Honors Capstone Research Course Poster Presentation Photos: APRIL 29

More than 100 Honors students presented their individual Honors: Independent {GH401} undergraduate research projects via oral presentations (April 25-26) and printed poster sessions (April 27 – 29) in the Library Events Area.

GH 401 is intended to:

  • Provide students with a significant research experience
  • Enable students to demonstrate proficiency at research
  • Culminate the Honors College curriculum, linking elements of the Honors coursework with students’ larger degree program and/or interests.
  • Prepare students for professional writing, presentation and research activities and/or for graduate or professional school requirements.

Full Schedule here and here. Honors College will post additional information. See additional Library Blog entries.

Selected posters from Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 will be displayed in the Library on the 2nd and Lower Level display cases across from the north elevator.

Jadelyn Barnhart (Biology): Enduring a Pandemic: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Dentistry
Taylor Borden (Biology): Alteration of Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase Enzymatic Activities by Peroxynitrate
Dakota Brown (Health Sciences): Diabetes in Disadvantaged Populations: The Relationship Between Diabetes and Low Socioeconomic Status
Caroline Elliott (Physical Education-Exercise Science): Applications of Aquatic Physical therapy to the Pediatric Population
Zoe Frey (Elementary Education): Protecting Our Students: A Teacher’s Role on Preventing and Reducing Low-Level Violence
Ian Garavalia (Architectural Engineering Technology): The Ever-Changing Industry: Architecture’s Role in Sustainability
Kyle Hopple (Marketing): A Generational Gap: Social Media’s Affect on Consumer Behavior
Jacob Mertl (Chemistry): Arithmetic to Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of Computer Capabilities
Nathan Nelson (Finance): The Role and Implementation of Behavioral Finance in Financial Markets Using the Study of Investor Psychology
Carter Oye (Construction Management): Struggles of an Industry: How Pandemics and Recessions Affect the Construction Industry
Dakota Pederson (Music Education-Instrumental): The Introverted Band Teacher: Strategies for Success with Learned Suggestions
Lauren Ream (Mathematics Teaching): Widening the Gap: Women’s Experiences as Students of Mathematics
Damia Rizwan (Psychology, Pre-Medicine): Mind, Body, and Soul: The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Attachment Styles, and Coping Strategies on Mental and Physical Health Outcomes in Adults
Katelyn Rusiniak (Biology and Chemistry): Water Quality of the Wabash River Using Biogeochemical Analysis and Biotic Indicators
Derek Tester (Financial Services): Saving the Game: Impact of Implementing a Salary Cap Into Major League Baseball
Makayla Triplett (Physical Education-Exercise Science): Massage Therapy and Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Applications and Benefits for Specific Disabilities
Samantha Worden (Psychology): The Power of Police Interrogations in Wrongful Convictions