Another Summertime Library Staff and Retiree Luncheon

On Wednesday, August 7, Library staff and retirees were treated to a buffet luncheon in the Library Events Area.

(1) David Vancil (retiree, Special Collections); Wilma Turetzky (retiree, Reference)
(2) In view: severalĀ  library student assistants, Christi Burt (Admin), Sheila Gregg (Technical Services/Government Documents)
(3) David Vancil (retiree, Special Collections); Jenny Martin (retiree spouse); Gene Norman (retiree, Reference); Mary Ann Phillips (Technical Services)
(4) In view: Nancy Watkins (retiree, Interlibrary Loan, previously Library Instruction & Orientation); Penny Kyker (Government Documents); Wilma Turetzky (retiree, Reference): Lorene Modesitt (Technical Services)
(5) Anna Miller (Systems); Andrew Swearingen (Acquisitions), Adam Bahus (student assistant); Rolland McGiverin (Research & Instruction); Valentine Muyumba (Technical Services)
(6) Shelley Arvin (Research & Instruction); David Del Colletti (spouse of our most recent retiree, Barb Austin – Public Services); Christi Burt (Admin); Deb Taylor (Technical Services)
(7) Front table: Deb Considine (Technical Services); student assistant; Sheila Gregg (Tech Services/Gov Docs); 3 student assistants. At the far table you can glimpse: Cheryl Blevens (Research & Instruction); Kathy Gaul (retiree, Reference); Susan Frey (Systems/Scholarly Communication); and our soon-to-be retiree, Cinda May (Special Collections)
(8) Kathy Gaul (retiree, Reference); Susan Frey (Technical Services/Scholarly Communication); Cinda May (soon to retire from Special Collections): Cheryl Blevens (Research & Instruction)
(9) Tim Crumrin (Dean’s spouse & historian); Katherine Black (Circulation); Cheyenne Bealmear (student assistant); Rhonda Beecroft (Systems)
(10) At front table: David Vancil (retiree, Special Collections); Dara Middleton (Library Events Coordinator); Jenny Martin (spouse of Ron Martin, retiree, Associate Dean); Gene Norman (retiree, Reference); Dean Robin Crumrin; Mary Ann Phillips (retiree, Technical Services)
(11) Erin Harmon (Public Relations/Admin); Holli Moseman (Interlibrary Loan); Abby Wright (Systems); Ali Moorhead (Admin); Melissa Gustafson (Systems)
(12) Brylynn Ellis (Circulation); Beverly Grubb (Admin); Steve Hardin (Research & Instruction)
(13) Front table: Nancy Watkins (retiree, Interlibrary Loan; Library Instruction & Orientation); Penny Kyker (retiree, Government Documents); Ken Turetzky, son of retiree Wilma Turetzky, Reference); Lorene Modesitt (retiree, Technical Services); Brian Bunnett (Public Services)