Honors Capstone Research Course Poster Presentation Photos: APRIL 28

More than 100 Honors students presented their individual Honors: Independent {GH401} undergraduate research projects via oral presentations (April 25-26)and printed poster sessions (April 27 – 29) in the Library Events Area.

GH 401 is intended to:

  • Provide students with a significant research experience
  • Enable students to demonstrate proficiency at research
  • Culminate the Honors College curriculum, linking elements of the Honors coursework with students’ larger degree program and/or interests.
  • Prepare students for professional writing, presentation and research activities and/or for graduate or professional school requirements.

Full Schedule here and here. Honors College will post additional information. See additional Library Blog entries.

Selected posters from Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 will be displayed in the Library on the 2nd and Lower Level display cases across from the north elevator.

Group photo
Students and faculty reviewing today’s poster sessions
Alaina Abegg (Mathematics): User Warning: Influences of Social Media Algorithms
Katherine Auer (Baccalaureate Nursing): Back to Basics: Managing Type 1 Diabetes with the Ketogenic Diet
Dustin Bayer (Architectural Engineering Technology): The Cause and Effect of the Suburban Dream
William Cain (Aviation Management): Ground Pollution at Public Airports
Olivia Carpenter (Psychology): Connection Causing Disconnect: Social Media’s Impact on the Human Brain
Hannah Collins (Mathematics Teaching): Transitioning to Common Core State Standards: CCSS and the Effect on Mathematics
Lilian Cooper (Psychology & Human Development and Family Science): How Parents Impact the Quality of Partner Relationships: Comparing Sexual Orientations
Brittanie Farrington (Baccalaureate Nursing): Molecular Diagnostics and Sepsis: A Possible Solution to the Diagnostic Problem
Justice Gabbard (Baccalaureate Nursing): State of Mind: The Role That College Play on Mental Health
Hannah Hunzinger (Applied Medicine): More Than “Nice to Know”: Significance of Anatomical Variation, Teaching Modalities, and Innovative Awareness Methods
Aubree James (Business Management): Right and Wrong: An Analysis of Ethical Decision Making and Financial Oversight in Nonprofit Organizations
Hannah Jones (Exercise Science): Adverse Childhood Experiences: How ACEs Affect a Future
Hannah Ketchum (Anthropology): Mapping Patterns of Exchange: A Preliminary Study of Obsidian Artifact Distributions in Quiechapa, Oaxaca using ArcGIS
Alexis Osowski (Baccalaureate Nursing): Overmedicated America: Polypharmacy and the Dangers of Downstream Thinking Healthcare
Ellen Rice (Baccalaureate Nursing): Bringing Awareness: Infant Mortality in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Mikenzy Stanley (Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation): Concussions in Youth Sports: A Problem with a Possible Solution
Luke Summerlot (Financial Services): Exploring the Possibility of High School Financial Literacy Education Mandates
Mallory Wilson (Chemistry): Under Pressure: Exploring the Role of Science Anxiety in Chemistry & Physics Education