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ISU Library Values
Civility Statement
ISU Core Values

ISU Library Values

In addition to supporting the Core Values listed in Indiana State University's Strategic Plan for the Twenty-First Century: A Year 2000 Update, the values and Civility Statement adopted by Information Services, and the American Library Association Code of Ethics, the Library endorses the following values:

Quality service: The Library realizes the importance of performing work in an excellent manner, with the primary focus on exceeding the expectations of the ISU community.

Learning-centered: The Library is the focal point of the University by providing a wide variety of materials, from historical to contemporary, to meet the instructional, educational, and information needs of the community.

Intellectual freedom: Any academic environment must support the right of its community to information representing all points of view, even when this information may be considered controversial or offensive by others. The Library endorses the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

Academic freedom: Faculty members have the right to conduct and publish research and to teach classes in their discipline in an environment free of restrictions. The Library endorses the American Association of University Professors' 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure With 1970 Interpretive Comments.

Universal accessibility: The Library believes that universal accessibility is more than rules and regulations. It is a spirit of striving to provide services, resources, and tools that promote accessibility of information to people of varied backgrounds and needs.

Innovation: While respecting current practices, the Library also strives for innovation. We value not just the new, but that which is new and better.

Communication: The Library understands that the unrestricted, effective, and frequent exchange of ideas, information, and experience is absolutely necessary for the realization of our vision and the achievement of our goals.

Collaboration/Teamwork: The Library believes in collaboration and teamwork, both within and outside of its formal structure. Working together, we gain strength and find solutions; we are more than the sum of our parts.

Positive attitude: The Library believes that a positive attitude will enhance the library experience. We will achieve a positive attitude by supporting the Library's mission, finding enjoyment and satisfaction in our work, and being empathetic toward others.

Adopted by Library Steering Group, November 6, 2001

Civility Statement

The library endorses the following civility statement: Civility is demonstrating respect for others. In order to foster a positive work environment everyone should adhere to a reasonable standard of conduct including:

Civility requires individual responsibility, accountability, and commitment

Adopted by Cunningham Memorial Library 2005

Indiana State University Core Values

(from Indiana State University's
Strategic Plan for the Twenty-First Century: A Year 2000 Update, pp. 13-14)

Service: The University is committed to being a responsive and caring institution, dedicated to the interests of the entire community, and in particular its students. The value of service has extended as well to being responsive to the needs of the local community and to society in general.

Access: The University seeks to be an inclusive academic community, providing opportunity to students with a wide range of academic abilities and educational backgrounds, ethnic and cultural heritages, family experiences and economic means, physical and learning differences, mobile and place-bound circumstances, and career and life expectations.

Success: The University is dedicated to assisting students achieve their goals through personal attention, a supportive environment, essential academic and personal services, and broad-based financial assistance.

Innovation: The University seeks to be creative and innovative in meeting the needs of its students, its faculty, and society through curriculum evolution, scholarship, and the contribution of professional expertise to the larger community.

Excellence: The University encourages students, faculty, and staff to excel in all they do by not only meeting rigorous professional and academic standards but also by exceeding them.

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