Library Faculty Assembly

Special Meeting






LFA 10/05-6                                                               Approved:  February 23, 2006                        

January 30, 2006

Room 028



Present: Susan Frey, Steve Hardin, Mike Jarrell, Juliet Kerico, Anthony Kaiser, Christopher Mehrens, Elizabeth Wright

Guests: Betsy Hine



I.       Call to order

Chair C. Mehrens called the meeting to order at 10:01  


II.     Election

C. Mehrens announced that the members of the LFA needed to vote for three library faculty members to sit on the review committee for the evaluation of the Dean.  The meeting then went into an executive session as the vote was taken.


III.    Adjournment

C. Mehrens adjourned the meeting at 10:41 pm.




Respectfully submitted,

Susan Frey,