Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly Executive Board


LFA 07/08-09                                        Approved: 


Room 028


Present: George Stachokas, Rolland McGivern, Shelley Arvin, Cinda May, Valentine Muyumba

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Marsha Miller, Susan Frey, Ginger Garvey

Absent:  Carol Lunce, Cheryl Blevins, Jake Eubanks

Guests: Anthony Kaiser


Call to Order  2:05 p.m.



I.              Approval of Agenda


II.             Agenda

A.    Library Representatives to ULOC and PTOC – Vote Results


Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee

Karen Evans


University Leaves Oversight Committee

Valentine Muyumba



III.            Approval of Minutes (LFA)

Moved M Miller, Seconded Cinda May


Vote 5-0-0


IV.           Chair’s Announcements/Reports


A.    Report on Assessment Workshop-Arvin

Arvin attended a workshop on assessment. University administration is interested in developing a culture of assessment on campus.  Largely work with learning assessment but also covered assessment in other areas.  Representatives from all of the colleges and the library attended the workshop.  TaskStream is an assessment tool that the University may adopt.

B.    Faculty Carrel for LFA documents

LFA documents are currently kept in the chairs office.  We have a carrel now to keep documents safe.  Other security measures may be instituted if necessary.


V.            Old Business


VI.           New Business


VII.          Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


·         New faculty member in University Digital & Archival Services will start Wednesday.

·         The glass wall in the presentation area has been moved.

·         SASC students have been visiting the Dean.

·         Director of SASC search has been put on hold

·         All faculty have been sent a email requesting them to vote on the change of status for Associate Dean for Libraries from Interim to an acting position

·         The library will need to reduce its budget by $211,000 for each of the next two years.


VIII.         Remarks from Library Support Staff

The support staff is voting on the Associate Dean question


IX.           15-Minute Open Discussion

·         Anthony Kaiser indicated that Foundational Studies Task force finished its work. Their document will be going on through the curriculum approval processes. All courses should contain an information literacy component.

·         Cinda May indicated that graduate studies electronic dissertation concept has been approved by the University Senate.


X.            Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee 

No report

B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee

Discussed the 360 evaluation at the last meeting and will be doing further work on the 360 evaluation at the next meeting.

C.    Personnel Committee

The committee has finished the 1st year evaluations and one sabbatical request.

D.    Search Committees

Two support staff searches are still active.

E.    Senate/University Committees

1.     University Administrative Affairs are looking at faculty-administrative salaries.  They are hoping about having input into the budget.

2.     University Faculty Senate has found it is difficult to get people to serve on committees.  The duties and structure of committees has been studied.  It is believed that some committees will go away.


XI.           Remarks of the Faculty Senators


XII.          Adjournment

Adjournment at 2:40 p.m.