Eugene V. Debs Letters:
Abstracts for "N"

N: Letter to TD on Treasury Department, Custodian Service letterhead, 3/25/21. Tells TD, "Hurrah for God."

Nance, J. H.: Letter to EVD on J. H. Nance General Contractor and Builder letterhead, 12/24/20. Writes that his "heart throbs" for all political prisoners behind bars for "telling the truth." Expresses the hope that it will not be too long before EVD is released from prison because EVD is badly needed on the outside. Says that he does not expect President Woodrow Wilson to do the commendable thing and release EVD. Mentions that he heard EVD speak in the Christian Temple 12 years ago when EVD was on his Red Special campaign tour.

Nance, Lee: Untitled poem to EVD, n.d.
Untitled poem to EVD, n.d.

Neal, Edna Marie: Letter to EVD, 11/3/20. Writes that she got EVD's message yesterday and was glad to get it. Assures EVD that she is wearing a button supporting him in the upcoming election. Remarks that she has a baby brother named after Karl Liebknecht. Mentions that she is taught at home and that she is 8 years old. Explains that she wished EVD was out of prison and could visit her and her family. Includes a note written on the back of an appeal titled "An Appeal to the Spirit of '76" by F. R. Hays of the St. Paul, Minnesota Law and Order League from Neal's mother saying that she is happy that EVD received so many votes in the election. Expresses the hope that the masses will soon unite in the "spirit of 76" and finally achieve political and economic justice.

Neal, William S.: Letter to EVD on Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company letterhead, 1/16/16. Writes that on his return from a trip to the Imperial Valley he was pleased to find a Christmas card from EVD awaiting him. Says that he heard from a comrade from Los Angeles, California that EVD will soon be visiting the coast. Asks that EVD consider speaking in San Diego, California while on tour. Remarks that he is growing tired of the in-fighting and bickering that is now so constant in the movement. Mentions that he has raised the possibility of having a Debs Day at the up-coming exposition in San Diego, California which has, in the past, given a similar honor to William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, Billy Sunday, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison. Requests that EVD and Katherine Debs come out and visit he and his family.
Letter to TD on Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company letterhead, 7/1/24. Writes that he has not seen anything about EVD's condition recently in the San Diego, California newspapers and wonders how he is doing. Expresses the hope that EVD has recovered his health and is back home again. Tells TD that he received the copies of the SOCIALIST and the WORLD that he sent. Comments that EVD's article titled "Taft and the Steel Trust" is a true gem. Says that he hopes that something worthwhile comes out of the socialist meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. Remarks that several of the "forward-looking" groups in the West are willing to join forces with the liberals which he says is a good idea because it may enable the radicals to actually accomplish something. Tells TD that when he decides to live in a decent climate that he has a site in California ready for him. Mentions that his sister wanted him to move to Kansas and look after several farms there but that he could not see himself leaving California.
Telegram to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.
Photocopy of postcard to EVD, postmarked 2/5/?. Writes that he received EVD's card and letter. Mentions that William Haywood will be with him on the 13th.

Neal, Zadie M.: Letter to TD, 11/15/41. Says that she is writing to inform TD of the sad news of her husband William Neal's death. Remarks that he had a stroke and passed away on 9/21/41. Mentions that she and William Neal would have been married 54 years next April.

Nearing, John: Letter to EVD, 12/24/20. Writes that he wants to wish EVD a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Tells EVD that he has heard a lot about EVD from his father, Scott Nearing. Assures EVD that even people in France know all about EVD. Remarks that EVD got 8 of the votes in the mock election that was held in his school's classroom last month.

Nearing, Scott: Letter to EVD on University of Pennsylvania letterhead, 10/31/12. Writes that he would like to get from EVD some facts regarding the revolutionary movement in America as manifest in the labor disturbances in Colorado, the riots in Chicago, Illinois, and the strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Asks that EVD tell him if anyone has ever written extensively about the revolutionary movement in America or if anyone has collected any data regarding the revolutionary movement in America. Remarks that a publisher has suggested has requested that he considered writing a book on the syndicalist movement in the United States.
Letter to EVD on People's Council of America for Democracy and Peace letterhead, 10/18/17. Asks that EVD tell him if he knows a transport workers who would be interested in serving on the People's Council of America for Democracy and Peace.
Telegram to EVD, 2/3/18. Asks that EVD attend a conference in New York City, New York on 2/16/18 and be one of the speakers at a mass meeting. Mentions that James Maurer, James Cannon, and Morris Hillquit have already agreed to attend.
Letter to EVD on Hotel Samuels, Jamestown, New York letterhead, 2/3/20. Writes that it would do EVD's heart some good to hear the applause that accompanies every mention of EVD's name at a public meeting. Assures EVD that the work goes on, although under increased difficulty. Says that many comrades are looking towards the unions and the cooperative movement as the places where they can get the best results. Remarks that the number of comrades who will be tried in the next few months is very large. Mentions that a great amount of publicity will accompany these trials and so it will not be entirely bad for the movement.
Letter to EVD, 2/20/20. Writes that he appreciated the short note TD sent from EVD. Says that he received a letter from the World Church Movement asking for a statement to be used in their campaign. Tells EVD that he made EVD the hero of his statement. Remarks that he has heard EVD's said more frequently over the past few months than Woodrow Wilson or anyone else. Assures EVD that even among his enemies EVD's name is said with respect. Includes a copy of the World Church Movement statement dated 2/17/20 saying that such men as EVD, imprisoned for saying "Thou shalt not kill," are part of the movement the World Church Movement wants to create to "establish a firm foundation for industrial and international peace." Writes that if Jesus Christ were alive today his fate would not be too different from EVD's. Says that the World Church Movement must choose between serving God and serving "Mammon." Remarks that if the World Church Movement decides to serve Mammon it would undoubtedly receive the support of Wall Street.
Letter to EVD on International Labor News Service letterhead, 4/3/20. Writes that William Henry, who has come to Bronx, New York to take charge of the work there, was telling him about EVD's imprisonment. Tells EVD that William Henry said that EVD's influence inside the prison is growing just like on the outside. Says that the next time EVD sends a letter to TD that he would like him to ask him for a letter of introduction to some of EVD's friends in Europe. Mentions that he thinks that international affairs are "swiftly" heading towards another armed conflict. Assures EVD that he is committed to do what he can to prevent such a conflict from occurring. Writes that his boys are both quite familiar with EVD. Says that at school they learn that America is a free country but at home they see EVD's picture and know that he is in jail, suggesting otherwise.
Letter to EVD, 7/26/20. Writes that he saw in today's issue of HUMANITE where EVD is to be released. Tells EVD that he is learning a great deal in Europe. Remarks that he did not need to use EVD's letter of introduction at all. Says that in some places in France the comrades are very strong there. Informs EVD that the town of Grenoble, France, for instance, has a socialist mayor as well as 24 representatives, out of 36, on the city council.
Letter to EVD, 8/22/20. Writes that a number of French newspapers are carrying stories about EVD's stand in the name of liberty. Remarks that in the latest issue of HUMANITE, EVD is called the "American Juares." Says that it would have done EVD's heart some good to see so many workers of Europe out protesting against war. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that Nearing has been extremely kind. Writes that TD does not need to respond to Nearing's letter.
Letter to EVD, 10/21/21. Writes that he has spent the past several weeks talking and traveling through the United States and Mexico. Says that everywhere he goes he finds people who are great admirers of EVD and want to see him released from prison. Assures EVD that when he does finally get out of prison he will have the "largest personal following of anyone in the radical movement of the United States." Remarks that EVD is probably very familiar with the way the movement has "split and dwindled," resulting in a Socialist Party with only 8,000 members, a Socialist Labor Party with only 3,000 members, and an Industrial Workers of the World with a very uncertain membership. Informs EVD that in every community he visits there are young men and women ready to join a movement. Says that with the right move, tens of thousands of people will fall into place. Mentions that EVD's actions once he gets out of prison will determine where many of these people will go. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that Scott Nearing wrote his letter from Mexico and so TD should not bothering answering it. Tells TD that Nearing is a "fine, loyal comrade and leader" who is just "heart-sick" over the factionalism in the American socialist movement.

Neblagonadezdni, V. S. P.: Letter to EVD, 11/7/20. Writes that he read that EVD recently celebrated his 65th birthday and sends his hearty congratulations. Assures EVD that he is proud to be a member of EVD's "innumerable army." Says that the 1924 election belongs to EVD and will begin the start of a new order. Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that Neblagonadezdni sent a "remarkable and interesting." Tells TD that although Neblagonadezdni's English is not good that he has some clear ideas in his head.

Neil, Henry: Note to EVD, n.d. Writes that 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ died for teaching unselfishness and today EVD gets 20 years for doing the same thing. Says that this, for him, is the "measure of the world's progress." Includes a poem titled "My Star."
Card to EVD, n.d. Includes a copy of G. Bernard Shaw's tribute to Neil titled "Our Father and Our Children."

Nelles, Walter: Letter to EVD, 11/25/25. Tells EVD that the American Fund for Public Service has enabled him to turn his attention away from trying sedition cases to researching and writing about labor injunctions. Remarks that EVD could give him more information regarding labor injunctions than anyone else alive today. Asks that EVD give him suggestions as to the best way to pursue his research. Says that he is currently looking into examples of strike activities as contempt of court in receivership cases where there was no injunction, criminal prosecution cases, civil suits for damages for boycotts, and early labor injunctions. Asks that EVD tell him where he could locate a pamphlet EVD wrote after a strike in 1888.

Nelson, A.: SEE Berglund, August

Nelson, Carl C.: Letter to TD and Katherine Debs, 10/25/26. Assures TD and Katherine Debs that if there is a heaven then that is where EVD is.

Nelson, Ethel SEE ALSO Feingold, Leonard

Nelson, Ethel: Letter to TD on NEW YORK CALL Editorial Office letterhead, 10/8/21. Writes that Clare Sheridan wants to make a bust of EVD. Says that she has already done busts of V. I. Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and other leaders of Russia. Remarks that Clare Sheridan is quite a famous sculpture even though she has only become so in the time since EVD has been in prison. Asks that TD consult with EVD and ask him whether or not he would model for Clare Sheridan. Tells TD that she is just sick over the way that the present administration is "playing" with EVD's case. Remarks that although Woodrow Wilson had the "dignity of the devil," he still treated EVD's case with dignity.

Nelson, Kenford: Letter to EVD, 10/29/21. Says that he is writing to congratulate EVD on his birthday. Tells EVD that he is certain that a "real" brotherhood of man is coming. Assures EVD that he is determined to devote his life to the case.
Letter to EVD, 2/3/?. Writes that he is a 17 year old boy convalescing in a sanitarium for tuberculosis. Tells EVD that he sends him good cheer. Assures EVD that his sacrifice for socialism "strike a responsive chord in the hearts of every true American." Says that he wished that he could meet EVD face to face and talk with him. Remarks that even at his youthful age he has resolved to give his life to socialism and teaching its precepts and doctrines.

Nelson, O. J.: Letter to EVD, 12/14/19. Says that he has wanted to write EVD for quite a while but did not do so because he knew EVD would be buried with letters. Tells EVD that he is the most widely known and best loved of Americans. Remarks that he and his family have been greatly concerned over EVD's health. Mentions that he is friends with Spurgeon Odell.

Nerman, Tuve: Letter to EVD, 6/1/18. Writes that he is intending to publish a book about the national hatred that occurred during World War I. Says that he would like to know from EVD what he thought about the national hatred that occurred during the war and what he thinks would be the best way to remedy it.

Nesbit, Walter: Letter to TD on United Mine Workers of America letterhead, 6/20/30. Says that some years ago when EVD was in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia that the United Mine Workers of America sent him a Christmas gift of $250. Remarks that in acknowledging this gift that TD sent him some literature written by EVD. Tells TD that one of these pamphlets contained a tribute to EVD's mother and another, a story about EVD and a newspaper boy. Asks that TD send him some copies of these pamphlets.

Neuberger, David M.: Letter from TD, 9/19/44. Writes that he was ill when he received a copy of the brochure "The Works of Sophia Monte Loebinger." Says that he was shocked to learn of Sophia Monte Loebinger's death. Tells Neuberger that Sophia Monte Loebinger was a woman whose generosity often led her to "support righteous and unpopular causes." Remarks that he remembers a time when Sophia Monte Loebinger went out of her way to help a homeless man in New York City, New York. Assures Neuberger that the pamphlet was a fine tribute to a woman "richly endowed with a loving sympathy that had no bounds; whose warm heart throbbed in compassion for the downtrodden, the persecuted and her less fortunate brother of the race and with all the strength of her being she gave without stint her fine ability and energy to make this a nobler, a better world for the children of men in which to live in peace and comfort."
Letter from TD, 9/30/44. Writes that he is pleased if that his tribute to Neuberger's sister, Sophia Monte Loebinger, brought his family some comfort. Says that he is honored that Neuberger is thinking about having his letter printed. Remarks that he is not sure when Neuberger will hear from him again. Tells Neuberger that in a few days Irving Stone will be visiting TD to do research for a book about EVD.
Letter to TD on David M. Neuberger, Attorney and Counsel letterhead, 11/7/44. Writes that it saddened to hear TD say that he did not know when Neuberger would hear again from TD. Asks that TD always keep in touch with him because it is always such a pleasure to receive a letter from him. Tells TD that he is sending him a copy of TD's letter about Sophia Monte Loebinger which he had printed. Assures TD that when Irving Stone's book come out he will be one of the first people to order a copy.
Letter to TD, 11/19/44. Informs Neuberger that he does not need to worry about making excuses for not responding to one of his letters sooner. Says that when he told Neuberger that he might not hear from him again he meant that his illness oftentimes prevents him from keeping up with his correspondence.
Letter to TD on David M. Neuberger, Attorney and Counsel letterhead, 11/22/44. Expresses the hope that TD's eyesight recovers enough that he will be able to read again. Assures TD that he and his family speak of TD often. Mentions that on the mantle in his dining room is a bust of EVD whom he had the chance to meet in Newark, New Jersey.
Letter from TD, 1/19/45. Says that he has not yet had a chance to read Neuberger's pamphlet. Writes that he would usually call on Marguerite Debs Cooper to help him with it but that she is so busy due to the war that he cannot bring himself burden her further. Remarks that he did not know that Neuberger had ever met EVD. Writes that because EVD had been "so maligned, persecuted, misrepresented by the capitalist press of the country when living" that he is always happy to meet some that did not think that EVD was a "devil" who had "horns" and "blue fames that spurted from his clothing."
Letter to TD on David M. Neuberger, Attorney and Counsel letterhead, 1/23/45. Writes that he greatly appreciated the pamphlets TD enclosed in his last letter. Assures TD That EVD was one of God's most noble creations.
Telegram to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 4/14/31. Sends condolences on TD's death.
Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper on David M. Neuberger, Attorney and Counsel letterhead, 4/14/45. Writes that he was shocked this morning to hear about the death of TD. Assures Marguerite Debs Cooper that TD was an "inspiration." Says that like EVD, TD was set on creating a better world.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, n.d. Says that she and Gertrude Debs deeply appreciated Neuberger's letter of condolence. Writes that Neuberger's letter was a comfort to her.
Letter to TD on David M. Neuberger, Attorney and Counsel letterhead, n.d. Tells TD that he thinks that TD has an "intellect worthy of the greatest of our literati." Says that it is such a shame that people of worth die while others who are "no use to the world and a curse to themselves are permitted to trod the earth." Remarks that he regrets to hear that TD has been ill.

Neuberger, Harry: Letter from TD, 10/19/34. Says that he is glad to hear that Neuberger is feeling much better. Tells Neuberger that he knows of very few cases of asthma in Terre Haute, Indiana. Remarks that he enjoyed the letter he received from Neuberger's sister.

Nevins, David W.: Letter to TD, signed by Nevins and H. E. Hallin, 5/10/21. Says that he has not written to TD until now because he was waiting to send a Panama hat for EVD, one of the greatest Americans since Abraham Lincoln. Assures TD that a "New Order" is rapidly approaching that will silence the "dogs of Mammon" forever.
Letter to TD, 6/25/21. Tells TD that he just received EVD's note and the autographed copies of DEBS AND THE POETS for he and H. E. Hallin. Assures TD that the book is now among his most treasured possessions. Expresses the hope that EVD receives a pardon.

NEW YORK CALL: Telegram to EVD, 8/27/20. Tells EVD to send a statement regarding the forcible deportation of the Mayor of Cork, Ireland to Brixton Prison in London, England.
Telegram to EVD, 11/6/20. Says that the telegram is to congratulate EVD on his 65th birthday. Assures EVD that he is an inspiration because his "presence in prison . . . proves that liberty is alive." Tells EVD that people can do nothing better than to aspire to be like EVD.

NEW YORK SUN: Telegram to EVD, 11/28/15. Asks that EVD respond to Charles Edward Russell's position to support the war even though he is a socialist.
Telegram from EVD, 11/29/15. Says that if the NEW YORK SUN was correct in relaying Charles Edward Russell's position regarding the war then he does "not at all agree with him, and his views are at variance with the attitudes and principles of the Socialist party." Argues that a large standing army in America would mean only "military autocracy" for the purpose of maintaining "plutocratic supremacy." Writes that if "the peace of the world can be maintained only by a race of armed murderers then the race should perish from the earth for it is not fit to survive." Remarks that true socialists would oppose both America's preparedness campaign and the war. Says that the American government should set the example for disarmament and issue a "Proclamation of Peace."

Newman, J. P.: Note to "Fellow Worker," n.d. Says that he send his sympathy in behalf of the Industrial Workers of the World General Executive Board.

Newspapers Enterprise Association: Telegram to EVD, 5/8/15. Writes that the American people are stunned by the torpedoing of the Lusitania. Asks that EVD send a statement giving his opinion on what course America should take in this crisis.

Newton, G. White: Letter to EVD, 12/20/20. Tells EVD that if all of his friends sent gifts to him on the same day then there would be no room for EVD in his cell. Asks that EVD accept his small tribute of flowers.

Nicholls, John A.: Letter to EVD on Nicholls Lecture Tours letterhead, 10/5/20. Says that he is writing to send EVD congratulations on his birthday. Assures EVD that his spirit provides encouragement for people involved in this "unpopular cause."
Letter to TD on Nicholls Lecture Tours letterhead, 12/20/20. Writes that he greatly appreciated the message TD sent him from EVD. Informs TD that he is indignant at the way the system "liberates from jail murderers and thieves," but allows EVD to remain in prison.
Letter to EVD on Nicholls Lecture Tours letterhead, 9/12/21. Tells EVD that he admires his devotion to "high principles." Remarks that he had hoped that EVD would have been released from prison long ago. Assures EVD that thousands of his friends have not forgotten him. Includes a note to EVD from Constance Hindon saying that she is sorry to hear that EVD still has not been released from prison. Assures EVD that he was right to say that there should not be any war. Remarks that she would like to see EVD released from prison and elected President.
Letter to TD on High-Class Literary Entertainment, Professor John A. Nicholls letterhead, 11/30/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Assures TD that the world is a better place because of EVD's "fight for truth and liberty." Includes a printed Christmas message quoting an extract from EVD's speech from his Cleveland, Ohio trial.

Nicholson, E. L.: Letter to EVD, 1/21/25. Says that he knows that EVD has better things to do than talk with "old folks," but that asks that EVD take some time to visit him. Tells EVD that he has 2 mementos that he dearly cherishes: a badge from Abraham Lincoln's 1860 election and the American Railway Union pin EVD gave him as a delegate to one of the conventions. Writes that he is interested in learning what is going on in the socialist movement.
Poem titled "The Measure of Gold," 5/7/26.
Letter to EVD from Mrs. E. L. Nicholson. Says that Nicholson passed away on 12/3/25. Writes that among his papers she found an unfinished letter and poem addressed to EVD. Remarks that Nicholson died on his 52nd wedding anniversary. Mentions that he had just finished building a new house and only lived in it 3 weeks before he died.

Nickerson, M. H.: Letter to EVD, 12/16/20. Says that he is enclosing a sonnet he wrote after reading Norman Hapgood's article in the BOSTON AMERICAN about EVD's imprisonment. Assures EVD that he appreciates his efforts on behalf of the people. Includes a poem titled "Eugene Debs."
Letter to TD, 12/28/20. Tells TD that he was deeply moved by his letter. Says that the copy of EVD's address defending his liberty TD sent him "the best plea in behalf of humanity that I have ever read." Writes that he is enclosing for TD a poem that will soon be published in a book. Assures TD that an office holder in the government of Nova Scotia, Canada he has always advocated for the rights of labor. Asks that TD send him a copy of the Socialist Party's national platform. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison.
Letter to TD, 3/16/21. Asks that TD inform him how much money he should send for the literature TD gave him. Assures TD that he has already passed out the petition blanks and remarks that he has had no trouble convincing people to sign them. Tells TD that he would like to order a copy of THE LIFE. Remarks that since his poem is to be published in a socialist anthology, at EVD's suggestion, that he has gone ahead and made a few slight changes. Includes a poem titled "Eugene V. Debs."
Letter to TD, 3/23/21. Says that he received a copy of DEBS AND THE POETS a few days ago and was surprised to learn that EVD was the subject of so many works by leading poets. Informs TD that EVD is a man after his own heart. Tells TD that he is sending TD the petition blanks he had people fill out tomorrow.
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.
Letter to TD, 12/16/26. Writes that he appreciated TD's last letter. Says that looking back on EVD's life he felt a "high, but holy indignation" at the way EVD was "hindered, hounded, persecuted and imprisoned" for standing up for his principles. Remarks that should there be a monument erected in EVD's honor that he would like make a donation towards its realization.
Poem titled "Pan-Ethnic Anthem," n.d.
Poem titled "Our Tribune," n.d.
Poem titled "Eugene Debs," n.d.

Niedelman, Rose: Letter to EVD, 10/31/20. Says that she is a 12 year old girl and has a great interest in reading about EVD. Remarks that she often begs her father to look through the Jewish newspapers to find articles about EVD in them. Assures EVD that his writing are filled with the "words of justice." Tells EVD that thought of him never leave her mind. Writes that she goes around telling people that if they do not vote for EVD then they will regret it. Remarks that since she has been alive that she has never heard of or seen another man like EVD.

Nilsson, Martin SEE Parker, T

Nishida, J. W.: Letter to EVD, 3/10/20. Writes that he thinks of EVD often. Says that he is locked up in a cell in Los Angeles, California for his activities with the Industrial Workers of the World and his loyalty to the cause of industrial socialism. Informs EVD that his bail has been set at $25,000. Remarks that he still does not know when his trial will be. Tells EVD that he is not losing any sleep over his situation because he knows that he does not have a chance for justice in a capitalist court, especially since he is both a Bolshevik and a "yellow man from the Far East where only really bad men can come from." Expresses the hope that EVD will live to see the day when his prison doors will swing wide open.
Note from EVD to TD, 8/2/20. Asks that TD answer Nishida's letter as soon as possible. Tells TD that he should tell Nishida that he has a "brave spirit" and that he hopes that Nishida is soon released from prison.

Nixon, Don M.: Letter to Marie Debs Heinl on WABASH PLAIN DEALER letterhead, 10/21/27. Writes that he appreciated the copy of EVD's book that Marie Debs Heinl sent. Remarks that he has stopped by twice to visit Marie Debs Heinl in Terre Haute, Indiana but that she has not been home.

Nock, Albert Jay: Letter to TD, 1/18/21. Writes that he received TD's letter to the FREEMAN. Says that he thinks it is incredible that such a "vindictive outrage" could be meted out against EVD, a man whose "only offense was that he loved his fellow-creatures."
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Tells TD that he read Nock's letter with appreciation. Remarks that it "expresses a fine spirit and a genuine sympathy" which touched him.

Nolan, R. D.: Telegram to TD, 11/27/17. Writes that Israel Weinberg was acquitted. Remarks that the jury was out only 20 minutes.

Noll, John F.: Letter to TD on Catholic Publishing Company letterhead, 6/25/13. Writes that he received TD's article referring to Joseph Kluser's article. Assures TD that if his contentions are correct that he would be glad to print his article in his paper. Remarks that he would prefer, however, to print a letter that "manifests a little less heated temper."
Letter from TD, 6/27/13. Tells Noll that he is glad that Noll would not purposefully or knowingly spread "falsehood and slander" in its paper. Assures Noll that Joseph Kluser has been spreading lies about EVD for months. Remarks that if Noll brought Joseph Kluser to Terre Haute, Indiana he would see that Joseph Kluser has lied about EVD. Says that he does not know what the purpose of Joseph Kluser's criticisms are unless he is "being paid from the Wall street fund that was raised to discredit socialists and socialism." Tells Noll that he does not think he needs to apologize for his heated temper. Says that he does not want to take legal action against Noll for publishing Joseph Kluser's slanderous article; instead he wanted to convince Noll to repudiate Joseph Kluser and his attack against EVD.
Letter from TD, 7/8/14. Says that he wrote Noll on 6/27/13 telling him that the article he published by Joseph Kluser was a complete lie. Writes that he hoped that Noll would look into the matter and print a retraction. Remarks that it has been over a year and he has not yet seen such a retraction printed. Tells Noll that for a religious paper which supposedly stands for truth, it is has "given currency to some damnable lies." Says that he is still hoping that Noll will pursue the matter and set the record straight.
Letter to TD on Catholic Publishing Company letterhead, 7/14/14. Writes that the paper OUR
SUNDAY VISITOR has no interest in pursuing the conflict between Joseph Kluser and EVD any further. Remarks that it is no longer the paper's policy to "give any considerable attention to fighting 'Socialism'".
Letter from TD, 7/20/14. Writes that Noll's response to his letter is not at all satisfactory. Says that Noll's refusal to examine the situation is "sufficient proof" of Joseph Kluser's guilt. Asks that if Noll wants to know the truth about EVD all he has to do is come to Terre Haute, Indiana and interview the Catholics of this city. Says that if Noll would agree to come to Terre Haute, Indiana he would gladly pay his expenses. Writes that all he wants to do is set the record straight for the 1.8 million readers of Noll's newspaper.
Letter to TD on Catholic Publishing Company letterhead, 7/29/14. Assures TD that his newspaper, OUR SUNDAY VISITOR, tries to treat everyone fairly, even its enemies. Says that Joseph Kluser substantiated his accusations against EVD with references from several socialist newspapers. Informs TD that at the time OUR SUNDAY VISITOR published Joseph Kluser's articles that the readership was not 1.8 million, but one-third of that amount. Tells TD that he would gladly print the part of TD's letter in which he makes the invitation for Noll to visit Terre Haute, Indiana. Remarks that he did not print all of the letters sent by Joseph Kluser because OUR SUNDAY VISITOR has let up on its fight against socialism. Assures TD that the paper has not discussed the issue of socialism for several months because he feels that the "Catholic Church should not shoulder the whole brunt of this opposition herself." Informs TD that while many Catholics in Terre Haute, Indiana and elsewhere might revere his brother, "he certainly does not reciprocate as is evident from the many severe articles he has in the MELTING POT."
Letter from TD, 8/21/14. Tells Noll that he is willing to accept the spirit in which he sent his letter. Informs Noll that EVD has written only one or two articles for the MELTING POT and in one of them he attacked a church dignitary for a position he had taken against the working class, not all Catholics. Assures Noll that EVD has never written a bad word about the Catholic Church that was not in self-defense. Says that Joseph Kluser spent a great deal of time spreading his lies about EVD which almost resulted in a riot in Watertown, New York. Remarks that Joseph Kluser has never met EVD and has no interest in knowing the truth about him. Tells Noll that it is a bad policy for him to close his columns to attacking socialism because if "socialism cannot bear all the attacks that are made upon it and grow steadily in spite of these attacks then there is something wrong with it that these attacks will right." Assures Noll that there are indeed thousands of Catholics who are socialists and they find nothing "in socialism to conflict with their religion." Informs Noll that as far as he is concerned the matter is now at rest.

Norden, J. H.: Photocopy of postcard to EVD, 9/8/08. Says that his wife gave birth to a baby boy which she and he named after EVD. Tells EVD that he hopes that his son will become as "good and smart as our future president."

Norman, Jean: Letter to EVD, 4/7/20. Expresses the hope that EVD and Kate Richards O'Hare are soon released from prison. Says that she and her sister are going to speak next week at a store meeting and take up a collection to help EVD and Kate Richards O'Hare get out of prison.
Letter to EVD, 12/31/20. Expresses the hope that EVD is doing well. Says that she hopes that the New Year will bring delight to EVD and the other prisoners.
Includes a note from EVD to TD saying that Norman is his sweet little namesake.

Norris, Hattie: Letter to EVD, 1/5/20. Writes that EVD's message filled her with hope. Remarks that a message from EVD is worth more than any Christmas present. Says that there are many people in West Monroe, Louisiana have been out of work since many of the mills and shops closed about two weeks ago. Mentions that she told some of the unemployed workers that this was what they voted for and so they should not complain.
Letter to EVD, 11/11/20. Writes that when her English teacher asked each member of the class to write down the names of their 5 best friends that she put EVD, Ben F. Wilson, Kate Richards O'Hare, Upton Sinclair, and Tom Hickey. Remarks that she though her teacher would be as pleased with her response as she was. Says that she was surprised to see that she received a mark of 45 for the assignment. Tells EVD that she is disheartened with her education. Says that if EVD sends her a letter then she can show it to her teacher and prove that he is one of her best friends.
Letter to EVD, 11/20/20. Writes that she does not know how to thank EVD for his most welcome letter. Says that she was very excited when her father brought home the letter from his office. Assures EVD that she keeps the slip of paper with EVD's message on it near her at all times. Tells EVD that she often wishes that she had the power to open all the prisons. Remarks that the people in her town thinks she is a "bad girl" because she refuses to be a hypocrite and go to church. Mentions that people tell her that she is going to hell. Writes that she will do her best to help these people and teach them that God is love and there is no such thing as hell.
Letter to EVD, 12/9/20. Expresses the hope that EVD is holding up well in prison. Tells EVD that the people are asleep and it will only result in another dark ages. Says that EVD needs to be out of prison so that he can use his good works as a light. Remarks that at the school she attends that the history teacher is the only comrade there.
Letter to EVD, 12/25/20. Tells EVD That it is lonely to live among people who do not have the same interests. Says that most of her enjoyment comes from reading EVD's letters like the one he had published in the NEW DAY. Writes that she explains EVD's imprisonment by saying that he is in prison for becoming wise to the ruling class. Acknowledges that most people think it is a disgrace to be in prison no matter what the circumstances are. Expresses the hope that EVD will be released with the new year.
Letter to EVD, 1/17/21. Writes that she and her sister spent a beautiful day enjoying nature. Says that she felt a little saddened by the many people who were not able to enjoy the day as she and her sister had.
Letter to EVD, 1/19/21. Writes that she greatly appreciated the photo and book of poems that EVD sent. Includes a poem titled "My Dream of You."
Letter to TD, 3/7/21. Writes that she was sad to read where EVD is not allowed to send mail. Says that she thought EVD's situation would be better now that Woodrow Wilson is out of the White House. Remarks that she would like to know if Woodrow Wilson's conscience bothered him as he left the White House. Tells EVD that she is writing her letter from the farm that her family recently purchased just outside of West Monroe, Louisiana. Mentions that the cousin whom she had previously connected with on the topic of socialism recently came for a visit. Tells EVD that she wrote to President Warren Harding and asked him to release all political prisoners.
Letter to EVD, 4/8/21. Says that when a new girl started at her school most of her classmates called her "tacky and silly." Writes that she felt sorry for this new girl and did everything in her power to make her feel welcome. Tells EVD that after this new girl's father received a million dollars from an oil company that everyone wanted to be her friend. Mentions that she has shed tears for EVD. Remarks that she only wished that Woodrow Wilson knew how she felt about him. Says that she often dreams about EVD and sees him speaking to the people. Expresses the hope that EVD enjoyed his trip to Washington D. C.
Letter to TD, 4/18/21. Writes that socialists are going to have a close struggle with the American Legion. Remarks that Wall Street is doing everything in its power to destroy every hope for a real democracy in America. Tells EVD that a Mr. Whitman recently spoke at her school. Says that he is one of those "so called 100% Americans." Assures TD that the people will continue to suffer as slaves as long as they strive to be 100% Americans. Asks that TD check with EVD to see if he received the letter that she sent him.
Letter to EVD, 4/24/21. Writes that when she was recently asked what her most valued possession was she replied that it was the words she has from EVD which inspires her weak soul and makes her strong. Mentions that she has written both President Warren Harding and Attorney General Henry Daugherty. Tells EVD that Kate Richards O'Hare recently spoke in Shreveport, Louisiana and is enclosing George Sexton's review of the speech. Includes a poem titled "Eugene V. Debs."
Letter to EVD, 6/?/21. Tells EVD that she never thinks of God or love without also thinking of EVD. Writes that a week before her final exams she gave her English teacher a few of EVD's articles. Says that her English teacher soon after this gave her a failing grade for the term. Remarks that she is now in summer school and has one of the most interesting teachers she ever met. Mentions that she thinks that EVD will be freed from prison this month.
Letter to EVD, 8/27/21. Asks that EVD forgive her for waiting so long to respond to his message. Writes that her teacher, Kate Gasling, is leaving for Maine because the school "would have her no longer, because she did not teach their doctrine." Remarks that at around the same time that she received EVD's note, her family received a letter of greetings from Kate Richards O'Hare and Frank O'Hare. Asks that EVD tell her whether or not she should teach at the Union Sunday School.
Letter to EVD, 10/29/21. Tells EVD that without his noble thoughts that his prison life would be a nightmare. Writes that her sister was bitten by a mad-dog last Thursday and had to be taken to New Orleans, Louisiana for treatment.
Letter to EVD, 11/?/?. Writes that she has hoped for a long time to meet EVD face to face. Tells EVD that she is a small school girl. Says that if EVD is not allowed to receive letters in prison that he should send her his address when he gets out.
Letter to EVD, n.d. Asks that EVD tell her if it would be alright for her to become a teacher at the Union Sunday School.

Norton, Helen: Letter to TD, 10/27/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Nostrella, Oscar: Letter to TD, 1/3/15. Writes that he appreciated the pamphlets and photos of EVD that TD sent. Says that the photos will greatly help him with his high relief sculpture of EVD.

Novik, Morris: Letter to EVD on Young People's Socialist League of Greater New York letterhead, 3/24/21. Says that the Socialist Party has begun a campaign to get party membership up to 100,000. Writes that the Young People's Socialist League of Greater New York is starting a similar campaign which will kick off on 4/2/21 with a ball at Stuyvesant Casino. Tells EVD that it is necessary to make this ball a financial success so that the Young People's Socialist League can continue its educational activities. Assures EVD that the ball would be so much better if he could join them. Remarks that he is enclosing tickets for EVD and his entire family. Says that if the Attorney-General will not let EVD come to the ball then he requests that EVD send a telegram with his greetings.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked, 3/24/21. Tells TD that the Young People's Socialist League has the most wonderful "kiddies" in the world in them. Asks that TD inform Novik that there is no way that he can attend the ball. Also asks that TD inform Novik that prison rules prevent him from writing any kind of message for the occasion.

Nunley, R. W.: Letter to EVD, 10/18/14. Says that it is rumored that EVD favors the labor ticket in West Virginia which he says is backed by the Republican Party and its slush fund. Remarks that the true aim of the labor ticket is to "stop the spread of socialism among the miners." Tells EVD that the socialists have a shot at winning the election. Asks that EVD send him a message for immediate publication.
Letter from EVD, 10/21/14. Writes that the rumor suggesting that EVD supports the labor ticket is "too silly to merit denial." Assures Nunley that the only true labor party is the Socialist Party and the only true ticket is the socialist ticket. Remarks that all other parties and tickets are "capitalist parties and capitalist tickets and the workers who support them betray themselves and their class and are their own worst enemies." Tells Nunley that he is positive that the supposed labor ticket in West Virginia is out there to "catch suckers and keep the workers in slavery." Writes that the miners of West Virginia should know by now that there is nothing but "injunctions, gunmen, cracked heads and beaten up bodies" to be gotten for supporting capitalist candidates.

Nuorteva, Santeri: Letter to EVD on Finish Information Bureau letterhead, 11/19/18. Writes that he is sending EVD a copy of an open letter that was published in a Swiss newspaper. Tells EVD that the open letter was written by Captain Jacques Sadoul to Romain Rollard. Remarks that the letter sheds some light on the question of intervention in Russia. Includes a copy of the letter by Captain Jacques Sadoul to Romain Rollard saying that while he is not Bolshevik that he believes that the French will not win the war in Russia by "killing the Russian revolution."
Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that he understands that a committee in New York City, New York has asked EVD to speak at a meeting in protest of foreign interference in Russian affairs. Writes that if it is at all possible for EVD to speak at this meeting that he should do so. Argues that the "interest of the civilization of the world, the honor of nations, the honor and the life of the labor movement" are all at stake on the question of interference into Russia.

"Nurse of this Ward:" Untitled poem to EVD, 9/11/20.

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