Indiana State University Library

Library Administrative Affairs Committee


LAAC 04/05:05


(The following minutes have not been approved)


February 1st, 2005

8:00 a.m.

Room 132F


Present:  Juliet Kerico (Chair), Elizabeth Lorenzen, Myrna McCallister (Ex-Officio), Christopher Mehrens, Margaret Pearman (Support Staff Representative)


I.          Call to order and approval of agenda


At 8:05 a.m. the meeting was called to order by J. Kerico and the agenda was



II.         Approval of minutes


            The minutes November 11, 2004, and December 16th were not prepared, so their

            approval were left for the next meeting.


III.       Old Business


            A. Past Charges


                        1. The Status of Library Policies


The current status the USA Patriot Act Policy was discussed.


2.  Library Calendar.


It was determined that the calendar would be distributed via e-mail and put to an electronic vote.


3.  Library Emergency Handbook


K. Gaul and C. Mehrens had not met at this point, but it was determined that the document would be reviewed before the next meeting.


IV.       New Business.


                        1. The committee discussed the content of the following e-mail message

                            sent out by LFA Chair, Betsy Hine:

In F:libgrps/libusers/policies there seem to be several policies that have not gone through LAAC and LFA, at least I don't see any indication of that at the end of all the documents.  LAAC should probably look through all those policies this year.  There are probably some that are obsolute [sic] and should be moved to the "old" category.  I think Joan has worked on those in the past if you want to pick her brain on some of them.  I will send one charge to review the documents in the above directory although they may be brought to LFA as you work through them or all together, as the committee decides. Attached is Charge form #05-10 related to this task.


In F:libgrps/libusers/procedures there seem to be some procedures that have not gone through LAAC and LFA, at least I didn't see any indication of that at the end of all the documents.  LAAc [sic] should also look through those documents this year, checking for obsolete documents and documents that need to be change.  For example, the ADP-07 seems to have a revision and ADP-09 seems to be related to a new procedure on unaccompanied children in the library that is not even in the directory.  Perhaps ADP-09 should be revised to include that. In any case, such documents as are in (or should be in) the above directories, should be reviewed by LAAC and brought to LFA then signed off on by the Dean. Attached is Charge form #05-11 related to the procedures. I've asked that a progress report at least be brought to the LFA Executive Committee by its February meeting which should be Feb. 24 to be put on the agenda for the March 3 LFA meeting if our schedule of this semester holds through the next semester. Thanks. Betsy


                        The committee discussed these charges and how they should be



                        2.  In response to an earlier charge, the purview of LAAC was addressed.


                             Concerns were raised by committee members, especially in light of

     some recent charges from the LFA.  It was recommended that these

    concerns be brought forward during the next LFA meeting.


B.        Other Business


                        1.  None.


V.        The next meeting of LAAC will take place on Monday, March 28th at 10:00 a.m. in the administrative conference room. 


VI.       The meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,  Christopher E. Mehrens,  LAAC Secretary