Library Participating in Campus Menstrual Product Drive

From April 18 – 24: campus-wide collection of menstrual products to distribute to the Women’s Center and Food Pantry on ISU Campus. Find a collection bin in the Library’s Lobby. Info on the national organization.

And, because we’re a library:

A history of women’s menstruation from ancient Greece to the twenty-first century [electronic resource] : psychological, social, medical, religious, and educational issues. Glenda Lewin Hufnagel. 2012

Puberty is gross but also really awesome  by Gina Loveless ; illustrated by Lauri Johnston. 2021. Children’s Books [Lower Level] 612.661 Love

Go with the flow by Lily Williams & Karen Schneemann. Children’s Materials (Lower Level)  741.5973 Will. Audience: 10+. Sophomores Abby, Brit, Christine, and Sasha are fed up. Hazelton High never has enough tampons. Or pads. Or adults who will listen. Sick of an administration that puts football before female health, the girls confront a world that shrugs–or worse, squirms–at the thought of a menstruation revolution. They band together to make a change.

Period power : a manifesto for the menstrual movement by Nadya Okamoto. Children’s Materials (Lower Level) 612.662 Okam  – Ages 12+. PERIOD founder and Harvard student Nadya Okamoto offers a manifesto on menstruation. Throughout history, periods have been taboo. They’re “embarrassing”. They’re “gross”. And due to a crumbling or nonexistent national sex-ed program, they are misunderstood. And because of these stigmas, a status quo has been established to exclude people who menstruate from a seat at the decision-making table, which leads to discrimination like the tampon tax and medications that favor male biology. Period Power explains who is hurt most by the status quo and gives us a strategy to prompt conversation and promote gender equality. Now

Periods gone public [electronic resource] : taking a stand for menstrual equity / Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. 2017

Periods in pop culture [electronic resource] : menstruation in film and television / Lauren Rosewarne. 2012

VIDEO: The Pad Piper. CINEFETE. 2013.  This is the story of a man who invented a low-cost sanitary napkin machine in India that brought about a remarkable change in menstrual hygiene for thousands of women. Most important, it also gave them dignity and helped many of them to create micro-businesses. 52 minutes.