Neff-Guttridge Collection
Research Guide

The collection contains a wide vareity of materials in various formats. The guide provides an overview of the contents of the collection.

The guide is organized topically or by format, reflecting how the material itself is housed. At this early stage of receipt, it is almost impossible to adequately describe the complete contents of this important collection. As time permits and demand increases, bibliographic access to parts of the collection will be expanded or improved. Links to online access tools will be listed here and on the Quick Links page. Other forms of access may be mentioned only in this Research Guide. Therefore, researchers should check this page on a regular basis for updates.

Dr. Neff has in some instances commented on the documents, describing how they were obtained or describing research conducted on them. While an effort will be made to bring such activities out in due time, researchers should feel to make inquiries about the provenance of documents or any other additional information pertaining to them. An effort will be made to make a timely reply.

The collection is open to all qualified researchers. Please advise staff of a wish to use the collection via the provided form to make sure there are no conflicting activities and that the department is available at the time you wish to visit. You may also check the department home page for contact information.

Main Research Files

Potter Papers

Boyd Family Materials

Chaffey & Chaffey Shipping Company

Lafayette C. Baker's Library

John Wilkes Booth Materials

Other Research Materials
(arranged by collector or subject)

Media (including videos & photographic material)

Micofilm Sets or Selections

Select Publications of Ray Neff & Leonard Guttridge
These titles were written by Dr. Neff or Mr. Guttridge, either alone, together, or with other collaborators.

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