American Health Policy Research Project – Blog series (1 of 4)

American Health Policy Research Project – Series

This special topic history course {HIST 313} looked at rules, regulations, policies and governmental functions and practices meant to reduce disease, promote health or to allow or promote the delivery of medical care. Students examined both public health policies and also policies that affect the provision of medical care, with a goal of understanding how the various complicated structures (physical, legal, political and professional) that the United States built in the past shape the American system of Health Care today. Each project relates to American health policies as they relate to women, as the presentations will be made available as part of Gender Studies’ Women’s History Month Colloquium events.

Each blog entry features posters created by the students. They are presented in the Library blog as a virtual poster session since in-person events are precluded under the strictures of Covid-19.

Teacher: Dr. Ruth Fairbanks {History Department; Gender Studies within the Multidisciplinary Studies Department}

Dorothea Lynde Dix by Stephanie Somers
Dr. Joycelyn Elders by Hannah DeBlock
Birth Control {Margaret Sanger} by Kelly Nelson


Honors Capstone Presentations move from Library Events Area to Virtual

GH 401 Research Presentations

Due to courses transitioning online, GH401 students recorded 5-minute research presentations in lieu of the traditional Study Week poster session in Cunningham Memorial Library. They will be available to watch until Monday, 12/14. Information listed below includes student name, degree major/s, and thesis title with linked presentation.

Virtual Student Poster Exhibit: African-American Women in Indiana History: Finding Their Voices

Dr. Kim Stanley, Assistant Professor, History: 

Spring 2020:  Black Women’s History {HIST 213}: In honor of Women’s History Month,  students embarked on locating the voices of African American women in Indiana’s history. The historical record is often silent or only provides fragments on the lives of black women.  Because of this, we often do not know their experiences—and, if we do, it is often through the voice of someone else. Using Indiana State University Library’s Special Collections, students were tasked with placing and centering the voices and lives of black women within the history of Indiana.

>>African-American Women: Indiana State University {Vigo County}
>>African-American Women: Boone and Putnam Counties
>>African-American Women: Cass County
>>African-American Women: Clark County
>>African-American Women: Delaware and Randolph Counties
>>African-American Women: Greene and Vigo Counties
>>African-American Women: Hamilton and Madison Counties
>>African-American Women: Hendricks and Morgan Counties
>>African-American Women: Howard and Miami Counties
>>African-American Women: Johnson and Marion Counties
>>African-American Women: Lake County
>>African-American Women: Marion and Rush Counties
>>African-American Women: Montgomery and Tippecanoe Counties
>>African-American Women: Orange and Washington Counties