Honors Capstone Research Projects: Presentations and Poster Sessions Nov. 29 – Dec. 2



The general public is invited! Please attend and interact with these senior and junior students who have been working on their project the entire fall semester. Check back on the blog and Library social media for photos of this year’s participants.

Teachers: Matt Bird; Greg Bierly


(9:00) Introduction

(9:10) Caleb Bryant, Communication—Media Studies: Game and Storytelling: A Historical and Cultural Investigation of Video Games as a Form of Storytelling

(9:20) Madison Doll, Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Effects of Music Therapy

(9:30) Marrionna Martin, Accounting: Investigation into Business Fraud Fighting Techniques

(9:40) Abigail Morgan, Criminology: Police Brutality Prevention: Training Changes, Community Policing, and Budget Changes

(9:50) Gurlal Pandher, Business: Future Capital: Investigation into the Legitimacy and Longevity of Cryptocurrency

(10:00) Evelyn Reed, Professional Aviation Flight Technology: The History and Future of the Aviation Pilot Shortage

(10:10) Nicholas Smith, PAFT/Aviation Management: The History of Aviation: an in-depth look

(10:20) Jada Watson, Psychology: The psychological effects of watching horror cinema



  • (9:00) Introduction
  • (9:10) Audrey Baker, Criminology: Effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Teams: Reducing the Mental Health Crises in Criminal Justice
  • (9:20) Mary Dembowski, Dietetics: The Relationship between Diet and the Immune System
  • (9:30) Lainey Gentrup, English Teaching: Gender Roles in Shakespeare
  • (9:40) Devynn Merriman, Sport Management: Invisible injury: the impact of concussions on the lives of collegiate and professional athletes
  • (9:50) Mackenzie Shaul, Psychology: Examining the Effectiveness of Group Counseling Within Schools: A Review of Literature
  • (10:00) Melina Tedrow, Marketing: Pregnancy and infradian rhythm: lack of research and effects of rhythm on pregnancy
  • (10:10) Mary Wenban, History: Covid-19 in Comparison to the Influenza Epidemic of 1918
  • (10:20) Madeline Williams, Marketing: Toxic households: Long-term effects and unintended consequences
  • (10:30) Trevor Williams, Operations and Supply Chain Management: Flexible Working: finding office success in home remedies


  • (2:00) Introduction
  • (2:10) Grace Davis, Biology: The Impact of Perfectionism and Anxiety Among College Students
  • (2:20) Katherine Gerren, Social Work: Trauma Informed Practices Within the Prison System
  • (2:30) Lucencee Jackson, Civil Engineering Technology: Low-carbon construction: Can carbon neutrality be achieved in commercial developments?
  • (2:40) Austin Nettrouer, Political Science: Implications of the War on Terror with a Taliban Controlled Afghanistan
  • (2:50) Dani Spring, Multidisciplinary studies—Social Justice and Sociology: Finding the Connection Between Capitalism and Racial Injustice
  • (3:00) Jessica Tevebaugh, Baccalaureate nursing: Unethical Medical Events Throughout History


POSTER SESSIONS Wednesday December 1


  • Sarah Acklin, Finance: A Greener World through Finance: Corporate Green Bonds
  • Austin Anderson, Professional Aviation Flight Technology: Human Factors Throughout Aviation
  • Elizabeth Baer, Accounting: Incentives for Sustainable Business Practices

Madelyn Brinkman, Criminology and Criminal Justice: Firearms and Toolmarks: Effects of NIBIN in the Criminal Justice System

  • Shelby Herrera, Baccalaureate nursing: Short Staffed: How an Already Growing Shortage is Impacted by Global Pandemic
  • Kamille Hollins, Criminology: Veterans Criminality and Mental Health
  • Katharine Jensen, Biology: Born Violent: MAOA Gene Deficiency and Aggressive Tendencies in Males
  • Evelyn McGuire, Biology & Chemistry: A screen to determine downstream target genes of the Forkhead/Fox transcription factor Jumeau
  • Jay Patel, Management: Rap your head around it: the benefits of hip hop music to mental health and the workout experience
  • Jenna Pearson, Communication: A Critical Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Harleigh Perry, Baccalaureate Nursing: Breast Cancer: The Importance of Screening, Prevention, and Public Education
  • MaKenzie Quissell, Finance: EOS: The Efficiency & Effectiveness when used within Corporations
  • Abigail Zila, Baccalaureate Nursing: Maternal Mortality: Overcoming the Challenges to Enhance Maternal Health

 NOON – 2:00 PM

  • Joshua Brandle, Political Science: The Second Cold War: A Synopsis of US and Chinese Foreign Relations
  • Savannah Bridwell, Applied Medicine: Lower extremity injuries among female athletes: risks, causes, and prevention strategies
  • Trevor Cox, English Teaching: Inclusion and Racism in Children’s Literature: Why Teacher Book Choice Matters
  • Taylor Gephart, Applied Medicine: Physical Therapy: The Past, Present, and Future
  • Alexander Harris, Biology: Copper-Catalyzed Selective Reduction of Aldehydes and Ketone Using Disilane as a Terminal Reductant
  • Caitlin Lanning, English: Ruffled Feathers: A Look at the Environmental Crisis Through the Context of Literature
  • Kelsey Potts, Applied Medicine: The Ethical Considerations of Physician- Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
  • Madison Schanz, Chemistry & Pre-Medicine: The Demise of Coral Reefs and Their Potential for Rehabilitation

Timothy Stegall, Computer Science: The History of the Operating System: From Mainframes to Internet of Things

  • Isabel Weise, Art—Graphic Design: Printed Direct Mailing vs. Digital Direct Emailing: An Analysis of Effectiveness Based Upon the Terms of Attention, Retention, and Engagement
  • Rachel Winner, Psychology: Does romantic media consumption as a child affect relationship status as an adult

 2:00-4:00 PM

  • Mia Cvengros, English: The Viability of the Legal Education System
  • Kalee Dunham, Interior Architectural Design: Designing mood: the psychological effects of color
  • Lauren Hemmen, Accounting & Finance: Gambling Addictions: Inside and Out
  • Janiya Hill, Applied Medicine: Ethical considerations: Inclusion of vulnerable populations in clinical trials and research
  • Elise Jerrels, Biology & Science Education: Shining a Light on Fluorescent and LED Bulbs and Their Impact on Individuals in Educational Settings
  • Cecilia Maue, Biology: Finding the Enhancers for the Branchless Genome
  • Hannah Pruemer, Public Health: Impact of exercise on Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Jacob Shaw, Engineering: The Environmental Impact of the Walt Disney World Company on Varying Scales
  • Benjamin Shepard, Aviation Management/ Unmanned Systems: Automating the Last Mile: How Unmanned Systems Can Modernize Logistics
  • Kayla Towle, Bachelor of Science: Behind the Bars of DNA: How the CSI Effect is Impacting the Legal System

 POSTER SESSIONS Thursday December 2


  • Andrew Durbin, Biology: Effects of American Politics on Stem Cell Research
  • Noah Heim, Finance and Insurance & Risk Management: Social Inflation: Rising Tides in the Insurance Markets
  • Brooklyn Hey, Exercise Science: Welcoming Wellness: The Benefits of Physical Activity for the Workplace
  • Peyton Hochhalter, Communication: The Development of Social Media: What Does the Future Look Like?
  • Cale Kilian, Exercise Science: Importance of a Healthy Coach-Athlete Relationship in NCAA and Professional Sports
  • Logan Nemeth, Mechanical Engineering Technology: Influences of History and Government on the Mechanical Engineering Job Market
  • Alison Sanders, Political Science – Legal Studies: The Influence of Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy
  • Sydney Snyder, Exercise Science: Static Stretching: Its Place in Exercise, Athletic Performance, and Life
  • Conner Walts, Language Studies: Nos Non Abolere Ordo Lectionum: The History of the Historic Lectionary as Retained by the Lutheran Church
  • Faith Wheeler, Marketing: How Marketing Affects Society’s View of Proper Nutrition
  • Alexander Wright, Management: Student Athletes in the 21st Century: What Compensation Level is Appropriate?

 NOON – 2:00PM

  • Jillian Allen, Management: Sudden Loss: Grieving and Overcoming
  • Holly Beber, Dietetics: Feel the burn: the impact of social media on popular diet culture
  • Heather Buckles, Baccalaureate nursing: Dangerous mythology: debunking misconceptions and untruths about sexual assault
  • Aleksas Dietzen, Baccalaureate nursing: Alzheimer’s disease: How Education can Improve Awareness
  • David Galligan, Pre-PA/Psychology: The Effect of Covid on Minority Groups
  • Tejas Kandharkar, Biology and Chemistry: Determining the Optimal Healthcare System for America: Comparing the Current American and Universal Healthcare Systems
  • Brady LaFayette, Professional Aviation Flight Technology: Sedentary Lifestyle and Fatigue as a Risk Factor to Airline Pilots
  • Garrett Maag, Biology: A Growing Population: The Consequences of Human Population Growth and Solutions to the Carrying Capacity Problem
  • Carla Morales, Cybercriminology & Security Studies: Modern Crime: Cyberstalking and its Role in the Digital Age
  • Mary Sebastian, Elementary Education: The Impact of Parental Involvement in Education
  • Erin Sweda, Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation: ACL Reconstruction: Best Therapeutic Modalities for Maximal Recovery


  • Rebekah Atkins, Special Education: Helping or Hurting: Ableism in Special Education
  • Kailey Bean, Communication: True Crime Genre in Media Productions: Why is it so Popular?
  • Marissa Coy, Recreation and Sports Management: Treatment Differences of Individuals with Mental and Physical Disabilities
  • Larissa Freeman, Legal Studies and Psychology: The Feminization of Psychology• Kendyl Garton, Biology: Behaviors and Genetics: Polymorphism in the White Throated Sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis)
  • Jeremiah Hardig, Chemistry: The Importance of Conserving Helium
  • Adrienne Houmes, Textiles Apparel and Merchandising: Fashion Forecasting
  • Reece Hutchinson, Psychology: Hutchinson Creative Work: Subnivean
  • Jensen Margheim, Exercise Science: The Relationship between Resting Heart Rate and Maximal Oxygen Consumption
  • Elesa McDonald, Biology: Fomite Bacteria Characteristics and the Effectiveness of Autoclave Sterilization
  • Thomas Stucker, Finance and Economics: Cost Structures in American Commercial Banks: A Trend Analysis with Policy Considerations
  • Sarah Webster, Biology: The Role of Media on How the Public Perceives the Opioid Crisis