Library Creates Thanksgiving Baskets for Foster Grandparents

Once again CML received a request for donations to the Thanksgiving Food Basket program for the Senior Programs Office of Western Indiana Community Action Agency. 

The Thanksgiving baskets will be given to the Foster Grandparent volunteers who otherwise might not have a Thanksgiving meal.

 “The Foster Grandparent Program involves seniors age 55 or older volunteering at daycares and elementary schools in the Terre Haute community where they are able to provide a positive influence with our local children.  They are role models and support to children who need them.  They directly help more than 300 children annually by tutoring them in reading and math, assisting them to develop improved learning skills, befriending and mentoring them.” 

 “Our volunteers serve between 12 – 40 hours per week and are beneath 200% of the poverty level.” (from the donation letter).

Dara Middleton, Library Events Coordinator, took over the coordination of the project from our dear colleague, Ginger Garvey, who died unexpectedly last December, and who was involved in this and numerous other charitable events on behalf of the library.

Library staff were asked to contribute money and/or to donate numerous Thanksgiving-suitable staples, including rolls / bread; potatoes (5 lb. bag); boxed dressing; green beans; corn; peas; cranberry sauce (canned); gravy packets (turkey); jello cheesecake; carrots; rice; mac & cheese; dry noodles; and  chicken broth. In slightly less than 3 weeks from the invitation, we collected enough to assemble 8 baskets.

Dara arranged for the purchase of 8 12-lb. turkeys from Baesler’s Market, bought 8 laundry baskets, assembled and delivered the baskets to WICCA on December 15.

Two boxes with 4 turkeys each [approx. 12 lbs. each]. Dara Middleton, Library Events Coordinator filled up her car and managed to only make 1 trip to deliver!

If you’re interested in donating to this agency, click on this link.