Election Info

As Super Tuesday approaches, political junkies are all over the web hunting for information.  Here are some election sites you might find interesting:

General Election Sites

CNN Election 2008
Washington Post
New York Times Election Guide

Federal Election Commission

RealClearPolitics Latest Polls

For the Serious Political Junkie
The Green Papers is a site full of dates, statistics, and procedures for the election process.
2008 Democratic Convention Watch-So far this is the only site that I have found that is trying to keep to track of the super delagate endorsements for the Democrat party. This could prove to be a very useful blog if the race continues to be close.
-A Kaiser

ISU Library Blog

Welcome to the ISU Library blog.  This is something of an experiment for us, so keep checking in to see what happens.  What can you find here?  News about the library, tips on research, interesting resources, inside information on what’s happening at the library, and anything else we can think of.

Keep checking in.

-A Kaiser