneesoffset edition 115/1201966 ORIG.,1968 REPRPM-61285
Oldenburg, ClaesN.Y.C. Pretzelserigraph on carboard199403A.07.02
Oldenburg, ClaesLondon Kneescast plastic1966PM-53812C
Olson, JennieMe Firstlithograph200001A.01.15
Ondish, AndreaMade in the USAhand-colored wood cut199494a.02.19
Ondish, AndreaA 2 head 1 body 2 ton 1 oz mossbackwoodcut199595a.14.05
Ondish, Andreamade in americawoodcut, hand colored, 33/37199401A.18.19
Ondish, AndreaMr. June is Against toned
Ondish, AndreaIn the Key of Dfive toned
Ondish, AndreaMr. July is on top of the World in Businesssix toned
Ondish, AndreaMr. August has a Great Set of Wheelsseven toned
Ondish, AndreaBashful Mr. Januarysix toned
Ondish, AndreaMr. March is a Square Posing as a Diamond Among the Cubessix toned
Ondish, AndreaTrouble Hangs in 3’ssilkscreen  
Ongania, Ferd. EditorCalli E Canalicolor photographunknown99A.17.05
Ondish, AndreaTrouble Hangs in 3’sfive tone
Ondish, AndreaMr. April is Very Constructivesix tone
Ondish, AndreaMr. May Wants to Play in a Rock & Roll Bandfive tone
Osborne, StevenGrain Processing Plantacrylic on canvas PM-53773
Osborne, StevenMill Formsacrylic on canvasdate unknownPM-60172
Osborne, StevenUntitledacrylic on canvasdate unknownPM-60166
Osmialowski, CristinaTabanksetching200401b.01.05
P., M.Untitledairbrush 96A.12.098
Pace, Don A.Part of the Landwatercolor1961PM-10026
Paden, WilliamAoshimawoodcut 21/50date unknownPM-60606
Page, JamesUntitledwelded steel and laquer PM-60190
Paluzzi, RinaldoSpatial Constructionacrylic1982PM-60188
Paluzzi, RinaldoConstruction 1964acrlithograph1965PM-32882
Paolozzi, EduardoLots of Pictures, Lots of Funserigraph1971PM-60518
Paolozzi, EduardoPacific Standard Timelithograph pm-60195
Papinchock, AubreyThe Dancersilver gelatin print200303A.12.13
Pappas, SophieDrapery Material for Recreation Roomtempera 96A.12.110
Park, JooheeUntitledsilver gelatin print200303A.08.01
Park, Joohee Itaewon Streetdigital photograph/inkjet
Parmenter, MarkUntiteledfabricated steel PM-53782
Parsons, GaryRegistrationinkjet print200000A.04.13
Parsons, GaryWho’s Out Thereinkjet print200101a.04.01
Paschke, EdwardGreen Boyoil on canvas1970PM-53793
Paschke, EdwardElevationoil on canvas1972PM-28469
Patrick, Alan K.Fragment: City at Nightoil on canvas1962PM-32885
Patrick, Barry m.Untitledserigraph7/11/6596A.12.019
Patrick, MIldredmuted moirepainting, acrylic1971PM-60174
Patrick, MIldredHomesteadpainting, acrylic1973PM-60177
Patrick, MIldredUntitledpainting, acrylic1972PM-60175
Patrick, MIldredSuddenly Octoberpainting, acrylic1972PM-60176
Pauckner, Jenny5 Minutes Beforedigital
Payne, JesseShout of Birth Series Idrypoint199698A.10.01
Payne, JesseNatural Phenomenonoil on canvas199900A.03.04
Paynter, SunnyGetting a Gripdigital
Pearlstein, PhilipReclining Nude with Kimonoetching, aquatint198203A.23.01
Pearlstein, PhilipGirl On Empire Sofalithograph1972pm-60196
Pearman, KeshiaAfter the Stormdigital photograph200808A.SS.05
Pearman, Michael An Accordian Man Memoirphotography199703a.10.03
Pearsall, G.F.E. and C.F. Spieler*Untitledphotograph1872PM-60588
Pelletier, Lynn M. putting throughetching, 19/50199401A.18.28
Pelletier, Lynn M.Putting Throughetching199494a.02.28
Perkins, B.Untitledserigraph 96A.12.047
Perry, Beverly CookPainterly Texas Monoprintsposter PM-60925
Perry, C.Untitledengraving on rice paper 02A.19.05
Persson, YashaBad Guyink jet print, mixed media199898a.07.07
Persson, YashaGood Guyink jet print, mixed media199898a.07.08
Persson, YashaTwo Little Heads Are Better Than Onephotograph199899a.02.11
Persson, Yasha...Repressed False Memory...silver gelatin print199999a.06.18
Persson, YashaHands untiedblack and white photograph200000A.04.12
Persson, YashaStrong Womeninkjet print200001A.01.03
Persson, YashaAll God’s Childrenarchival inkjet print200202A.14.03
Petropoulos, AthenaA Night in the Fountain Roomsilver gelatin print199999a.06.23
Petropoulos, AthenaBus Stopsilver gelatin print200000A.04.17
Petropoulos, AthenaThe Pin Cushion Nightmarerelief 200101a.04.14
Phillips, PaulUntitledhand colored silver gelatin printdate unknownPM-60191
Phillips, StephenAmerican Still Lifeacrylic on canvas1968PM-32965
Piacka, IgorThe Abduction of Europeserigraph, 5/60199494a.02.06
Picasso, PabloRainbow Dovelithogrph1952PM-60186
Picasso, PabloBlue Dovelithogrph,1961PM-10290
Picasso, Pablo RuizMusee Municipal D’Art Modernelinoleum cut195803A.27.02
Pierce, VenusShadesgraphite200001a.02.04
Ping, Aija AveninsSeek Theemixed media/collage on canvas199495a.10.01
Pishkur, Framk A.Open Crusiculationceramic and wood 01A.09.14
Platt, Thomas C.In Search of the Nuclear Aestheticmixed media1979PM-61105
Pleak, JaneWabiceramic 01A.09.15
Plour, JosephAkimbowoodcut 2/91963PM-60673
Plour, JosephUntitledwoodcut 3/51963PM-60675
Plour, JosephUntitledwoodcut 4/91963PM-60674
Pohl, SuzanneUntitledceramic 02A.11.11
Pohl, SuzanneHersassafras and mixed media200002A.11.10
Pohlman, MichaelThe Universe in Progressoil on canvas199808A.MP.01
Pohlman, MichaelUniverse in Progress IIoil and mixed media on canvas199808A.MP.02
Pollack, SharronSandbox (ed)inkjet print200000A.04.15
Pollack, SharronStoney Polaritylithograph, wintergreen oil transfer199798A.02.13
Pollack, Sharron...Fall Shortwintergreen oil transfer199999a.06.05
Polley, FrederickRedering of the Tirey Memorial Student Union Buildinggraphite on paperdate unknown03A.17.02
Polos, TheodorBarns #1watercolor PM-60467
Pompa, GladysZinniasoil PM-60698
Poole, GregoryManoil1949PM-60184
Poole, GregoryPortrait of Benjamin Blumbergoil on canvas PM-60182
Poole, GregorySorrowoil PM-60701
Poole, GregoryUntitledoil PM-60700
Popovic, VladimírWithout the Titleserigraph, 22/45199494a.02.07
Posen StephenUntitled (from the Documenta Series)lithograph, 44/3001972PM-60431
PotichePair of “Potiche” Platesporcelain 96a.14.27
Potter, TomFallen Cloudraku fired ceramic PM-60699
Potts, LaurieUntitledacryllicundatedPM-61350
Pouyat, J.Queensware Compotechina1890’s02A.23.10
Pouyat, J.Queensware Serving Dishchina1890’s02A.23.11
Pouyat, J.Queensware Platterchina1890’s02A.23.13
Pouyat, J.Queensware Sauce Dishchina1890’s02A.23.14
Pouyat, J.Queensware Chocolate Potchina1890’s02A.23.16
Pouyat, J.Queensware Cookie Platechina1890’s02A.23.17
Powell, PatWoven ChoicesPhoto transfer Lithograph collage199704-de-25
Powell, PatMeaning in Part, Monoprint Seriesprimary color scheme Lithograph199904-de-84
Powell, PatTransportprimary color scheme Lithograph199904-de-85
Powell, PatTwistedmulti colored Lithograph199904-de-86
Powell, PatTall Formmulti colored Lithograph199904-de-87
Powell, PatPowers and Deities After Giotto, Bellini, Marcovaldofive toned
Powell, PatChoicesfour toned
Powell, PatMatthew 7:20;Heart, Mind, Choices State 3seven toned
Powell, PatChoices After Leonard Baskinfive toned
Powell, PatMetamorposissepia tone
Powell, PatSame Serigraphyfour tone
Powell, PatMatthew 7:20; Fruits of Choices, State 6four tone
Powell, PatMatthew 7:20; Vine Choices, state 4four tone
Poynter, SunnyLuminous Lime Portraitoil on wood 04A.05.02
PplloniTropical Fishwatercolor PM-16393
Pratt, JosephGoing Northintaglio 1876pm-61361
Prentice, DianeGambleserigraph9/9797a.12.09
Prentice, DianeHeart and Mindserigraph: photo-emulsion process199798A.02.16
Prentice, DianeSarah’s Song: Her Choiceserigraph199898L.07.01
Prentice, DianeFactorsserigraph199899a.02.08
Prentice, DianeBody of Choicesserigraph199999a.06.22
Prentice, DianeGambleserigraph9/9700a.01.09
Prentice, DianeGambleserigraph9/9700A.08.10
Prentice, DianeGrid Choicesink jet print200001A.01.04
Prentice, DianeDept Chairinkjet print200101a.04.12
Prentice, DianeClone Commoditiesinkjet print200202A.14.11
Prentice, DianeMatthew 7:20, Vine Choicesserigraph199898A.25.01
Prentice, DianeA Child's Storyinkjet from a digitally altered photograph200303A.12.10
Prentice, Diane Rebusserigraph200000A.04.05
Prepsky, MichaelHomage to the Boobie Trapperceramic199901A.09.16
Prepsky, MichaelToy House for Clay Peopleceramic PM-53823
Preston, Kenneth W.The Hair of the Dogmixed media1984PM-61003
Prince, RichardHuman Naturescreenprint and book2001 
Pulliam, Brentuntitledinfrared silver gelatin print200707A-ss-03
Pulliam, BrentNative Fantasyinfrared silver gelatin print200707A-ss-08
Pura, BillPutting Through: The Callwoodcut199494a.02.29
Pura, BillPutting Through: The Callwoocut, 1/50199401A.18.29
Purath, NathanCast Shadowsilver print199697A.02.03
Purath, NathanDark Carnivalphotograph199798A.10.02
Purcell, AnneUntitled Drawingpencil and charcoal197706A-CM-03
Purcell, AnneBrown Paper Studyoil pastel on paper197408A.CM.12
Purpura, Rachel M.Untitledoil on canvas200707a-ss-01
Pyer-Wilson, EdieGustoInkjet
Pyle, SusanMarchserigraph PM-60963
Pyle, SusanHead of Girlacrlyic PM-60197
Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Co., Brooklyn, NYQuezal Lamp Shadeglassfirst quarter of the 20th Century02A.23.06
Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Co., Brooklyn, NYQuezal Lamp Shadeblown flint glassfirst quarter of the 20th Century02A.23.07
Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Co., Brooklyn, NYQuezal Electric Lamp Shadeblown flint glassfirst quarter of the 20th Century02A.23.08
Quinn, DellaFadecollagraph9/9797a.12.10
Quinn, DellaFadecollagraph9/9700a.01.10
Quinn, DellaFadecollagraph9/9700A.08.11
Radcliff, JoniAnswer the Question as Best You Cancollograph and mixed media199596a.05.01
Radcliff, JoniBaby’s Unconditional Realityoil on canvas199502A.26.07
Radich, Catherine L.Galvanized Glamourblack and white photograph, hand colored1982PM-60204
Radich, Catherine L.Electric Sundayblack and white photograph, HAND-COLOREd1982PM-60203
RadschenkoComposition with Black Circlelithograph PM-60703
Randazzo, JanetBystandersteel, aluminum, glass 02A.11.05
Rauschenberg, RobertLandmarklithograph1968pm-60216
RedOctoberserigraph PM-60956
Redd, SarahUntitledceramic PM-60222
Reddingtion, Charles L,Ex Librasacrylic on cnavasdate unknownpm-23860
Reddingtion, CHarles L,Western Motifacrylic on canvas pm-53749
Reddy, KrishahForm in SPaceintaglio04/94pm-10285
Reed, Kaleena The Sheddigital photograph200707A-ss-06
Reed, Kaleena The Schoolhousedigital inkjet200707a-ss-07
Reed, Luanne. I. FeteMixed Media PM-60709
Regnold, C.B.Barn DetailPhotograph198204-de-06
Reifsneyder, ElizabethCamp Bowerserigraph199501A.10.06
Reifsnyder, E.XYfour tone
Reifsnyder, E.The New New Yorkerseven toned
Reifsnyder, E.Point Betsiesix toned
Reifsnyder, E.Nuances from New Guineasix toned
Rembrandt Hermanzoon Van Rijn, afterJan Lutma the Elderengraving19th century restrike1969.1252
Repasz, LeslieFriction Heatprimary color sceme Relief Print199104-de-19
Repasz, LeslieRose Colored GlassesCallograph Relief Print (multi colored)199104-de-33
Rich, VioletUntitled (Portrait)watercolor and drawing PM-61118
Richards, AlenaInner Light Iwood and mixed media200101A.02.03
Richards, Alena L. Still Life: Vase with Flowerswalnut and maple199900A.03.03
Richards, PaulTwo Owlsserigraph pm-61363
Richardson-Baughman, JanUntitledceramic 01A.09.02
Richey, JeffBob & Judy’s Secret Projectmixed media199595a.21.01
Ridens, KaraUntitledcolor photograph1986PM-60578
Ridgway, MarifrancesRiver Bankoildate unknownPM-60220
Riley, BridgetPrint #6serigraph on plastic 1965PM-53724
Riley, BridgetPrint #9serigraph on plastic 11/75 1965PM-60213
Ringo, AshleyUntitledinfrared silver printdate unknown03A.08.02
Ringo, AshleyGroup Photoinfrared silver print200304A.05.04
Ringo, AshleyGrazingphotograph with infrared
Rivera, DiegoCasa de Campolinoleum cut 1954PM-60207
Rivera, DiegoMarea Altalinoleum cut 1954PM-60208
Rivera, DiegoUntitledlinoleum cut date unknownPM-60209
Rivera, DiegoUntitledlinoleum cut 1957PM-60598
Rivera, DiegoSanta Claralinoleum cut, 10/12 1957PM-53706
Rivera, DiegoSanta Claralinoleum cut, 6/121957PM-10022
Rivers, LarryFrench Moneyserigraph1965PM-60210
Roberts, MarieSideshow Ilithograph, watercolor199402A.25.04
Roberts, MarieSideshow IIlithograph, watercolor199402A.25.05
Roberts, MarieSideshow IIIlithograph, watercolor199402A.25.06
Roberts, MarieSideshow IVlithograph, watercolor199402A.25.07
Robertson Jr., JamesBraggadocioDigital Print200606a.SS.15
Robertson, Mary AnnJordan Riveroil and collage on canvas1963PM-31065
Robinson, NedUntitledserigraphn.d.96A.12.050
Robinson, NellUntitledserigraph196596a.12.051
Roehr, AdeleUntitledairbrushn.d.96A.12.024
Rogan, Kathlea Radishes Etching197304-de-53
Rogan, Kathlea Carrot Undergroundthree toned Etching197304-de-56
Rosenquist, JamesFedora-53832lithograph1971PM-53832
Ross, Lori43rd Opening-(up and over)seven tone
Ross, LoriHoles (in my head)six tone
Rouault, GeorgesAimez Vous Les Autres, Plateintaglio, 75.4501923PM-32601
Rowan, DennisHelon Is A FelonCollage and Drawing1978PM-60427
Rowe, JackVigo County’s Ms. Liberty-1909Multi colored Lithograph197304-de-10
Rowe, JackFebruaryserigraph1974, 05/00PM-60961
Rowe, JackAmazing Grace's Gumball Machineserigraph, 5/61973PM-61359
Rowe, JackRingsilver, copper, brass, agate1974 CA. pm-60802
Rowe, JackComposite No. 1three toned Lithograph on Embossed Paper12/24/197004-de-64
Rowe, JackGreat Aunt Mariah and Mitgy RevisitedPhoto Transfer Etching and Collage187304-de-81
Rowe, JackSunrise and Mother Earthfour tone
Rowe, JackHomage to the Banks of the Wabash Festivalnine toned
Rugenstein, AbramSelf Portraitwood 03A.04.02
Rumansky, IgorThe Monumentlinoleum cut199494a.02.08
Rumansky, IgorThe Monumentlino cut, 41/70199401A.18.04
Runacher, SuzanneReyatalithograph1965PM-13026
Rutledge, Michael J. Untitledceramic relief198595A.11.02
Ryohi, T.Thatched Roof no. 16etching197303A.41.04
Sablu, E.Sky City View 5Serigraph198604a.ri.01
Saint-Brice, RobertMr. and Mme. Sibioil on board1949PM-60760
Salt, JohnDesert Wreck (from the Documenta Series)lithogrpah, 44/3001972pm-60241
Sampson, JamesSilkscreen Print IIIserigraph1971PM-53795
Sampson, JamesSilkscreen Print Iserigraphdate unknownPM-60244
Sampson, JamesSilkscreen Print IIserigraph1971PM-61096
Sampson, JamesSilkscreen Print IVserigraph PM-60247
Sampson, JamesUntitledserigraph PM-60396
Sampson, JamesWabash Valleyacrylic on canvas1970PM-60245
Sandy IrwinUntitledRelief Print198104-de-40
Santos, ColinShe Runs With Scissorsetching200101A.21.05
Sarajo FriedenNesting in Treessilk screen onlLinen200607A.SF.01
Sarrafian, ArmenWith this egg...oil on birch199603A.04.01
Sarrussia, KayUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.009
Saul, TravisUntitleddye200001a.03.03
Schartung, JohnPrestomonoprint201011a.js.01
Scherer, Suzanne and Pavel Ouporov6 Beesetching200103A.07.01
Schiefer, KarlAngel Fishsoapstone199195A.12/01
Schoenbaum, MarkUntitledceramic and wood 01A.09.17
Schoenbaum, Mark W.Smilin’linoleum cut199999a.06.04
Schoenbaum, Mark W.Fragmentedinkjet print200000A.04.10
Schoenbaum, Mark WilliamFragmented Young Lives...silver gelatin print200101a.04.04
Schonezeit, BenTangerine Sugar (from the Documenta Series)lithograph1972PM-61034
Schum, KimMexico Street Cornerstat paper 04A.01.04
SchurbrockCall Girlsacrylic1973pm-60285
Schwab, JustinConjoinedphotograph digitally inhanced200708A.JS.01
Schwarz, ReinerVIola Un Hommecolor lithogrpah1968pm-60249
Schwenk, Kelly HillSouthern Greenerydigital photograph/inkjet
Scully, VirginiaUntitledairbrush 96a.12.12
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Untitledwatercolor1979PM-60284
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Market Scene in Old Mexicowatercolor PM-53707
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Winter Funwatercolor1973PM-10304
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Untitled (ISU Normal School, 1880)watercolor and ink1967PM-10303
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Untitled (ISU Normal School, 1880)watercolor and ink1967PM-61114
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Untitled (ISU Normal School, 1880)watercolor and ink1967PM-61115
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Untitled (ISU Normal School, 1880)watercolor and ink1967PM-61113
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Untitled (ISU Normal School, 1880)watercolor and ink1967PM-61112
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Glass and Corkwatercolor on cork board1977PM-45035
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”Snow Lays Onwatercolor197979A.01.01
Seamon, Denzil Omer “Salty”I.S.U. 50th annual Campus revuewatercolor and ink198202A.34.02
Seamon, OmerCut and Dryingwatercolor197804a.os.01
Seamon, OmerScarce O’ Fat Housewatercolor197704a.os.02
Sean LeeFamily Ifour tone
Sean LeeFamily IIfour toned
Secrist, PatUntitled
Sergeson, MichelleUntitledfour toned Relief Print197304-de-39
Serisawa, SueoUntitledoil PM-60719
Shaad, Dee E.Wife of Amenhotepceramic1981PM-60238
Sharp, SueUntitledwatercolor193296A.12.043
Sharp, SueUntitledwatercolor 96a.12.064
Shawkey, SigmundUntitledcollage and gouache PM-61101
Sheldon, DonaldPoppieswatercolor PM-60272
Shemroske, A.Untitledwatercolor PM-60996
Shepard, JamesUntitledacrylic1971PM-60972
Shepard, JamesMother Nature’s Sonoil on canvas1971PM-36184
Shouse, CharityDiscountedcollograph200909A.CS.01
Showell, KennethNo Gamesacrylic pm-60252
Showell, KennethNo GamesOil on canvas196501a.ks.01
Shulz, Adolph RobertBetween Summer and Autumnoil PM-60264
Shulz, Adolph RobertUntitledoil on canvas PM-61004
Shuppert, AlishaWar-After Picasso’s Guernicamixed media 97A.17.01
Siber, MattUntitled #14photograph200308A.MS.01
Siber, MattUntitled #14photograph200308A.MS.02
Siebrase, DanielUntitledsilver gelatin print1979PM-60282
Sierra, PaulUntitledcharcoal on paper3-16-200000A.03.02
Sievan, MauriceInterioroil PM-60721
Sigler, HollisLady Hates Sunday Afternoon and Football Gamesoil paint/pastel and acrylic197907A.RSC.01
Simile, RobertUntitledceramic 01A.09.18
Singh, Gurinder Applephotograph200909A.GS.01
Slavish, PeteUntitled  PM-53763
Sloan, JohnSixth Avenue Elevated at Third Street, 1928oil on canvas192806A-JS-04
Smit, DerkScene in Brown Co.oil on canvas PM-60229
Smit, DerkUntitledoil on canvas PM-60230
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Octoberrelief print, multicolored PM-61346
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Aprilrelief print, multicolored PM-61336
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Junerelief print, multicolored PM-61339
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Mayrelief print, multicolored PM-61338
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Februaryrelief print, multicolored PM-61340
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Januaryrelief print, multicolored PM-61341
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Septemberrelief print, multicolored PM-61347
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Novemberrelief print, multicolored PM-61345
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Marchrelief print, multicolored PM-61337
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Decemberrelief print, multicolored PM-61344
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Julyrelief print, multicolored PM-61343
Smith, (n.f.n.)Calendar Series, Augustrelief print, multicolored PM-61342
Smith, JoeLife is an Independent Variableetching on embossed paper198104-de-68
Smith, JoeUntitledraku fired ceramic 01A.09.19
Smith, Johnny Macerated Teapotceramic200102A.16.03
Smith, KariKoluremonotype199899a.02.19
Smith, MaggieUntitledceramic PM-60256
Smith, Phyllis (enclosed information)Untitledwatercolor 96A.12.100
Smith, Robert A.Orchardserigraph #501963PM-53717
Sobotavicavá,Sláva n. e. (1)serigraph, 5/79199494a.02.09
SoederUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.032
Soeder, JayUntitledwatercolor 99A.17.15
Solomon, SydPaternitypolymer plastic, oil, masonite1952PM-60250
Spenca, ScottAprilserigraph PM-60957
SpencerUntitledmulti colored Lithograph197304-de-11
SpencerDarling of the DAR...two toned Lithograph197304-de-13
Staiger, PaulThe U.N. Plaza (from the Documenta Series)lithograph1972PM-60236
Stalter, M.Y.Viewetching, drypoint196901A.06.02
Stanley M. SerrosryRoom #208warm toned Relief Print197204-de-16
Stanley, D.Night Movesetching4/4/197704-de-98
Stark, OttoView Over Indianapolispastel on paper1917PM-32964
steadham, TerryUntitledchalk,pencil, charcoal on paper1975, 11/15pm-53831
Steele, Theodore ClarenceWilliam Wood Parsons, 1885 - 1921oil on canvas1910PM-60232
Steen, Joel WilliamStresscolored plasticno date08a.js.01
Stefanie GreenGaelic Summerdigital photograph; inkjet
Steinlen, Theophile AlexandreIllustration for Gil Blascolor lithograph on newsprint189402A.19.13
Stephens, AngelaMaking Me:Touch Upthree toned silkscreen3/27/200104-de-44
Stephens, Angela and Michelle L. EaleyVelvet Swansthree toned silkscreen200004-de-45
Stephens, Angela M.Echoesacrylic on canvas200001a.03.02
Stephens, Angela M.Armoracrylic on canvas 02A.24.02
SterryCupid’s Symphonyfour tone
SterryInnocence Exposedfive tone
Stewart, AliceUntitledairbrush 96a.12.085
Stewart, KristinUntitledceramic200203A.08.09
Stikely, KimberlyDepressionfour toned
Stirling, DaveAutumn .....Park (Illegible)oil on composition board1920PM-60618
Stoner, Robin L.Let it be the Chairmixed media on canvas PM-60433
Stoner, Robin L.Untitledmixed, hand made paper, cnavas pm-60428
Story, HollyDolly Vardenscreenprint and embroidery on linen200707A.HS.01
Stout, Ida McClellanPortrait of a Womanplaster PM-61044
Strang, WilliamThe Quarryman’s Wifeetching1859-192102A.19.01
Sturgess, John & Summers, W.Fox Hunting Plate #2intaglio, aquatint and etching, post press painting 98A.16.01
Sturgess, John and Summers, W.Fox Hunting Plate #4: The End of a Good Runhand-painted aquatint etching pm-60552
Sudlow, RobertFall Landscape, 1971acrylic on canvas1971PM-60275
SuffelClay Potrelief printdate unknownPM-60271
SuffelSlices of Orangeserigraph, 100/300 PM-61325
Sugai, KumiVioletlithograph (three color) pm-60273
Swagerle, M.Here, There, Nowhere...five tone
Swagerle, MikePinbrass1975pm-60426
Swango, MichaelTandemonia commercial offset print 95a.02.20
Tablia, DianeUntitledgraphite pm-60290
Tablia, DIaneUntitledgraphite on bond paper pm-60289
Tausch, SteveThe ReunionLithograph199595a.14.07
Taylor, CamillaBought and Soldwood relief and mixed media200101A.21.07
Taylor, NeilStacks @ Sunsetwoodcut200506a.nt.01
Tei LewsaderHawthorne Park Wetlandsphotograph200707A.SS.35
Tell, DavidTruitt Corner Piececeramic PM-60308
Tell, DavidBowlceramic1974PM-60307
Tell, DavidRaku Vaseceramic1974PM-53817
Tenga, LawrenceIndiana State University Sealoak and velvet199797A.16.01
Terry, ChristopherWeihnachtsplatzchenauss- techformlithography199899a.02.04
Terry, SandraPutting Throughetching, aquatint and drypoint199494a.02.20
Terry, SandraAs He was Speaking, She was Thinkingetching199495a.03.01
Terry, Sandraintrepid scholaretching199495a.03.02
Terry, SandraPutting Throughetching, aquatint, & drypoint, 26/35199401A.18.20
Tewell, TanyaAgesacrylic1974,11/00PM-53708
Tewell, TanyaUntitledcharcoal PM-60288
Thomas Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-01
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-02
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-03
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-04
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-05
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-06
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-07
Thomas, Jonathan Untitledembossed drawing200104a-jt-08
Thomas, Jonathan B.Posturingetching200303A.28.14
Thomas, Jonathan B.Head Rushetching200303A.28.15
Thomas, Jonathan B.Cold Cold Nightetching200303A.28.16
Thomas, Jonathan B.Intersectionlithograph200303A.12.18
Tice, JackieGreen Dooroil on canvas200709A.jt.01
Timothy L. CooperCoopie Tie #2seven tone
Tingley, MichaelFlight of Fancy: Greenmixed media200102A.46.01
Tingley, MichaelFlight of Fancy: Blackmixed media200102A.46.02
Tingley, MichaelFlight of Fancy: Greenmixed media200102A.46.01
Tio, AdrianIn Temples Built from our Bones, the Universe is Dyinglinoleum block print199999a.06.06
Tió, AdrianMano a Manolinoleum block199798A.02.14
Tió, Adrian Poem by Robert Pinskyrelief print199898A.20.01
Tobias Hutchins, RicardoOn the Flyceramic200001A.03.01
Tobias Hutchins, RicardoRaku Guitfiddleraku fired ceramic 01A.09.20
ToloffUntitledblack and white photograph PM-60570
ToloffUntitledblack and white photograph PM-60573
ToloffUntitledblack and white photograph1951PM-60293
Tom SwopesTyler’s Choiracrylic on canvas200408A.TS.01
Torre, MichaelTeapotceramic 01A.09.21
Torrens, ThomasTotem of Nokomiswood and aluminum1971PM-60723
Torrens, ThomasShoe Hornmixed,, bronze, bone, formica1972PM-60292
Town, HaroldStretchserigraph1971PM-60724
Trizise, CharlesGobletsilvern.d.PM-61144
Trohaska, PamUntitled
Trotta, MikeUntitledsteel, stone200303A.28.03
Trova, (n.f.n.)Targetsserigraph1969PM-60297
Turla M. Black-LibbyBamzel, Where are You?Photo Etching198304-de-05
Turman, WilliamHome in Sugar Creek Valleypastel and carbon193407a.wt.01
Turman, William T.From the Hilltopoil on masonite PM-60317
Turman, William T.Sunset for the Little Red Schoolhouseoil1914PM-60287
Turman, William T.Lawrence McTurmanoil on canvas1945PM-60315
Turman, William T.Forest Jewelsoil on masonite1951 ?PM-60286
Turman, William T.Down Into the Valleyoil on masonite1936PM-61128
Turman, William T.Turman Fort, 1812oil on masonite1953PM-60710
Turman, William T.Portrait of Lotus D. Coffmanoil on masonite1942PM-60314
Turman, William T.Mount Moran as Seen Across Leigh Lake, Teton National Park, Wyomingoil on masonitedate unknownPM-53781
Turman, William T.Big Sycamores on Lockport-Riley Roadoil on masonite1954PM-61131
Turman, William T.Margaret Picking Apple Blossomsoil on board4-25-192003A.40.02
Turman, William ThomasWood-winds for Music (Trees are Harp Strings)oil on board195203A.32.01
Turman, William, T.Ralph Nobel Tirey, President 1934-1953.oil on canvas PM-60316
Turner, DonAmerican Struggle Seriesoil on canvas1976PM-53758
Turner, DonUntitledceramic PM-60727
Tyson, VirginiaTic Tack Chit Chatetching199899a.02.12
Tyson, VirginiaDead Girls FloatXerox litho transfer199999a.06.01
Uhlhorn, Kenneth W.Timidblack and white photograph PM-60319
Uhlhorn, Kenneth W.Margaretsilver gelatin print PM-60320
Ultey, TonySpirit of a Negative Expressiongraphite PM-60321
UnknownPortrait of Jenny Lindoil on canvas PM-60966
UnknownWalt Whitmanengravingn.d.PM-60822
UnknownWalt Whitmanengraving n.d.PM-60823
UnknownRobineetching PM-61318
UnknownBellissimeetching PM-61317
UnknownDancing Girlsgraphite, red pigment PM-60324
UnknownUntitledserigraph PM-60363
UnknownUntitledserigraph PM-60362
UnknownUntitledserigraph PM-60357
Unknown1974 California 500serigraph PM-60604
Unknown1974 1975serigraph PM-60965
UnknownOliverserigraph PM-60903
UnknownEnergy 74serigraph PM-61045
UnknownAndre Gray, Painting on Light (2)serigraph PM-60915
UnknownUp Against the Wallserigraph PM-60329
UnknownSometimesserigraph PM-60784
UnknownPaschke Posterserigraph PM-60906
UnknownDavid Holmes 2 Environmentsserigraph PM-60909
UnknownYou Deserve a Shockserigraph PM-60908
UnknownKohlmeyer in Restrospectiveserigraph PM-60910
Unknownthe bauhaus years photographs 1935-1945 (2)serigraph PM-60912
UnknownJuneserigraph PM-60953
UnknownFigure It Outserigraph1974PM-60907
UnknownJulyserigraph PM-60962
UnknownCarson Collection (3)serigraph PM-60914
UnknownPeace Day May 18, 1975serigraph1975PM-60958
Unknownuntitled - series of 10graphite, ink, collage pm-61355
unknownHomecoming Queens - 1957. President Ralph Tirey with Dorothy Sudroff (left) and Julie Bevilaqua (right).painting, acrlyic/canvas pm-68397
UnknownContemporary Chinese Drawingink on silk199496A.09.01
UnknownContemporary Chinese Drawingink on silk199496A.09.02
UnknownContemporary Chinese Drawingink on silk199496A.09.03
UnknownContemporary Chinese Drawingink on silk199496A.09.04
UnknownContemporary Chinese Scrollink on silk 96A.10.01
UnknownContemporary Chinese Scrollink on silk 96A.10.02
UnknownUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.007
UnknownUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.008
UnknownUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.010
UnknownUntitledwatercolor 96A.12.016
UnknownPaper Dolls and Clothespaper collage 96a.14.06
UnknownPaper Dolls and Clothespaper collage 96a.14.07
UnknownPaper Dolls and Clothespaper collage 96a.14.08
UnknownCut Glass Punch BowlCut Glass 96a.14.09
UnknownCut Glass VaseCut glass 96a.14.10
UnknownCut Glass Vasecut glass 96a.14.11
UnknownSmall Cut Glass Bowlcut glass 96a.14.12
UnknownCut Glass Bowlcut glass 96a.14.13
UnknownCut Glass Oval Serving Dishcut glass 96a.14.14
UnknownSmall Cut Glass Oval Serving Dishcut glass 96a.14.15
UnknownSet of 6 Frosted and Cut Glass Tumblerscut glass 96a.14.16
UnknownPorcelain Tea Strainerporcelain 96a.14.20
UnknownBlue Porcelain Vaseporcelain 96a.14.26
UnknownCircular Framed Angelspainting 96a.14.28
UnknownSmall Circular Framed Madonna and Childpainting 96a.14.29
unknownCollection of Correspondence of Helen Conditmisc. correspondance 96a.14.30
UnknownHoney Dishcut glass 96a.14.31
UnknownBosco Baittiner Ficcabook1994 (usa)99A.17.07
UnknownA Great Actor Between Tragedy and Comedyhand colored lithograph183402A.19.08
UnknownThe First Carriage, the “Ariel”, 1843hand colored lithograph 02A.19.11
UnknownFigure It Outserigraph197402A.21.04
UnknownFiber Metal Clay Glassserigraph197302A.21.06
UnknownCurator’s Choiceserigraph197402A.21.07
UnknownQueensware Compotepressed glassdate unknown02A.23.01
UnknownQueensware Pitchernon-flint glassdate unknown02A.23.02
UnknownEarthenware Ewerearthenwaredate unknown02A.23.04
UnknownQueensware Sugar Bowlopalescent pressed glassunknown02A.23.05
UnknownLamp Shadesmold blown glass 02A.23.09
UnknownQueensware Vasechinadate unknown02A.23.12
UnknownFlint Glass Basketcased flint glassdate unknown02A.23.18
UnknownEarthenware Vaseearthenwaredate unknown02A.23.19
UnknownOld Black Oakserigraph196103A.15.02
UnknownPunched Tin Designtin sheet and wooddate unknown03A.15.05
UnknownChinese Butterflywatercolor on silkdate unknown03A.28.04
UnknownViewink PM-60325
UnknownChinese Tapestry fiber, machine, computerized, and hand color PM-61098
UnknownChinese Tapestryfiber, machine, computerized, and hand color PM-61099
UnknownChinese Tapestryfiber, machine, computerized, and hand color PM-61097
UnknownChinese Tapestryfiber, machine, computerized, and hand color PM-10302
UnknownKurolstoncloth PM-60799
UnknownEnglish Estateintaglio, 3 hand colored engravings1829,caPM-60356
UnknownWorld Maplithograph PM-60349
UnknownDraft 79painting, acrylic PM-60755
unknownTake off on pressurizedpainting pm-60424
unknownDelacroixpainting, acrylic pm-53806
unknownChoir Sheets With Illuminated Capitals and Hand Writtenink on vellumca.17th Cpm-61322
UnknownPapyrus Scrollacrylic on papyrusdate unknown03A.28.05
UnknownPlais Du Corps- Legislate (CHAMBRE DES DEPUTES)hand-colored lithograph1860pm-60367
UnknownGlass Eggglass egg and carved wooddate unknown03A.31.04
UnknownMarble Boxmarble and metal work 03A.31.05
UnknownMexican Bowlglazed ceramic 03A.31.06
UnknownMexican Bowlglazed ceramic 03A.31.07
UnknownTowle Teapotsterling silverdate unknown03A.33.30
UnknownTowle Creamersterling silverdate unknown03A.33.31
UnknownTowle Sugar Serversterling silverdate unknown03A.33.32
UnknownWallace Serving Traysterling silver platingdate unknown03A.33.33
UnknownWith the Reference to the Railroadthree toned silkscreen; white
UnknownDream Wavefive tone
UnknownJackalopesix tone silkscreenno
UnknownO’Riley’s Bouquet (essence running out)six tone
UnknownEthnographic Printbatik on fabricunknown05a.ep.01
UnknownEthnographic Printbatik on Fabricunknown05a.ep.02
UnknownMan Escaping Realityceramic PM-605660
UnknownUntitled (Big Book)mixed media 02A.24.30
UnknownWarriorstone 02A.45.08
UnknownThe Railsplitterlaminated newsprint194508L.CH.03
Unknown.Parchment Missalink on vellumca.15th centuryPM-61323
Untulis, Charles R.The Clownoil PM-60764
Vaden, CeresePermutationsetching, aquatint, embossing199899a.02.18
Van Alstine, JohnVia Solarisbronze, granite and stainless steel 2004-200606a-jva-01
Van de Walle, KarenUntitledceramic 01A.09.27
Van Tilburg, Raymond D. Untitledwoodcut print198304-de-50
Van Tilurg, RayUntitledfour toned Relief Printnone04-de-51
Van, Raymond D. Beyond a Dream State Ietching198304-de-97
Vargo, JerryUntitledphotographn.d.PM-60343
Vargo, JerryCarnitascolor photograph PM-60579
vargo, jerryuntitledcolor photograph PM-60580
Vargo, JerryCarnival Modulator with Green and Yellowphotograph1975PM-61077
Vargo, JerryUntitledcolor photograph PM-53779
Vargo, JerryFantasy Fair #1color photograph PM-60455
Vargo, JerryUntitledcolor photograph PM-53766
Vargo, JerryFair Fantasy #2color photograph PM-60454
Vargo, Jerryhuman kind #2ink pm-10217
Vargo, JerryMexico Cityblack and white photograph1972pm-10218
Vargo, JerryRain in Wagon Wheel Gapacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.02
Vargo, JerryPinion Pineacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.03
Vargo, JerryView of Collegiate Mountainsacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.04
Vargo, JerryView from Nathropacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.05
Vargo, JerryTrout Creek Passacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.06
Vargo, JerryAcross the Chaffee Valleyacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.07
Vargo, JerryAbove the Tree Linesacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.08
Vargo, JerrySouth View from Shavano Mountainacrylic on canvas1994 - 199596r.01.09
Vargo, JerryHuman Kind #1ink1981pm-10219
Vasarely, VictorMaamor ClairserigraphundatedPM-53744
Venable, BradfordUntitledplexiglass1970’s, Mid to latePM-60452
VersaillesBlue Porcelain Low Bowlporcelain 96a.14.24
Vertacnik, DavidGolden Flowerceramic 01A.09.22
Vertacnik, DavidBillboardsceramic PM-53789
Vertacnik, DavidUntitledceramic PM-61036
Vertes, MarcelGirl and Doglithograph pm-53780
Vicars-Pugh, CrystalHomage to all the Broken Homesceramic 02A.30.08
Vickrey, Robert Remsen Winter Walkoil on canvas 1962.01
Vietor, FrankPurina Feedsacrylicn.dpm-45217
Vincent, K.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknown01A.15.01
Vingarn, B.UntitledEtching197304-de-23
Vinyarie, B.Legal Tender for all Debts. Private.five tone
Vinzani, BernardApocalypseone and two toned Etchings197404-de-22
Vinzani, BernardVin Vitaeserigraph1972PM-53783
Vinzani, BernardThe Laying Down of Withdrawal Conditionsserigraph1974PM-60459
Vinzani, BernardKnuka Maolserigraph1974PM-60458
Vinzani, BernardUntitledserigraph PM-60199
Vinzani, Bernardpsaldulobagraphite PM-61250
Vinzani, BernardPost Munich Posterlithograph PM-28477
Vinzani, BernardMusee de Beaux Artsintaglio, serigraph, brass grommets1973PM-60457
Vinzani, BernardMusee de Beaux Artsintaglio, serigraph, brass grommets1973PM-60456
Vinzani, JennieUntitledphoto emulsion and pencil1982PM-61173
Viquesney, Edward M.Lincoln as a Boy painted plaster maquette193809a.EV.01
Vishnevsky, AnnaThe Apple of My Eyedigital
Wadsworth, G.Art 420-3airbrush 96A.12.097
Wadsworth, Robert D.Untitledwatercolor195896A.12.060
WagonerCountry Appleetching198104-de-34
Wagoner, ChuckContinuous Line Vesselceramic 01A.09.23
Walker, Geil M. Tales of a Townlithograph199595a.14.10
Wallace, Tammy A Closer Lookintaglio199595a.14.06
Walsh, BethUntitledmixed media 03L.24.02
Wann, HarryUntitledcast bronze 03A.24.16
Wann, HarryRalph Noble Tireybronze1948PM-60974
Wann, HarryWiedemannbronze1947PM-60975
Wann, HarryEducationplaster1939PM-60404
Wann, HarryWilliam Wood Parsonsbronze PM-10034
Ward, AshleyOutside Indrypoint200607A.SS.20
Ward, AshleyLost in Translationsilk screen print200808A.SS.09
Ward, Johnathan D. Serendipitous Print #1image transfer
Ware, ChrisThe Commonality of the City of Chicagooffset lithograph200607A.CW.01
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerPolacolor ER06/198308A.AW.41
Warhol, AndyUntitledPolaroid-FA04.003801977 
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerPolaroid-FA04.0038011/197908A.AW.03
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerFA04.0125511/197908A.AW.02
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerFA04.0127511/197908A.AW.04
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerFa04.0127711/197908A.AW.05
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerFA04.0127811/197908A.AW.06
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerFA04.0128411/197908A.AW.07
Warhol, AndyMrs. Hans MeyerFA04.0129111/197908A.AW.08
Warhol, AndyMaria ShriverFA04.02128198608A.AW.09
Warhol, AndyJuliana SiuFA04.02307198108A.AW.10
Warhol, AndyJuliana SiuFA04.02308198108A.AW.11
Warhol, AndyJuliana SiuFA04.02311198108A.AW.12
Warhol, AndyJuliana SiuFA04.02314198108A.AW.13
Warhol, AndyJuliana SiuFA04.02327198108A.AW.14
Warhol, AndyJuliana SiuFA04.02340198108A.AW.15
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderFA04.02975198608A.AW.16
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderFA04.02986198608A.AW.17
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderFA04.02992198608A.AW.18
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderFA04.02996198608A.AW.19
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderFA04.03011198608A.AW.20
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderA04.03021198608A.AW.21
Warhol, AndyHelen SchneiderFA04.03022198608A.AW.22
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.030221976-7708A.AW.23
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.035061976-7708A.AW.24
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.035191976-7708A.AW.25
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.035231976-7708A.AW.26
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.035291976-7708A.AW.27
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.035371976-7708A.AW.28
Warhol, AndyDeeda BlairFA04.035451976-7708A.AW.29
Warhol, AndyCarly SimonFA04.05001198008A.AW.30
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0931210/198008A.AW.31
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0931810/198008A.AW.32
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0932110/198008A.AW.33
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0932710/198008A.AW.34
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0933810/198008A.AW.35
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0934510/198008A.AW.36
Warhol, AndySusan SosnickFA04.0935310/198008A.AW.37
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0984006/198308A.AW.38
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0984706/198308A.AW.39
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0985006/198308A.AW.40
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0985106/1983O8A.AW.41
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0985506/198308A.AW.42
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0985906/198308A.AW.43
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0986706/198308A.AW.44
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0987006/198308A.AW.45
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0987106/198308A.AW.46
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0987306/198308A.AW.47
Warhol, AndyRegina SchreckerFA04.0988406/198308A.AW.48
Warhol, AndyMarella AgnelliFA04.1029606/197208A.AW.49
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)FA04.1154810/198008A.AW.50
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)FA04.1155710/198008A.AW.51
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)FA04.1155810/198008A.AW.52
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)FA04.1156210/198008A.AW.53
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)A04.1156810/198008A.AW.54
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)FA04.1156910/198008A.AW.55
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Woman (White Glasses)FA04.1157210/198008A.AW.57
Warhol, AndyJack NicklausFA05.00423197708A.AW.58
Warhol, AndyRon DugrayFA05.0048103/198208A.AW.59
Warhol, AndyMiguel BoseFA05.00838198308A.AW.60
Warhol, AndyMiguel BoseFA05.00847198308A.AW.61
Warhol, AndyMiguel BoseFA05.00856198308A.AW.62
Warhol, AndyMiguel BoseFA05.00868198308A.AW.63
Warhol, AndyMiguel BoseFA05.00879198308A.AW.64
Warhol, AndyMiguel BoseFA05.00895198308A.AW.65
Warhol, AndyTruman CapoteFA05.01329after Aug. 197708A.AW.66
Warhol, AndyBilly SquierFA05.02171198208A.AW.67
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02449197908A.AW.68
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02465197908A.AW.69
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02477197908A.AW.70
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02481197908A.AW.71
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02490197908A.AW.72
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02500197908A.AW.73
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02507197908A.AW.74
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02512197908A.AW.75
Warhol, AndyBernard KluserFA05.02523197908A.AW.76
Warhol, AndyJames GalanosFA05.0400010/198408A.AW.77
Warhol, AndySam McKeonFA05.0486508/198008A.AW.78
Warhol, AndyJacob WeintraubFA05.0602708/198608A.AW.79
Warhol, AndyJacob WeintraubFA05.0603208/198608A.AW.80
Warhol, AndyJacob WeintraubFA05.0603608/198608A.AW.81
Warhol, AndyJacob WeintraubFA05.0604008/198608A.AW.82
Warhol, AndyJacob WeintraubFA05.0604608/198608A.AW.83
Warhol, AndyJacob WeintraubFA05.0604708/198608A.AW.84
Warhol, AndyStavros NiarchosFA05.0850008/197208A.AW.85
Warhol, AndyStavros NiarchosFA05.0850608/197208A.AW.86
Warhol, AndyStavros NiarchosFA05.0850908/197208A.AW.87
Warhol, AndyStavros NiarchosFA05.0851608/197208A.AW.88
Warhol, AndyStavros NiarchosFA05.0852708/197208A.AW.89
Warhol, AndyStavros NiarchosFA05.0852908/197208A.AW.90
Warhol, AndyDennis Oppenheim’s DaughtersFA07.0050703/197708A.AW.91
Warhol, AndyDennis Oppenheim’s DaughtersFA07.0051703/197708A.AW.92
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Girl (Blue T-shirt with Teddy)FA07.0070709/197908A.AW.93
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Girl (White T-shirt with Ball)FA07.0096310/197908A.AW.94
Warhol, AndyDraculaFA09.00884198108A.AW.95
Warhol, AndyDogFA09.00979197608A.AW.96
Warhol, AndyShoesFA09.01497198008A.AW.97
Warhol, AndyNude Model (Male)FA16.00549197708A.AW.98
Warhol, AndyNude Model (Male)FA16.00550197708A.AW.99
Warhol, AndyNude Model (Male)FA16.00551197708A.AW.100
Warhol, AndyNude Model (Male)FA16.00888197708A.AW.101
Warhol, AndyNude Model (Male)FA16.00992197708A.AW.102
Warhol, AndyKaren Smith (E.K.)FL04.00998not dated08A.AW.103
Warhol, AndyTruman CapoteFL05.00649not dated08A.AW.104
Warhol, AndyTruman CapoteFL05.00650not dated08A.AW.105
Warhol, AndyTruman CapoteFL05.00653not dated08A.AW.106
Warhol, AndyJon GouldFL05.01521not dated08A.AW.107
Warhol, AndyRon DuguayFL05.02039not dated08A.AW.108
Warhol, AndyJohn BallatoFL05.02116not dated08A.AW.109
Warhol, AndyPeter MarinoFL05.02138198608A.AW.110
Warhol, AndyMark LeeFL05.02865not dated08A.AW.111
Warhol, AndyRene RicardFL05.02869198608A.AW.112
Warhol, AndyUnidentified ManFL05.03439not dated08A.AW.113
Warhol, AndyUnidentified ManFL05.03567not dated08A.AW.114
Warhol, AndyRaphael Sanchez LopezFL05.04142not dated08A.AW.115
Warhol, AndyRobyn GeddesFL05.04607198108A.AW.116
Warhol, AndyStreet ArtistFL05.04908198208A.AW.117
Warhol, AndyUnidentified MenFL05.05119198208A.AW.118
Warhol, AndyJon GouldFL05.05411198208A.AW.119
Warhol, AndyHenry Geldzahler and Unidentified WomanFL06.00881not dated08A.AW.120
Warhol, AndyJed Johnson, Roland Waden, and JacquesFL08.01213not dated08A.AW.121
Warhol, AndyVictor Hugo and Unidentified ManFL06.01224not dated08A.AW.122
Warhol, AndyTama Janowitz and Unidentified ManFL06.01288not dated08A.AW.123
Warhol, AndyLiz Smith and Jon GouldFL06.01820not dated08A.AW.124
Warhol, AndyHerman Wunsche and Unidentified ManFL06.01987not dated08A.AW.125
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Man and WomanFL06.02156not dated08A.AW.126
Warhol, AndyFred Hughes and Two Unidentified WomenFL08.01159not dated08A.AW.127
Warhol, AndyFred Hughes, Jed Johnson (?) and Unidentified ChildrenFL08.01179not dated08A.AW.128
Warhol, AndyJed Johnson, Roland Waden and JacquesFL08.01214not dated08A.AW.129
Warhol, AndyLiza Minnelli and Unidentified Men and WomenFL08.01328not dated08A.AW.130
Warhol, AndyUlrick Trojaborg, Unidentified Man and WomanFL08.01513not dated08A.AW.131
Warhol, AndyAileen (Suzy) Mehle and Unidentified ManFL08.01989October 198008A.AW.132
Warhol, AndyUnidentified Men and Unidentified WomanFL08.02013December 198008A.AW.133
Warhol, AndyEric Roberts and Unidentified ManFL08.02087April 23, 198208A.AW.134
Warhol, AndyCornelia Guest, Lester Persky and Unidentified WomanFL08.02317198208A.AW.135
Warhol, AndyMother and ChildFL09.00434not dated08A.AW.136
Warhol, AndyUnidentified ModelFL12.00188not dated08A.AW.137
Warhol, AndyYardFL13.00712not dated08A.AW.138
Warhol, AndyCars on the StreetFL13.00898not dated08A.AW.139
Warhol, AndyPeople on the StreetFL13.01518not dated08A.AW.140
Warhol, AndyBuildingsFL13.01779not dated08A.AW.141
Warhol, AndyBuildingsFL13.01782not dated08A.AW.142
Warhol, AndyBuildingFL13.02377198208A.AW.143
Warhol, AndyKentuckyFL14.00777May 3, 198208A.AW.144
Warhol, AndyColorado Ski LodgeFL15.00416not dated08A.AW.145
Warhol, AndyPeter Wise Outside a Ski LodgeFL15.00418not dated08A.AW.146
Warhol, AndyPeter Wise Outside a Ski LodgeFL15.00429not dated08A.AW.147
Warhol, AndyPicturesFL17.00199not dated08A.AW.148
Warhol, AndyInteriorFL17.00243not dated08A.AW.149
Warhol, AndySignFL18.00848not dated08A.AW.150
Warhol, AndyLadies and Gentlemen (Monique)FA09.02726198008A.AW.151
Warhol, AndyFred Hughes and Unidentified ManFL06.01199not dated08A.AW.152
Warhol, AndyIvan Karp, Two Unidentified MenFL08.01224not dated08A.AW.153
Warhol, AndyFlowersserigraph1965PM-60463
Warhol, AndyChairman Maoserigraph1972PM-60465
Warhol, AndyKimiko Powersserigraph1971-72PM-59637
Watkins, L.Untitledoil on canvasdate unknown02A.24.11
Watts, J.Untitledwatercolor 96A.12.011
Watts, Mackenzie Untitledcyanotype200401a.01.05
Watts, W. Untitledrelief print PM-60490
Watts, W. Untitledrelief print PM-60491
Weaver, AlisonUntitledsilkscreen and etching200001A.01.16
Webster, MiaRhythm in Motionoil on canvas2004 
Webster, MiaRhythm in Motionoil on canvas2004 
Weir, HarrisonClose-up of Bantam Hens and Cockoil on canvas 1967.09
Weisenburger, Wendi 10 White Dovesoil on canvas 99l.00.02
Wells, CharlesPortrait of A.H. Oswaldetching-aquatintlate 1960’s06a-cm-01
Wells, Christie CharbonneauIndiana Landscape #10 lithograph, wintergreen oil transfer199798A.02.12
Wells, Christie CharbonneauMidnightwintergreen oil transfer199999a.06.15
Wells, Christie CharbonneauLandscape Rebusinkjet print with earth pigment200000A.04.14
Wells, Christie CharbonneauVariation #3oil pastel and chalk on paper199003A.15.01
Wells, PeterNineteenscraffito / silver gelatin print9/9797a.12.11
Wells, PeterPawnscraffito / photograph 199798A.02.06
Wells, PeterNineteenscraffito / silver gelatin print9/9700a.01.11
Wells, PeterNineteenscraffito / silver gelatin print9/9700A.08.12
Wells, PeterAnatomy of Fridaymixed media199598A.11.02
Wells, PeterNude with Strings Attachedmixed media199598A.11.03
West, LorrieOne Ringy Dingycollagraph199496A.16.03
West, LorrieSelf-Portraitlithograph199496A.11.04
Westgard, AmyGuitarfour toned
Westgard, AmyYou Blow the Powderthree toned
Westgard, AmyIn Pursuit of the Flaming Pearlnine toned
Westgard, AmyWomen Excited About Small Appliancessix tone
Wheeler, CliftonUntitledoil on canvas195294a.03.01
Wheeler, JaniceOk, So I Dreamed Itmixed media1973pm-60737
Whitaker, ChadSaddened Widowphotograph200809A.CW.01
Whitaker, JudyUntitledetching on embossed paper196904-de-07
White, AmandaBeefeaterdigital polaroid print200606a-ss-06
White, SheriJackalopewoodcut199798A.02.04
White, SheriGhost Dogswoodcut199898l.07.09
White, SheriCoyote at Roswellwoodblock reduction199899a.02.10
White, SheriLynched Jackalope and Fetchdrypoint, etching, engraving199899d.04.01
White, SheriGuy Fawke’s Day, Lowell, Massachusetts (Mill Fire)woodblock reduction print199999a.06.19
White, SheriNor’Easter Approaching Fall Riverwoodblock reduction print199999A.20.04
Wiggam, HeatherUntitledsteel, paint 03L.24.03
Wilderman, SunnyRelease Seriesoil paint and wax on canvas200405w.01.01
Wilderman, SunnyRelease Seriesoil and wax on canvas200405w.01.02
Wilderman, SunnyRelease Seriesoil and wax on canvas200405w.01.03
Wilderman, SunnyRelease Seriesoil and wax on canvas200405w.01.04
Wilderman, SunnyRelease Seriesoil and wax on canvas200405w.01.05
Wilderman, SunnyRelease Seriesoil and wax on canvas200405w.01.06
WIley, WIlliam T.Thank You Hidelithograph1972pm-60478
Wilkey, WandaSolitary Leafphotograph200001A.01.01
Wilkey, WandaNature and Nurtureinkjet print200001A.02.01
Wilkey, WandaTouch my Dreamssilver gelatin print200101a.04.05
Wilkey, WandaCreation of Typefacessilver gelatin print200202A.14.10
Wilkey, WandaEmpty Conciousnesssilver gelatin print200101A.21.14
Wilkey, WandaIntersecting Linessilver gelatin print200303A.12.06
Wilkey, WandaOverlooked Inspirationinkjet print 04A.05.10
Wilkey, WandaGegenscheindigital photograph/inkjet
Wilkey, Wanda Monhegan Islands Homage to
Wilkinson, JamesUntitledceramic PM-60487
Wilkinson, JamesUntitledceramic PM-60486
Willams, LouModel With Salon Head 197810a.lw.11
Williams, JaniceUntitledetchingnone04-de-65
Williams, JaniceUntitled Compositionetching197906a-CM-02
Williams, JaniceUntitled Constructionacrylic with wood slats197908A.CM.13
Williams, JaniceUntitled Constructionmixed media197908A.CM.14
Williams, LouGreen Targetacrylic on canvas196809A.LW.01
Williams, LouUntitledacrylic on canvas196809A.LW.02
Williams, LouWoman on Couch 196810a.lw.01
Williams, LouPensive Woman 196810a.lw.02
Williams, Louuntitled 197810a.lw.03
Williams, LouKicker 200610a.lw.04
Williams, LouModel on Stand  10a.lw.05
Williams, LouCalm model 197810a.lw.06
Williams, LouNude on Ripped Chair 197810a.lw.07
Williams, LouSitter  10a.lw.08
Williams, LouA Couple of Oranges 197810a.lw.09
Williams, Louuntitled 197310a.lw.10
Williams, LouModel on stand Stripped Pillow 197410a.lw.12
Williams, Louuntitled 197310a.lw.13
Williams, LouRita  10a.lw.15
Williams, LouThree Women Talking 200610a.lw.56
Williams, Louuntitled 200610a.lw.17
Williams, Louuntitled 197410a.lw.18
Williams, LouFamily on the Beach 200610a.lw.19
Williams, Louuntitled 197410a.lw.20
Williams, LouGirl on Her Back 200610a.lw.23
Williams, LouHead Body 200610a.lw.24
Williams, Louuntitled  10a.lw.25
Williams, LouWhat a Wonderful Way to Spend the Day 197410a.lw.27
Williams, LouModel Lying on Stand 197410a.lw.28
Williams, LouNight Daze 200610a.lw.29
Williams, LouGender 200210a.lw.30
Williams, Louheads and torsos  10a.lw.31
Williams, LouWicaink 10a.lw.32
Williams, LouMarie Ann 200210a.lw.33
Williams, LouExercise sketch  10a.lw.34
Williams, LouPavel and Mack 200710a.lw.35
Williams, LouFemale as Line 200710a.lw.36
Williams, LouSasha 200410a.lw.37
Williams, Louuntitled  10a.lw.38
Williams, LouHydra 199310a.lw.39
Williams, LouLisa  10a.lw.40
Williams, LouGreek Woman 200310a.lw.41
Williams, LouFemale Cross Legged 200710a.lw.42
Williams, LouMeta Figures 200310a.lw.43
Williams, LouCarolyn Bassonist 200310a.lw.44
Williams, LouReclining I  10a.lw.45
Williams, LouListener 200410a.lw.46
Williams, LouTwo Poses 197210a.lw.48
Williams, LouReader 200610a.lw.49
Williams, LouStudy in Movement  10a.lw.61
Williams, LouWarm Up 200610a.lw.51
Williams, LouReclining Nude 197410a.lw.52
Williams, LouMaude 200210a.lw.54
Williams, LouHand with Model Studies 200210a.lw.53
Williams, LouLucy 200210a.lw.55
Williams, LouTransformation 200610a.lw.54
Williams, LouCharon 200210a.lw.56
Williams, LouFour Women Sauntering 200210a.lw.57
Williams, LouBeach Ball 200410a.lw.58
Williams, LouTransformation 200610a.lw.50
Williams, Louuntitled  10.lw.59
Williams, LouBye and Byecharcoal200310a.lw.50
Williams, LouDark Workink200210a.lw.51
Williams, LouLuna 197010a.lw.53
Williams, LouLuna 197010a.lw.54p
Williams, LouLuna 197010a.lw.56p
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.62p
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.63p
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.64p
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.65p
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.65p
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.17p
Williams, LouManhandled 196910a.lw.18a-k
Williams, LouPacific Island 197010a.lw.19p
Williams, LouPsycho Stasis 197010a.lw.20a-f
Williams, LouTrio 197010a.lw.21a-o
Williams, LouRoger Good Fellow 197010a.lw.22a,b
Williams, LouRobin Good Fellow 197010a.lw.23a-c
Williams, LouCassandra 197010a.lw.24a-p
Williams, LouNellie of the Ocean 197010a.lw.81
Williams, LouFisherwoman 197010a.lw.82
Williams, LouLolita 196010a.lw.83a-b
Williams, LouWomen of Thermodon 196010a.lw.84
Williams, LouComing of Agelithograph196010a.lw.85a-3
Williams, LouBeginning,Endlitho196610a.lw.86
Williams, LouPaulapencil200610a.lw.87
Williams, LouGirl with Eyes Closed 197710a.lw.88
Williams, LouPianist 197910a.lw.89
Williams, LouEvapencil200410a.lw.90
Williams, LouVictoria 200210a.lw.91
Williams, LouAfternoon Smile 197210a.lw.90
Williams, LouDjango 200210a.lw.126
Williams, LouWoman with Grapes 197110a.lw.127
Williams, Lousara modeling 196810a.LW.128
Williams, LouSeated Model in Scratch 200310a.lw.129
Williams, LouMs z 199310a.lw.130
Williams, Loustudy 197710a.lw.131
Williams, LouKarina 200210a.lw.132
Williams, LouSisters 197110a.lw.133
Williams, LouGirl Dozing 197710a.lw.134
Williams, LouModel with Glasses 200410a.lw.135
Williams, Lousisters 197310a.lw.136
Williams, LouJosephine 197610a.lw.137
Williams, LouWired Universe  10a.lw.138
Williams, LouPickets 198510a.lw.139
Williams, LouStudy for Wired Universe 199308a.lw.150
Williams, Louuntitledlitho196610a.lw.151.
Williams, Louuntitledetching200310a.lw.153
Williams, Louuntitled 200310a.lw.154a-f
Williams, LouSun Song  10a.lw.155a-h
Williams, Louuntitled  10a.lw.156
Williams, LouModel Resting on Head and Arm 200610a.lw.21
Williams, LouDora  10a.lw.14
Williams, LouCompoteoil on canvas1955PM-60471
Williams, LouHead of Odelesqueoil on canvas1969PM-60468
Williams, LouBrothersoil on canvas1972PM-60470
WIlliams, LouNextacrylic on canvas1969pm-60742
WIlliams, LouUntitledacrylic on canvas1969pm-60741
WIlliams, LouRouseauia Seeracrylic on canvas1968pm-53805
WIlliams, LouUntitledacrylic on canvas1968pm-53807
WIlliams, LouPsyche and Cupidacrylic on canvas1969pm-60469
WIlliams, LouGreat Circle (target)acrylic on canvas1968pm-53701
WIlliams, LouUntitledacrylic on canvas1968pm-60739
WIlliams, LouUntitledacrylic on canvas1967pm-60740
Williams, Mabel MichaelBridgeton Bridgewatercolor PM-60712
Williams, Mabel MichaelThe Kilnswatercolor PM-60734
Williams, Mabel MikelBig Raccoon watercolor PM-60480
Williams, StephanieDionaea Muscipulaetching200000A.04.03
Williams, Stephanie“Beyond yonder...”linoleum cut200101a.04.06
Williams, StephanieThe Scar of Napoleon’s Willowlinoleum relief200101A.21.12
Williams, StephanieCycle of Aggressionlithograph200104-de-26
Williams, StephanieHer Napoleon Windowthree toned Relief Print200104-de-58
Williams, Stephanie C.K.The Gambler’s Loss to Defianceserigraph200202A.14.14
Williams, ThomasReturnrelief200001A.01.17
WilliamsonHorace the Bad Barberfive toned lithographno
Williamson, M.Force Fed/Chokefour toned silkscreenno
Williamson, M.Tumble Dryeight tone
Williamson, MichaelFresh Appendagesserigraph and linoleum cut199999a.06.02
Williamson, MikeCatsup Landserigraph199899a.02.07
Willman, EdwardUntitledintaglio, monotype on rice paper pm-60651
Willman, EdwardUntitledintaglio, monotype on rice paper1952pm-60475
Willman, EdwardTrotting Flymonotype on rice paper pm-60614
Willoughby, GaryUntitledplexiglass relief PM-60748
Willoughby, GaryUntitledplexiglass1972PM-60477
Wilson, Gilbert BrownThe Bean Pickersoil1932PM-60423
Wilson, Gilbert BrownThey Who Work Humblyplaster, wood1932PM-60421
Wilson, MattDecay is Exponentialdigital
Wilson, MatthewThe State of the Unionlayered 3 color digital print200808A.SS.08
Winters, FredEnameled Plateenamel on copper pm-60488
Wisecup, LisaTransformationrelief200001A.01.18
Witlock, Marikay-PeterRock River Sunrisepastel200102A.01.01
Witlock, Marikay-PeterWinter Walk Series No.20 pastel200102A.01.02
Witlock, Marikay-PeterWheatfield Series No.1pastel200102A.01.03
Witlock, Marikay-PeterWinter Walk Series No. 21pastel200102A.01.04
Witlock, Marikay-PeterWater’s Edge Series No.5pastel200102A.01.05
Wofley, EdwardElements Revisitedwatercolor PM-60479
Wolf, BillThe Legendcast bronze statue, wooden base200909A.BW.01
Wolf, HenryThe Automobileposter PM-60927
Wolverton, LauraUntitledcolored pencil200404A.04.08
Wood, AnneMixed Media...ceramics, wood, rope1971PM-60736
Wood, Katherine A. Bowlsaggar fired ceramic199495A.10.03
Wood, KatiePlattersagger fired ceramic 01A.09.24
Wood, MarciaSalutesteel 00A.07.01
Wood, RobertMTCceramic 01A.09.25
Wood, RobertUntitledraku PM-61080
Wray, DavidBell Towermixed media200303L.24.07
Wray, DavidRock with Formmixed media200103D.24.09
Wray, DavidPlow Bob Plowmixed media 02A.30.09
Wray, DavidEye of the Stormmixed media200203L.24.08
Wray, DavidTsunamimixed media200203L.24.11
Wright, DavidFairfax Printing Co.serigraph PM-60731
Wright, SteveTeapotceramic 01A.09.26
Writsel, Lara DanielleOld Fanlithograph 02A.30.10
Writsel, Lara DanielleHot?lighograph200303A.12.09
Wu Chia-YuNatural Fresco Idigital
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which is Solomon’sportfolio box with text1970PM-10227
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs which is Solomon’s, from Title, p. 3lithograph1970PM-10008
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10009
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10012
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10013
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10014
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10007
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10010
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10006
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10005
Wunderlich, PaulThe Song of Songs Which Islithograph1970pm-10011
Yang, Neng-Chiang Streamwood cut, 1/4 198595a.17.01
Yang, Neng-Chiang Coalmine #2wood cut, 1/5 198595a.17.02
Yang, Neng-Chiang Coalmine #1wood cut, 1/5 198595a.17.03
Yang, Neng-Chiang Harborwood cut, 1/5 198295a.17.04
Yang, Neng-Chiang Chinese Farmerwood cut, 1/5 198195a.17.05
Yang, Neng-Chiang Springwood cut, 1/3 198095a.17.06
Yang, Neng-Chiang Memorywood cut, 1/10 198195a.17.07
Yang, Neng-Chiang Seawood cut, 1/5 198295a.17.08
Yang, Neng-Chiang The Small Town Storywood cut, 1/3 198695a.17.09
Yang, Neng-ChaingMinerwood cut 198495a.17.10
Yang, Neng-ChaingGeorge Pliny Brown, 1879 - 1885oil on canvas199999a.14.01
Yang, Neng-ChaingDr. John William Moore, 1992 - 2000oil on canvas199999a.14.03
Yang, Neng-ChiangWilliam Albert Jones, 1869 - 1879oil on canvas199999a.14.02
Yao, C. J. Untitledserigraph198195a.08.01
Yates, Cecil RoyWe’re Looking for a Few Good Men”photo transfer silkscreen, two toned197504-De-04
Yates, Cecil RoyThe Judgementphoto transfer silkscreen197504-de-09
Yates, Cecil RoyTime Projectionblack and white photograph PM-60492
Yates, Cecil RoyPhiladelphia Sandboxblack and white photograph PM-53828
Yates, Cecil RoyRedblack and white photograph PM-53829
Yates, Cecil RoyFigure in Space is Seen in Timesilver gelatin print PM-60493
Yates, Cecil RoyApparition #1laser light drawing1976PM-53768
Yaworski, RogerPutting Throughserigraph199494a.02.30
Yaworski, Rogerputting throughserigraph, 4/40199401A.18.30
Yeagley, MarcieHMSU muralacryllic on
Youkeles, AnnMagic Carpetserigraph1970PM-60538
Yung, Jane K.Dahliaswatercolor PM-60743
Zahn, CarlEl Greco of Toledoposter pm-60941
Zalko, EdwardSpace #37oil PM-60495
Zech, Barbara Spiral Tileceramic
Zech, Barbara
Zech, Barbara Composition in Clay
Zech, Barbara Alchemy Series,
Zech, Barbara Untitledceramic
Zech, Barbara
Zech, Barbara
Zorn, AndersPortraitintaglio, etching PM-61365
Zurek, PeterPicking Up the Flowers of Self-Satisfactionwoodcut , 5/60199401A.18.11
Abelman, IdaStreet Patternslithographc. 19401943.01.002
Abelman, IdaTenement Interiorlithograph19381943.01.003
Abelman, IdaGreetings from a Manhattan Artistlithograph19391943.01.001
Abercrombie, GertrudeLandscape with Horseoil on canvas 1943.01.004
Albro, MaxineAmerican Indian Potterylithographn.d.1943.01.006
Aldrin, Anders GustaveThe Boat Racerelief, color woodblock 1943.01.007
Alt, LenoreAbstract #1serigraphca. 19391943.01.000
Bakker, Gerhard H.Silo Cornerrelief, woodblock 1936?1943.01.009
Balsham, LeahDrummerlithograph19391943.01.010
Barnes, Otto R. and Richard V. CorrellWinter, Paul Bunyanairbrush19381943.01.013
Becker, FredCity of Smilesrelief, wood engraving19351943.01.014
Becker, FredJam Sessionrelief, wood engraving19371943.01.015
Becker, FredLindy Hopwood engraving19371943.01.016
Bettelheim, Jolan G.Gates and Bridges #1intaglio, drypoint and etching 1943.01.019
Bettelheim, Jolan G.Employment Officelithograph19361943.01.018
Bettelheim, Jolan G.Industrial Section #2lithograph19371943.01.021
Bettelheim, Jolan G.Gates and Bridges #2lithograph19361943.01.020
Bettelheim, Jolan G.The Yardlithograph19371943.01.022
Bolton, ClarenceCountry Churchlithograph19391943.01.024
Botts, HughConstruction Workersintaglio, etching and aquatint19401943.01.025
Botts, HughRefugehand ground etching19401943.01.026
Breslow, LouisFishing Towncolor woodcut 1943.01.027
Brown, Samuel, J.Writing Lessonlithograph19381943.01.028
Burke, DavidCoal Pickersrelief, five color woodcut19391943.01.029
Busa, PeterBronx Apartment Houseslithograph19341943.01.065
Byron, RedmondUnion Square-San Franciscolithographc. 19381943.01.031
Cervantez, PedroGeraniumsoil19371943.01.032
Chaney, RuthWeekendcolor woodcut19391943.01.033
Chesse, RalphFamily Groupserigraph19411943.01.034
Chong, FayThree Old Treesrelief, linoleum cut1938, 07/061943.01.036
Chong, FayThe Deserted Houselinoleum cut19381943.01.035
Clem, Adrian D.Construction Work - Boulder Damlithograph19341943.01.037
Coen, EleanorGirl with Blue Eyescolor lithograph19411943.01.038
Coen, EleanorSurface Travelcolor lithograph19381943.01.040
Colwell, ElizabethGeraniumdrypoint etchingn.d.1943.01.041
Constant, GeorgeThe Studentintaglio, drypoint19391943.01.045
Constant, GeorgeConnecticut Landscapeintaglio, drypoint1937, 05/211943.01.042
Constant, GeorgeLandscapeintaglio, drypoint19391943.01.044
Constant, GeorgeHarbor or Boat Housesintaglio, drypoint 1943.01.043
Creekmore, RaymondDigging Pitlithograph19361943.01.046
Creekmore, RaymondFence Builderlithograph 1943.01.047
Danovich, FrancisPark Theatrewatercolor and gouache19401943.01.048
Davies, JohnShortcutintaglio, etching and aquatint1938, 07/141943.01.050
Davies, JohnFlint Churchzinc etching19371943.01.049
Davis, HubertWindow in the Valleylithograph19371943.01.051
Davis, StuartShape of Landscape Spacelithograph19371943.01.052
De Cordoba, MathildeTeddyintaglio, drypoint19381943.01.055
De Cordoba, MathildeStudentintaglio, drypoint 1943.01.054
De Cordoba, MathildeEthiopianintaglio, drypointca. 19401943.01.053
de Diego, JulioDemagogueoil on masonite19381943.01.056
Dean, Harold MalletteDown the Coastrelief, woodblock 19371943.01.058
Dean, Harold MalletteHightiderelief, woodblock19371943.01.059
Dean, Harold MalletteBear Creek (Rainbow)relief, linoleum cut19391943.01.057
Dean, Harold MalletteThe Square and Beyondrelief, wood engraving19381943.01.060
Deutsch, BorisDraped Figureoil 1943.01.062
Deutsch, BorisGirl at Windowcharcoal, pastel19361943.01.061
Dickerson, WilliamIndustrial #6lithograph, 24/3019351943.01.063
Dorgeloh, Marguerite RedmanVan Ness Mansionlithograph19361943.01.064
Dwight, MabelSummer Nightlithograph19391943.01.066
Dwight, MabelToy Shop, Staten Islandlithograph 1943.01.067
Fabrian, JohnSow and Nursing Pigsceramic19401943.01.068
Farian, Lester E.Blacksmith Shoplithograph 1943.01.069
Farian, Lester E.The Bunkhouselithograph 1943.01.070
Fiene, ErnestSteel Plant Pittsburghcharcoal19351943.01.071
Flint, William LeRoyOilersintaglio, engraving19361943.01.072
Forjohn, Horatio C.Andante Allegrolithograph19391943.01.073
Forjohn, Horatio C.Lithographlithograph 1943.01.074
Foster, John M.The Bridgeslithograph c. 19401943.01.075
Freeman, DonSaturday Nightlithograph19341943.01.076
Freeman, DonWedding Bureaulithographc. 19341943.01.077
Gallagher, Michael J.Anthracitecarborundum19381943.01.078
Gallagher, Michael J.Clifton Heightsintaglio, carborundum etching1939, 05/001943.01.079
Gallagher, Michael, J.Stoney Formsdrypoint19391943.01.080
Garrett, Adams W.Construction In Alleylithograph19401943.01.081
Gibbs, HowardPoppiesoil on masonite19371943.01.082
Gill, ErikThere, On the Mountain of the Heart...lithograph19381943.01.083
Gold, AlbertWhite Ventilatorsoil on canvasc. 19361943.01.084
Good, MinnettaVictorianacolor lithograph19391943.01.086
Good, MinnettaNovemberlithograph19381943.01.085
Gottlieb, HarryFishermancharcoal19381943.01.087
Gregory, John WorthingtonA Home at Last, Provincetownlithograph19381943.01.088
Grossman, Elias M.William Streetintaglio, drypoint and etching19391943.01.092
Grossman, Elias M.Street to the Bridgeintaglio, drypoint and etchingc. 19391943.01.091
Grossman, Elias M.Manhattan from Brooklynetching, drypoint19381943.01.090
Guyer, IrvingGirl in Dressing Gownintaglio, drypoint and etching 1943.01.093
Guyer, IrvingRoom for One Moreetching, aquatintc. 19381943.01.094
Hagenhofer, JohnRich Beachlithograph19401943.01.096
Halberstadt, ErnstMan and Push Cartcharcoal19361943.01.097
Harnly, PerkinsThe Brown Decadewatercolor and collagec. 19401943.01.098
Hartman, RosellaBlack Buck Antelopecharcoal19371943.01.099
Hawhee, JackUntitledwatercolorn.d.1943.01.100
Hawkins, Abraham P.Checker Playerscarborundum 1943.01.101
Heath, HowardFuschiaswoodcutn.d.1943.01.102
Heckman, Albert W.Lighted Stairwaycarborundumundated1943.01.103
Heins, JohnWehlenrelief, wood engravingc. 19381943.01.105
Heins, JohnRooftopsrelief, wood engraving1938, 01/241943.01.104
Helder, VanessaSniffylithograph 1943.01.107
Helder, Vanessa Near Bickletonairbrush n.d.1943.01.106
Heldner, KnuteChimney Sweepintaglio, drypoint and etching1937 1943.01.108
Hicks, WilliamFarm Buildings, Long Islandintaglio, carborundum etching and aquatint1943.01.109
Hicks, WilliamFish Stand, Canarsieintaglio, drypoint and etching 1943.01.110
Hoyer, T. A.Work Makes Your Life Sweetoil19381943.01.111
Imler, EdgarPueblowood engraving19371943.01.112
Jacobi, EliMan and Catrelief, wood engravingc. 19391943.01.113
Jeakins, DorothyTanka the Otterlithograph19371943.01.114
Jennings, WilmerFarm Housesrelief, woodcutc. 19371943.01.115
Johnson, Sargent ClaudeDorothy C.lithograph19381943.01.116
Jones, JoeDroughtwash 1943.01.117
Jungwirth, L. D.Cymbal Playerceramic 1943.01.118
Kaar, VirginiaAdam and Evemonotype reliefn.d.1943.01.119
Kagy, SheffieldSymphonic Reactionrelief 19351943.01.120
Kahn, MaxWomanLithograph19341943.01.125
Kahn, MaxCircus Riderlithograph 10/1019391943.01.121
Kahn, MaxGirl Ironinglithograph19371943.01.122
Kahn, MaxLithographer Contemplating a Rollerlithograph 19391943.01.124
Kahn, MaxJudithfour color lithograph19391943.01.123
Kahn, MaxWoman with Pearsix color lithograph19401943.01.126
Kaufer, WaldoResurrection (Faus End Resurrection)oil on canvas19401943.01.128
Kelpe, PaulCompositionoil on canvas19361943.01.129
Kingman, DongHunter’s Point in Augustwatercolor19381943.01.130
Kohn, MischLucylithograph19401943.01.131
Kubinyi, KalmanCuyahogaintaglio, etching19361943.01.132
Laessle, PaulSouth 9thetching 1943.01.133
Leboit, JosephAesthetelithograph19381943.01.134
Leone, MichaelThe Ringlinoleum cut 1943.01.135
Levi, Julian E. Net Menderswatercolor19381943.01.136
Lewis, JennieTrees in Presidio Parklithograph19391943.01.137
Lewis, JennieWharf at Third Street, No. 2color lithograph19391943.01.138
Limbach, RussellFlynn’s Barnlithograph 1943.01.139
Louderback, Walt S.Rope Makerscrayon  1943.01.140
Lundeberg, HelenRuinlithograph 1943.01.142
Lundeberg, HelenPlanets or Still Lifelithograph19371943.01.141
Lurie, NanWomen’s Home of Detentionlithograph19381943.01.143
MacDonald, DonaldThree Spanish Ladiesairbrush and graphite 1943.01.251
MacDonald, Donald E. and Julius TwohyFawnsairbrush 19381943.01.144
MacIver, LorenRain in the Cityink and chalkc.19361943.01.145
Marinko, George Moon Ring Fantasyoil on panel19381943.01.146
Markow, JackAn Abandoned Sandpitcharcoaln.d.1943.01.147
Mesibov, HubertMysticcarborundum19381943.01.148
Mesibov, HubertSpudintaglio, color etching 1943.01.149
Milhous, KatherinePennsylvaniacolor lithograph19391943.01.150
Milhous, KatherineRural Pennsylvanialithograph 1943.01.151
Milhous, KatherineVisit Historic Ephrata #100relief print, commercial 1943.01.153
Milhous, KatherineRiral Pennsylvania, #102woodblock19391943.01.152
Morley, EugeneCoal Dockslithograph1939, 08/181943.01.154
Morley, EugeneStructurecolor lithograph19391943.01.155
Muchley, RobertWork with Care #32woodblockc. 19361943.01.156
Muchley, RobertPort of Philadelphia #19serigraphundated1943.01.223
Murphy, Minnie LoisFish Daywood engravingc.19381943.01.157
Nakashima, VioletSleeping Cat #4808lithograph 1943.01.158
Neeson, RemickSandwich Dunesintaglio, aquatint1936, 05/001943.01.159
Oldfield, Otis WilliamBay Bridge Serieslithograph 1943.01.162
Oldfield, Otis WilliamBay Bridge Series 2lithograph19371943.01.163
Pommer, JuliusCondemned at Ft. San Franciscointaglio, drypoint19371943.01.166
Pommer, JuliusColombus Ave. and Jones St., San Franciscointaglio, etching and aquatint19371943.01.165
Pommer, JuliusThe Coveaquatint19391943.01.167
Posoff, IsadorePennsylvania #42woodblock19371943.01.168
Rexroth, AndreeFishwatercolor 19391943.01.169
Rivol, Lala EvePetroglyph #684color lithograph19381943.01.172
Rivol, Lala EvePetroglyph #674color lithograph19361943.01.171
Rivol, Lala EvePetroglyph #351-238color lithograph19361943.01.170
Rivol, Lala EveUntitledcolor lithograph 1943.01.173
Rivol, Lala Eve* (draw) and Fred Bohne (li)Petroglyph #776color lithograph 1943.01.175
Rivol, Lala Eve* (draw) and Fred Bohne (li)Petroglyph #532color lithograph 1943.01.174
Rivol, Lala Eve* (draw) and Fred Bohne (li)Petroglyphscolor lithograph1936, 05/281943.01.176
Roberts, MalcomDance Group Variationscolor lithograph19371943.01.177
Rost, TomLinemenreliefn.d.1943.01.178
Rutka, DorothyNegro Headintaglio, hard ground etching 1943.01.179
Rutka, DorothyPovertyaquatint19371943.01.180
Ruvolo, FelixSunday Afternoonoil on canvasn.d.1943.01.181
Sallee, CharlesSwingtimeintaglio, etching and aquatintc. 19351943.01.182
Sanger, Isaac J.Sawmill, Nova Scotiarelief, woodblock and engraving 1943.01.183
Schardt, Bernard P.Clarencerelief, wood engravingc. 19381943.01.184
Scherier, SuzanneAt Chinese Playgroundlithograph19371943.01.185
Schwartz, Lester O.Circus Performerslithograph1941, 04/261943.01.186
Schwartz, Lester O.Girl with Flowerswatercolor and gouache 1943.01.187
Sewall, Howard S.Fishing Villageoil on canvas 1943.01.192
Shields, FrancisCold Infernolithograph19351943.01.193
Silberger, Manuel G.Laborlithograph19361943.01.194
Skinner, ClaraIndustryrelief, woodblockc. 19401943.01.195
Sommer, WilliamStill Life #9watercolor 1943.01.197
Sommer, WilliamPeaches in Glasswatercolor19361943.01.196
Soyer, IsaacBacteriologistlithograph19361943.01.198
Stella, Joseph Smoke Stacksoil on canvas c.19361943.01.199
Sternberg, HarryThe Danceintaglio, etching and aquatint19351943.01.200
Steth, RaymondHenryintaglio, carborundum 19411943.01.201
Steth, RaymondCompany Dismissedlithograph 19411943.01.164
Stevenson, HughVisit the Zoocommercial relief print 1943.01.202
Stone, ElinoreDianalithograph19371943.01.203
Straeter, AngelaWoehawkenlithograph 1943.01.204
Tait, AgnesFront Streetlithograph 19361943.01.205
Terrell, ElizabethGirl with Marionettesgouache19361943.01.206
Thrash, DoxBoats at Nightintaglio, aquatint19401943.01.208
Thrash, DoxYocomintaglio c. 19371943.01.212
Thrash, DoxInterludecarborundum etchingc. 1938-391943.01.209
Thrash, DoxBackstagecarborundum etching 6/3019381943.01.207
Thrash, DoxSunday Morningintaglio, etching and drypointc. 19391943.01.211
Thrash, DoxOld Barnsintaglio, aquatintc. 1937-381943.01.210
Troy, AdrianEight O'Clock in the Morningtempera19371943.01.216
Troy, AdrianAlbert the Fowlerwoodblock 1943.01.215
Turzak, CharlesSate Conservation, 1937print19371943.01.218
Turzak, CharlesState Conservation, 1936print19361943.01.217
UnknownUntitledmosaic on cement 1943.01.226
UnknownVisit the Zoo #238commercial relief print 1943.01.227
UnknownVisit the Aquarium #24commercial relief print 1943.01.219
UnknownHorse Eats Hatrelief print, commercial 1943.01.221
UnknownZoo #121woodblock, commercialdate unknown1943.01.230
UnknownVisit Zoo #3relief print, commercialdate unknown1943.01.229
UnknownPennsylvania #105woodblock, commercialundated1943.01.222
UnknownVisit the Zoo #3woodblock, commercialundated1943.01.228
Ursulesu, Michael M.Meditationoil on canvas 1943.01.231
Vinson, PaulineShuttle Cocklithograph 1943.01.233
Vinson, PaulineRooftopslithograph19361943.01.232
Viviano, EmmanuelRomulus and Remusslip cast ceramic 1943.01.234
Vogel, JosephStraw Bossintaglio, drypoint ant etching19391943.01.236
Vogel, JosephStreet Scenelithograph19381943.01.237
Vogel, JosephVisionlithograph19391943.01.238
Vogel, JosephBasketballlithograph 1943.01.235
Volz, hermanScablithograph19351943.01.239
Walley, JohnFisherman in Port Alaskaink, pastel 1943.01.240
Walley, JohnMatanushki, Alaskawatercolorn.d.1943.01.241
Walter, MaxThe Bridgewood block 1943.01.242
Wang, HansPlay Saferelief print, commercial 1943.01.243
Warsager, HymanSea Wallcolor woodcut19391943.01.244
Watson, Ernest W.Rocks and Spraycolor woodcutn.d.1943.01.245
Webb, AlbertPennies from Heavenintaglio, drypoint 1943.01.246
Weiner, IsadoreBreaking Concretecolor lithograph19391943.01.247
Weiner, IsodoreSnow Shovellercolor lithograph19391943.01.248
Wilson, DouglasThe Visitor Ringsrelief woodcutn.d.1943.01.249

Please note that this should not be considered a definitive list. If you need help finding something or run into problems, please feel free to contact us at (812)237-8672, or contact the Curator, Jocelyn Krueger.

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