Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 04/05-04                                                                         Approved: 12/2/04

November 4, 2004, 8:30 a.m.

Room 028


Present: Karen Evans, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Anthony Kaiser, David Kaunelis,

            Christopher Mehrens

Absent: Juliet Kerico, Elizabeth Lorenzen

Ex-Officio:  Alberta Comer, Rolland McGiverin, Deb Taylor

Guests:  Kathleen Gaul



  I.     Call to order and approval of agenda


Chair B. Hine called the meeting to order at 8:32 a.m.  R. McGiverin moved, and D. Kaunelis seconded, approval of the agenda.  The agenda was approved. 


II.     Approval of minutes LFA 04/05-03 (October 7, 2004)


R. McGiverin approved, and Karen Evans seconded, approval of the minutes from the previous LFA meeting.  The minutes were approved.  They will be forwarded to Mary Corenflos in the University Senate office. 


III.     Recognition Awards


None made. 


IV.     Chair’s announcements/report


B. Hine mentioned the Alliance for Servant Leadership on campus; she’s a member.   She invited anyone to attend their sessions.  On November 11th, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in Library 028, Dave Hopkins, former ISU interim provost and now provost at Wright State University, will be speaking.  She encouraged everyone to attend. 


B. Hine further noted that the minutes of library faculty committees all go into directories accessible within the library; she encouraged everyone present to read them.  The Library Faculty Constitution is what governs the library faculty as a bona fide faculty unit on campus; it behooves all library faculty members to be familiar with it and with the University Handbook.  The Faculty Senate web page has links to these and other relevant documents.  She passed around prints of the web sites.  She added the library faculty needs to be more deliberate about having an LFA web page. 


B. Hine noted she sits on the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee, which has been working on recommendations for the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award.  No librarians sit on the Caleb Mills committee this year.  She said she hopes to see more librarians volunteering to serve on Senate committees and being more active in faculty governance.  She said this involvement helps librarians be recognized as faculty. 


B. Hine also stated responsibility for an LFA web page should rest with a subcommittee of the Library Faculty Affairs Committee. 


V.     15-minute open discussion


B. Hine asked for prayers for our country. 


VI.     Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


None made. 


VII.     Report of the Faculty Senator


R. McGiverin said he had issued his report on the previous Senate meeting.  The proposed mandatory laptop program was the biggest item on that agenda.  The proposal has been sent to the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee (CAAC).

B. Hine said one of the concerns for faculty is that they will be required to use laptops in their classes; the proposal then becomes a curricular issue and an academic freedom issue.  She hopes the Student Government Association (SGA) is studying it, too.  R. McGiverin said the SGA does seem interested. 


VIII.     Remarks from the Library Support Staff Representative


D. Taylor said she did not have much to report.  She said she has heard from several people that they would like to know who will be serving on the Civility Committee.  A. Comer said the membership list has not yet been developed. 


B. Hine noted that Chris Nkongola has taken Rebecca Stinnett’s place on the Support Staff Council. 


IX.     Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


LAAC Secretary C. Mehrens reported the library policies discussed at the last Committee meeting have been passed out to its membership for review.  The Committee has set a deadline for the fines policy; it plans to vote on it at the November 24th meeting. 


He said Committee members will also review the USAPATRIOT Act, but this review will take longer because the Committee must work with ISU General Counsel Melony Sacopulos. 


A subcommittee of Kathleen Gaul, Alberta Comer, Barb Austin and Chris Mehrens will work on the emergency handbook.  C. Mehrens said there had been confusion in the Handbook meeting about what the Emergency Handbook is; A. Comer is working on a similar project involving something specific for Public Safety; her document is more geared toward the needs of fire marshals and other emergency personnel than for library faculty and staff. 


C. Mehrens also said the Committee will review areas of LAAC responsibility in the faculty manual; E. Lorenzen and J. Kerico will work on that.  K. Gaul and M. Pearman will work on the Library calendar.  They want to consider having the library open 24 hrs a day during Dead Week.  K. Gaul said that department head meeting minutes indicate the 24-hour-a-day proposal will not be implemented this year because of issues involving finances, staff, and security.  B. Hine and R. McGiverin discussed exactly what was decided at the meeting; they were unclear on that. 


B. Hine asked C. Mehrens if he anticipated the fines policy would come before LFA by the first of the year.  He responded it would probably be brought up at the December meeting. 


B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


K. Evans said the Committee is discussing the library constitution and library manual.  Committee members will probably have proposed changes for the next LFA meeting.  They are also looking at the responsibilities and rights of the LAAC in terms of library administration.  They are also considering research time for librarians; they want to develop a clearer policy.  In addition, they’re looking at the LFA web page and at academic freedom. 


B. Hine noted that in the past the LAAC has been responsible for reviewing policies and procedures.  She recommended looking at the older ones as starting points for any discussions. 


K. Evans said there seems to be a problem getting together with the Personnel Committee to discuss promotion and tenure guidelines.  Each committee will probably review them separately and see what the other committee says.  B. Hine said this project should be done as soon as possible.  She recommended comparing their work with the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee (PTOC) document.  She said S. Baker, the library representative on PTOC, would be glad to help. 


C.    Personnel Committee


R. McGiverin said the Committee has met and handled one recommendation on a pre-tenure evaluation; members have also discussed the promotion and tenure document. 


B. Hine said the Personnel Committee chair sent out a timeline, but it had nothing about when evaluations go to the Committee.  There needs to be a deadline for when it goes from the department chair to the Personnel Committee.  Also needed are deadlines for annual review and sabbatical leaves.  She asked that those needs be carried to the Committee. 


D.  Senate/University Committee reports


K. Gaul said the Faculty Economic Benefits Committee (FEBC) will meet again November 26th.   The Committee is dealing with a recommended 7% across-the-board insurance rate increase.  There will also be changes in the open enrollment policy.  Announcements will be forthcoming.  The Committee also recommended faculty and spouse receive equal tuition benefits, including up to four hours’ credit for free.  The Committee also discussed other awards for spouses and children. 


B. Hine wondered how enrollment would be helped if the University were more generous with the above benefits.  R. McGiverin said it is a retention issue as well as a student quality issue.  The current policy seems to be predicated on a spouse going to school for recreation rather than with serious intent.  K. Gaul said we are chiseling away at that mentality.  B. Hine noted that it is very important for the library to be represented on this Senate Committee.  She thanked K. Gaul for her service on it. 


R. McGiverin said that on CAAC, the big news is the proposed laptop initiative.  In addition, Life Sciences is in the process of splitting; department faculty are working on a letter of agreement to their dean.  He said the split will result in a new Life Sciences Department and a new “Ecology and Organismal Science” Department.  The agreement will run for three years.  Charles Amlaner will head of the new ecology department; a new chair will be hired for life sciences.  The two departments will share the same degree for three years.  Some courses will be split; some will be shared.  Theoretically, this new arrangement will improve grant proposals and programs and reduce the conflicts within Life Sciences.  Science Education – now part of the old Life Sciences Department – is proposed to become like Social Science Education, where there is a coordinator, with faculty remaining in other departments.  Humanities is losing some of the courses that were cross-listed with others.  Religion courses are moving over to Philosophy. 


C. Mehrens, who chairs the Arts Endowment Committee, announced it is meeting November 19th. 


B. Hine reported on the University Faculty Affairs Committee.  It is also considering the laptops proposal.  In addition, the Committee is looking at faculty taking ISU courses.  It is also looking at a spousal employment program.  R. McGiverin said the Library is not typical of other faculty departments in that if librarians go on for a doctorate, it probably will not be in the department in which they are employed.  B. Hine noted the issue came up when faculty took courses in their own departments.  R. McGiverin said the guidelines make it harder for us to take classes. 


X.     Old Business


A.  Dean’s approval of Charge 05-02


B. Hine said she has sent the charge form to the Dean for approval, but has not heard back yet. 


XI.     New Business


A.    Related to Library Faculty issues


1.     Approval of third tenured member of LFAC


K. Evans said it was discovered that we needed a third tenured member on the committee.  V. Muyumba has agreed to be the person.  R. McGiverin moved, and K. Evans seconded, the approval.  It passed unanimously.  So V. Muyumba is now on LFAC. 


2.     Schedule of faculty deadlines


This was discussed earlier; we need to have additional items on the timeline.  B. Hine has mentioned it to the Personnel Committee chair. 


B.    Related to general library issues


None put forth. 


XII.     Adjournment


K. Evans moved, and R. McGiverin seconded, adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 9:21 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Steve Hardin, Secretary