Honors Capstone Research Course Poster Presentation Photos: APRIL 27

More than 100 Honors students presented their individual Honors: Independent {GH401} undergraduate research projects via oral presentations (April 25-26) and printed poster sessions (April 27 – 29) in the Library Events Area.

GH 401 is intended to:

  • Provide students with a significant research experience
  • Enable students to demonstrate proficiency at research
  • Culminate the Honors College curriculum, linking elements of the Honors coursework with students’ larger degree program and/or interests.
  • Prepare students for professional writing, presentation and research activities and/or for graduate or professional school requirements.

Full Schedule here and here. Honors College will post additional information. See additional Library Blog entries.

Selected posters from Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 will be displayed in the Library on the 2nd and Lower Level display cases across from the north elevator.


Payton Abbott (Biology): Palladium Catalyzed Couplings of Organotetrafluorosilicate Salts and Aryldiazonium Salts
Shelby Bizik (Education): Political Interference in Education K-12: The Elephant in the Room
Benjamin Cox (Biology): Dental Anxiety: A Growing Fear in Dental Practices
David Cutler (History): A Deadly Game of Chess: Understanding Russian Aggression in Ukraine
Chloe Dowell (Bachelor of Science): Loosen Up: The Effects of Myofascial Release vs. Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Madison Hagedorn (Architectural Engineering Technology): Light Up Your Life: Impacts of Lighting Design on Physical and Mental Health
Barbara Healy (Engineering-Civil Engineering): Net Zero Energy by 2050: Challenges Slowing the transition to Clean Energy
Victoria Hey (Communication Sciences and Disorders): Talking About Language: The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual
Courtney Hoene (Biology and Chemistry): Big Cats, Big Problems: An Evaluation of Exotic Management (note: Hines Medalist)
Kailey Howell (Baccalaureate Nursing): Mental Health and Academia: The Influence of Stress, Sleep, and Nutrition on Academic Performance in School-Age Children
Evan Kreil (History): Feel the Heat: The Effect of Climate Change on the National Park Service
Nicole Mehringer (Architectural Engineering Technology): Yes WOMEN Can: The Employment of Women in the Construction Industry
Sara Morgan (Elementary Education): Effects of Student Home Lives on the Classroom
Brock Oxford (Finance): The Malicious Reality of Multi-Level Marketing Schemes: Fabricated Glamour and the Capitalization of Business Illiteracy
Grace Rebber (Mathematics Teaching): Growth Mindset in Mathematics Education
Colton Romine (Finance): The Ever-Inflating Balloon: An Investigation into the Pros and Cons of Student Debt and the Feasibility of Student Loan Forgiveness
Samantha Rose (Biology): The Expanding Field of Forensic Microbiology and Its Uses Today
Kelsey Sebastian (Education): The Effects of Extended Virtual Learning Due to COVID-19 on Education