Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly



LFA 08/10-06            

Date:  5/18/2009

Time: 1 p.m.

Place:  Room 028






Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


I.                   Approval of Minutes for 3/23/09 and 04/20/09



II.                Chair’s Announcements/Reports


III.             Old Business


IV.             Remarks of the Dean of Library Services

Status of open positions

PR position has been filled.

Ref search underway

Cataloging being reviewed

SASC director – looking at applications

Support staff evaluations – feedback, some thought useful, some disliked. Must do anyway. Some evaluations hung up in the processing.




V.                New Business

Dept Chair’s/Administrator’s Review

Rolland: summarized the Review document. Discussion ensued. Editorial changes were suggested as friendly amendment.

RMG will make changes, give to Dean, sign, give to Tim to post.

Travel fund policy – Dean will write up something and resubmit it to LAAC.

Collection development policy – Sent to Dean. Passed and Signed. Tabled.

Betsy will send Arvin a workflow document.

Policies will be posted where?


VI.             Remarks from Library Support Staff


VII.          15-Minute Open Discussion

NLLD-Carol Lunce


VIII.       Committee Reports

A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee

B.     Library Faculty Affairs Committee

C.     Personnel Committee

           No report

D.    Search Committees

1.      Search Committee for Library PR Assistant

2.      Search Committee for ILL

3.      Search Committee for Reference/Instruction


E.     Senate/University Committees



IX.             Remarks of the Faculty Senators


X.                Adjournment